Helen's POV

Helen Magnus had barely withdrawn her hands from her eyes the entire time Ashley had been taking the Driver's Ed practical course. The car weaved in and out of the orange cones at sharp, hairpin turns. Good for throwing off pursuers in high-speed car chases, bad for normal driving on the highway. But in their life, high speed chases were normal. She looked up in time to see her daughter start doing the Alphabetical turns, U- turns and such. Oh no.....

Ash's POV

"Well, it was a cursive U! You just said a U turn, you never said anything about cursive or print! Or any other font, for that matter!"

The driving teacher was too busy throwing up to answer.

Helen POV

Helen groaned as she watched her daughter execute a move that would have not been out of place on a combat field. Maybe that's what she should d, send Ashley to Military school! It would certainly help their insurance bill. Honestly, she was pretty sure none of the car had been so damaged during the course before Ashley had come. They had had to call an Ambulance twice during the previous escapades....

Ashley's POV

She walked out of the car satisfied. Nothing had blown up, like last time. Maybe she would pass!

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