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Chapter 28: A Fresh Start

Carlisle and Esme got into his car silently. Carlisle sat in the driver's seat, staring at the house he had come to call home. He had "met" his wife there, and he had finally found a family inside of its walls. He felt that by leaving the house, they were leaving all of that behind, he felt like they were leaving Edward behind. Even though there son had been gone for over a month, his loss still weighed heavy on both of his parents hearts. Both of them felt that by leaving this house they were giving up on their final chance to see their son returned home to them.

Glancing over at his wife, whose emotions were clearly written on her face, Carlisle knew that if he didn't pull out now, neither one of them would be able to leave this place. So sighing so softly his wife's supersensitive ears couldn't even pick it up, he brought the engine to life. Giving her face one last glance, he backed them slowly out of the driveway and pulled away from the house they had called home for so long.

Esme had brought a book for the long drive, but she spent he first half of the drive looking out of her passenger side window. Gazing at the landscape as they traveled across the scenic countryside to their new lives.

"Carlisle." She said, looking at her husband in the driver's seat. Trusting his vampire instincts and the fact that there was very little traffic on the road, he turned to face her.

"Yes, sweetheart?" He asked, concerned for her.

"It's just. I'm scared." She stopped, and her brow furrowed in thought.

"What are you worried about, Esme?" He asked her, even though he already knew her answer to his question.

"Were leaving this house, and everything we've formed there. It feels like were leaving our lives and starting new ones." She paused, and added, almost inaudibly, "I feel like were leaving Edward."

Despite the fact that they were driving, Carlisle wrapped an arm around her shoulders, and pulled her close to him, hugging her as best as he could in the small car. He kissed her forehead softly, showing her that he understood.

"Were not leaving Edward, Esme. He'll find us." He said softly, leaning back over to his seat and turning his attention to the road. She opened her book, but Carlisle could tell that she wasn't really focusing on it. He knew that she was still bothered by there leaving, but that didn't meant that he knew how to help her. Comforting people was not exactly a strong point of his.

After an hour of silence, with only the rumble of the car engine to disrupt the quiet atmosphere, Carlisle decided to start up another conversation. "What do you think of the house?"

Esme looked up, startled that he was talking. "It's nice." She said.

"You know, when we get there you can fix it up if you want to. I think it could use your touch." Carlisle told her, trying to sound upbeat in spite of the situation. She smiled at him, looking slightly embarrassed at his attention to her.

"In fact. If you still wanted that garden I'm sure we could look at adding an extra wing to the house, like a sort of greenhouse." He was completely improvising, but it came out better than he thought. She smiled at the idea and the atmosphere in the car brightened a bit.

A half hour later, Carlisle pulled down a back road, behind the local hospital. He stopped the car outside of a large white house, and let out a long breath. This was there new home. Maybe things would be better here.

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