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Thanksgiving Weekend, Forks, Washington.


Elaine looked stunning.

The shimmering fabric of her white dress would catch the light when she moved. Her hair was shiny and bouncy; her cheeks blushed in a healthy glow.

Eric had spent the day hanging fairy lights from the ceiling and around the window frames. My old home looked completely different, now that it had Elaine's feminine touches.

An eclectic mix of weird and wonderful vases—placed carefully around the room—held fragrant long stemmed red roses or posies of white roses.

The intimate wedding was everything I thought it would be. Just a handful of people from the community of Forks, Eric and his girlfriend Samantha, me and Edward. I also got to meet Angela's Father, Pastor Weber, who officiated the wedding vows.

The ceremony was short and sweet, and conducted in the living room.

Charlie didn't even look nervous. I could literally feel how happy he was as he took Elaine as his wife.

Afterwards, we all just filed into the dining room; the table had been moved against the window, and it displayed the most delicious looking buffet, complete with Thanksgiving turkey and associated holiday treats and condiments. All complemented by flowing beer and champagne. Everyone was happy to pile up their plates and stand around chatting and eating.

As soon as the cake cutting and formal speeches were over, I pulled on Edward's hand.

"Let's go for a walk." I pleaded.

I led him through the kitchen to the back door, slipped my arms into my big overcoat. I thrust Dad's coat at Edward and he put it on over his suit jacket. We snuck out into the backyard.

We walked quickly into the woods at the back of the house. It was sunset, the tree canopy reflected the last rays of light, but the cool fresh Earth smelled so divine. It smelled like home.

The heels of my red shoes kept sinking into the moist soil. The temperature was cool, but my body seemed to feel warm from adrenaline and anxiousness.

As soon as we were a reasonable distance from the house Edward guided me slowly against a tree; he slipped his hands in my coat and around my waist.

The kiss started gentle and desire washed over me. I'd been craving his lips from the moment he stepped out of the rental car this morning.

"I've been wanting to touch you, to kiss you, all day." he exhaled and then pressed his hard body into me, almost roughly. His desire for me made me feel giddy and drunk, even though I'd only had one glass of Champagne.

"I really, really want you. Right now, against this tree," he rocked into me a few times. I tried really hard not to moan.

"When you come, I wanna hear you call out my name," he whispered. "I want it to echo through the trees."

I laughed and snorted as I inhaled.

"Um, knowing our luck, we'd get caught. The leeches would show up when your pants were down around your ankles, and seriously, they'd take a million photos of your beautiful bum," I let my hands travel down Edward's chest and reach around to squeeze his bum as I pulled him into me.

"My dad would come outside to see what the commotion was all about and bust us, and then, he'd arrest you for public nudity and you'd have to spend the night in that tiny cell in the Forks Police Station and tomorrow—before you've even been released—photos of your beautiful bum would be printed in every magazine, newspaper and gossip site on the planet, and girls would go crazy-wild with lust, and then, I'd get jealous, even though I know that your beautiful bum is all mine, but I don't want to share your beautiful bum with anyone else...do you see where I'm going with this?" I giggled.

How many times did Eric top up my glass of Veuve?

The tree bark was solid against my back and all the while that I'd been rambling, Edward's lips didn't leave my neck.

"Bella," Edward sighed against my throat. "See, this is why I want you all the time. You're fucking adorable. Do you know that?"

"I think I'm adorably tipsy and if you keep thrusting into me like that, I won't be held responsible for my actions." I pulled my hands away from his beautiful bum and tugged my dress up, over my hips. Edward looked down at me, confused until he realized that I'd pulled my dress up so I could push him off me, grab his shoulders, jump into his arms and wrap my legs around his waist.

"Oh, Bella, Jesus." he moaned and his hands squeezed my bum as he held me against him. To my disappointment, he'd stopped rocking into me.

"Just do it," I cajoled and started kissing his warm neck above the stiff collar of the white shirt he wore. I could taste his cologne, and the smell of it made me dizzy with need. "Push me against the tree again and have your wicked way with me." I coaxed. "Edward."

I lose my mind and all reasoning when we're touching.

Edward was breathing heavily, but he didn't move as I tightened my thighs and tried in vain to rub myself on him.

I am drunk.

The light had faded rapidly. I could hear the music and people talking and laughing in the living room. Our kisses became soft and slow.

I tried not to feel exasperated at how quickly Edward could go from red-hot sex god to a cool, unaffected gentleman in ten seconds flat.

Edward slowly released me and I lowered my feet to the ground, holding him tightly while I found my footing. We just stood there, in the dark, clutching each other, trying to clear our heads.

"As much as I want to, I think we should wait until we're truly alone. It's too cold. I don't want you to get sick." His lips travelled down to my collarbone and he breathed his warm breath there before scattering light wet kisses back up my neck.

"Would it be considered rude to whisk you away right now?" he asked before he kissed my cheek and helped me to right my dress. His fingers fumbled to do up my coat buttons.

"You want to go to the Motel now?" I asked.

Edward had driven to Forks from Vancouver alone last night and checked into the Pacific Inn Motel. It had been too late in the evening to see him, and even though we'd only been apart for two days, I'd been fretting for him too much.

I knew I had to retain some shred of independence, but I was so addicted to the way he made me feel. I selfishly wanted to leave my father's wedding reception now so Edward and I could get naked in a bed; even if that bed was in the smallest motel in town!

The soft cast on Edward's leg had been removed only last week. He was in the final weeks of filming. We had the weekend together, here in Forks, but then Edward had to be back in Vancouver on Monday.

"We should probably wait until the party's over," he stated. "Let me get you back inside before you're missed."

I didn't drink any more champagne. The ache between my legs never dissipated. I was literally staring at the clock on the mantel, willing the time to fly so we could leave.

I spent my time making sure people had fresh drinks and chatting about anything and everything. Then I found myself washing champagne flutes at the kitchen sink and replaying the last two months over and over in my mind.

After that first night in the hospital, Edward and I were rarely separated. He was discharged on the third day. The circus of media and paparazzi—that had practically camped outside in the parking lot—hadn't cleared. In the end we simply walked out, albeit with Edward on crutches.

The camera flashes were annoying, so were the screaming fans...but we got through it. Edward even stopped to sign a few autographs, and it was then that I recognized how much had changed.

I remembered back to the girl that I was only four months ago...adoring of the 'untouchable' Hollywood actor that was just a handsome face in a film, an image of human beauty and talent that no one—not even me—could really comprehend without having met the man.

He calmed me; he invigorated me. He was almost always within touching distance.

Waking up everyday with him by my side was insanely surreal; like a complete fantasy come true. My mind took some time to really adjust. My body, however, was always willing to feel his skin, his breath on my neck after he kissed me, his warm, large hands caressing my face as we made love.

The intensity of the desire I felt for Edward seemed to increase each day. It was overwhelming when I thought about it. Something that hadoncebeen completely unbelievable was now my everyday life. My life of loving Edward Cullen.

After two days recuperating in the Hotel, Edward went back to work.

Three short weeks later, there was something more newsworthy that deflected attention away from Edward and me—only briefly—but it was close and shockingly upsetting.

Rosalie's manager, Royce King, had released some pictures of her, which made the set-up photos of her kissing Edward look like they should be on a Hallmark card by comparison.

Un-cropped naked photos of Rosalie Hale—in overtly sexual situations with Royce—had spread over the internet like wildfire. Royce himself had supposedly released them in retribution for her ending her management contract with him.

The fallout was unprecedented. The greedy public relished the glimpse into Rosalie Hale's personal life. The 'peeping Tom-ism' voyeur curiosity seemed to be unleashed in people and was fed daily by the trashy magazines and the online gossip sites. Like voracious consumers, the public lapped them up, and then spat out their 'opinions' on social media sites. The mainstream media joined in, while Rosalie's fans shrieked their outrage. It seemed everyone thought they had the right to judge Rosalie Hale's life and her choices, and make their comments known.

Emmett supported her the entire time. He was like this silent sentinel, defending her at every turn.

It was then revealed that Royce had been embezzling Rosalie's money. Somehow he'd managed to skim hundreds of thousands of dollars from her. Photos came out of him with prostitutes and drugs. It was a scandal of epic proportions and it seemed to be endless.

The whole thing eventually backfired on Royce King. He'd gone from being applauded to being detested in a matter of weeks. The fact that he embezzled from a client was considered even more contemptible than him releasing intimate pictures of Rosalie!

The whole fiasco revealed an ugly side to Hollywood that I couldn't really comprehend.

I tried to stay out of the public eye. I spent most days in the Purple bar, writing and trying really, really hard not to inadvertently support those poor-taste internet gossip sites by clicking on them. The Hale/King scandal only muted the attention away from us for a short period of time. I expected some of Edward's fans would hate me, and some definitely did, in a vitriolic way that kind of scared me. Their malicious comments were designed to hurt and shock. But in almost equal measure, the true fans of Edward were delighted to see that he was obviously happy, and they still supported his career and commented on how sweet we looked together.

All of it completely reinforced what I'd known all along; I would not be able to lead an anonymous life.

To be with Edward publicly is what I'd wanted, to be his girlfriend and not a secret. He'd wanted to protect me from the negativity, and he was conflicted because he wanted people to know about me. I knew it would take time to find a balance, but I was pretty determined not to engage with stranger's baleful words. They had no right to show their jealous hostility towards me.

I tried to focus on me and keep to my schedule of writing. I had a novel to finish, and my enthusiasm for that task waned daily.

My newfound notoriety as Edward Cullen's girlfriend had increased interest in 'Bella Swan', the author and winner of the Commonwealth writing prize. My publisher was happy for the publicity. The pressure was on for me to deliver the manuscript on time; they suddenly had an instant market for my book and started planning to increase the initial print run.

The more I thought about it, the more hypocritical I felt.

Fame by association; it wasn't something I was at all comfortable with.

Mum had tried to Sykpe me at least once a week, to ask how everything was between Edward and me and how my writing was going. I could tell she was happy that I was in love and she was proud that I was 'making a name for myself'.

The one phone call that I'd been dreading wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Jessica was thrilled that I was dating such a 'hottie', and did that mean she could stay in my apartment, rent-free, indefinitely…

On reflection, I realized just how different Jessica and I were. We'd been friends since childhood, simply because we'd lived near each other and had gone to the same school. My life now would be with Edward. I couldn't see myself away from him, and I didn't think my friendship with Jessica would ever be the same. However, I admitted to myself that I probably would have been even more mentally fucked-up, if Jessica hadn't been there for me when Riley broke my heart, and for that I was grateful and humble.

I didn't want to think about my abandoned life in Sydney, but I had forced myself to speak to Austin—Riley's friend and Jessica's boyfriend—to tell him that I was worried for Riley's mental health. Austin promised me he would look out for Riley and that I needn't worry.

I still thought of Riley, not in the way I had before I met Edward—with sadness and unworthiness—rather, I recognized the good memories, without the twisted thoughts of betrayal. Now that I knew that my relationship with Riley was real—that he had in fact loved me—it was calming to know that I hadn't imagined the whole thing, and I accepted that it was never meant to be forever, because I was always destined to be with Edward.

I stacked the last champagne flute in the drying rack and took off the rubber gloves. My clutch purse was on the counter and I quickly checked my phone.

Kate had messaged me another picture of baby Alastair, the cutest little cherub that seemed to get more wide-eyed with wonder each day.

He was born on September 12th, just one day before my birthday. I spent everyday at the hospital with Kate and Garrett.

Holding a newborn baby was the most satisfying gift. It was so incredible that a new little life was swaddled up tight and in my arms.

Life just seemed so simple when you held a sleeping baby. Things that I once thought important or something to worry about, paled in comparison to holding a little person—not even a few hours old—knowing that they had a whole life to live.

That night, Edward had come to the Purple bar after a long day on set; he was exhausted. It was well after Midnight, so I gathered my things immediately so we could go back to his suite. When we were about to settle into sleep, I told him:

"It was my birthday, today, well, yesterday now." I said sheepishly.

Edward rolled to face me. "Why didn't you tell me this morning?" he looked hurt.

"I'm sorry, I don't really celebrate my Birthday."

"I would have bought you a gift, a cake, something…"

I could see that I'd really upset him.

I didn't know how to explain that up until today—after I'd had the pleasure of holding baby Alistair—I'd really thought that birthdays were no big deal.

"I'm sorry. I don't need a gift. You're all I want. I just want you, Edward." I pushed his exhausted body so he was laying flat on his back on the bed and slipped my hand into his pajama pants as I kissed him.

It never took much to arouse Edward. Even in his obvious exhaustion he was so ready for me. I discarded my clothing, straddled him and guided him into me; slow, languid rocking, while his hands roamed my skin...

"Mr and Mrs Swan are leaving." Edward whispered into my neck, breaking me out erotic reverie.

I turned and stared at him.

I'll never take you for granted.

My lips were on his in an instant; hungry, tasting kisses that made me weak.

"Cough, Cough," laughed Eric. "Um, hey love-birds. It's time to send-off the newlywed oldies."

Edward laughed and we reluctantly stepped back from each other to follow everyone outside.

To my amusement—but not to Charlie's—Eric had tied Rainer beer cans to the back of Elaine's SUV, complete with 'Just Married' childishly smeared on the back window in shaving foam.

I watched as Mr and Mrs Swan said goodbye to everyone, and then Dad stepped forward to shake Edward's hand.

"Congratulations again, Sir," said Edward formally.

Dad looked to me, "Bella, can you go inside and find my fishing cap? It's in my bedroom."

"Sure Dad." I said as I turned and walked slowly up the stairs. I knew my dad wanted me distracted so he could talk to Edward, and I hoped he wasn't going to go weird on him.

I looked everywhere, but his fishing cap was nowhere to be seen.

I trudged back down stairs to see Elaine.

"Thanks for everything, Bella!" she laughed and hugged me. "This has been the most wonderful day, ever. I'm so excited to be a Swan!" she giggled and I suspected she'd consumed many more glasses of champagne than me.

"I'm so glad you're a Swan." I said as she let go of her tight hold on me and walked her outside.

I saw Dad shake Edward's hand. Everyone started hovering around the car, but Dad pulled me back and into a fatherly cuddle.

"You were nice to Edward, I hope?" I said teasingly.

He sighed. "Yes, I told him to look after you. I think you've picked a good egg, Bella. I told him so. I also told him that...well...nothing. A man needs to have some secrets." he kissed my cheek.

"I couldn't find your cap."

"I forgot, I already packed my cap," he smiled deviously and his moustache twitched.

My grin was wide. "Have a wonderful honeymoon. I love you."

"I love you too, Bella. And, hey, the roses inside, can you and Samantha take them? They cost me a fortune and they'll die before we're back. They'll liven up your...motel room," he winked at me, and then turned to help Elaine into the car.



Chief Swan turned to me with an all too serious glare. He'd sent Bella upstairs to get something, but I knew it was because he needed some time to speak to me in private.

"All of Bella's things have been packed in boxes. They're in the garage, clearly labeled. Did you settle in OK?" he asked me.

I hadn't wanted to tell Chief Swan about the house before Bella, but I needed his help. Bella didn't suspect a thing; in fact, the Chief had even colluded with me to convince her that I'd stayed in the Pacific Inn last night. She didn't know that I'd spent the night in our, new home.

My Mom had finished furnishing and decorating just last week.

It was almost perfect; she'd even stocked the pantry and freezer. No expense had been spared. The only thing that was missing from the house was Bella, and my brand new Steinway that was being built in New York.

It would be too obvious to collect Bella's personal items from the garage, but I desperately wanted to. My Mom was a talented decorator—the house was even more beautiful than it was when I'd lived there as a teenager—but it was missing Bella's influence. Mom had purposefully left Alice's old bedroom empty, apart from a beautiful timber writing desk that I'd asked her to have custom made. I couldn't wait for Bella to see it, to sit at the desk and absorb the perfect view of the river through the trees. It was Bella's belated birthday present from me. I had a feeling she'd adore it.

Chief Swan had implied that Bella's possessions had been in her old room since she was in her early teens. He doubted any of it was worth keeping. But I wanted her to at least have something to unpack; familiar items that she could place around the room to make it feel like it was hers.

"So, I'll expect Bella will call me with some news, soon?" asked the Chief.

"Yes, Sir. If she says 'yes', she'll make me the happiest man alive." I responded.

"She'll say 'yes'. I know how happy you'll make her and...I'll be proud to call you my son-in-law one day."

"Thank you, Chief Swan, that means a lot to me."

"You can call me Charlie, Edward."

"Thank you, Charlie. Have a wonderful honeymoon."

As Charlie and Elaine's car drove away—beer cans bouncing and dragging along with a clang down the Street—I watched Bella as she said to goodbye to the remaining guests.

I stepped back inside and helped Eric to rearrange the kitchen furniture back to its normal position.

"So, next week?" he asked me.

"Yes, next week. Vancouver. The studio will pay for your flights and accommodation, so bring Samantha." I said.

I'd agreed to do an interview with Eric Yorkie.

So far, I'd stuck to the terms of my contract and had never acknowledged Bella was my girlfriend. It was a stupid clause. The world knew that Bella was mine, and any prior connection to Rosalie and I being a couple was part of her manipulating manager's sick plan. As for Bree Tanner, that gossip-site storyline was also dead in the water.

I had insisted that the contract clause be revised, in light of the horrific scandal that broke when that douche, Royce King, released naked pictures of Rosalie. My lawyer had argued that it was more detrimental to the film than not, for me to continue to stay silent.

Heidi had been hounding me to do a profile interview. She knew I could refuse until the official promotion campaign for the film had begun, and considering we hadn't even finished filming, that was a good six to twelve months away. I refused every interview request she submitted to me, and made it known that I wouldn't do any interviews or pre-promotion for the film until the contract clause was amended.

The studio eventually relented, so I agreed to one pre-promotion interview as long as I could pick the journalist.

Heidi had jumped up and down with excitement and called 'Jace' immediately. Little did she know that I'd already decided to give Eric Yorkie his big break. He deserved it and, well, he would be in my extended family as soon as Bella agreed to marry me.

In the interview, I could tell the world that Bella was mine. I was kind of looking forward to it.

Eric grinned at me. "You bet! Samantha will love Vancouver; she's never been. Can I ask you some research questions, like, tomorrow? I want to be super prepared, you know?"

"Sure, let's just not talk about it in front of Bella, OK?" I said.

"No problem. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Um, yeah, is Angela Weber really coming?"

Eric blushed. I knew he'd had a crush on Angela in school; poor guy. He'd never stood a chance; Angela always had her heart set on Ben.

"Yeah, Ange and Ben are coming. Bella doesn't know."

"My lips are sealed." he replied.

Bella had spent Thanksgiving here in Forks and even though we'd just had a Thanksgiving-style wedding banquet, I'd wanted to have a different type of celebration tomorrow. If all went to plan, we'd be belatedly celebrating Bella's birthday and also our engagement, with the most important people in my life.

"Hey, can I ask you a favor?" I said as the idea came to me.

"Shoot," he replied.

"Chief Swan packed Bella's things, they're in the garage in boxes. If I keep Bella distracted, do you think you could load them into my rental car?" I asked as I pulled the key from my suit jacket and handed it to him.

"No problem. You know, you're going to have to get used to calling The Chief, Charlie, right?" he laughed.

Then Bella and Samantha walked into the living room each holding bunches of roses.

"Dad said we should take them, or they'll just die. They cost me a fortune," she mimicked the Chief, Charlie, jokingly. "Can I have the car key and I'll put them in?" she said.

I was blindsided; I'd already given the key to Eric.

"Allow me," said Eric and stepped forward to take a flower bunch from Samantha.

I took his lead and took Bella's flowers.

"Sam and I are just going to finish tidying the kitchen and then we can head to the motel." said Bella.

I kissed her cheek, and felt a wave of panic overtake me.

This is really happening; I'm taking her to our home. I'm going to propose.



I was kind of reluctant to actually leave the house. I had a rather pornographic fantasy of Edward and I sleeping in my old bedroom. It set off a tingling thrill through my body. I was about to suggest to Edward that we simply stay here tonight, but he seemed anxious to get back to the motel and it would be kinda weird; Eric and Samantha were staying here for the rest of the weekend.

We said our goodbyes and I handed Edward my overnight bag and got quickly into the rental car. It was only 8pm, but I was physically drained. As soon as I let myself relax into the passenger seat, the exhaustion of the day hit me hard.

I closed my eyes. I could smell the fragrant roses that were laid carefully on the back seat. They smelled divine. The motion of the car rocked me to sleep.

"Bella." I heard Edward whisper in my ear.

When I opened my eyes, his were gleaming. He was standing at my door with his hand extended to help me out.

"We're at the motel? Did I fall asleep?"

I got out of the car and Edward wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck. "Hmmm, my sleeping beauty…"

He pulled me forward and closed the door.

"We're not at the motel. We're somewhere much more comfortable," he said. "Put your arms around my neck, Bella."

Edward bent down and scooped his forearm under my knees. I held him tight as he walked forward and up some steps.

"I can walk," I said sleepily and yawned, but I secretly loved that he was carrying me. I pressed my cold face into his warm shoulder and inhaled. He'd already removed his tie, and the top three buttons of his shirt were undone, giving me an arousing view of his chest.

I rested my cheek on the expensive fabric of his designer suit jacket and looked forward to see a beautiful entry foyer beyond an open glass door. A modern staircase, an interesting floor lamp that glowed a warm orange light and it was quiet, so eerily quiet. I couldn't hear any traffic.

"Where are we?" I asked.

Edward continued to walk with me in his arms and through the door.

"This is where I lived when I went to Forks High School," he stated.

One second I was drowsy from sleep, and the next, I felt completely alert.

He lowered me to stand but kept his arms around me.

"Did you book it on Airbnb or something?" I asked, thrilled that I could snoop through this amazing residence and not have to worry about Edward being spotted by fans at the motel.

"Um, not exactly," he grinned. "Let me show you around."

Edward stepped back from me to close and lock the door.

"I should get my bag," I motioned to the car outside.

"I unloaded the car, while you were sleeping." he smiled at me and looked extremely proud of himself.

"Even the flowers?" I asked.

"Yes, even the flowers," he said, took my hand and led me upstairs.

The house was amazing. I was overcome by the chic opulence. I absorbed the perceived disparity between how my simple, comfortable life in Sydney was probably the complete opposite to how Edward had lived when we were teenagers.

More disconcerting was how utterly at home I felt in this brand new environment, like I'd been here before, or maybe it was because it was so warm and inviting that it already felt like my home.

As Edward and I went from room to room, I let myself imagine—just for a few seconds—how wonderful it would be, to actually live here, with Edward.

Then he turned to me as we stood on the top floor and with a nervous grin he said. "Yeah, this is our room."

I entered the room and was pretty awestruck. Edward had put some of the red roses in a vase on the nightstand. The bed was huge; and had a assortment of decorative pillows and warm, knitted throws over it.

The glass reflected us, standing in the doorway. There didn't appear to be any window coverings.

There was a black leather sofa, a shelf that held vinyl records and lots of CD's, and flat screen TV on the wall. I walked forward to cup my hands at the side of my face and against the glass to peer into the night.

Trees and moonlight; I couldn't wait to see what the view was like in the morning.

"What a gorgeous house. You must have really loved living here." I sighed.

"I don't think I appreciated it as much as I could have back then." he said softly and then he wrapped one arm around my waist and handed me what looked like a remote control.

"Push the grey button," he urged.

When I did, block out blinds silently descended over each window, until they touched the floor.

"I wish these had been installed when I lived here," he laughed.

And then he kissed me. And even though I knew the possibility of paparazzi lurking in the trees was pretty slim, I was elated that we had such privacy at the touch of a button.

Edward's kiss was deep and sweet, and instantly aroused me. All I needed to do was to step backwards and we could be horizontal on the bed.

I pulled his waist towards me.

"Let's go to bed," I moaned, and dropped the remote on the floor.

"Bella," he said and his hands slowly cupped my face.

I loved his intimate touch. I was always overwhelmed when he would look directly into my eyes.

"There's something I need to ask you."

Then Edward's hands slowly pulled away from my face and he got down on one knee.

Instantly, adrenaline rushed through my veins in a rapture of emotion.

He took my hand and placed a velvet box on my palm.

"Edward," I breathed out in what sounded like a panicked sigh.

He opened the box, and all I saw through the blur of tears in my eyes was the most beautiful art deco ring.

"Bella Swan, you make me the happiest man alive. Will you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?"

Edward took the ring from the box and held it, paused, ready to slip it on my ring finger.

My legs seemed to buckle. I slowly descended onto my knees in front of him. I wanted to be eye level with him when I said the only answer that ever entered my head.

"Yes, Edward. Yes, I love you, I can't wait until we get married!"

I could feel the cool band slide instantly along my finger. Then I was suddenly in his arms as he lifted me clean off the floor and twirled me around. Then I felt Edward's lips—pure bliss as he sucked a deep kiss from me—and then his tongue, warm and electrifying, slipped into my mouth.

Edward made me feel the most desired I'd ever felt in my entire existence!

He wants to marry me!

The bed was suddenly against the back of my knees and Edward was lowering me gently.

It was a scramble then; he was unzipping the side of my dress and trying to push it up my body.

I pushed his suit jacket off and grabbed for his shirt buttons, flicking them through the holes in a frenzied desperation.

His fingers, warm and gentle, slowly pulled down my undies. His eyes were intense as he pulled them off my legs with my shoes.

I sat up and ripped the dress over my head, and unhooked my bra in record time.

Edward licked his lips, but before I could reach for him, he lowered his mouth to kiss my thigh.

Oh God, Edward, yes!

His mouth.

All over me.




And then his lips and tongue concentrated on the one particular part of my anatomy that could make me moan like a feral animal.

I was so wired, so tightly strung, that my orgasm came hard and fast, and completely annihilated my body.

"I love you," he moaned, breathlessly.

I couldn't open my eyes. I was paralyzed from pure, sexual bliss.

Edward's hands gripped mine, slowly caressing them. I felt his forefinger press and drag down my palm. His touch electrified me still. It didn't lose that zapping intensity.

It confounded me. Just when I thought the feeling would dim, it didn't. It was indescribable.

"Please," I begged in a shivering aftershock.

I pushed my lower spine into the mattress; my toes curled, trying to grip the bedding as Edward hovered over me. I pulled his body down, desperate for him. He pressed his lips to mine and he pushed himself inside of me.

"You said 'yes'. You're going to be my wife." he moaned and thrust in a steady, yet gentle rhythm, and his grip on my hands loosened.

"I love you."


Author Note: I have to say a HUGE 'Thank you' to mpg. I love you so much for still taking the time to look over my words. xx