I stood, breathing deeply and slowly, charged with the anticipation of battle, on the edge of the cliff where we watched. I was scanning the land below, my rider's consciousness flickering at the edge of mine as we shared my eyes. I could still hear the words skulblakas ven echoing in my head from the spell that now let him see through my eyes. As we scanned the fight below, I noted that many more Urgals lay dead than Varden. This was good, we already had an upper hand without the help of my sister and her rider. We played this fight with the same style that the last had ensued. The Varden forced the Urgals to form blocks of their own that could be toasted by our fiery breath.
Myself and my sister were the Varden's biggest hope.
Saphira, my sister, and Eragon, her rider, as more experienced fighters would take the first attack, and my rider, Koywyn, and I, would pick off the remaining groups. The less Varden we lost, the better.
I sensed the approach of an elf, and swung my head in time to see Arya rest her hand daintily on my shoulder.

"They can't be far away." She said. She always seemed to know what was going through our heads.
"And when they arrive, things shall move pretty quickly down there. You must be poised to take flight so that no more Varden are harmed."

That was our overall plan- Save Varden. Kill Urgals. Our only problem would be the appearance of Raz'ac and Lethrblaka. But none had shown up yet, and the King would unlikely risk his most powerful fighters on a losing battle.
"You ready, Dragon rider?" Her voice was like bells chiming.

Koywyn chuckled, and replied in his deep, smooth voice-

"As ready as I'll ever be"

Satisfied, Arya smiled and turned to me, staring into my violet eyes.

"And you, Ehrixla?" She seemed concerned for me, underneath the courage.I defied that there was reason to worry and sent a shimmer along the bright gold scales of my back, enough to light up the silver ones on my stomach and throat.

She smiled, the concern evaporating.

"I was born ready" I trembled with adrenaline.
I lifted my head, and the silver scales on my throat resembled the armour I would soon adorn. This armour was fashioned by the elves from the remnants of Saphira's armour. This was easiest, as, aside from my gold colouring, I was identical to my sister and it was an honour to wear what was once hers. I looked up to her, and would gladly follow in her footsteps as long as Koywyn was glad to follow in Eragon's.

Koywyn repeated my bravado framed words to Arya as another person joined our little group.

"You two had better begin to armour up. Majihad's close to giving the signal, once Eragon and Saphira arrive, that is." Murtagh's deep, husky voice sent chills down my spine, and I trembled as Koywyn and Murtagh clasped hands in greeting.

"Have I ever told you that I love his voice?" I said to Koywyn, bashfully.
"Only a thousand times. But you wouldn't need to. I think it's obvious to everyone around here"
I bucked him, causing Murtagh to grin at our private conversation.
"I do NOT fancy him you cheeky rider!"
Koywyn broke out in laughter, confusing the two who had not heard proceedings.
I joined the laugh with my own rumble, that caused the ground to tremor beneath us.
Murtagh slapped my flank with a toothy grin and I nudged him with my tail in return.
"Oi, stop flirting, Ehrixla." Koywyn teased
"Watch it, I WILL throw you off this cliff"

The light atmosphere was replaced with a dutiful air as a roar broke over the plains. Staring out, we spotted the large sapphire dragon swooping above the armies, torching clusters of our enemy that the Varden had rounded up.
It was time.