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Chapter One

Kim walked into the school. Same lockers, same fluorescent lights, same shiny-floor hallway. Different place. Different town – this was called La Pull or La Push, she had not really been listening when her mom had been extolling the virtues of this latest place. Did not really matter anyway; it was not home. These places never were.

It was her senior year, and her mom had said that they would stay in this place for the entire school year. Risky but Kim really needed some security this year to keep her perfect grade point average.

A guy bumped into her shoulder from behind. "Oh, sorry," he said, barely looking at her before he was striding off down the corridor – confident, popular, aware of where he had to be that day and when.

She was invisible, non-existent and it would not matter if she was where she was supposed to be when she was supposed to be there because no one would see her anyway.

For Kim Lincoln, right now, life was good.

"Jared!" some piece of skirt waved at him as he walked up the corridor. He knocked into someone just inside the door and apologised automatically, already thinking about aforementioned cheerleader calling him.

He walked down the corridor of La Push High School. Jared Lane, seventeen, almost eighteen, young popular track star of the school, walked down the corridor to the bright, vapid young girl that had called him.

For Jared Lane, right now, life was good.

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