Title: Did you forget?

Chapter 1: Mika

Summery: After Ikuto left Amu started feeling alone, but when she finds out he's back, and that's he's been back for two months, she starts wondering, she sees him with a girl that's just like her, more then 1 chara, rebellious but not naive. Amuto. About 4 years after he left.

Disclaimer: If I owned this there would be no Tadamu and Iktuo wouldn't have left.

Did you forget that I was even alive?

Amu ran down the stairs, past her mother, father and Ami and out the door her messenger bag gripped in one hand, her charas floating lazily behind her. She was late for her first day back at school. She was in high school now, and that meant she had farther to run.

"Ran!" she gasped. She found herself having more energy and running faster toward the school, "thank you!" as she rounded the corner she found she wasn't the only one running late. Beside her a red haired girl with midnight eyes was sprinting down the road, in the same uniform as Amu, although it was personalized, it was different then Amu's. She had tights underneath which we black with clits up the sides, a moon hair clip in her long red hair that was in pigtail braids. She was wearing thick black eyeliner and her bangs fell messily over her eyes.

Behind her a single chara floated, seeming half awake, it was a cat.

Ikuto… Amu thought with a sigh as the rounded a corner, skidded to a halt and fell on their butts. A tiny kid was sitting on the ground playing with legos.

"Hey, be more careful, go play in your yard sweetie." The girl said, Amu noticed she had a slight accent. She grabbed Amu's arm tugging her past the kid and they broke out in a run again. "Short cut." Amu was jerked into an ally and she realized the girl now had cat ears. She was bounding up and over walls quickly.

They were at school 5 minutes later, "See ya around!" the girl said and disappeared into a mass of people, her chara flew off into a tree.

"She's weird." Ran said, "I see Rima!" and with that she flew off Amu and the others trailing behind her.

"Amu-chi!" Yaya yelped throwing herself on Amu.

"Hey Yaya." Amu replied sleepily.

"Morning Amu. Uh, hey Tadase." Rima said, Amu stiffened and moved to stand beside Nagihiko and Kukai who sighed and began talking to Rima and Yaya. Amu leaned against the wall until first bell rang and then she followed Rima into class.

As they exited the school everyone was laughing and talking, "Ikuto! Get you stupid ass back here!" someone bellowed, Amu's head snapped around with everyone else's as Utau stomped over to the blue haired male in question, slapped him hard and stalked off, beside Ikuto the red-head from earlier was laughing almost in tears.

"Iktuo.." Amu whispered watching him run off after Utau leaving the red head to stand alone.

She shook her head a smirk on her face and slowly walked away.

"I'll see you guys later." Amu said and ran off after the girl.

Winded she caught up with the girl, who stopped waited for Amu to catch her breath and then they continued walking.

"So you know Ikuto?"

The girl glanced at Amu out of the corner of her eye, "Yes, why?"

"Nothing. So when did he get back?"

"2 months ago. Sorry I have to go. That's Utau's manager." She waved goodbye and got into the backseat.

2 months…

"Hey, Amu! You should come to the plaza tonight, we're having open mike. Please come!" Utau called out the window.

"Sure!" she replied happily smiling before walking down the street towards her house.

Later that night Amu was changed into her short black mini shorts and light pink off the shoulder top. Miki smiled in approval before going back to her drawing. She slipped into some shoes and brushed out her hair. Utau said that Mika, the red head, was going to walk with her.

She went down stairs, the chara's following behind her. "Bye!"

"Don't go alone." Her father warned as she opened the door.

"Don't worry, I'll be with her." Mika said, lowering her hand.

"Amu whose your friend?"

"This is Mika, she goes to school with me." Amu's mother looked at the girl and then away.

"Have fun."

"We will. Bye guys!" Amu stepped out, closed the door and followed Mika down the street.

Mika was in a short red dress that looked like something you'd see on a ballerina; in fact her whole outfit resembled that of a ballerina, aside from the converse on her feet. She was wearing black leggings, these fishnets. Her hair was down in loose curls, her makeup dark.

Amu sighed, why didn't I wear makeup?

"Are you okay Amu?"

"I forgot to put makeup on before I left." Amu replied.

"Stop here." Mika said, digging around in her purse, she pulled out black eye liner, pink eye shadow, and mascara. "Do you mind if I do it?"

"N-no go ahead." Mika smiled and quickly set to work on Amu's makeup. After she was done, she looked Amu open, glanced at Miki and after approval from Miki she put her makeup away and they continued toward the park.

The whole place was lit up, speakers set up on stage and microphones and amps. "Holy crap." Amu said, "There's so many people."

"Yup. Oh it's almost my turn. Utau!" On stage Utau glanced up, made a gesture, and then Mika pulled Amu up on stage and behind the curtains.

"Wait here, Rima should be coming soon." Mika said and sat down in a chair sipping at some water and putting a throat lozenge into her mouth.

"Amu-chi!" Yaya's voice called over the sound from the stage, "Lets go get good spots." And with that Amu was yanked out into the crowd.

5 minutes later Mika was on stage, the music started and she began to sing softly, "Did you forget That I was even alive Did you forget Everything we ever had Did you forget
Did you forget About me Did you regret Ever standing by my side Did you forget What we were feeling inside Now I'm left to forget About us." As Mika sang Ikuto came out he took over on the piano Amu had failed to notice.

As she sung she made her way over to Ikuto.

"But somewhere we went wrong We were once so strong Our love is like a song
You can't forget it."

Ikuto looked out into the crowd, his eyes locked with Amu's but she couldn't figure out the emotion behind them, then he looked away, back at Mika.

"So now I guess This is where we have to stand Did you regret Ever holding my hand Never again Please don't forget Don't forget"

Amu felt tears stinging her eyes, he didn't even recognize me. She thought sadly.

"We had it all We were just about to fall Even more in love Than we were before I won't forget I won't forget About us. But somewhere we went wrong We were once so strong Our love is like a song You can't forget it Somewhere we went wrong We were once so strong Our love is like a song You can't forget it At all And at last All the pictures have been burned And all the past Is just a lesson that we've learned I won't forget I won't forget us But somewhere we went wrong Our love is like a song But you won't sing along"

Again he looked out into the crowd, Amu spotted Yoru above him, he was also staring at her, but Ikuto turned back to Mika again.

"You've forgotten About us." And the lights went out just as Mika finished her performance by dropping pathetically at Ikuto's feet, her hair falling over her face. When they came back on Utau was on stage, but Amu couldn't take it, she ran off through the crowd pushing everyone out of her way.

"Amu-chi!" Yaya yelled, not bothering to give chase as she watched her friend character transform into amulet heart just beyond the trees and take off.


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