Title: Did you forget?

Chapter 7: HappyEverAfter

Summery: After Ikuto left Amu started feeling alone, but when she finds out he's back, and that's he's been back for two months, she starts wondering, she sees him with a girl that's just like her, more then 1 chara, rebellious but not naive. Amuto. About 4 years after he left.

Disclaimer: If I owned this there would be no Tadamu and Ikuto wouldn't have left.

A/N: I had this chappie all written up, and then my laptop took a big fat shit. So I gave up waiting to get it fixed and stole my friend's computer.

But somewhere we went wrong.

The next day Amu, Ikuto, Utau, and the chara's stood outside the new Easter building. Coming down the stairs with an uninterested look on her face was Mika, her chara's were nowhere in sight, but then they all realized she was transformed with all of them, as she took to the air.

"Lets go Amu." Ikuto grinned, transforming with Yoru and taking of after her.

"Come on Utau." Amu smiled transforming with Su and following Ikuto, Utau chucked and transformed with Il following after Amu. After Mika made the X-eggs they purified them. Then Mika disappeared. Ikuto, Amu, and Utau returned to their houses to get ready for their dates.

2 months later

Outside of the Easter building Mika had a satisfied smirk on her face as she descended the stairs, her chara's right behind her. Inside there was a loud boom, the building shook and started to come down. Mika smiled, looking up at the moon in the clear night sky that slowly filled with smoke, hands in her pockets she walked off into the night whispering to herself.

"Goodbye Ikuto-kun."

She got into a car and drove off.