Let the fireworks go off cause this is my first story ever to be submitted, and there are sure to be more, so post responses and message me for more junjou drabbles or requests.

This drabble is just from the topic Christmas, since I got this gift, I decided to write my first Junjou drabble about it.

Misaki's POV

"Oh my gosh! Usagi-san, you spoil me! I don't need something this expensive!"

"I think you deserve it, Misaki. You work so hard around the house and you could use it when you're cleaning."

"I will, I will!" Misaki said as he ran over to the older man to hug him, thanking him for the new iPod he had just received.

~later that day~

Misaki's POV

Sticking to my usual cleaning schedule, I went to go tie Suzuki-san's ribbon. I grabbed the iPod out of my pocket and turned it to a different song that was sounds of relaxing waves hitting the beach. I sensed a presence behind me and turned quickly to see Usagi-san standing there.

"U-Usagi–san?" I said turning around changing the music to a low volume. "You need something?"

"I just wanted to suggest having the relaxing music to a high volume, helps me calm down after Aikawa yells at me for not meeting my deadlines."


"Just try it."


I continued my treck upstairs to tie Suzuki-san's ribbon, wondering if this was another one of Usagi's tricks, but I did it anyway.

I picked green for his ribbon and started tying it. Usagi was right, this is more relaxing when the volume is up. Just then, I let out a little yell that seemed to please the man that just scared the living crap out of me. On a personal note: never turn the volume up so high i cant hear Usagi sneaking up on me.

"Get off me Usagi!"

"I'm glad you're enjoying my Christmas gift, but I think you failed to give me one."

"We already went over this! I don't have any m-o-n-e-y." I spelled out

"What we are going to do doesn't require money…"

And with that Misaki began to struggle, but as always, it was useless. from that day, misaki never used his ipod around Usagi.

Please tell me what you think of this first mini story. i didnt try my best, but i am gonna write some fluff chapters very soon, so stay tuned!