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Usagi's POV

I cannot stand being around this big of crowd. The lights burned my eyes when I tried to look over the audience. Where is my precious other? I scanned the audience. It didn't take too long to find him. He was in the very front row of people. I smiled at him and he blushed. He's so cute. The host walked on stage and everyone, including me, applauded. He picked up and straightened some papers and begun. I didn't pay attention. I knew what he was saying even before it left his mouth. I didn't want to stay on a bright stage listening to a guy that didn't even know me say how great I was and how much I deserved this award, whatever it was for. The only thing I wanted to do was to hold Misaki in an embrace and stay there forever.

My daydreams with Misaki and me were over when me and the host left the stage and into the crowd that was, well, crowded. I tried to look overhead, I wanted to see Misaki. But the only thing I saw was a small nimble body, bolting towards the doorway. I pushed pass grabbing hands and blabbering mouths. I opened the door to a dark lobby hallway with a silhouetted figure sitting with his face to the wall. I came around to the troubled uke and sat down pulling him in close with my arm draped around his small shoulders. He looked up in surprise and pushed me away.

"You should go to those people…" he said quietly, "They are waiting to congratulate you on winning the award."

"Staying with you, Misaki is something that I wouldn't give up for the world. The whole time I was onstage, I was thinking of you. I could not stop thinking of you. If I tried to focus, your beautiful face would appear." I said as I pulled him in for a hug

He came in closer and snuggled into my arms. I watched him inhale deeply, over and over. Misaki was asleep. Tranquilized by me just being by him. So cute. I leaned down and kissed his forehead softly. I hope this moment lasts forever.

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