Author Note: This is still kade11, but I changed my pen name, just for fun. I am now, elephants are not purple. This is a shot at something new : )enjoy! Read and review! Told primarily from third person (limited to Booth) I'm pretty sure that the x-rays that Brennan looks at are supposed to be from an autopsy, but I don't believe that this victim would need an autopsy. So I took some liberties. Don't hate me.

Question: Was Booth promoted after the Cleo Eller case? His office changed and I just wasn't really sure...It would be helpful to know.

The first case Booth and Brennan worked together before Cleo Eller.

The victim was entirely decomposed. There wasn't any flesh on the face, no clothes, no jewelery, nothing. How on earth were they going to set this victims family's minds at rest without even knowing who this was...Agent Seeley Booth was standing at a crime scene staring down at remains that were completely unrecognizable. The victim didn't have any belongings with them and they had no way to figure our who this was, how they died, and even if they were male or female. Booth was very good at his job, but not that good. He could catch the bad guy from the clues, but first, he had to be given clues. He felt somewhat defeated. The agent looked around at the forensics team around him. "You can all finish up whatever the hell you do. I'm going to go find out how we're going to solve this case." Booth turned over his right shoulder and headed back to his SUV. He sped off towards the FBI building, thirty miles away from the crime scene.

J. Edgar Hoover Building: Washington DC

"With all do respect, Director Cullen, I'm not sure that this case is one that can be solved using the usual people and usual clues. The victim is completely unrecognizable. There wasn't even a small hint of who the person was." It was very rare for Booth to admit that something was above him. He figured that Cullen knew that and would take him off the case.

"Well, Booth, you better find away to make this possible. I heard something about the Medico-Legal Lab at the Jeffersonian. When you get some X-rays, maybe you can take them over to the head administrator Dr. Goodman and see what he has to say." Crap, Booth thought, more squints. The FBI forensics team was already nerdy enough...He nodded in agreement and went to his office without another word.

In his office, he thought about past cases. He never had a problem getting them identified and taking down the bad guy or girl. Knowing that he was so unable to help broke his heart. He might have been a tough FBI agent, but he was also a man who was extremely compassionate and understanding. This fact was only really known by one person. His ex-girlfriend, who was also the mother of his only child. Seeley Booth was the best father any little boy could ask for. It was his big heart that made it so.

Interrupting his thoughts, there was a knock at the door. It was Charlie with the X-rays of the victim that made Booth feel so defeated. "Here ya go, Booth. I hear you get to take these to the Jeffersonian. I also hear that there are some smokin' women that work over there in that Medico-Legal Lab..."

"Shut up, Charlie. I've got places to be." Booth grabbed his suit jacket and shoved Charlie out of the way while taking the X-rays. He had no idea what they meant, but he hoped someone else would.

The Jeffersonian: Washington DC

Booth pulled into the parking structure and sighed. He hated parking structures. If he could go his whole life without parking in them, he would, but he really had no choice. He found a space next to one marked, Dr. Temperance Brennan. In the space, there was a big Land Rover Jeep with those annoying lights on top. Booth scoffed at the car and wondered how geeky this Dr. Brennan looked driving it. He stepped through automatic doors and a tall African American man greeted him.

"Agent Booth I presume?" He put out his hand to shake.

"Yes, Dr. Goodman?" Goodman nodded and they shook hands. "Look, I haven't really got all day, I just wanted to see if maybe someone could take a look at these X-rays and help us feds out. The victims remains were decomposed beyond all recognition from normal people, so Deputy Director Cullen thought--

"Agent Booth, I apologize for interrupting, but I have just the person for you. You needn't explain yourself to death." He laughed a deep and somewhat scary laugh. This man's size intimidated Booth a little bit. Intimidation didn't come easy to the agent, but on occasion, people could be pretty frightening to him. Not that he would ever admit that to anyone. "Dr. Brennan, could you come here for a one moment." Booth recognized the name from the parking space in the structure. He wondered what the squint would look like. What kind of name was Temperance anyway? did it mean that she was some virgin who never had any fun? Temperance meant self-restraint. That explained just about ever squint he had ever laid eyes one.

"Dr. Goodman, I am quite busy. I have been identifying victims of World War I for hours. I am finally finishing up the last of this area in bone storage."

"Dr. Brennan, please come down here." A few moments later, Booth and Dr. Goodman were standing before one of the most beautiful women that Booth had ever laid eyes on. Not at all what he was expecting. But that fact that she was beautiful didn't make up for the fact that she was an annoying squint just like the rest of them. She probably thought that she was better than him because she could introduce herself with Doctor in the front of her name..."This is--"

"I'm Special Agent Seeley Booth. I have X-rays here of a victim that we couldn't identify at the crime scene. I was hoping someone here might--"

"Female. Aged 30-35 years." She switched to different x-rays. She seemed to be looking for a specific one. "Looks like cause of death was this." She pointed to a spot on the x-ray on the skull. Agent Booth had no idea what he was looking at, but he pretended that he did. He didn't want to look stupid in front of this woman. "One single stab wound to the mastoid process. Death by a knife most likely. Death was instantaneous if this is the only wound." She flipped through the other x-rays to see if there were more injuries. "No, just this stab wound. Most definitely murder. I'd have to see the bones to really get a better idea, but I am confident on my current findings." She looked at the x-ray of the skull again She smiled looking like she felt accomplished. "Caucasian."

"Are you serious? You could tell all of that from the X-ray?" She looked at him like he was an idiot. Dr. Goodman did too.

"Yes, I can. When you brought it to me, that is what you expected was it not?"

"Well it was, but I didn't really expect you to succeed. I don't know that I can go back to the bureau and tell them that you did this in one minute without anything but x-rays. There's no way that will hold in court." Dr. Brennan looked extremely offended. The agent didn't mean to make her feel bad, but this wasn't possible.

"If I see the remains, I could confirm what I've discovered from the X-rays." She frowned. She didn't like the agent, he could tell.

"Thank you for you help, but I don't think your assistance with this will be all that helpful." He left the Jeffersonian feeling like an idiot. The bureau was unable to uncover anything about the victim from the actual remains and she could figure all this out just from the X-rays...There's no way. He hastened to his SUV and went back to the FBI building feeling like a fool.


The next day, Booth was at work when the guy with glasses on the forensics team came in. Booth could never remember what the hell his name was. "Agent Booth, we found a knife a few yards from the victim. We also found some papers that appear to be letters. Two females writing to each other, but we're not sure which is which. That suggest that the victim is female. The coroner, although he hated that the bones had no flesh, believes that the vic. is Caucasian." Oh God, the damn squint was right, Booth thought. And she did it all with just x-rays of the bones.

He thought about that. Booth loved to give people nick names. It pissed most people off, but he knew they secretly liked it. It's endearing. He could call her x-ray. That sounds like some kind of super hero. Pretty fun. After the forensics guy left his office, he tried it out "Hey, X-ray..." No. That wasn't quite right, maybe he'd try something else out when he saw her. Nick names were even more fun when they are spur of the moment...