"Hey Peach."


"I like you."


"...And that's what happened." Peach groaned, her hands buried in her hair.

I analyzed her appearance as she spoke, and stared. Her make-up was smeared all over, her hair in a mess and her dress looked like they haven't been washed for weeks.

She wasn't even drinking her tea.

It's her favorite today.


She's always prim and proper. This must've been bad for her.

"Tell me Zelly, what should I do?" she looked up with hopeful eyes.

I shrugged sadly. After all, how should I know? I've never had the same sex fall for me.


Peach lolled her head around, moaning.

"They don't teach this in princess class..." she was mumbling.

I leaned forward and sipped my tea.

"Look darling, maybe you should tell her how you really feel..." I suggested un-helpfully.

She glanced at me with those looks.

The kind that makes you agree that yes, that was a lame suggestion.

"Or uh, go talk to Link? He's like a womanizer, he should know what to do." I groaned while I said this.

"That cheating dick." I mumbled.

"Maybe I will. After all, nothing else is working." Peach sat up and dusted herself off. "Thanks anyway hun."

And then she left.

"Huh." I said as I rested my cheek on my hands.

I guess tea time's over.

"Ok so let me get this straight." I rubbed my temples. "Zelda referred you to me."

Peach nodded.

This must be crazy week.

"Please Link, you have got to help me...I've skating on thin ice as it is." she said.

I rolled my eyes up.

Psychology time.

"Alright hot stuff, let me ask you a few questions." I leaned forward.

She smells good, like usual. Or maybe it's just the tea.

"Do you think she's hot, cute, sexy or attractive in any way?" I questioned.

She blinks and leans far away from me.

"Well I never thought of that way, but yes, she does have a good figure." She thinks some more. "And I suppose she's... sexy too."

I smirked. This was going to be easy.

"Second question, have you ever felt awkward, excited, attracted and/or nervous around her when alone with?"

She blushes immediately and puts down her tea with a loud clack. I'd take that as a yes.

"Last question sweetheart, and you're good to go." I pushed up my fake glasses and pretended to be a professor.

"Do you like her?"

Peach is squirming in her seat. She's biting her lip. Fidgeting with her hair.

"The answer's obvious, pretty-face. Do the math. You like her."

She stands up and nods slowly, then backs out of the room.

"Uh..um.. thanks Link... I guess I'll just go tell her then.." she says as she leaves.

I take off my glasses. Mission complete.

I smile and lean back in my seat.

I guess tea time's over.

"Samus. Sam. Sam Sam Sam Sam." Peach stuttered as she confronted me.

"Hmm?" I looked down at her. Sort of.

She's utterly adorable. That soft blond hair. Her princess pink attitude. That toughness inside. The lovely blue color of her eyes. That delicate posture. Her sweet smell of peach...

"What is it cutie-pie? You called me over for tea, so you must have something to say."

"It's.. it's about what you said two weeks ago." she said nervously. "After our brawl fest."

She looked down at her cup of tea.

"ilakuyewmmm." she murmured almost inaudibly.

"Yess?" I was extremely intrigued.

"I.. I like you too.."

My smile must've been huge, because when Peach lifted her head up and saw me she broke out in a smile too.


I didn't let her finish.

I just leaned down and pecked her on her lips.

Her shocked expression is adorable.

She giggled.

"That was different." she smiled. "Almost nice. Would you do it again?"

"Aren't you a bad princess." I said, hugging her.

"Not bad, just a little tipsy." my princess replied. "Too much tea I'm guessing."

I swept her off her feet and carried her out of the room, ready to annouce our love to the rest of the brawl team.

Tea time is definitely over.

Zelly is Zelda, FYI.