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Damon sauntered into the bar. He was bored. Nothing interesting had happened since they had saved St. Stefan. He was actually wishing for an enemy. He had found that he could no longer hate his brother. It had been too long and Damon didn't want to waste the energy. Of course, he'd still have fun picking on him, but in a more brotherly way. He spotted a pretty brunette and walked over.

"Hello, mi amore. You're looking quite lovely tonight." He said smoothly. The brunette giggled as he continued, "How about I buy you a drink…?" He asked, pausing at the end for her name.

"Jessica. And yes, that would be great!" the girl replied, her words slurring. Damon could tell she had been drunk long before he had gotten there. Either way, he bought her a drink. Jessica, –he thought- such a common name.

"How would you like to come back to my apartment?" he asked alluringly. The girl giggled again and nodded. Damon led her outside and away from the bar. They walked in silence, Damon leading. Suddenly, he veered off into an alleyway. It was dark. Damon liked to feed in the dark. The girl began to shiver.

"It's cold outside, mi amore. Come closer to me." He said. She leaned into his chest. Damon could smell her blood, could hear it pulsing beneath her veins. He trailed kisses down her jaw line and onto her neck. Then, just as he was about to bite down, he heard a voice.

"Hey, handsome. What are you doing out here so late?" Damon knew that voice. He'd know it anywhere. Her name, what was her name? He searched his head until he found it. May. Her name was May. Damon had gone out with her many years ago. He'd felt a certain lack of "oomph" in the relationship and had taken it upon himself to leave.

"May." Damon said quietly, putting the brunette to sleep and throwing her onto the ground.

"Oh, was I interrupting something, Damon? Please, carry on." She said.

"What on Earth do you think you're doing? I was trying to have a meal!" Damon shouted, angry now his feast had ended before it had begun.

"You could have me instead." May crooned seductively.

"I don't want you. I don't like blondes. Your hair is yellow. It reminds me of jaundice." He replied, apathetic.

"God damnit, Damon! You act like a child! Come to think of it, you are a child! I think its high time you act your own age. I think I can help you with that." May smiled. It scared Damon a little bit. She obviously wasn't smiling happily. She was a very powerful witch.

"Ex vetus ut tener , vos mos vado. Per labor vos could nunquam teneo. Iuvo vos grow sursum iustus aliquantulus quod maybe vos mos lucrum nonnullus lepor lepos! Come find me when you're ready to grow up." May said simply and left the alleyway. Damon felt strange. He felt dizzy and sick. What, exactly, had May done?