AN: The story is called "Bachelor Party from Hell" for those who are wondering. It's up now. Have at it!

Here's a preview! It's, like, half of the first chapter!

Damon followed Stefan through the forest, not paying attention to where his feet were carrying him. He was lost in thought. One week. Only one more week of sweet freedom. In exactly one week, I'll be married. Damon sighed. Not only was he going to be married, he was going to be married to the prettiest, most talented, most amazing woman he'd ever met in his entire existence. May. May Capuletta was going to be his wife. Just one more week.

He smiled. Her name sounded so much like Capulet. She was like his own personal Juliet, but without the feuding families, the death, or the tragedy. She was a witch, and a damn good one. That was just the way he liked it. She was his equal in Power. Only one week. And, in two weeks, he would turn her. He would make her his Princess of Darkness.

Damon chuckled to himself. Only a year ago, he'd had the same dream for himself and Elena Gilbert, Stefan's wife. How that had changed. He now knew that he and Elena were not meant to be. It was too bad, really, because he enjoyed her company. But, he enjoyed May's company more. Still, he got to hang with Elena because she was his sister-in-law.

"Race ya!" Stefan shouted, bringing Damon back to reality. Stefan had decided that he needed a bachelor party. One week before the wedding. It was silly, though, because Damon didn't really have any friends that were guys. Only Stefan. So, here he was, hunting with his younger brother, the pinnacle of pathetic-ness. Damon had already had his fill in a club in the city. They'd gone far tonight, all the way across Italy. Stefan had decided on a specific forest. Damon didn't know why, but he didn't really understand most of what his little brother did.