Must be grammatically correct and spell checked. It's called Microsoft Word, people… or a dictionary, if you're not sure.

Swearing is a freedom of expression, not something to be looked down upon. (In other words, yes, swearing is welcome.)

Maximum Word Count is 2, 000.

All entries must be submitted by February 1st 2010

May be M rated.


Author alert me.

I want something dark. I want to cry. I want to have dreams about this fanfic, I want to have it on my mind for weeks. Name it "My Entry for 'My Lovely Sorrow' Contest".

Post it on your fan fiction account.

Send me a PM, announcing that your fan fiction has been posted.

I will read it, and judge it.

Wait until February 14th of 2010 when I post the winners. If you have author alerted me, you will see that I have posted the winner announcements. If you have not author alerted me, you will not see if you have won or not. Life's tough—deal with it, sugar.

There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.


A featured debut of your entry on my page—so that more of the fanficters will be able to see and read it.

Gloating rights