Author's Note: Mwa ha ha ha ha; I, Dominique Amino, have now taken your precious Shonen Sanzo hostage in my creator's mind ready to express my thoughts. As a word of thought, speaking of which, after ten months I have watched this 'series' finale, Yin Yang Who? with outrage and disgust; fortunately, I took the liberty of doing something dramatic in this change by writing a story based off on that accursed episode with a twist just to fill in the gaps and alter the ending!!!

Disclaimer: Yin Yang Yo belongs to Bob Boyle; if it did belong to me, it would have a third season!! Enjoy...or DIE; HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

A (Final) Battle "Lost" ~Fools~

A set of suburban building stood around an Asian domain. A few trees were standing tall and proud even though the wall surrounded the house and blocked the trees. The sky was jaded by an emerald diffusion as so with the grass. The atmosphere was clean and lively like a cleaning solvent made from natural fruits and spices. There was a large crowd standing down gleefully as they looked at the proud children alumnae below the generously proportioned congratulatory banner announced by two rabbits; the pink one floating and the blue one standing.

The first alumnus was a thin, yellow male chicken who was very neat and sterile. He had donned carroty hair. A pair of glasses was placed on his face on top of his golden smiling beak outlining his ocean navy eyes. Freckles and dimples alike were spread on each side of the chicken's face. Each of his wrists was bounded by red sweatbands. A plain white T was overlapped by a pair of pants. A pair of black squeaky clean shoes was on his feet under the cuffs of his rolled up jeans.

The second was a young male tree stump who was square and very short than the others. He wore an orange cap that harmonized with his knapsack, orange like a falling leaf that used to be green as grass now caught in an autumn breeze. Speaking of which, two of the leaves served as the tree stump kid's very own eyebrows while the rest stood on his forehead. The face was crammed with a raring to go blanket of hopefulness; in fact, his pupils were a wine grape purple. The legs of his were stubby because it had no knees.

The third individual was a blue teenaged ogre who also donned ginger hair as did the first one only that it was dirtier than the neat chicken; in fact, part of it overshadowed his right eye out of his two beady little eyes. The teenaged ogre had a horn on his head and small spots on his face on each side of the Glasgow mouth. The ogre had a bluish-purple shirt over his snow white sweater even though spikes drove through the sleeves. He wore a pair of sky blue denims but no shoes.

The fourth alumna was a turquoise canine bear who wore her violet locks on top of the bear's head with ears sticking out of them. A headband was resting over the tresses. Her lavender cheeks weren't spared from the storm of color. The canine bear donned purple eyes just like the tree stump only that they were a lot more beautiful; even so, her eyelashes were neatly straightened out and lined up. The bear's lips were carnation pink just like a traditional valentine. She wore a mauve dress over her ashen turtleneck. The canine bear wore amethyst Mary janes with a pair of flamingo pink socks that matched her lips to go with the footwear.

The fifth was a tall sentient zombie who was also very thin. He too donned purple hair only that it was darker than the fourth alumnae and that it was in an extensive puffy afro with thorns sticking out of it. The zombie wore a pair of lilac sunglasses over his spherical nose. The zombie donned a hot pink dancewear consisting of a windbreaker and bell bottoms. He wore a pair of reddish-blue platform shoes that matched his medallion. The zombie stood up slowly but maintained his balanced stature keeping him from falling down.

The sixth and final individual was a forest green goblin who had flies buzzing above him. His orange hair was the filthiest out of the ginger males combined. The goblin's eyes matched his greasy hair. He had two front teeth sticking out of his mouth that was under the big nose. The dirty goblin wore a raggedy athletic shirt over his potbelly. Blue wash pants were all that he wore on his legs; the same can't be said for the goblin's feet.

"From this day forward, I pronounce you Woo Foo Knights in a Little Less Training!" shouted the pink female. "Congratulations!" Everyone cheered uproariously as everyone glanced at the Knights in a Little Less Training. Even their parents were standing by next to them cheering them on. The chicken soon spoke up, "Bawk…bawk, bawk, now what?" "Now we wait to fight our final battle!" the blue bunny responded as he eagerly took up a fighting stance. This announcement made everyone feel greatly uneasy as the alumnae and their parents gasped. The blue rabbit nonchalantly replied "relax; we would probably have years before Eradicus will make his big move." However, suddenly without warning, a shaking tremor caught the crowd's attention. The blue bunny noticing it still held his cool slightly saying, "or it could happen now."

Indeed, it did happen; an explosion came out of nowhere right next to a coffee shop causing four people to run out of the café as they were screaming for help. Soon the establishment shook the ground as the griffin logo merged together with entrance right under the door and went up together like they were on an escalator. The roof raised itself mechanically to show off its new form where the legs sprouted from the rising rooftop as the foundation became the feet with the left possessing the window while the arms became extended as they sprouted out of each side of the roof with fingers sticking out of the arms. The lower limbs subsequently spread apart for increased movement and walking distance. The door is seen above the legs below the torso that consisted of the roof with three windows with the yellow eyes showing as the head stuck out of the roof. Soon it became apparent that this wasn't just one shop undergoing its transformation as more and more buildings with the same logo stood up with yellow eyes glowing. Lasers then shot out of their eyes leaving a trail of fire and destruction behind.

There were also ground troops as well that followed after them; they had a bloodstained shade of maroon that matched their eyes along with a miniature goatee. The ground troops were bare-chested but they weren't completely exposed. All of them had large steel Corinthian helmets with horns on each side and an emblem just like the buildings. A pair of medieval wristbands adjusted their brutality on the field. The tough tassets tied their thin thighs together. Big boots trampled the concrete earth as they marched by.

People ran for cover as they either looked for shelter or, to a lesser extent find people that they can rely on to destroy the ten story nightmares of metal. Unfortunately, only little can be done as everyone that was standing around the house including the attendants and alumnae turned around and looked at the annihilation that was going on. Suddenly, quick streams of red laser beams attacked the domiciles hastily; the first and second beams damaged the house greatly while the third stream nearly took out a part of the crowd. But the (near) fatal blow was that the laser destroyed most of the house grounds nearly killing the attendants that were nearly at the stands while destroying the front gates in the process.

Multitudes of the innumerous grunts were marching towards the now permeated gate as robots stood by; then, the instigator of this catastrophe finally decided to be shown himself anyway. A very tall and powerful blood-red griffin in dark vanadium armor perched on the ground in the style of a gargoyle violently. His beak, claws, wings, and tail, were so razor sharp it could even slice a skyscraper or two into pure nothingness. The griffin's eyes had just sat off an intimidating glowing neon green stare as he sneeringly glanced at the crowd of the next victims who were greatly startled by the griffin's appearance as they have never seen him before for as long as they can remember. The griffin's name was Eradicus, an evil entity of darkness often called by the title Night Master.

Night Masters were beings of darkness that vowed to destroy the art of self-defense called Woo Foo, the form of martial arts that requires both might and magic. It was used by many warriors, male and female, to combat the forces of darkness like himself who threaten to take over the world; however, Woo Foo was also a fighting skill that was wiped off the face of the Earth countless times, mostly because the previous warriors put the "I" in teamwork one too many times and died in many battles as a end result based on a common denominator mathematicians used after dividing the Xs by two to find a slope. Even so, another Night Master, a tall and thin bat humanoid with no name attempted to take over the world only to be defeated by an old but hip panda; but, in a matter of seconds, the bat along with the proud history of Woo Foo became things of what went before (and the sins of the fatherly panda as well). Woo Foo, was now known as the art of stupidity and foolishness but, backed by popular demand, it regained its great history and meaning despite the issues encountered today...that is, up till now, of course.

"Well, well, well," snarled Eradicus, "the Woo Foo army…Sorry I dated your life spans," he growled ferociously. Many people in the crowds including the parents were screaming in fear as their lives flashed before their eyes. "This is it!" shouted the pink rabbit to her brother who now knew what to do pulled out a bamboo sword and commanded, "Woo Foo Army! Let's kick some butt!" Everyone alumnae in sight took up a fighting stance, one of them, the goblin, took out a banjo ready for some action; the ginger chicken, however, changed from a simple set of clothes consisting of a pair of glasses, a white shirt, and blue pants to a jet black outfit consisting of a purple hair dye, sunglasses, and a hot blooded glare as he built up flaming yellow aura shaped like a hawk. The pair of rabbits armed themselves inside the ocean blue orb that housed them (temporally) for battle.

On the other hand, more opponents shown up but they weren't on Eradicus' side at all (surprisingly); "Oh, no you don't," was an indication for that sign as an arm reached up and grabbed the ginger by the drumstick (often better known as the leg). The source of the arm that pulled him down was another ginger chicken but this one was a female and it was his mother. She had longer hair than the youngster that ran down all the way to the women's neck. The hen wore a set of ardent pink eye shadow that (partially) eclipsed the hen's boiling blue anger along with the beak, beautifully highlighted with a brand of cherry lipstick. She had on a magenta blouse with a matching skirt with an orange tail sticking out the back of it. The hen also wore high heels and had just put up her hands on her curvy hips as the hen glared at her son doused in that pitch-black outfit who was scared. She soon gotten the boy's attention very well as she authoritatively said, "you deflate to your awkward, gawky self this INSTANT!!"

But this was just the beginning as another female came by as she spoke up, "I thought you were fighting woodpeckers." It turned out to be the tree stump kid's mother and instead of hair on her head, the mother had sported healthy grassy foliage as the two leaves were above her worrisome cerulean eyes that matched the eye shadow that waspainted on. Thin eyelashes were at the top and bottom of both eyes. The mother had a petite round nose on her face that was sawn off pointing forward to her son. An organic necklace attached itself around her neck as did the bracelets to her wrists. She, too, had little sign of her knees but she was also taller than him. The mother had placed her right arm on her body while her left was held straight out as she looked at him with apprehension.

"Or, dung rustlers," another female followed by; it was another goblin, however, as it was the sixth individual's mother. She had light purple hair shaped like a beehive with a few knots out of place; in fact, it had a tiara facing in front of it, carefully avoiding the hairstyle the mother goblin wore. She also wore a lighter coat of lipstick on her mouth. A burgundy housecoat was worn over her blazing ruby nightdress along with cherry dress shoes to complete her matching crimson eveningwear. She even had both her hands on her hips and gave an apathetic stare towards her son who ogled back at his mother with gloom and uncertainty.

But the deathblow was another individual's appearance; it was another turquoise canine bear but it was her father. He wore a light pink hat that had giant bite mark that matched his shirt while it was being overshadowed by azure overalls. The father bear had on black snow boots. He apathetically looked at her now low-spirited daughter saying, "I mean it would be different if you didn't have parents, like Yin and Yang."

The rabbits, Yin and Yang overheard the parents' objections while inside the orb looking downtrodden and upset. They were looking at everyone's parents very well; the goblins, the hen, the tree stumps, and the zombies all hated the idea of their kids fighting Eradicus so they their all the comrades back to their parents.

Disappointments soon started to fill the forsaken air quickly. Another male tree stump, the tall father with the glasses, walked up and took his son by the hand so he can take him home fed up that he had seen enough with his son as a innocent bystander unwilling to see him perish in battle as he spoke, "there's no way we're letting our kids fight those guys!" The chicken's glaring mother held him by the ear with her right hand while her left hand rested on her thigh. Another ogre, the teenager's mother wearing a flower pot and three horns on her head and a frilly pink garb on her body, held her teenage son tightly with the intent to severely punish him once they get home. The zombie was being carried by the collar in the air by his sharp chinned father who wore urban red-light attire consisting of a white hat with a big quill and a purple dress coat by the right hand still holding on to the cane in the palm of his left hand. The goblin was being escorted by his father, who wore a tall hat with a crown adjusted, a long orange robe, a raggedy dark yellow athletic shirt, and a pair of brown pants, ignoring the glare that his own son sent him as the father held him by the ear. The canine bear had the same glare aimed at her father who instead pointed the way out to home as he spoke, "young lady, you're coming home with me."

Little did any of these people know (or even care about), the actions that have been taken would cause hell to break loose, sooner (or later) than expected based on the theory of other people. "Bye kiddies, mind your Ps and Qs," the griffin said cheerfully towards the crowd as he then turned to face the rabbits. Yin sighed as she said to her brother with great melancholy, "on our own again as usual, bro. First Master Yo is gone, and now our army…" It seems a while ago that the person in question was last seen in the Great Beyondisphere, a spa resort and not a form of a dimensional oblivion; ironically, that man had no idea that this act was going to come back to get him. A laser went straight at Yang, knocking him in midair as he followed onto her fragment sentence, "and now MEEEEEE!" One of the robots knocked him out back to Eradicus. Yang then looked up at him nervously saying, "Hi, big fella…destroy here often?"

Soon, the unthinkable happened; the griffin then flew up into the air with great heights as he prepared himself. He held his claw into the air, grasping the aura within him as it appeared in his grip. It was a ball consisting of red and black spinning around slowly and sinisterly that grew until he threw into the direction of the twin rabbits as Eradicus cried, "WOO FOO AURA DRAIN!!!" It was coming into the direction of the blue one dangerously when suddenly his sister, Yin, jumped in front of her brother painfully absorbing the blow meant for Yang. All that the blue rabbit could do was watch as the disaster unfolded before his very own eyes as she then fell down on the ground, tired and weary. Yang looked up at Eradicus who laughed mercilessly as he shouted, "Finally, back by popular demand, THE DEATH OF WOO FOO!!!" Redness charged up in the griffin's eyes as it started building up energy; then, Eradicus expelled the lasers at the domain with great power as it destroyed the building. The griffin confidant that his dreams of destroying Woo Foo came true then said, "I love to stay and gloat but I got a world to ruin." Eradicus then left was used to be the dojo with victory with belief that he killed the twins for good.

Meanwhile, at the downtown area, the situation has turned from disastrously deadly to catastrophically cataclysmic; chaos was now descending on each and every single corner of the sidewalk. A reign of fire and terror poured down upon the whole town like a set of raging rapids (but with molten lava instead of rushing water) as violent explosions (and partial nudity) started to reduce many (if all) of the houses and establishments to rubble one by one as it shook up the town. Clouds of smoke became so immense it was escaping from the city and spreading around to its neighbors as if the surrounding area was acting more like a cellular organism. Vehicles of all sizes became overturned and crushed as the red grunts marched into town destroying everything that came in range of contact. Many people were screaming as they ran from them looking for places of shelter while children were crying as they became separated from their families, searching to find their parents; others were being killed in the griffin's onslaught. Fate now lied in the hands of every other Woo Foo Knight in a Little Less Training, but alas they could do naught. The parents who once cheered them on for their children's newfound knighthood had called them back, on the one hand, feeling absurd about seeing their kids fighting against a great winged evil; however, on the other hand, they were still unaware of the discord that was taking place before them that would soon force them to change their minds slowly and reasonably one by one.

One way or the other, like it or not, even if the cows came home to be milked or if the chicken came first (before or even after the egg) to roost fate will not take the parent's strict no for an answer, not today, not tonight, not tomorrow, and definitely not next Tuesday, come hell or high water; honestly, hell came first anyway so there's nothing that should be said about at all. "I can't, bawk bawk, believe that Yin and bawk bawk, Yang are gone!!" shouted the chicken who was in his mother's grip. "Mom, why did we had to, bawk bawk, left them to die?!?! We could have, bawk bawk, stayed and, bawk bawk, helped them!!" "Because, I said so that's why!!" she said nonchalantly and angrily. "I can't believe we are all going to DIE!!!" cried the boy tree stump with tears in his eyes. "No we won't, my boy, Dave" said the father tree stump calmly following his son now named Dave. "Once we get to the shelters, we will survive and that is a promise we are willing to uphold." "That's right…," followed Dave's mother who trailed behind her husband and son.

The group soon managed to find a crowd of people who were huddling around two individuals who were standing on a platform demanding for shelter from this cataclysm screaming and crying. One individual was a sea green goat with a small russet beard that had on a light yellowish brown morning dress that matched his overshadowed vest. A white dress shirt was worn under them as its collar had a knot to tie on. Formal pants were taking on the same color as the dress was while shoes were being worn underneath. The second was a blue eyed jade elephant who was wearing a hard hat on his head. He had on olive attire to conform to his thinness. He had in his had a red megaphone in his hand that was used to quiet down the frightened citizens knowing that they're becoming more and more disorderly and apprehensive than usual.

"People, please! If you just calm down and wait patiently we would be gladly to assist you in getting you to the shelters!!" shouted the elephant over the megaphone as he saw the large assembly becoming more and more frantic. Unfortunately, this was being of no use as another enemy robot shot out a laser at the building the crowd was standing around at bowing up a floor in the process. Debris fell out the now weakened structure; broken shards of glass, unshielded concrete, and heavy metal (you name it) rained upon the scattering crowd, skewering through and squashing most of the fleeing bystanders of all ages and species whatsoever; the elephant was one of them now as he was squished under the overwhelming rubble. The ogre's father, the bare-chested muscleman with the auburn tattered waistcloth, went up to the downed elephant to help him off the wreckage; despondently, however, it was too late and the elephant was already dead once the ogre picked up the debris.

The ogre sighed hopelessly as he shut the corpse's eyes slowly and gently with honor and sympathy. He then turned around to face his family; his wife, knowing that the elephant died instantly, covered both of their children's eyes. One of the family members was a young and innocent little girl who also had a horn like her brother only that it was pointing directly up in the air like a upside-down ice cream cone and it had an apricot bow tied around it. The little ogre girl's face was welled with tears despite the fair complexion she had compared to her. She wore a matching shirt that a picture of a horseshoe along with a light pink skirt. The father then looked at his wife in the eyes with trepidation and dread.

"Judi…," he finally spoke to her breaking the solemnly silence. "Yes, Roger?" the mother ogre named Judi asked questionably responding to her husband. "If it's okay with you, I'll stay behind and fight," said the father ogre named Roger. Judi then objected to the suggestion and replied, "But Roger you can't…I won't let you!" Roger looked at her with remorse causing a brief but indulgent moment of silence and then said, "I know, but think of our kids; we can't have our children grow up to view us as traitors to the entire town. I may be a terrifying monster who works at a nine-to-five pace but I never want to run away from this; besides, think of our daughter Tillman and our son Roger Junior…"

The two ogre parents then stopped to look only to find Judi solitary holding their daughter Tillman. "Where's Junior?" "MOOOOMMMM, DAAAADDD!!!" was a cry that Roger Sr. and his wife Judi heard. It was their son Roger Jr. and he was grabbed by one of the soldiers who were throwing him to the ground very roughly. The father ogre had no more time to lose and went over to assist their son as he pulled out his large wooden bludgeon so he can attack them.

Roger Jr. wasn't the only one that needed assistance from the evil forces of Eradicus. A robot's laser was heading dangerously towards the teen zombie as he backed away from the noxious beams. Two of the soldiers from each side were holding the chicken upside down by the legs painfully. The canine bear was overseeing the entire state of affairs spoke up, "now this is just ridiculous, Dad, come on…I WANT TO FIGHT!!!" But her dad who was in the grasp of the giant robot shouted, "NO FIGHTING, YOUNG LADY, OR YOU'RE GROUNDED!!!" "Well, I never thought I say this… (okay, I did, just not this soon) but…, RETREAT!!" shouted the daughter and everyone ran from the chaos as the giant robot.

Two figures dawned upon the right shoulder of the rampaging robot; one of them was a big griffin that killed the two rabbits that looked at the scattering populace. The other was a tangerine cat that was sitting down instead of standing. She had dark brunette hair resting on her head as an old sophisticated bronze antique fifty pence piece and so did the ears. The cat's pupils were a royal purple color. Her lips were orange like a peaches and cream parfait she, like any other woman would, love to eat. The cat donned an apple red blouse that had olive creases instead of the red from the blouse she wore; however, a skirt was worn to match the blouse with a solid cherry color, creases and all. A sash was tied around her waist like a knot on a shoe; even so, she also wore tall shoes on her feet that matched her hair along with her stockings. She had a bandage around her right arm below her shoulder and a headband with writing engraved.

"Look at them run," Eradicus said as he laughed. "Nothing can stop me now. Let the age of terror BEGIN!!" The griffin then whipped out a gigantic accordion with his two claws and started to play a lively tune. The cat that looked at her master, taking the wind out of her sails and asked, "Sir, do I have to?" "I paid a lot of money for lessons," Eradicus responded. She then noticed what he was talking about; a few weeks ago, her boss signed up the cat for music lessons for reasons only he himself knows. Whether it was to punish her or because he was indisposed to participate in his master doomsday proposal all by none other than himself didn't really matter at all as she then unenthusiastically took out a big tuba and started playing. Everyone still ran like the wild animals they are as the giant red griffin played the accordion contentedly while skipping merrily on the town street that had sidewalks still being chewed up by the flames. "Flee city folk, flee from the sheer terror of the worst music ever!!" shouted Eradicus as three more people ran from him.

Then another voice bravely responded, "Aye, if you think that's scary, lad, get a load of this!!" The griffin then looked up and noticed another citizen on the rooftops; it was a frog Scotsman who had thick orange hair all over his head. A brown tam o'shanter was worn on top of his hair. A pure white chemise was overshadowed by an old sporran. The frog wore a dark garnet kilt with a tail sticking out the back of it. His feet were resting upon tan leather brogues. The frog held up a bagpipe and started playing it; ironically, his form of scary music was nothing but retaliation to Eradicus' jovial rampage.

The upstaged griffin then struck the Scotsman so hard he flew away. The zombie and his parents who were watching the destructive melody unfolding tried to close their ears to shut out the griffin's musical merrymaking with their own two hands. "Dis is sum heavy bouge, babe!" shouted the father to his wife. "I gotta funky brawl dis giant jive turkey, right now…for my son!" "But Shaggy… what if the bird tatters you?" said the mother zombie all concerned with his wife named Shaggy. The father looked at her in the sad slanted eyes right through his own pair of tinted lenses and understood her and said, "Baby, I gotta do this; don't you see what that jive turkey is doing? It's harshing our mellow and we can't live like dis. Ya dig?" "Ya ya," was all she said to him; "but, what about our Boogie? He can't…" "Just take him somewhere safe, Stella, I gotta split," Shaggy responded.

So the zombie's mother, Stella decided to grab her son by the hand and went away with him. There the father decided to stand in front of Eradicus and shouted, "JIVE TURKEY, DOWN HERE!!" The griffin stopped playing the accordion and looked at Shaggy as the griffin became extremely cross from that remark especially when he heard the feline snickering and responded, "excuse me, but WHO ARE YOU CALLING A JIVE TURKEY?!! I'M ERADICUS THE GRIFFIN, CONQUEROR OF WOO FOO, NOT A JIVE TURKEY, YOU FOOOLLL!!!" The zombie nonchalantly dropped his cane and responded, "Just chill birdy, you might dig this?" The man then stretched out his cane and performed an eccentric warm-up routine that lured some wet fog in pouring over the hot smoke until he finally took up a fighting stance the minute he dropped the thin walking stick.

This act causes something extraordinary to happen; four zombies sprouted from the ground fiercely and crawled out of it. Compare to Shaggy, the four had very rotten faces, some who even had deep demonic scars that would even scare a possessed and nappy-headed teenage girl. They lacked any signs of pupils or, at least, what's left of it; in fact, some of them didn't have eyes to begin with (at all)! Some even lost their noses and crimson dribbles drooled from their mouths. Parts of their endoskeleton were graphically exposed; to add insult to injury, the four still had limbs that were either misplaced or severely worn out to the point of breaking off from their bodies and forming stumps on them. Each of them had on tattered clothing caused by the decades of damage from vacating their caskets in the mud two meters below sea level. Mold, mildew, and mushrooms were growing on most of their backs with parts of their clothing being torn up a bit. They were staggering a bit yet they maintained a shard of what is left of the stature even though baby steps were taken. Either way, they were uniquely different somehow no matter how abhorrent or washed-out they all looked.

The first zombie was a mere male. He had on ancient hair even though he was younger as a newlywed husband. The man had a roaring red jacket over his dark undershirt which was open to look like the letter V that signaled the vendetta which referred to his intent to assist his fellow men. It matched the chinos with inquisitiveness and wonder.

The second was another silver-haired male wore an extravagant all colorless eveningwear. A panama hat kept his identity a secret making him very suspicious (and full of surprises as well). A snow white suit jacket matched his pair of slacks. But the black dress shoes, however, made it all out of design.

The third male was the most oldest of the three as he had the complexion of a senior citizen making his gender come under fire. He had donned a dusky black sports coat with a loose tie. Some khaki denims matched not only matched the jacket but also the same black dress shoes that the second male had on.

The final individual was a dim blond female who was also old just slightly older than the black dressed male. She wore an elegant sky blue halter necked evening gown that lengthen down to her whole body even though it didn't touch the ground at all. A lovely pendant was seen around her neck that had the color of an unremarkable nighttime sky. There was also a white pearl bracelet that surrounded her famous wrist. The woman even wore platinum, golden, and even silver rings on all of her fingers. High heeled shoes were the only footwear she possessed on her feet.

Eradicus then winched his eyes realizing what Shaggy was doing as everyone else (even the robots and the grunt soldiers) stopped where they were. The five people moved forward towards the griffin and pointed at him before going back where they were. Understanding the tactics they were doing Eradicus commanded the robots and the grunts to get over where he was standing at. Then the robots, led by the griffin, walked forwards to the zombies with their right foot first then the left foot and finally the right again, each step leaving the earth trembling behind them. The robots pointed back at them to the left and extended the right arms straight up, clenching their iron fists in the process. They subsequently lowered the right limbs, spun around, and returned back with their left foot first then the right foot in front of it before shifting back to the left. The tired feline who were standing by onto the shoulder the lead robot in the background, the parents and their children that were looking ahead (minus the ogre's father), and the rest of whole entire crowd was still clueless about what the two groups of people were doing.

The zombie gang did the same thing Eradicus and the robots did this time by touching the right side while extending their left arms repeating the last steps the robots did; but, instead of returning to their previous positions they veined left and rumbled their upper bodies. The griffin and the robots lowered their right arms and took a right cross step over left then stepped to the left again. "Beat that…," was all that the arrogant Eradicus spoke. Shaggy didn't care at all as he led the gang right foot first behind the left and they extended their left arms straight out leaving their fingers pointed out. The zombies held them out and kept looking at the gigantic griffin for four whole seconds menacingly. Eradicus had his lower talons on the ground and shifted weight fiercely but by doing so he scratched the pavement and tripped.

Everyone saw what the griffin had done and everyone laughed at him taking advantage of the damage that was being done. The parental bystanders chuckled a bit at Eradicus' faux pas. The feline snickered again this time very loudly. The zombies (minus the leader) chortled dropping their jaws in the process. The giant robots giggled electronically while straining their once angry now joyful eyes. The ogre father Roger Senior noticed his son, Roger Junior expressing amusement at this sight and said, "Wow, you know, from the other side of it I don't even get the joke at all." "That's because it's not a joke at all, dad," his son said as he laughed.

The griffin noticed the laughter that everyone was engaging in while enjoying his blunder and bolts of red magic violently shot out from both his eyes and directly at Shaggy and his fellow zombies. Bolts reacted to their clothing shockingly, zapping them all the way; oh, what fun the afternoon was so far today. His sunglasses broke a bit but their skins barbecued as smoke whizzed around their charred bodies. They fell down tired and weary afterwards, suffering from their pain. Everyone went deeply silent as a creature didn't stir; not even the tiniest of mice.

"Oh and where were we…," Eradicus recalled as he regained his uneven balance once more pretending to ponder on what he said. "Oh yeah, I remember, robots ATTACK!!!" The metallic gargantuan then fired lasers from their eyes, destroying large buildings and crafting fogs of dust. The army was now separated from their parents but they still couldn't fight remembering what the adults had said; however, fate had other plans in store for them. The griffin fixed his eyes on them and had one of his metallic men in their way. The canine bear was now leading the group whom their eyes sat on the robots in their way. "Retreat to the dojo," was all she could say as every warrior darted away. "But Lena, I thought that the dojo destroyed!!" shouted Roger Jr. carrying Dave along like a hat on his head even though he had one already. "Just go!!" cried Lena who still ran like hell (literally).

They ran a few blocks for safety right down the street as fast as they can for five whole minutes 'til they got here. The walls had holes all over as if they were the result of last night's gunfight even though they were new and fresh; some were even destroyed completely like a bulldozer ran through. The remaining roofs were stripped of (almost) every shingle out of place. Planks of wooded debris scattered the shaken earthbound garden. A colossal crater centered the colorless courtyard causing certain chaos. Miraculously, however, a portion of the home, the living room still stood up short but still standing; it wasn't much, but it was all they could find.

"Are you sure about this?" Dave spoke to the cub as he reluctantly looked at it. Lena, checking to see that death was still following them, dropkicked the whining tree stump into the remains of the house as everyone else ran inside. People now had their backs against the wall in a heartbeat still worrying about what to do; surely, they want to fight very badly but their parents said no. To make matters (even) worse the robot broke through the living room. "Bawk, bawk, now what?" the chicken spoke up to the cub as droplets of fear bled. Lena commanded, "Retreat to the training shed!!"

They exited the room in fear, scurrying to find an unscathed shack. It was very old yet it looked new. Its roof was small yet the gutters were squeaky clean as a whistle. The walls were faint beige and had a few tears on there. It had but only one window. The door was lock so the goblin pulled out his banjo and whacked the lock on it in one thick-skinned swing and opened the door. Everyone went inside as fast as they can; still, the robot still followed these kids irregardless. "Retreat to the pancake house!" cried the cub.

The children finally loped to a restaurant where they could lay low. The establishment was the size of a mobile trailer from Redneckistan yet it was also clean. The hip roof sloped down slightly on all four corners. All the windows were boarded up…except for one for it was the door that contained a hanged sign saying "CLOSED." The blue ogre utilized this as a literal window of opportunity and broke it with his large fist, shattering glass in the process. Caring about only their survival (and their hunger) but not the scar that he inflicted or the alarm they triggered signifying the trouble they're (already) in the army took their seat, some grabbed today's newspaper only to cover their identities.

Breakfast was already on the table as flapjacks laid stacked up, some with berries resting on them and syrup was still wet; in fact, no one bothered to eat them. There were also some bacon, sausages, and scrambled eggs. "We should eat guys," Dave spoke overhearing the hunger from his fellow comrades and they did, especially the goblin boy who spat the possum out from his throat. The warriors tasted the soft, fluffy johnnycakes with utter haste and delight. The flavor was lukewarm yet it was still sweet. Some grabbed the sausages and bacon, others grabbed some eggs, but a few just ate pancakes. Yes, the terrific taste took their terrible thoughts on Eradicus attacking them; unfortunately, the robot followed them here, crushing the entrance by the time it arrived.

"Just run," Lena then said now completely annoyed, taking the breakfast meal with a fork along. Unfortunately, by the time they ran out the door it was too late; the place was already surrounded with giant metal beings. "This is it, guys!!" squawked the chicken who looked with great fear. Dave, preparing for the worst with tears in his eyes more than ever, held onto the goblin intensely along with his possum and cried, "Hold me!!!" Roger Jr. hid behind the two in panic hoping that the inevitable attack would only spare him from the worst of it. The cub held on to the chicken with her both eyes closed. "Ahhhhh…," the griffin sighed with malevolent eagerness as he looked at the terrified Woo Foo brood from atop the giant robot. "A sad but fitting end for the art of Woo Foo…"

Then, without warning, a firecracker missile shot Eradicus' robot from behind the shoulder, taking the large bird by surprise as it blinded him with bright colors. He regained his balance soon enough and shouted angrily, "who did that?!" The griffin turned around and saw the goblin's father, this time with an army of ten men. The adult goblin had stuck his wooden staff in the terrain with total anger. All of the men had rocket launchers refitted to shoot out fireworks. "Pa," the boy goblin spoke up to him. "I a-thought yew was kilt!!" "Well bless my heart, I a-thought yew was, too, son," the father spoke calmly. "But, if that don't beat all, wear gunna whup d'tar outta that bird!! Who's with me?!" The men cheered uproariously and charged into battle toward them griffin and his army but the father stayed back and said to him, "Son, yore maw's in the alley looking for all y'all young'ns with d'other fokes. You oughta get dere soon 'hile y'all still can." "Yes, Pa…," the boy spoke quickly and saw his father rush down the field.

The boy goblin then ran to his friends and said, "follow me, our Maws and Paws are them-air yonder!!" And they followed him to the dark alley where only two green dumpsters. One of them was open and filled with their remaining parents. They had the weak smell of rotten eggs yet they didn't mind about at all as they looked at kids with haste, urging them to hide here in the dumpster. There they watched the sortie of the goblin's father with utter anxiety, fearful of what could happen next to them. The men fought valiantly but alas they were defeated because one of the men's weapons backfired and exploded on them, reigniting the flames once more this time with fierce intensity. The people ran with total panic once more.

"Well, I hate to admit it but they did put up a brilliant light show," Eradicus spoke with minor disdain. The female in red rolled her eyes aware of her boss still holding the accordion in his talons. The griffin glared at her but didn't care at all as he continued, "no matter, it shall go on!!" He then sat down to resume his macabre merrymaking with gusto playing his accordion as everyone else ran while the feline played the tuba nonetheless. "Oom-pah, oom-pah, oom-pah, oom… oom-pah, oom-pah, oom-pah, doom," chanted Eradicus each time he pushed and pulled the accordion. "I better get a bonus for this," she said under her breath before resuming.

Cries of help such as "help someone, anyone!" were followed by "especially those Woo Foo kids! Nag your parents to let you, kids; nag them, nag them, kids…nag them now!" The children who heard them opened the dumpster's lid gasping for air as the zombie spoke indistinctively. The chicken followed after saying, "the moment we trained for, bawk, and all we could do is run away?!" "I'm so ashamed…in addition to my normal shame, I mean," cried Roger Jr. downtrodden and disappointed. Dave shouted with his fist straight up, "Yin and Yang wouldn't hide…they'd fight!!...except for now when they appear to be hiding." "Dangnabbit!!" cried the goblin. "Enough of this here luxury of this here garbage; I say we fight!!"

"Oh, no you don't!!" shouted the parents from another dumpster nearby. At that moment, an explosion caught them off guard, forcing the men and women to go back inside as a flaming car flew by over them. One of the female voices said, "On second thought, maybe you can fight a bit…" The voice was revealed to be the startled ginger chicken's mother along with Judi who had a fearful look as she then continued, "but, only to protect the citizens; and, only the minions! And, uh, stay away from the big griffin thing…" The children cheered with utter glee for when they heard what their parents had said and jumped out of the dumpster ready to fight.

In the intervening time, Eradicus held up a video camera to his left eye, viewing the bloodstained streets with interest saying, "These entrails strooding the street are just amazing. Look at the definition on my entrails…" Then something catches the griffin's eye with as he looked through; right down to the end of the road (literally) Eradicus sees six shadowy strangers striding the sickly street. "What's…that?" he asks commenting what bore in the griffin's mind. Those strangers in question were the Woo Foo Knights in a Little Less Training, now ready and allowed to fight Eradicus and his forces. The feline gasped with fear at this sight.

The canine cub pointed at the griffin's advancing army and shouted, "Woo Foo Army, let's get it on!!" She then looked at the zombie and corrected herself, "I mean, let's giving it get it on now, yeah!!!" "Now you and me talking my language," the zombie spoke slapping her some skin with enthusiasm and morale. "Attack!!!" cried Eradicus and his armies marched on while the children did the same as their commander, Lena repeated what the griffin shouted as she punched out on the first of his grunts with anger. The goblin jumped up in midair and kicked another squadron out like they were oversized bowling pins while the ogre whacked the two ground troops' living daylights out of them with a club. The boy chicken, now in his hawk aura spotted the giant robots attacking and drove right through them in their chests, breaking them into uneven halves before they exploded.

Eradicus and the feline disliked how the battle is going beyond their way seeing that these forces are being destroyed by a bunch of preteen kids. "This is not going quite how we planned, sir," she spoke to the displeased griffin still holding the video camera up to his eye with his upper left talon. "Yes, Ella, you're right…," he said calmly at first, giving the female a short serene moment before shouting to her loudly, "GET DOWN THERE AND FIGHT WITH THEM!!" Ella whimpered, "Me? I'm more of a big picture person; I should stay here and–––" Eradicus, now desperate and unwilling to lose the battle against a bunch of kids plucked her towards the fiery field as she shouted at the top of her lungs, "INAPPROPRIATE OFFICE BEHAVIOR!!" "Quite appropriate…" the griffin spoke apathetically looking on into the video camera before continuing, "…and long overdue, really."

Ella landed on a big pile on conveniently placed balloon animals, popping all of them up into little pieces even though she was on the ground. "Damn griffin," the cat muttered under her breath again as she dusted herself off. "That bastard thinks he can mess with me, well I'll show him!!" Soon, she saw several scarlet soldiers soaring through air at her causing her to scream at the top of her lungs; luckily, Ella managed to dodge every single one of them all. That's when her mind gave the cat the moment to turn around; behind her was the boy tree stump now with painfully pale purple perceptive pupils placed propositionally on Ella as he stood on a hefty vine. "I know what you're thinking, stump," she spoke without hesitation. "Do you know what I'm thinking sister?" a male voice spoke up. The cat turned around again this time it was a zombie who howled at her as he nattered indistinctively while Ella read his mind; surprisingly, he was only thinking of dancing yet he was in battle. "What does that mean?" the bewildered Ella asked before a vine dropped onto her head. The zombie answered that question for her saying, "It means you got no soul, dig it!"

Eradicus and his forces were now losing the war very badly as the ground troops ran away like little girls minus the screaming. A pile of defeated soldiers were stacked up right behind them. "That's right, you better run!!" shouted Lena into the microphone unaware of the direction it was pointed at. The direction in question was the jet black chicken who shouted, "Ow! Uh, point that thing somewhere else…" The children cheered victoriously for they have defeated much of the griffin's army. "Congratulations…" Eradicus spoke up sarcastically as he stood up. "You've beaten a bunch of garage sale soldiers and two idiots; now you get to DEAL WITH ME!!" More magical bolts shot out from his eyes this time at the children who were blown away (literally) to the ground.

"Fools!!" shouted the griffin as he stomped his hind legs on the war torn ground. "Woo Foo will never triumph over evil; it has been written!!" "Where?" the goblin blurted out with question as he stood on his scratched knees while Dave continued on, following what his fellow comrade asked, "where was it written?" "It doesn't matter where," Eradicus answered, responding to the tree stump's question; the griffin's answer just earned the ire of Roger Jr. who held up his own club as he shouted, "So you just want us to take your word for it?! I don't know, dude; you're kind of biased…" The ogre's small outburst earned him a quick bonk on the head from his mother who held up a rolling pin in his hand shouting, "DON'T TALK BACK TO YOUR EVIL ELDERS!!!" "Yeah…" Lena's father spoke up as he followed her before continuing on, "if the big bird says it's written then, uh, it's written." Everyone else's parents agreed to what he said much to the children's dismay.

Eradicus took advantage of the families squabbling saying, "it's so easy to defeat Woo Foo; all you have to do is tell mommy and daddy–––" "That you're about to get you beak handed to you?" the canine cub interrupted. The griffin turned around as something tapped him over his right shoulder. It turns out that the something in question was a dark plum bunny-shaped aura that took Eradicus by surprise as it gave him an uppercut punch, throwing him off distance. Miraculously, it housed three people, two of which were Yin and Yang who survived the firsthand onslaught despite the griffin's destruction that he left behind.

The third occupant was a elderly panda who was in a meditative stance. He had a gray short beard to prove his age while whiskers surrounded his facial cheeks. The panda donned a light blue sash around his swollen torso. He was arranged in the middle of the twin rabbits who already taken up a fighting stance. The panda said, "Children these days are too protected. I say nice job, kids."

Eradicus couldn't believe what he saw as he said, "it can't be; I drained your aura!!" "Ha ha…yup," squealed Yin as she slanted her eyes a bit. The griffin responded, "I left you to perish…!" "You did indeed…" the aged panda retorted. Eradicus then shouted, "HOW IS IT THAT YOU KEEP COMING BACK?!!" "Because Woo Foo is a family affair," the pink female answered and continued on, "and we found ours."

The children awed at what Yin just said much to the dismay of her brother Yang who shouted, "Oh, come on…not you guys!" The group of kids gasped at what he just said; however his sister answered back, "You know what, Yang? I think they are…not genetically but we didn't know that Master Yo was our father and we were sort of a family already. What's the difference? As long as we're there for each other and–––" At that moment, the griffin was tired of Yin's monologue about family and togetherness as he zapped her down to earth…down, but not out. She regained her stance and asked, "Too talky?"

"Yes," Eradicus answered still dead-set on finishing this once and for all as he prolonged, "lets just fight…" The griffin went first throwing out a punch that was easily dodged by the family trio who punched back this time with success. Eradicus still held his ground as he spat out hot fire; luckily, they dodged it by jumping up and pounced on top the griffin, creating a trail of freshly new cracks on the pavement. It dragged on 'til they crashed into a tall building; finally, Eradicus took this as a opportunity to strike by kicking them up in the air. As the plum rabbit flew up in the air the griffin got on his feet and jumped after them, grabbing on to them in his grip where he threw them back onto the ground, violently. Eradicus grabbed the aura by the neck with his left talon and picked them up.

The griffin asked, "can you endure a dose of pure evil?" "Can you endure a pure dose of pure Woo Foo?" Master Yo questioned back at him. The pink rabbit, her father, and her twin brother extended their hands out to the kids as a indication for assistance as she inquired, "a little help here?" "Come on, mom…can we?" Dave asked as his mother who crossed her arms with serene disquiet while her husband looks on in their son's eyes. Roger Jr. was in a similar position as he complained to his parents, "Master Yo lets Yin and Yang fight, and he's their parent!" "Somehow…" Lena spoke to her father who responded, "Well…"

And that's where something gone down to hell that fast and ironic. That man could have said yes seeing how he, like every other hardworking parent had to run to fight their way to safety from the sadist Eradicus. But something metaphysical took over that father's train of thoughts as it invaded his brain without warning. Was it the feline doing this you may ask? No, it was not; her presence was too far and faint for Ella was already weakened. Irregardless, her father's mind was forcibly made up without even a second thought although it put up an insubstantial resistance. Quickly, his answer was:

"NO!!" shouted Lena's father as it echoed throughout the city to hear. It shocked the female cub with utter suspense who responded tearfully, "but daddy–––" "NO BUTS, YOUNG LADY!!!!" her father interrupted. "I DON'T CARE IF YOUR BOYFRIEND WANTS YOUR HELP…YOU CAN'T FIGHT THE BIG BIRD; HE SAYS WOO FOO CAN NEVER TRIUMPH OVER EVIL!!!!" His words were ironclad yet all of the other parents and their kids understood him loud and clear no matter how it looked, agreeing what he just spoke to poor Lena as the stump's mother said to her son in a somber and consolatory tone, "I'm afraid he's right, Dave..." "But we are NOTHING LIKE HIM!!!" Judi shouted. The rabbits and their panda father looked on with shock and disbelief as if they lost a video game at the last minute while Eradicus looked on with triumph and satisfaction as he spoke, "like I said, Woo Foo will never triumph over evil!!"

"We shall see…" Master Yo responded while the griffin laughed on evilly. The panda looked to his son and asked, "Yang, you still have that sword with you?" "Which one…the bamboo sword?" the blue rabbit responded. Yin knocked his twin brother on the head and yelled, "MASTER YO MEANT THE LARGE ONE FROM LAST BATTLE!!" "Oh yeah, now I remember; I kept it with me for safekeeping in case something happens to my old on," Yang answered now fully aware of what his sister was talking about.

Yes, the blue one remembered what happened last time; after all, this wasn't the first time Eradicus made his big move like that. A few months ago, Yang dreamed of glory and fame for he was on a secret quest to prevent the Dark Tomorrow, an apocalypse riddled with destruction, mayhem, pain, unemployment, death, and hell. All the blue rabbit needed to do was to gather the artifacts and throw them into the Night Master's fire at the stroke of midnight; but, in order for him to do that Yang had to lie to his twin sister, Yin about throwing a party at the Night Master's lair and invite everyone else to loosen suspicion from himself. Unfortunately, some villains unknowingly followed him just to take control of the citadel and he had to fight them off; to make matters worse, when midnight struck, Yang threw the sack into the fire but instead of preventing that horrible future, he created one. That griffin came back to existence once more along with his minions and started up the Dark Tomorrow by switching the personalities of many innocent (and not so innocent) people turning them evil (and the others good); luckily, the trio put up a great defense against his powers but the panda master was sacrificed just to benefit the escape of his own two children. Even worse, the blue one and his sister, Yin, fell into a trap the minute they were reunited with their friends where Yang left her to be captured by them and Eradicus' minions. This made him very sad and he was knocked out before he could do a (damn) thing.

Soon, the blue one regained consciousness in a large room in an apartment a small number of hours afterwards. There Yang saw five fatefully furthermore friendly familiar faces fearlessly: an effeminate cockroach wearing a purple cloak, a masculine moose in a black tracksuit, a goldfish housed in a fishbowl that was part of his personalized and expensive armor, a pink-haired tomboy donned in a schoolgirl attire, and a puffin in high-class apparel. He remembered them and all the encounters he had when they were villains but this time they acted akin to allies towards the blue rabbit as they offered him some breakfast, an act that made tears form in Yang's eyes filled with regret. The people who noticed it saw to it that he needed help so the tomboyish schoolgirl handed out her giant diamond bladed sword to the boy rabbit while the goldfish gave away his luxurious gemstone necklace so did the moose who tossed his own antlers at the same time as the rich puffin threw away his parasol whilst the cockroach tossed aside his cloak. When Yang got dressed in them all, he display a goofy attire prompting them to have it arranged in a comfortable manner. There, the blue one was now dressed in warrior attire complete with woolen boots, bronze breastplate, giant gauntlets, and a horned helmet that didn't seem to fit right at all. Yang was now ready for battle.

Apparently, the mêlée against the giant griffin was about to begun as he got mixed in with the crowd who watched the blue one's father already deprived from his black and white fleece. Yang then spotted the pink twin with both her hands strapped between two pillars who was about to be shaved by the octopus with a electric razor; luckily, his hand was chopped off because the blue rabbit had threw a boomerang at it. Yang revealed himself and drew out his sword ready to fight. At that time, Master Yo and Yin were none too pleased about it for he did enough in one day; however, he wanted to fix this just so he regain their trust again therefore the three reunited and ended the chaos putting everything back to normal.

Cut to present day, they all remembered that day. Eradicus made his first move pulled out a olive scepter and tried to land a strike at the three but Yang drew out the diamond sword and blocked it. However, the griffin responded by kicking the aura hare where they lived. This made the plum apparition angry as it clawed Eradicus by the beak. He pushed back from them and returned back by charging in with the scepter held out in front, darting through the air like a guided missile; providentially, the trio blocked it before it managed to even touch the hare by the cheek. The two dodged, blocked, and parried each other's attacks with rhythm and strain. But the minute the weapons made contact once again, they were shattered into many little pieces and rained upon the ground.

The griffin looked with dissatisfaction at what happened but he then spoke, "no matter, I still managed to have one last trick up my sleeve, something that I have learned while I had you captured after you were on vacation, Master Yo…" "Wha…" peeped the twin bunny rabbits curious about what the giant bird spoken as he continued, "Yeah, that's right; your old man left you two just to get a break from training you both. Isn't it so shocking?" "But Master Yo would never do such a thing; he loves us!!!" they spoke up in disbelief. Eradicus then said to the three, "Then, let me tell him this…DID YOU GO TO THE GREAT BEYONDISPHERE?" Their father now torn with guilt reluctantly answered, "yes I did…" The answer shocked the crowd even more as the gasped; sure the panda barely got any time to act a father to them but it even made things worse when he realizes that the rabbits he deserted were his own son and daughter.

"But why?" Yin asked with melancholy to Master Yo who regretfully peeped, "Well-" "THE ONLY 'WELL' THERE IS FOR ALL YOU WOO FOOLS IS DEATH!!" The griffin interrupted as he took advantage of the situation and went up further in the air as Eradicus held his claw out again grasping more aura within him as it appeared, this time with more intensity. The red and black ball appeared in the griffin's possession now a lot larger than ever and it was thrown into the direction of the trio as Eradicus cried again, "WOO FOO AURA DRAIN!!!" However, Master Yo was there this time and took control of the lavender rabbit which drew out more aura as well. It produced another ball compared to the griffin's for this one was an ocean blue and pink that was released into the direction of the Eradicus' orb. It resulted in a epic collision between the two, creating an ominous cluster of twinkling glitter that every person watched in uncertainty.

The panda, knowing what was going on and about to happen, took the time to shout towards the entire crowd, "EVERYBODY GET AWAY FROM HERE AS FAR AS POSSIBLE!!!!" Every surviving bystander listened to him and headed for the nearest place to take cover, especially the parents and their children who retreated back to the dumpsters they got out of. "What's going on Master Yo?" asked Yang fearfully to his father as he answered, "the collision between our orb and the Aura Drain is fusing together and absorbing the particles in the air to discharge a powerful explosion!! We need to put up a foo field just like we did the first time we faced him!!" Yin and Master Yo managed to turn their conjoined aura into a powerful magical barrier just as the glitter started to explode into a giant growing ball of destruction like the rocket's red glaring at the bombs bursting in the air.

The orb expanded and started to disintegrate everything that made contact with before the eyes of everyone that was watching the disaster unfold before their very eyes; although it was a slow process, the people didn't take any chances, not even the families of those Woo Foo Knights in a Little Less Training dared to try that at all for that they ran from it. While the family trio put held the barrier up with all their might, Eradicus tried to fly far away from the shockwave as furthest as he could only to be pulled in by it, letting out a bloodcurdling scream of unspeakable agony in its wake; on a similar note, Ella regained conciousness and woke up only to find robots and grunts altogether blown away by the expanding orb as she to was knocked aside like a rag doll. The kid tree stump watched in horror while his family and friends took shelter in the dumpsters, even though his mother tried her best to make him look away, along with Coop's mother who also watched her son unsuccessfully kiss his tail feathers goodbye; even worse, the canine cub sobbed quietly for that with eyes filled with so much water coming down her cheeks she chose not to look at the destruction while the ogre's mother and father held the dumpsters open to allow more to take refuge before closing it back.

Soon, it imploded and expelled hurricane force winds in the process, blowing away even more stuff than it disentegrated before including the orb the three stayed in to protect each other and the dumpsters the kids and their parents resided as if some kind of airplane dropped a nuclear bomb over a civilian town; finally, the impact receeded and the town had a hole in the epicenter carved out perfectly like a scoop of ice cream from a box. When the people got out of the wreakage they saw everything destructively out of place: power lines downed, broken glass, crushed buildings, and a horrid expression from the survivors who saw the dead bodies piled up; in fact, Dave crawled out of it and saw many of them yet the people inside the dumpsters they sought for shelter alongside him were miraculously alive including his friends and family. All that is left for the survivors is what they can find for themselves in the wreckage; in other words, the question that remains is "are they still alive?"

Author's Note: Wow, now that's an episode that should have played out. If you're wondering about the dance-off part, that was based off of Michael Jackson's Thriller dedicated to him, may he rest in peace... Oh, and Roger Junior's mother will be now know as Judi.

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