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Three King Combo ~Schooner Or Later~

The atmosphere had now returned to a bright ocean of a dyed deep blue as if a cold and blistering snow was no longer going to fall down on the ground; in fact, it was a sunny day chasing the clouds away. The sleet that had stood neatly by the street piled up atop of another, some with the patches of black from lying over the concrete for a long period of time had now melted into a faint oblivion of nothingness. The buildings that had stood up tall and proud like royalty were evenly match looking down at the road in front of them silently as a white car had stopped by with little or no signs of the slushy residue detected by its tires; even so, the traffic at such time of day was by far nonexistent thankfully. These were houses that towered along with the telephone poles for that it was two levels above the ground each with bay windows sticking out of them like eyes. The telephone pole riddled with the determined and promising frown the person had shown was now starting to get blown away quickly. A bus stop was a commonplace thing any pedestrian would find while walking across the sidewalk to who s/he knows where to go; however, there was no main purpose that would come of it since that there were two young figures had just stepped out of that certain vehicle the minute the tires underneath were being halted by the driver who was one of the other that had exited out of just recently.

Outside the very hospital, the atmosphere was much more brighter and cheerier as if it had been given a prettier color than the dreadful gray; yet, just because it was shiny and all didn't mean that everyone had shared it and embraced it like if it were Christmas on a daily basis. Now here was this Woo Foo Warrior, who was supposed to be skillful in might, and yet somehow, the boy was walking down a lonely road, the only one that he has never known and doesn't know where it goes; but, there was also her and she walked along alone now on the empty street on the boulevard of broken dreams where the city never sleeps and she was the only one he'd walked with alone. Yang could feel the tears stinging his eyes and he squeezed them shut in an attempt to make them disappear; however, it would make up the fact that his shadow's among one that walks beside Hortensia as their hearts were the only thing that's beating as they sometimes wish that someone out there'll find them but 'til then, they had walked alone. As the blue rabbit had done so, life was walking down the line that divides itself somewhere in the mindset on the border()line of the edge and where it walked alone. Even though that Yang wasn't much of a doctor himself, let alone a certified on, he had read between the lines on what was messed up and everything's alright as the others checked those vital signs to know that Yin was still alive and the former had walked alone. Yet, life's shadow became the only one that walked beside them and their shallow hearts were also another thing that's beating as they sometimes wish that someone out there would find them but 'til then they had walked alone.

Then, just as it had seemed to have become hopeless, the lanky aardvark had noticed a stairway that would perhaps lead them one step closer to the girls so she went down; aware of this, the blue bunny followed her alongside. Each step they had taken was another step into plunging through darkness (both literally and metaphorically) like a walk toward the waters in a beach straight toward the sunset that's leaving the shore behind. Soon, when they had gotten to the door downstairs, Hortensia had finally opened it without any physiological obstruction or psychological hesitation whatsoever.

They had quickly looked around at the place and it was like some piece of royalty from a museum replicated for the purpose of weaving a story; in fact, it was a typical definition of it all. The countless paintings had adorned the annexing walls with artworks of many people, places, and things in a still life imitating artistry in any style, shape, and size whatsoever. The background was silent and clean as the bright lights stared down from the ceiling, giving off much of their evanescent energy around them. The ligneous flooring was only clothed in a tufted renascence sheer carpentry from this world sent from the girl whom leapt through time rich with the weavings of gold, silver, and crystal (jewels) yet seemed like that it was purchased at a fair bargain and then later vacuumed and steam cleaned afterwards. The furniture had lay abundant and commonplace coming around and about in many genres and styles as if they were the cream of the crop ready to be harvested before the chills of winter would visit them all with fatal hypothermia.

Still, there was no time to stop and look at the room with awe as the fact of Yin, Suzie, and now Melodia were in a most desperate need of a rescue nothing short. "Go ahead, but be careful; there's–––" the lanky aardvark warned Yang just as the latter entered the hallway as saw thin yet visible streams of redness standing in front of them. Thankfully, the blue hare had put his back up against the wall and passed by them without making any physical contact muttering angrily, "freaking laser beams; what are the odds of finding them?!" "Pressure pads turn them on and off," she had answered while following him alongside just as they disappeared upon the latter passing through, "if you walk through them, it will trigger the choking gas." "Oh great, tell me something I don't know!" Yang responded as he made a detour into a nearby kitchen and punched out a startled chef nearby. Walking out of there instantly, the blue rabbit found more people that had seen what had been done and threw another large punch at them before they could even react; later on, more had shown up as well but they were taken care of the same way that he had did to the first person that had been unfortunate to lay eyes upon. As soon as he found the staircase, he was scared off by the gunfire from upstairs as first, forcing Hortensia to fire the gun at them as they collapsed down on through and hit the floor. Traversing upstairs to the ground floor, he had ran past a sentry into another room just as the beams popped up just behind him; meanwhile, the lanky aardvark noticed this and said to him while shooting at the sentries outside quickly, "Yang, I'm blocked; I can't get in!"

Soon enough, when they had finally regrouped only another stairway had remained in front of them, yet another challenge for them to walk on upward towards whoever and/or whatever awaited them. As soon as some whirring was heard, it was blatantly obvious that the origins of the sound had belonged to another set of red streams, forcing Yang to retreat into another room; of course, the same ones had appeared from behind him as he had entered the next room and had crawled beneath some of them before placing his back against the wall to do whatever it took to avoid them. After regrouping with her, the blue hare found some other watchmen climbing up the stairs after them; while the former had dispatched them away with a few shots here and there, the latter had seen on come in the front of them and threw another large punch at him. Walking on upwards to the next floor, they had heard the same droning sounds once more belonging to yet another round of laser beams that had forced him to separate once again; this time however, just after the same ones had appeared from behind had forced him into crawling underneath a pool table he got up on a couch and used it as a platform to jump over the solitary one and into another room. While Yang had watched the last line of red streams disappear in front of him instantly, Hortensia had been shooting up a few men that crossed her path with lead. The next flight of stairs on upwards to the next floor was nothing short of a difference whatsoever as another round of laser beams had forced an act of separation once again between the tall aardvark and the blue rabbit once more; luckily, the room that the latter had fled into was a bedchamber where he got to jump up on the bed and used it to traverse on over into the bedroom. The room that had followed after the lavatory was ironically easy like Sunday morning for a boy like him since he had walked in between the chairs over the table and past the nightstand before exiting the room and regrouping with her again.

After hitting and running their way to the top, they enter into a white room looking around for them in there but no one was there; however, the screaming from the outside had drew their attention to peek out the window to a sight he could not believe with their eyes: Melodia was being shoved into the back of an estate car downstairs by Garnet. "Melody?!" Hortensia shrieked as she bangs on the window with her gun at the sight of the little aardvark tossed inside by the red caiman; to make matters even worse, the moment when the former and Yang runs downstairs out into the street in time to see the latter girl being driven off, they find the fastback smoldering up in flames, "focking Cankers!" "What are we going to do now?!" the blue bunny asked hesitantly as feelings of anger and angst flooded him when he witnessed the lanky individual fire her rounds in the car's direction. Calming down but still angry from this turn of events, she had turned to face him and said gloweringly, "I know what we're gonna do: we're gonna follow these klere after…!"

Meanwhile, Henry had now found himself back at the depository from yesterday with an assault rifle in his possession, determined to find who(m)ever this Magliozzi person is. "Get the guns loaded!" a scruffy voice was here as the indigo hare took a peek from the edge of the railing where he was standing behind and listened as he walked on over carefully to not gain attention from the latter even though no one had spotted him without making any mistakes earlier; soon, the coast was clear and it was time for the former to just move on in, "we're moving out for war!" "Crap, he's gonna get everyone killed here…!" another voice was heard as he gotten himself to walk down the stairway and whacked the man in front of him on the head instantaneously; afterwards, the former put his back up against the wall nearby a large crate carefully to remain overlooked. Henry peaked out from behind and found Roark (Junior) amongst several other people saying to them, "alright then, the location all set up."

Despite this the coast was clear again for the indigo rabbit to move past them and hide behind another crate to spy on from; soon, his ears had picked up a sound and it was coming from his orange sweater vest's pocket in him, rumbling as it had rang quietly not to attract attention from those nearby him and reveal his location. "Yang, I'm at the depot; he is about to leave and has gotten half the mob going with him…" he said into the phone after pulling it out along with some earphones to listen to, "I need some back-up." "That's the thing: those bastards just took off with Melodia so why don't you go get some help from the Specs!" Yang's angry voice had only screamed into Henry's ears. Irritated by that tone of voice, the indigo bunny responded to little boy blue over the phone, "I'm out of there, suspended; my boss, the bastard you executed, had belonged to Roark so unless I get him, I've got no way of clearing my name…!" "Welcome to my world!" Yang countered Henry instantly, "every cop, every villain in this city wants me dead and I've got to rescue them." "You agreed, Yang; it's you and me now, us against them!" the indigo hare reminded little boy blue in response, watching the men stockpile the ammunition into the vans. He heard another voice other the phone clearly in the background, belonging to Hortensia in a warning tone, "you don't owe him anything." "Just listen: his son must be heading for the meeting; Roark intends to sort out all the loose ends," Henry spoke as the details were given out, "it's at some old cargo ship called 'Reina Del Sol' at Dindal Harbor; he's gonna take care of everyone."

"You must be messing with me; what's he going there for?!" Yang had asked the indigo rabbit in an interrogative tone. The adult answered little boy blue in a mere instant, "Well think about it this way: they're taking your sister there along with my sister and your friend as well on over; he was going to deliver you to all the kings out there and their horses and their men after what you had done to Humpty Dumpty: Lafayette, Sotomayor, and Zoutman. Since now he's out to finish it: Roark's gonna blow the whole thing sky high so you better get there; go rescue them and I'll go for him and the detonator."

After hanging up, Henry pulled the earpieces out of him and was treated to the sounds of vans pulling out; now, it was safe for him to emerge from the crate at once. The indigo bunny moved forward again and started to search for a way out of the depot with ease, finding yet another gunman to taking aim at while running. Nevertheless, he continued on blasting away another watchman that had crossed his paths; unfortunately, his assault rifle has finally depleted of ammunition instantly. Henry walked over to one of the carcasses and prying away a scattergun from its cold dead hands and claiming ownership; nevertheless, he had moved on once again. By then, the indigo hare had found a way out of the complex and had reached on through to the outside world, already finding two automobiles in the parking lot; afterwards, he had finally went onward to achieve his goals: stopping Roark at once and saving his family before it was too late.

Now, there was Burton's house that was surrounded by the dead dry greensward outside in the midst of the cold air that was right within the fair Novi Finis City where Coop was in the bathtub, stripped of last night's clothes as he had sensed the icy brisk atmospheric oxygen dousing the golden feathers on the owner's body. The chicken then closed the curtains behind him and had placed his hand on the one in the middle and then the nearby knobs as well; before long, water shot out of its nozzle and onto him, bringing a (more or less) lukewarm feeling around. His eyes were closed shut as he scrubbing his face, wiping away the pores with soap by using his fingertips to massage the cleanser all over for thirty seconds as he first concentrated on the hairline, then paying special attention to the forehead, nose, and nostrils, next around the mouth and chin, and finally his cheeks. Next, Coop was cleansing the neck using upward strokes with the soapy washcloth then rubbed down his shoulders as spume seeped down from behind. Then the golden yellow chicken scoured his chest as the soapy foams were being left behind as they dripped around the down to his lower torso; still, more bubbles circled around his tail feathers as his washcloth soothingly polished them all. Soon, he had bent over and started washing his legs from top to bottom 'til the washcloth reached his feet as they were scrubbed along with its palm and between the toes. The moment Coop was completely covered in foam the showerhead's nozzle fixed onto him, rinsing his body around as the suds slithered down away from onto him and down into the drain.

Using the very same water, the chicken started dousing his ginger hair gently as the water soaked it in completely. He had carefully reached for a shampoo on a rack beneath the showerhead, squirted some on his tresses, and started lathering it inclusively 'til the hair had turned into a peachy light apricot color; subsequently, the water from the showerhead cleanse it of the shampoo. Repetition followed as Coop spout some more of it, lathered those locks entirely again with increased fruition, and rinsed it all over again. It wasn't long before he switched out a bottle of shampoo with a bottle of conditioner from the same rack the golden yellow chicken got it from; likewise, he squeezed it in the same spot where the shampoo landed, lathered it, and rinsed that hair on his head once more.

As the water on his body still remained wet and moist, he quickly turned off the nozzle which stopped spraying water over his body. Coop then opened the curtains and stepped out the tub carefully as her feet landed on the ceramic floor. Aware of the moisture dripping down beneath, the chicken had gone to the closet nearby, picked out a towel, dried himself off with it, and then wrapped around his waist compactly. He had also picked out another smaller towel and wrapped it over his carroty hair in hopes of ceasing the dripping water from turning colder than the currently lukewarm temperature.

Coop then went towards the sink where it had a mirror above it and picked out a violet toothbrush; conjointly, he opened up cap from a tube of toothpaste, separated the crown by itself, picked up the tube, constricted out some on the bristles, sat the toothpaste back down whereas the toothbrush raised upward in its place, brought the bristles to his teeth, and started brushing them. The chicken had went to his back teeth and work in a clockwise direction the moment her orange toothbrush pointed the bristles toward the gum line, in an acute angle, circularly in motion; quickly, the bristles rolled away from there as it swept the surface of the tooth, removing the food and plaque on them. He continued working in a clockwise direction as he ended with the lower molars on one side, repeating what had been done earlier as it was now for the inside surface of the upper and lower molars. Coop then started to brush the back surface of his upper-front teeth as the tip of the toothbrush's head was the only section that was in that mouth, directing the bristles toward the gum line with a flicking motion down the surface of the tooth going on for at least three times. The tip of the toothbrush's bristles faced toward the gum line again as it flicked upwards away from it in a sweeping motion twofold, brushing the biting surface of his upper and lower premolars and molars respectively and circularly. The chicken brushed his tongue around spherically for thirty seconds with another following along as his violet toothbrush clean the insides of the cheeks, bringing a rough approximate time of one minute. Soon, he had finally finished brushing his teeth by rinsing them all out with mouthwash as he spat it out into the sink; a somewhat fake smile was flexed in the mirror as it assured that the job was done well. Coop then turned on the sink, washed the violet toothbrush free of fluoride, and sat it down in a nearby cup; sequentially, he turned the water off, brought the cap and the tube of toothpaste together, closed them tightly together, sat the toothpaste back down on the edge of the sink, picked out some floss and a comb from the cabinet, unsnarled his locks, and left the lavatory.

Looking for some article of clothing to wear for the day, Coop found them all in a set laid out on his bedside consisting of a white shirt, a black necktie, and some slacks. The golden yellow chicken then took off his towel and started to first put some boxers on his legs; afterwards, he dressed himself in that white shirt as he was now fully dressed. He was now ready to put on the pants as he had picked them up and clothed it over the knickers, no longer ashamed by them anymore than ever before. Though Coop was neither in a towel nor in the nude, the soft texture of the bedroom carpentry sent a message reminded him to seek warmth and he did; before long, he pulled out some black socks from the drawer and he did; next, he put some black shoes from his yesteryears on both of his feet.

Walking down the steps, the chicken had found two other people, the antelopes in this household dressed in a similar clothing scheme: the little one was in his suit and tie rather than the signature jacket and pants that were worn up 'til yesterday while the mother was wearing a hat with a woven screen in front of her eyes above along with a jacket and a sarong. As they had regrouped in the living room, it was blatantly obvious that they were ready to venture on to the next destination beyond his house. No matter what the case, time was now running short.

In an instant, the remaining family had just left the ingot home behind them at once and now they were right in the cold cruel world of today. Coop had seen a red door and now wanted it painted black; no colors anymore for that he had wanted them to turn into black. They'd see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes but they had to turn their heads until this darkness goes. Coop then sees a line of cars and they were all painted black, with spring flowers and his love Yin, both never to come back. Burton then seen people turn their heads and quickly look away; like a newborn baby it just happens every day. Now Coop had looked inside himself and sees that his heart is black, that red door that just happens to been painted black; perhaps, he'll fade away and not have to face the facts for it was not easy facing up when that whole world is black, no more will that green sea go turn a deeper blue nor he couldn't foresee this thing happening to the pink rabbit too. Maybe if the chicken had looked hard enough into the setting sun then perhaps his love will laugh alongside with him before the next morning comes. Now they were all seeing a big door and it happens to be black, no colors anymore for it has been turned to black as more of the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes turning their heads away until their darkness goes. Nevertheless, Coop wants to see it all painted black like the night and as coal; even so, he wants to see the sun blotted out from the sky too and just as well painted black.

Now, it was back to the home where Dave resided with his fellow beings in that deserted town; however, instead of the boy (tree stump in question) who has lived or father Hal or even mother Ai, it was brother Chip in his own bedroom remaining instead. The ceiling was still suspended ten feet from the ground with the outside world being a main source of light in this room rather than a fan like usual ceilings had, along with many others. The background still remained blank, unworthy of any color for it was unfitting for any scenario so far especially this late during the season of winter; not even the morning star could brighten it up but rather shine some light to it all nonetheless. The baked and broiled terracotta flooring also remained unchanged as well just like the ceiling and the walls within that room, fitting to this gray and dingy aura within this somewhat depressing atmosphere. The window was still present but it was now closed, shutting out the elemental air from the night before that had grown cold and distant like a husband who'd confessed to being a collectivist opponent. The trundle bed within that bedroom now had the thick comforter along with the thin sheets being put in its place since last night; additionally, these items were clearly not on their own accord this time.

A young tree stump slept in his bed with a determined and enraged look in the face of an older individual who was ironically satisfied at best with whatever was going on. Soon, he'd suddenly gasped himself awake, sitting up in the bed in heavy panting as he looked around in the barren room where he'd dwelled. Chip was already in his noteworthy attire right now, the hat that was on his head and the shoes that were on his feet had all matched each other's crimson ensemble. The boy tree stump had clenched his fists and stared at the bed like as if he had believed it knew the secret to the answer to what peace was; after all, it was at best generally accepted. For a fair share of long hours, he had slept in this room of night but for a scant few years of nothingness he had lived in this environment and he had never truly enjoyed a single moment of it. The stardust memories were already painful enough alone to give out a reminder of the grim reality that now was just today.

Anyway, Chip had noticed for a fact that the room was of a brighter shade of color, the result of the warm kind sun rising to awaken the cold cruel world to purity; subsequently, he had got up out of bed. No use in wasting any hour of daylight that longer, the tree stump had scoured his room for whatever he'd needed for today with the intention of discarding them all into a leather sack. Today was going to be different from yesterday since it was already over and done with whereas it has just started off undisputed; in all fairness, yesterday had made it very refreshing: the moment when Chip had seen Stephen burning alive in front was a triumph of the will. Unknowingly, the tree stump had plunged his victim's family into a deep depression that had seemed endless at worst but he did not care; after all, his own family had suffered too with the youngest of them all suffering the most. He was neither happy nor sad either as these were seen as the default emotions of his brother Dave but rather angry and calm like the vast magnificent oceans of the world.

Chip was now on his own once more this time with feeling for now he'd to go back to someplace where. As the tree stump had exited the room within the building, he was now outside as the sun already came and started shining after the hours of darkness that the moon had reign over was now gone; still, the luster of it all was the meaning of nothingness to him anyway. Eyeing the ladder in front of him, he started to edge towards it with the intent to climb down it until he'd reached ground zero and go on with the day. Not even wanting to stick around any further since the entire village was starting to bother him a bit Chip had done disperse from this place at once, not wanting to squander the early bird special he had just awakened to earlier. Needless to say, however, today was going to be much different this time around, especially for that boy tree stump like him.

Now there was Boomer ready to leave the little village that was, his nephew's tumbledown home the crown jewel that still stands as it is despite being locked out by the rest of the world which they once called their neighbors. Looking around it all it seemed like that for what it's worth, the russet hobgoblin seemed a bit much more relieved that it wouldn't have to undergo another day of being caught up in a snowstorm (or night depending on the circumstances of course) any much longer than expected, let alone anticipated either. Perhaps to him it was just another day where he could see the ash like snow covering the brilliant green; now the viridian sea was now in rule once more, this time with feeling. Luckily, it was just another restless night chased away by the golden sun as the gentle breeze was whispering over the layers of few that had took a step outside into the cold cruel world that is. Any normal person at this time in the later quarters of the day would still dare not go outside for to must not walk into the cold early morning hours but rather sleep in; of course, Boomer was an exception. In spite of it all that intend to prune the lifeblood out of the denizens within its own two hands the people still held onto hope for it was all they had to help keep themselves alive as it were the only way that they'll survive (along with faith, charity, dreams, resolutions, and expectations as well) no matter how irrational it had seemed to begin with in a nutshell.

As the russet hobgoblin looked up to that tall, gray, and flinty barrier with boredom and wonder within his pupils, the man started to see two men in front of it a tad bit far away: while that Kern was blatantly within his range of eyesight, there was also another man as well. First, for starters, one of them was a big vermillion ox of a similar weight compared to the bull()dog whom was thin like Boomer. Secondly, the big vermillion ox had a set of thin black hair on his head that had unsuccessfully camouflaged itself with the rest of the fur on his massive body. The big vermillion ox's face was as clear as a bell, free from being the hotspot for zits, pimples, spots, and boils but his eyes were leant into the shape of capsules. The big vermillion ox wore a clothing set of a black suit and a purple tie over his white shirt along with some brown shoes.

"Boomer!" Kern voice from the other end had said to the russet hobgoblin as the latter heard the former called out that name that was directed to the recipient for it was in broad daylight better known simply as morning, "get over here right now!" "Yo, I'm right here as usual, man; who is this all 'bout up in here dat-der guy…?" Boomer answered to the bull()dog as the latter turned the former's attention to the big vermillion ox up in front. Said individual in question quickly responded back to the russet hobgoblin gruffly, "the name's Kier Waterston, Kerns here had told me that this motherfucker Roark had invited our boss over to the Reina about at least an hour ago and it was about that brat who torn up the warehouse and made off with our goddamn cash!" "Dang you can't be serious, man…!" Boomer squawked back to Kier in disbelief, "who was it…?!" "Well, it seems that whoever did this damage last night had turned out to be Yangzhou Wong; I know it sounds crazy and I hardly believe it myself but it looked like he was teenager boy and he had just killed Commissioner Scotch!" Kern answered the russet hobgoblin steadily, justified by this series of unfortunate events here and there. Boomer sweated in an astonishing surprise but kept his cool and then said, "YO, YOU'RE CRAZY!" "It doesn't matter; anyways, our boss wants you to come along with us over there at the harbor immediately," the bull()dog responded somewhat flustered as he took a deep breath between intervals before continuing on, "it seems that Roark had supposedly caught him but I don't believe that a Senator like him would keep hold of a child soldier that easily." "Alright then," were the two words that Boomer had just said to Kern just as the three quickly started to leave the village instantly, the ox treading along behind them at once, demanding to find an explanation for all this happening.

Then the quiet grasslands where the hills had stood tall and proud like buildings within in the municipal concrete jungle was now liberated from the icy tundra that had been melted away by the very hotness of it all around. Many of the mountainsides currently had almost all of the fertile jade grass poking upright along with the vegetated flora that had been sprouting up from it all, outnumbering the few surviving patches of snow from the night before even more thanks to the kingdom's overture to the sun. The breeze had even warmed down a bit more significantly, thanks to the sun outside where its golden light had burst through the firmaments like a beam of ray segments. As it was started to seem that things couldn't get any better than this, the shades of colors had brightened up because of this initial time of day, looking as if hope was now within its reach whereupon the midst of the blue sky above the land. Even the lake had now no longer posed to be an immediate threat to anyone that dared to traverse this path because of its newly returned liquidity.

Among one of the hills dwelled a large fissure filled the void and inside it all other than just a campfire and a few boxes were still a family of ogres; as a matter of fact, it was actually Roger (Junior) and his family now currently asleep; but, that did not mean that they were dead at all for if they were, then an explanation was in long due for this moment. Apparently, it would seem that the ogres in question were still tired choosing to sleep on in past the rest of the very morning; perhaps, it was possible that it would do little to stop this feeling. But even if it did more, then for some reason the feeling itself would be somewhat stronger than the desire to slumber but not strong enough to be considered lethal or maybe because they was still tired. Irregardless, the family was sleeping in heavenly peace due to the fact that nobody or better yet nothing at all was bothering them with the taboo noise of outsiders even as the complaint had already taken form. After all, it was the least that the ogres could do for themselves in order to be ready to seize the day; besides, they were just fine already since no harm ever came to them to begin with.

Now, Lena slept on the bed that was inside the bedroom hours ago and still snored quietly; just abruptly, she had woken up from her slumber with a yawn and got out of her divan as the bare feet touched the lonely wooden floor slowly. Grabbing onto the blue housecoat to wear, the canine cub slowly stood up straight and started to leave her bedroom tiredly, heading towards the bathroom nearby as those amethysts in her eyes were still partially glued to the floor. The moment it was finally located, she had then shut the door behind herself, went towards the bathtub, and opened the curtains which revealed the entrance. Looking at the nightwear that was worn to bed last night Lena first discarded the negligee and then the undergarments from her body; now, the she was bared, sensing the icy brisk of winter creep from the outside as it was dousing the turquoise fur on the owner's body. Taking knowledge of the mixer tap's three handles, the canine cub had placed her hands on the two knobs, one with hot water clockwise and the other in a semicircle as water shot out of its spout and onto the tub as it started to go down the drain; afterwards, she had found a cap nearby and placed it directly over the drain, causing the water to fill up the bathtub slowly. As the water inside was starting to overflow, she had quickly turned the knobs to the opposite direction it was in to release the water tightly, stopping the water from pouring out of the spigot. Lena then opened the curtains and stepped into the tub carefully as her feet landed in the water, bringing a (more or less luke)warm feeling to her body as she sat inside 'til head and shoulders was above the water. As those rosy cheeks turned red, the canine cub finally sighed in such gorgeous bliss for that if peace and tranquility were her true parents, resting comfortably as she closed her eyes slightly.

She then reached her hand out for a taupe washcloth and an orange bar of soap and commenced to be washing herself. The elongated auricles on the proprietor's head were the foremost target as Lena's washcloth went both inside and outside of them with such ease. Secondly, the canine cub started scrubbing her face starting with the cheeks; in addition, she had wiped the nostrils underneath her proboscis. Next, the canine cub bristled around her neck with the soapy washcloth before starting to wash under both her forearms and underarms when all was said and done; luckily, the restricted hot washcloth then rubbed around those broad cold shoulders as spume seeped down her back. Then, she had scoured her chest as soapy foams were being left behind as they dripped around and down to her lower torso. More bubbles then circled around backside as the taupe washcloth soothingly polished Lena's legs from top to bottom 'til it had reached the feet as they were scrubbed along with its soles and between her toes. The moment that the canine cub was completely covered in foam she had sat back down again, rinsing her around as the (soap)suds slithered down away from the blue fur and down into the water.

Now she had resided inside the bathwater, reposing unobtrusively as she started to bask in the confines of warmth that had enveloped her in these folds, relieved at best now that she was there. The taupe washcloth was now floating away from Lena as she started to close her eyes and relax away, the lavender cheeks darkening into a reddening maroon underneath her faint sickly gaze while her sweat had pooled from the forehead and dripped down into the bathwater. Because of her lacking of undergarments, only the lathered water inside her bathtub clothed the sickly stripped canine cub with sanitation, virtue, and health. Basically, it was already obviously sure enough here instantly that within that very bathroom inside that house, Lena was all alone again naturally. The early morning hours of the day was nothing short of a blessing for the canine cub to bathe since that her father was still sleeping in at this time of day; even so, her sports were starting to fade away, a blessing indeed. However, just because her luck was starting to change for the better instantly, it did not mean that she was getting completely well again either.

Soon, Lena had then started thinking about the yesterday in particular she'd spent confined inside that house like usual before while nestling in the inviting high temperature of the bathwater itself. Since that yesterday morning, the canine cub had woken up screaming from literal nightmare that had resembled too much of what had happened when she was younger, a result of grim reality that is nevertheless like today. She also had to bathe to get these insurmountable feelings of fear and dread out of her mind, which is what she was doing right now albeit for different reasons compared to what she was doing back then. Lena had also been treated to this unusual documentation of a recent crime wave that was on the news lately and how Yang somehow got into the picture whilst eating some chicken noodle soup from the bowl. Even so, the canine cub had written it all in that maroon diary of her later on, summarizing the entire day she had witnessed to from the sidelines along with the weeks prior to it before indulging in yet another round of sleep. This is where she was right here and now, bathing early in the morning.

Anyways, Lena had quickly unplugged the drain, sucking up the water into the shape of a whirlpool that remained there until it was all gone down; then, she opened the curtains and stepped out the tub carefully as her feet landed on the ceramic floor. As the canine cub had become aware of the moisture dripping down her body she found a towel that was from only yesterday, picked it up, dried off with it from head to toe, and then wrapped it around her body compactly in hopes of ceasing the dripping water from turning colder as the weather outside and its temperature. She had then picked the housecoat back up and wrapped it over to censure her once partial nudity; before she could even leave for now, she had went to the cabinet and pulled out a bottle of unguent to rub on her skin in anticipation for the ailment to go away. As Lena had left the lavatory, she'd squirted out some pinkish formulated emulsion and rubbed it all over her arms, wrists, and hands while she coughed hoarsely throughout the hallway.

The canine cub had done so for a while until she had returned to her bedroom in little time in all. Looking for some article of clothing to wear, she had gone off to an adjacent dresser and opened it, pulling out some undergarments from there, consisting of only a pair of knickers and an undershirt before she closed the drawer back up. Lena then took off her bathrobe and towel afore starting to first put the knickers on her legs; afterwards, she dressed herself in the matching undershirt as it now displayed the midriff and her navel. Though the canine cub was neither in a towel nor in the nude, the soft texture of the wooden floorboards sent a message reminded her to put her housecoat back on her body and she did; next, she found some slippers from underneath her bed and put them on her feet. Now, Lena was fully dressed as she started to return to the bed again, this time out to watch some television.

Meanwhile, the situation was finding itself at a local repository which was supposed to serve as the final rung of it all happenings; nearby it, however, was a freighter. Like the depots in the existing world of the living, it too was surrounded by many buildings: some were old, others were new, a few were borrowed, and even one was blue; irregardless, it was as large as a prestigious university. Though a brick wall was present along with a gate to keep things in check for what goes in and out of there, there was also large shipping containers made of corrugated weathering steel that had a length of roughly over half a chain long resting on the cargo ship; be that as it may, much of them stood on top of one another. The sound of heavy machinery doing its purpose had filled the atmosphere busily in contrast to the blank ambience within the outside world; overall, it was a sight to see in an urban jungle made up of concrete pavement right where the car was parked in. As it had already balked at the depot, the owner of the white fastback was on the prowl.

Soon, out of that car in question, came a driver whom was none other than Henry himself emerging onto the pavement and into the sunlight that has basked the environment with its light. Standing upfront on the right, the indigo bunny looked at the gargantuan ship with a rather certainly rightful suspicion for that it had reminded him of the mission itself, a possible location for wherever the girls were. He even saw it as a reminder of how it was quickly abandoned in a period of time; even so, the time was rather day when the golden sun had heralded in a dark dawn, a dawn brought forth by none other than Eradicus himself and what had followed after it. Either way, the only thing that had mattered to Henry right now was how it was possible to find the missing persons in there and to do that he had to be accomplished utilizing the three factors: agility, freshness, and halcyon.

Nevertheless, the indigo hare found himself walking up towards the ship surrounded by loneliness with an assault rifle in both hands, determined to find Yin and Suzie in there, anticipating the presence of unfavorable characters as he went up to the sentry and bashed him on the head instantaneously. He had put his back up against the wall as so while watching the crane transfer the red barrels from the docks to the freighter, waiting for an open window to show itself. Basically, Henry was all alone by himself with his thoughts alongside with the unconscious body of the guard he had clobbered earlier on minutes ago; to make matter even worse, he was hopelessly outnumbered as well. While that no one had simply spotted the indigo rabbit at all, it was clear that any attempt to disperse from his current location would spell out is on fate being sealed instantly. In his mind, he had remembered two things: fate is a cruel mistress speaking of destiny in its decrees but time was a compassionate force that sought to repeal them through occasions; though that he didn't expect for his sister Suzie to be kidnapped, he realized that patience is necessary at best of moments. Speaking of time though, Henry watched as the crane had just lifted up last set of barrels being transported to the ship, a sign of the times that had opened up the window of opportunity.

Of course, the way it was opened had proved it to be from the most unlikely source: the lanky aardvark fires two shots in the air, garnering the attention of the others on board before another pair were expelled at one of the barrels, creating a large explosion that kills them on the other side of the boat for the indigo bunny to watch. Afterwards, she had turned to Henry and said, "don't look so surprised I'm your fucking backup; you should have wait for me before you came here on your own!" "Well I ought to thank you for saving my ass out there just now, but what was that for?!" the indigo hare shouted at Hortensia as he started firing upon the attacking gunmen in front of them, "you could have just had us killed for doing something that!" "CAN WE JUST GET TO SAVING THEM ALREADY?!" Yang screamed as the lanky aardvark did the same to the remaining ones behind Henry, irritated by the collective sounds of gunfire pounding the former's ear(drum)s with reckless abandon.

If there was anything that they could agree upon, then it would be the simple fact that while talk is cheap, it is never a free action at all; besides, arguing would had caused more distractions for the three of them at a time like this. The indigo hare moved forward again and started to find his way into the massive hull of the cargo ship with anticipation, finding yet another gunman to taking aim at while the others followed along and aided him alongside. Nevertheless, Henry continued to lead little boy blue and her too into the lobby, blasting away another fair share of watchmen that had crossed their paths. To make matters worse, a few more had spotted them and drew arms as they took aim; luckily, Hortensia had commandeered an assault rifle unleashed a sheer amount of gunfire at them, blasting the entire squadron away. The indigo rabbit walked over to one of the carcasses and pried away shotgun rifle from its cold dead hands and claiming ownership; nevertheless, they had moved on once again this time down in the generator room. By then, they had now found their way into the bottom of the ship's hull and had reached on through to the other side of it, finding a storage room filled with many boxes and Garnet waited for them.

In an instant a large thud was heard, coming from a wooden crate being dropped by a crane before being lifted up back in the air; the cause of it all: the red caiman himself. Garnet looked across to find Yang in amongst the three people and taunted, "you're here? Boss thought that you would never show up to the party." "After what you bastards had done, why would I turn down the opportunity to make my entrance?!" the blue bunny screamed back at the red caiman, "besides, the only way to stop a little guy like me is with machine guns then you can kiss my butt and call it ice cream, Captain Overbite; come and fight properly and I'll kick the crap out of you!" "FUCK YOU!" another voice was instantly heard from behind, belonging to none other than Tanner himself thanks to Henry's memory from yesterday driving a forklift into their path at high speeds; luckily, the latter and the other two dodged hurriedly. In response, Yang recovered from this action and kicked the forklift in Garnet's direction, causing an explosion that incinerates the two men instantly; afterwards, the boy watched it and commented, "wow, so much for fighting them old school; I would have broken that thing with my face." "Well, it's for your benefit that it had happened; those pest kops would've never agreed to it," the lanky aardvark said to the blue hare reassuringly, "let's go; I bet the girls are in the stern in front of us."

Nevertheless, when they had reached there with little to no opposition whatsoever, the discovery was at best unbelievable for the three in presence: Yin, Suzie, and Melodia were all there bounded by chains near the red crates. "Yin… YIN?!" Yang called out his sister's name with tears welling up in his eyes as started to approach the girls quickly. The pink rabbit looked up to hear her brother approaching rapidly and had tearfully accepted the loving embraced from him in an instant, "YANG! I can't believe I'm glad to see you again!" Hortensia follows them there and starts chewing through the ropes binding the ginger's arms in an attempt to untie the latter free from them. "Henry!" the indigo bunny heard his younger sister call out his name as he was the last to approach the others, picking her up in a hug, "I thought you were dead!" "I just glad that you are okay, Suzie…" Henry responded with a tear dropping from his eye and sp(l)attering onto Suzie's forehead.

Despite this warm and fuzzy feeling of resolution hanging in the air of the stern, it was never enough to disarm the environment's cold and sharp numbness outside of it. After freeing Melodia, the lanky aardvark looked to find a contraption resting on the crimson compartments guessing correctly, "so this is the bomb, right. You could blow up half of the entire city with that thing but don't worry, it's not activated; although, I'd love to know who's got the detonator. In all that carnage, they even forgot to detonate it." "Well, don't think they still won't; where's the remote?" the indigo hare asked only to find that nobody says anything especially not the ginger who was freeing Yin from these heavy chains, "there's still a detonator loose on this heap of junk; where is he?!" "Who cares; we're all still alive now let's get the Hell out of here!" Hortensia answered back as she now watched the newly freed pink rabbit zap a numinous ray of blue from the fingertip and towards the chain links that bounded her younger purple counterpart, turning the achromatic steel into blades of flamboyant grass. Nevertheless, Henry had responded instantly, "well, that might be okay for you, but it's high time we did away with all the schemes."

"I agree with you…" another voice was heard as the five were directed to seeing Roark (Junior) being held hostage by someone behind him holding a gun wearing an uncomfortable beam; of course, the former was indeed aware of the armed adolescents in front of them quickly, "drop the piece; you as well, crazy man." It was another light jade aardvark just like Morgan except that he was with a black hairstyle flowing down to the rear of the décolletage, black like the door that the golden chicken had seen. A sapphire crown had rested on the owner's head; the color which was matching the rest of the attire that he also wore as well but that was all there was to be said about it for that he was at best respectable. The jade aardvark's eyes were a fissile green like an ocean of the strongest acids known to the world, forcing these pupils to see nothing anger all around him regardless of direction whatsoever; in fact, the arched eyebrows alone had helped him even strike fear in poor Suzie's heart. The three freckles had rested on his snout above the frown he was wearing for everyone to be aware of: the young swine up in front of him, the indigo bunny who'd put the assault rifle down in front of the trembling others, and especially the lanky female who did the same in his sights.

"Father…!" Hortensia muttered in a glower, recognizing the older male instantly as her golden eyes arched into the same formation like his in a similar emotion too while at several of the gunman surrounded them all. Despite this, the aardvark in blue had this to say for them about it so far, "well... it finally looks like we've got all our problems under one roof, don't it? Mister Stuk Vuil arranges a meeting and it's supposed to be a demilitarized zone but as soon as we sit down, guns start going off all over the place; now, we think this kanker might be showing a little bit of bad faith especially considering all the trouble we've been having with this vigilante over there and then... we find his rotjoch here trying to sneak off the boat. We come down here and find it's like a fokking slaughterhouse; now... it's a good job I brought my boys along so somebody... better start telling me what the hel is going on here and why my daughter is in there with them. Otherwise, there's going be a lot more tering spilt aboard this ship."

The stern was bathed in silenced once more, everyone having listened to her father's harangue with a general combination of fear and loathing that had kept on rolling along at once while the rest remained quiet. "I can explain…" Yang fearfully peeped slowly, earning only the man's glower instantaneously and nothing else to offer, "I can explain everything." "I should hope you can for your sake, son because you've got a few people here who would like serious words with you!" the aardvark in blue responded to the young hare. His daughter then joined into the conversation at Yang's side, "please, let him speak… let's find out what has been going on here lately." "I should just kill the brat here, Hortensia…!" the elder girl's name ringed as her father then turned back to the blue rabbit again, "you have caused me and my sons a lot of grief!" "Father, please hear him out on what he's got to say; surely such a great man as yourself is smart enough to not believe the lies that were told," Hortensia pleaded with the elder male aardvark in a rational tone. Roark (Junior) then interrupted as well, albeit on his own accord, "what did my father tell you? He'd arranged this meeting to hand over the boy that's been causing you all these problems, the boy who had caused you all an injury, the boy who topped Morgan and here he is... delivered on a silver fuckin' platter... just like he'd promised!"

"Shut it, insolent whelp, you're father promised us the situation would be cool: no heavies, and yet the goddam ship was crawling with your friend's rats!" Kier said as he had appeared from the other side of the stern alongside with Kern, the russet hobgoblin, and a few others more with them, "your father promised us the crazy man but instead, we have to come down here and find him for ourselves; I think the best solution to the problem is we just do you now so what you say, Franny-boy?"

"I agree; kill him now…!" another voice had joined in as many of the black clad soldiers had now revealed themselves to the others quickly for everyone to see, armed with swords rather than firearms. Both they and the declaration as well had belonged to yet another light jade aardvark as well donning a light blond wig that had stood tall and proud like a king of the land despite being a tad bit shorter than the black haired one. A ruby crown had rested on the owner's head; the color which was matching the rest of the attire that he also wore as well but that was all there was to be said about it for that he was at best respectable. The jade aardvark's eyes were dyed a deep blue like an iceberg that tears into a luxurious vessel, contracting a calmly cold yet calculating cistern piercing from its iris; in fact, the arched eyebrows alone were tame compared to Hortensia's father. The three freckles had rested on his snout above the frown he was wearing for everyone to be aware of: the young swine up in front of him, the indigo bunny who'd put the assault rifle down in front of the trembling others, and especially the lanky female who did the same in his sights.

As the shadowy soldiers surrounded Yang, only Melodia stood in front of him, expecting them to stop what they're doing at once for they had acknowledged her presence hurriedly and genuflected. The ginger then turned to the surprised commander at the left and shrieked, "are you all blind; can't you see what's going on here?" "Let the girls go, please?" the blue bunny had begged, blue beads bleeding from his amethysts, "I'll take what's coming but it's not their fault; let my sister and his sister go; all it's ever been about is them. Just hear me out."

"Fine, I'm listening…" the aardvark in red had said, signaling for the black swordsmen to fall back at once as Yang stood alone once more, the center of attention as usual like the past. Just as a brief silence was in the midst, only the blue hare raised up his voice after wiping away those tears, "those bastards kidnapped Suzie and Yin, right in the hotel the night before in front of me and Henry. He kidnapped then and when they found out I was related to them, he and his son had blackmailed me into doing jobs all over town but the only part I couldn't figure out was why he was having me take turns in hitting all of youse. I did it, I admit it and I'll take what's coming but I was protecting them both; they deserve a chance, don't they? He'd played us all like a game of chess... sending me against you and then watching you take chunks out of each other while he sat back and ate his spaghetti pasta."

"Oh, bring out the fuckin' violins; you're breaking my bleeding heart!" the swine had mocked Yang defiantly, still ignorant to his own situation, "you can't seriously be listening to this mad shit cunt, aren't you? He stole that toy soldier from your museum, Francis, nearly killed your friend Morgan, and had your daughter aided him on his criminal schemes, Acher; basically, he's GONE LOOP THE FUCKIN' LOOP!"

"Why do you think he had brought you all here, to give you Yang, right; I think someone would have got to him eventually right, either you guys or the police but ask me this: who do you think has benefited the most from all this strife, who would like you people out of the way so that things would be just a piece of cake to eat up, and who would be mad enough to plant a bomb that would blow up half the waterfront just to make sure he had no rivals?" Chip suddenly interjected, spreading clarity amongst them as he had appeared with twin submachine pistols in both his hands.

Another voice had also interjected right away the first to realize such, "oh, so you stay right where you are; your father would had prefer them old days without competition, suggesting that he would want to help us with our problems, but all the while it's a joke he's playing on us: you want to blow up the whole town with that?" The order directed to Roark (Junior) with that winded voice originated from a gray dragon of some sort yet taller than Ryo and older too as well. A blue coat had been donned (up)on wearer that was layered above the teal attire he was dressed in to see, similar to Acher's but more foreign and humble. The dragon's feet were nothing more than like Gillman's as well, albeit with thin toes that could accept any kind of footwear if any attempt was made to wear them whatsoever.

"Your father's a fokking histrionic, even in this new decade but we had been around here since when Dynamite had beaten the Lucan huppelkuts and forced them into their Brave New World while ours became multi-cultural and it had stayed that way but only people like you never realized it; I mean, you're like a bad hangover from a different era, an era... that's about to end…!" Acher said as he aimed his gun at the swine before turning to face his daughter, "I'm letting you go, Hortensia, and your boyfriend, your friend, and the girl. Look... I know what your boyfriend did... and I know why he did it... but it still doesn't make it right, doesn't it? I lost some good people of mine because of him, people that I'm going to miss; now... I'm letting him go, child, but he should get out of here by tonight, okay…?! Don't let me ever see your boyfriend's face in this town again, do you hear me?"

Silence had regained control once more as the blue rabbit nodding in agreement but sure enough this wouldn't last any longer. "Acher, I had expected better from you; zis boy has slew many men and it has been very bad for business," Francis responded, surprised by his ally's responded. Acher turned to him and spoke as the soldiers confer with one another, "I ask this as a favor, Francis; he done it for his family and I'd have done the same for my daughter, even though she's a hoer." "I see zen…" Francis slowly agreed to this request, a grin forming on the red man's face, "we, ze Stink Aardvarks of Castle Lafayette are prepared to recognize zis favor, and will, at ze appropriate time, ask in return." "Now, you going to give me a problem over this?" the blue man then said at once. The gray dragon then spoke as well, "this boy, he destroys my men and steals the money from us so I'm not really too happy about him being alive. I don't want people to think that they can mess with the Crawford Concern and live to tell about; however, for the sake of a little unity between ties and by extension, familial piety, I'm prepared to let him and those girls go free."

Now a few smiles appeared on the girls' faces, matching the one that Yang had which translated into this sentiment: the nightmare was now over and now they can leave. "Now... you heard him, so get the hel out of here; don't let me ever see your face in this town again, do you hear?" Acher commanded as the blue bunny nodded before leaving, the ginger, the lanky teenager, Yin, and then Suzie following after; then, the former turned to Roark (Junior), "now we can have some fun with daddy's little rotjoch here."

"Wait, what about Henry?!" Yang asked as Hortensia starts pushing him away from Henry who had stood alone. Acher glared at little boy blue once more, shouting, "houd je bek; you're pushing your luck: I gave you a break because of her, but I'll never go out on a limb for people like him, I can't have the Constabulary knowing of this." "You'd all be dead if it weren't for him…" Yang said as she moved him out the door, "dead I say!" The bull()dog responded gruffly to the kid, "for a very lucky bunny, you seem to be pushing your luck right now." "No, not him, we must deal wiz policeman…!" one of the black swordsmen had uttered to Francis as the five started to leave.

Acher then pushes the young swine into the middle of the room for the indigo hare to see from a small yet significant distance. Unfazed, Roark then started to rant, pulling a detonator out of his pocket and holding it up in the air to see, "this is my father's town, not yours, stinky, not yours shit cunt, and not yours either you slanty-eyed fucker; my father was running this town when you was still being slapped by your dad for wetting the bed with real men like Rome and Rem with respect. He knew what was what and who was who but now what have we got? Fuckin' rednecks, bringing in drugs where no one's safe and turning this city into a shitter; smack heads, crack heads, bank heads, fuck heads. Well, I'm sorry but enough is enough; we have had it with these motherfucking marsh-dwellers on this motherfucking boat. My father was right about people like you: it's out of fucking order; you give these cunts a bit of space and what do you get? Fuckin' disorder; well, it's gonna stop and it starts... right now. It's time that these people stood up for what it is to be a citizen, fuck the aardvarks, the cheese and crackers, Augustus and Martin, two Oceanic Wars, one Global Soccer Cup, meters and grams, fish and chips down the Cod Road to Great Sound Creek!"

In the midst of the panic, guns start to go off all over the place and several gunslingers are shot in the process, forcing Henry to run out as he picks back up the assault rifle again; nevertheless, the young swine blubbered incoherently. If there was anything that the indigo rabbit could say anything about it, then it would be the simple fact that twoness is superior to loneliness itself; unfortunately, he was alone this time advancing, and understanding the whole thing a bit. Yang had been there to help him since his actions, talents, and expertise let alone his duty had saved the boy; yet, because the former was a kid, that future was to be preserve by that absence. Henry had also grown to like Yin as a sister, part of a reason why he had went off to save her alongside with Suzie; now the task was done, he just had to leave.

The indigo bunny moved forward again and started to backtrack his way out of the ship with quickening, finding gunmen after gunmen taking aim at one another. Nevertheless, he had continued to traverse back to the upper floor, blasting away anyone that had crossed his paths. To make matters worse, five more had drawn out their arms and they took aim at Henry; luckily, the entire squadron was blasted away by incendiary fire nearby. The indigo hare walked over to one of the carcasses and prying away another assault rifle from its cold dead hands and claiming ownership; nevertheless, he had moved on once again. By then, he had found a way out of there and runs down the side, jumping off the ship and into the water just as the freighter explodes in a tremendous crescendo of conflagration behind him, a sign that many others onboard had been condemned to their overheating fate.

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