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The Great Leap Forward ~One More Day~

There was once a city that was bathed in an elegant afterglow thanks to the eternal golden sun taking residence above them in the heavens with the cottony clouds traveling about in its wake. In place of the midnight where the moon and stars once upon a time twinkled freely across the heavens above were the big bright blue skies that had greatly reduced whatever concentration of electricity contained by the various compounds from within the earth below to a bare minimum. There were towering behemoths ruling and governing the own landscape for although that they were divided, these constructs nevertheless shared the same power wielded over this very home. Aside from a variety of automobiles running about the asphalt with the sights and sounds that contributed to the diurnal atmosphere, there were also some ships of various sizes surfing across the dyed deep blue bayside: many were freighters bulging large as the formerly Reina del Sol whereas some are small enough to be speedboats by a mere fraction of various shapes and sizes. What had made it stand out the most were the massive flocks of seagulls that could run so far to and fro but couldn't get away with even the largest of their wingspans as they cawed in droves both by the cold seaside harbors and above within no more than the greatest of circumferences. On the other side of the vast and magnificent waters where the many ships had sailed in and out of were a mountainous valley donned in a dark green growing slowly while the surrounding air and moisture continuously conspired against the massive beautiful earth where many dwelled. Most importantly, the very denizens themselves were abundantly commonplace coming and going inside the city by any and all means necessary as they please, a key capability to accommodate as many to rival the likes of Novi Finis City at the very peak in sheer density.

Speaking of which, at this very moment in time the piercing sounds of turbines squealing above were added to the scenery, fluid and open in contrast to the congesting skyscrapers that dominated the city as belonged to a wayward airliner in the bright firmament. The jet black surface which was filled to the brim with many other synthetic winged beings next in line, ready and awaiting demands for the next expedition both in and out of the very city was in its sight, descending calmly and gently on an open angle as it unfurled the wheels in motion. Out of the many runways that were decorated with an abundance of bright and colorful flashing lights on both sides of the pavement's edges, this one had a small yet copious line of jets and copters lain out at the very wayside where it was now about to join up. A rather enormous building acted as the very heart of it all with many of the sides being fortified with nothing but the finest terra firma with one being made with only glass to be serving as the place for its denizens to watch the aircraft land on its deploying undercarriage of wheels. The rubber tires started rolling against the surface thanks to the weight of the winged contraption pushing downward with suspension, squealing about as it had left thick trails behind them while reducing its speed to a much lower momentum most befitting the very situation at hand. Soon, the very airliner had nearly came to a complete standstill before aligning itself to make a sharp detour to its left so as to prepare unloading a precious cargo of travelers out into the hustling bustling flowing city's denizens.

As soon as all movement had ceased to be, loud whirring had taken place as a pair of large quadrangular conduits began extending themselves to the side doors of the grounded aircraft before obscuring them in a mere instant. Anyone who would have made it out in time would find that the scenery was a constant cooperation of rustic cheese and cracker shading as the flooring, barriers, and ceiling reinforced by the lighting to guide and lead the way. On both sides were a string of facilities that catered to basic needs and wants for the wayward the same way that the other airport had possessed. The patches of glassware that had popped up now and then were clustered up to witness the sight of progress with a set of flags and billboard being strewn throughout the way with life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness laden days, and to fault, equality. Some of the corners within had been occupied by a pot of plants that had stood tall as its observers but otherwise left alone to its own devices without a care in the very whole wide world. In far too many airports throughout the giant green globe better known as the earthly planet, this would be the very picture representing all of them, including Novi Finis City itself as well as this one.

As a matter of fact, this was filled with people in range of going between scarcity and plenty but nevertheless enough to not pose as a nuisance for the party of five that had come here; speaking of the five, Yin, Yang, Suzie, Melodia, and Hortensia now emerged from the crowd in an instant. "I can't believe we're here already; it had seemed just yesterday that we took the plane out of Novi Finis City and ended up here in the vast vibrant Val Varo Villa!" the outstretching blue rabbit quickly yawned boisterously as small golden rays of sunlight bathed them all at once. Rolling the sapphire loaded pupils within the confines of the sclera, his twin sister groaned, "that's what we have just done already; it looks like that we won't be able to see our friends again: Coop, Dave, Jobeaux, Roger, Lena, Vinnie…" "Yeah, I know, sis… Coop, Dale, Jaburo, Rochester, Lena, Vinnie, but mostly Lena…" he sighed as his ears drooped downward but not before earning a scowl from both Yin and their collective stout friend; narrowing his eyes sheepishly, the former continued, "what? We have been growing apart over the years anyway…" "You realize that Suzie will not be able to return home to her brother or father ever again either, Yang," the pink bunny had spat, forcing her twin brother to focus his eyes on the youngling whose visage was facing downward unlike the very others present. Holding on to Suzie's hand, the lanky aardvark quickly joined in the conversation, "nevertheless, after all that has happened it's clearly obvious that staying here at my place any longer would had caused us all to be exposed; you were right, Yang: if it weren't for the plane ride, then those men would've stopped at nothing to try to kidnap you all again once more, especially after that explosion at the harbor." "Henry…" the purple hare had quietly whimpered as a few tears splashed the floor that they were all on currently, "please be safe…"

"Here's the van nearby; let's get inside and go to the castle…!" Hortensia had uttered the moment a white van parked itself nearby a curb for the others to see; moving forward, the party of five had all contorted themselves into the vehicle immediately with one destination in mind: the castle that would be found with the city that they had just arrived at by daybreak's bell.

Back at Novi Finis City however, all was not well for it had not ended well thanks to the woeful weekend that wrought for such wreckage in so little time. In time, everyone who had lived throughout such a perilous timeframe had now learned of key details: the shootout at the museum, the jailbreak, the standoff between the aardvarks and the Redneckistanis, the massacre of the Constabulary, and the explosion from Dindal Harbor. Surely, the flames were long gone but the pain lingers on for those who had been effected by it all nonetheless: just because that it's a new dawn, a new day, a new life for many, no one was feeling good.

The b ase of operations that had become a place of horror earlier that weekend was now at a point where recovery was now on everyone's minds, its goal: mitigate the aftereffects of it all at once. Boris, Seavor, and Flown had just made contact with Gillman, Kenta, Rika, and Ryo; by having them meet up with each other, it was like watching worlds collide from the comfort of a hearty home behind a screen. Of course, they were not alone either as others like Rinchei and Jaarin were also in attendance as well as the vermillion bird and the blue yak too. An immense sea of some white hot flashes brought forth by the clicking shutter speed was sparkling against the uniforms in which they had worn as they stood up tall on the platform. Among the photographers were others just like the men and women in uniform, either of the Constabulary or of the same caliber as the siblings and the dragon combined. The enormous chalkboard had stood behind all of them present was still adorned with many other letters as well; some of them were now in more different colors other than white. Among the words that had stood out were reading "PAULUS WELCH'S COMMISSIONER CEREMONY" in truly deep dyed blue with a wave underneath.

Just when it had seemed like that golden silence was being preserved, a voice soon echoed as it pierced the sounds of bright camera's, "Paulus Welch, step up to the podium immediately…!" Already at this very moment in time, only a blue cicada had started walking about through the very crowd in question in a rather forward direction while possessing the last bastion of silence. A rockets last gleaming quickly drenched the thicken irises in a bursting blitzkrieg bop of a bright bronze; however, the pupils in the epicenter were heavy and dark like a scarlet pimpernel. Strangely enough, the rest of the very cicada's face just remained hidden in a pale platinum veil, leaving behind only a narrow opening to provide some visual details for the traveler in question. The veiny wings at the back were almost completely colorless like the water except for tinted cobalt riddling throughout and a brownish gold tipping of isosceles triangles, three on each side. What had made the cicada stand out amongst the very crowd were the arms sticking out from the chest rather than from its sides on a shoulder, an anomaly otherwise overlooked by the observers.

Nevertheless, the attendee had made it there anyways and met up with the banana slug, the latter holding out a large book with both of his very palms and a rather shiny new badge on top of it. "Ladies and gentleman, must we have your attention please?!" the dhole soon echoed as the audience had remained seated and silent, "a great tragedy has befallen upon us all here in Novi Finis City: this division's Special Constabulary has lost over a dozen brave individuals within the very course of events that had taken place on Saturday February 25th, including Commissioner Stephen Scotch. Many of us had grown attached to these people ever since the establishment long after the neighboring Trycross Tragedy from almost two years ago; these men and women have protected and served this community valiantly against the lawbreakers who've plagued us at our doorstep. They have constantly put their lives on the line on a constant basis, keeping our enemies, both foreign and domestic, at bay: a trait that has led us to the uncovering of a drug smuggling ring right underneath all of our very noses as a result. Now, we are at a crossroads: the shocking turn of events had now left us at risk for further crime waves to take place due to being without a Commissioner to lead us onward against this very crisis that's now staring us in the very eye as of this moment in time; the question is 'should we allow this as an excuse to demand that we ask to quit?!' Well, I say 'HELL NO!' to it; the very entirety of this dear city and by extension Pakavel itself will not just simply standby and allow this great loss of life to be used as a window of opportunity for those who intend to reap and sow their wild oats with reckless abandon. It is imperatively clear that there exist many forces that think that with less of these people on the force, they can now be free to do whatever they want without a care in the world; however, we can show to them that they are severely mistaken for this is our home and that will not be terrorized in there any much longer! As such, both the Special Battalion and the Special Army will aide those in the fight to preserve both law and order until recovery efforts are made to accommodate the Constabulary of Novi Finis City; in addition, we will use every bit of manpower and resources to solve whatever cases in the entire section! Our very first order of business in this case is that we will start off by having to deputize Paulus Welch as the new Commissioner of the entire Novi Finis Special Constabulary!"

A round of applause was now heard as both photographers and officers alike were clapping their very appendages together, creating a sea of sound sanction throughout the room they were in. "Paulus Welch, do you solemnly swear to serve the public trust, protect the innocent, and uphold the very laws, customs, ordinances, rules, and regulations of Novi Finis City and perhaps by extension the entire region of Hetalia all within Pakavel's confines at large so help you God?" the banana slug had declared in front of the slightly taller listener as they were both still standing. Slowly but surely placing the tip of the silvery right arm over the badge and the book at large, Paulus quickly looked Boris dead in the eyes and spoke clearly enough to become perceived, "Yes I will…"

Meanwhile, it was now back to school for the bell had started to ring loudly throughout the premises, signaling the starting day as the easy like Sunday morning had actually ended already at large; of course, this also meant that the new week had just begun in its very place, especially for the likes of Burton no less. The dozen buildings of bricks that had stood onto ground zero with merely only one floor for all of them had now became bathed in an afterglow of the golden sun, melting away the previous weekend's snowstorm into the earth all at once. The various places of recreation had seen the brilliant green come back to life once more, this time with feeling: a ball field, a basketball court, a soccer field, tennis courts, a football field inside along an oval track field, and even some blank open fields in its wake. Apparently, it had just seemed that the only people that could be seen outside as of this moment in time were many in beige uniforms, running about in a fixed direction with little end in sight whatsoever. A rather small line of yellow buses were forming alongside each other, unloading its batch of occupants upon the very facilities who were otherwise ready as they unleash a storm of chatter amongst themselves. The small flock of birds only flew on by above them as they quickly went about with their very lives, kept undisturbed by the various troubles of the earth below the very tip of the sharpened talons.

Speaking of which, the young antelope had just scooted across the smooth floor slowly towards the crowded hallway where Creston was residing at; the latter was accompanied with only a quartet of other boys, each at the same age range as the very two on average altogether. The first one was an obsidian badger with a brown iris in one eye and a blue one in the other; he had on a brown jacket with a collar drenched in crimson, a blue hat resting on the head, and some denims jeans below the waist down. The second one was but an orange lamb with only a set of bright yellow eyes around his large pupils; aside from his matching red jacket, the rest of his attire was composed of various shades of the brilliant green itself: hat, pants, and mittens altogether now. The third one was a brown ox with big blue eyes but with small horns and larger than the others among him; other than the bright blue cap on his head, he wore a red sweater vest, a pair of black slacks, and a set of yellow mittens. The fourth one was buy a yellow newt possessing some bold brown eyes and a rather skinner body type unlike the others; all that was only adorned upon him was but an orange hoodie and some matching sweatpants.

These four were noticing Burton traveling across their point of view as they stood on by the line of lockers amongst the crowd of students who had just entered the academic institution already. "Well, well, well, here comes Mister Mopery just moseying on by…" the bulky student had snickered underneath his very breath, "serves his father right, that faggot Stephen no less!" "Caltman, would you just lay off the poor guy; I mean, hasn't Burton already suffered enough?" the nearby associate snarled at the named ox, pointing a finger straight outwardly with a glare. Contorting an equal visage in return, Caltman abruptly snorted throughout his very narrow snort, "oh step off, shepherd's serf; it's not like you would care much about that boy you shifty sheep." "Khil, Caltman, just shut up about it already; homeroom class is going to start in about fifteen minutes!" the badger then screeched at the very two, opening one of the lockers behind them in the process, "this boy has a tough weekend just like the rest of us and none of us need any of the rehashed drama, got it?!" "Yes, Stew…" Khil had answered calmly as he was perhaps the first of them to depart from the very makeshift quartet in question. Disgruntled, the ox had stormed off in a different direction from the orange lamb as the former muttered huskily, "whatever, man…!"

At present, the newt was all that who had remained after Stew closed the locker with a resounding bang; within moments, the former was still aware that the antelope was still walking about very slowly. "Burron way up fur meh," he sputtered as he started to regroup with Burton little time whatsoever, "hi there…" "Oh hey Kinsey…" the sad antelope had sniffed as he noticed the fellow schoolmate approach him. Outstretching a right hand towards Burton, Kinsey had asked the former calmly, "haz everythun been arigh with yer; did anything happun between yer and Coop?" "No, not at all… I haven't even seen him since that Sunday morning after service; he just beat up a bunch of photographers in front of us…" the antelope had answered with a shiver, "when the dust had settled for the moment, mom screamed and told him to 'get outta her sight!' so he took off." "Wanna talk mur about it?" the newt asked as the two started walking on by out amongst the very crowd in a fixed direction. Pausing for but a brief crack of time to appreciate the quantum of solace, Burton had squeaked okay, "well, okay then, I guess… just promise me that you won't tell anyone else about it, please Kinsey?"

Kinsey did nothing else but nodded amicably in a flash; before long, the two boys had mingled alongside with the hustling bustling crowd flowing throughout the very school that they had just gotten in with nothing in front of or behind them impeding their way throughout in the hallway.

Now, there was the stony village in which where Dave and his family lived, their collective residence still left untouched by both passages of time and the elements at large combined against them; only the golden sun shining about was working into their very favor in question. The clear skies above that had granted this land serenity were now brighter than before, not a single cloud in sight whatsoever to potentially ruin a day's worth of a seizure; the sparkling river and the shimmery dewdrops were examples that began to scratch the very surface of it all. Despite all these rustic wonders in front, the morning has still just started nonetheless for that no one and nothing was out there enjoying all of it to the very last detail; as a matter of fact, the so said persons known and unknown were all that had thusly remained as of this moment of time.

Father Hal had been found resting inside his very own bedroom, sharing perhaps the same characteristic as his two sons' rooms: a lightless ceiling, a blank background, some terracotta flooring, an open window, and a trundle bed no less, all concentrating this one area completely; still, the dingy gray aura from before still remained in there throughout the rest of the premises. Nevertheless, the tree stump slept in his bed without so many disturbances in the force of mind; soon, he'd suddenly gasped himself awake, sitting up in the bed in heavy panting as he looked around in the barren room where he'd dwelled. Looking at his surroundings, he had focused his eyes on two things at close range: the beige book on the floor and his glasses. Halliburton slowly clenched his fists and stared at them both with a shred of consideration of the turn of events that he had been aware of. Even for a fair share of long hours that the tree stump slept in this room of night, it had failed to distract him from the unfortunate fact that Dave the younger son was at the time missing no less. The stardust memories of that aspect were already painful enough alone to give out a reminder of the grim reality that came in the form of bursting tears, flooded by his wife Eileen.

Anyway, Halliburton paid no mind to a brighter shade of color brought forth by the warm kind sun, rising to awaken the cold cruel world to purity for he was already up out of the bed anyway. Seeing absolutely no use in wasting any hour of daylight much longer, the tree stump had picked up his spectacles and wore them over his pair of eyes for today was going to be different from yesterday since it was already over and done with whereas it has just started off undisputed. A visage now sharp as diamonds and clear like a high definition screen, he squint these gently before standing up on his own two feet calmly. Remnants of a deep depression filled the atmosphere, seeming only endless as Halliburton stretched his dry mouth into a downward concave. Walking out from the confines of his room, the older tree stump had then begun to inspect two other rooms nearby him: one was where Chip was in and the other where Dave was out. The former was quickly greeted with the presence of his other son who was already fast asleep, in the standard attire of fashion from long ago; in spite of which, nothing else had disturbed the peace whatsoever.

Of course, the latter room was indeed a whole different story for rather than the youngest in a similar position, there was she who had remained, alone underneath the very blankets of the bed. "Ai, are you awake…?" Halliburton had whispered to Eileen slowly, earning a pained moan as the latter tossed and turned slightly, "it's me, your husband Hal and I just want to say good morning…" "Please… Dave… come back… home to us…" the tree stump's wife had muttered tiredly, unaware of his presence thanks to her closed eyes. Edging forward quietly, her husband genuflected forward and said calmly, "I know that our first night of searching for our little boy was not successful as we had hoped but I will assure you that we will not give up no matter what." "I'm sorry…" she wailed faintly as droplet formed underneath her eyelids "I just… I just… don't want you… to get hurt again." "Anyways, I'm going to keep looking around until I find Dave; if Chip asks why I am not here, please tell him that I had went out once more," Halliburton murmured before wiping a tear away from Eileen.

For what it was worth right now, not even the calmest sounds of slumber could help her sleep peacefully nor did it helped him since they were all alone; in short, it was now indeed the entire whole wide world going up against the family of tree stumps since one of their own kind is now missing.

Elsewhere, back at the other village where the same very sun is also shining upon, all was not well whatsoever; even though its entire population in general were still fast asleep, they were nevertheless unaware of the backlash which was taking place since that fateful Sunday morning. As a matter of fact, aside from the otherwise gentle breeze whistling about, there were sounds of soft footsteps interspersing against the uneasy ambience: they belonged to Boomer who was running across the solid earth with reckless abandon, huffing and puffing between intervals. Needless to say on the matter, the russet hobgoblin was fast approaching the large wall in front of him, starting to lose momentum very quickly within each passing second closer onward.

He had found himself knocking on the rather large door very carefully so as to deliberately avoid causing the ensuing pain and suffering while concentrating on the task at hand whatsoever. Afterwards, a section of the wall opened instantaneously, revealing the identity to be none other than Kern, an associate who was there; given the fact that an obsidian patch over his scarred eye, he began to speak clearly, "Boomer, we are so fucking relieved you haven't been captured yet." "Yo what's happening there, Kern?" Boomer wheezed in disbelief as all the running started making his brow drenched in sweat, "Ah got a call dat-der you just sent me about last night; what goes on?!" "It's Crawford, he's in the hospital; he was just shot up by some random maniac last night!" the purple bull()dog screeched as the russet hobgoblin eyes widened greatly. Catching a breath or two so as to fully comprehend the gravity of it all, Boomer started speaking to Kern, "but how was dat der possible?! He was just fine earlier ago even after the meeting y'all went." "Not according to the papers here, Boomer; some guy was driving around in a motorcycle and started firing upon the limousine that he was riding in!" the bulldog exclaimed as a picture of Crawford on a gurney in a mask was shown to the hobgoblin, "three of our own men were killed and doctors are saying that he won't be able to make it much longer than the next month!" "How did dis der happen, Kern?!" Boomer suddenly asked as one of his very hands had touched the paper already. Beginning to transfer ownership of the newspaper without hinting a question, Kern quickly told, "just read what it says, Boomer; your answer will be found soon enough just as mine's was."

The russet hobgoblin soon started to reach for the wayward broadsheet in front of the purple bull()dog; the offending image was accompanied by the text 'Dragon's Snared!' above in red. "Fine then, Ah'll do it…" Boomer slowly exhaled as he then began to read the paper at once, "Business Executive Rutherfo'd Crawfo'd th' Fust was foun' walkin' inside a limo af'er whut had appeared t'be a rather small private dinner meetin' wif twelve others about two hours befo'e closin' time when an outta corntrol cyclist had bolted acrost Minarelli Lane an' opened fire. Acco'din' t'fleein' eyewitnesses, th' gunman was warin' some dark clothin' an' sunglasses ridin' aroun' in a blue moped armed wif only a submachine pistol, firin' upon th' limousine in quesshun af'er arrivin' on th' scene fo' at least a few seconds befo'e drivin' off in an instant. About no less than five people, includin' th' drivah an' two of Crawfo'd's hideguards, were pronounced daid befo'e pareemedics managed t'have retch th' scene alongside about nine woun'ed in th' crostfire aside fum th' elderly juntleman who is listed in critical corndishun. Li'l is known about this very incident 'cept thet most of th' propuhty damage has amounted t'ovah five thousan' kachin's which will go to repairin' th' windows busted in th' ensueyng chaos. Th' belligerent restaurant's owny only had jest this to say about it when th' dest finally cleared up eemeejutly: 'thet [EXPLETIVE DELETED] sh'd go an' count his lucky stars thet he didn't stick aroun' like a [EXPLETIVE DELETED] retard; otherwise, ah shoot him up good!'"

The russet hobgoblin pushed it away from his face, throwing it onto the solid ground with but a wayward hand; not even the freely flowing airstreams could picking it back up from its spot. "Now you see what I am talking about?!" Kern had uttered stressfully as Boomer focused back onto the former, a paragraph's worth of an explanation being nothing short of a understatement. Wiping the sweat of his brow, the hobgoblin had stammered, "now, now Ah see where ya going' with this; Ah jest wanna know: what can Ah do about his here condition he has gotten into?" "It's very simple: you have to sneak out of here and visit him at the hospital; but we need to be very careful about it all…" the bulldog started to explain the details gently, "thanks to what bunny boy had done, they have beefed up security at the hospitals in the city, including the one he's in right now: the UCR Institute; it's like the ACL Hospital but much more roomier there." "Ya'll must be joking, aren't ya?" Boomer exclaimed as these eyelids became more extensive than before, hands thrown aback by such a plentiful statement from none other than Kern no less. Still, the purple bull()dog gritted his teeth and soon answered calmly with precision and care, "well as far as I could tell, I wish I was joking about it but don't worry about it for now; I do have a plan but meet me back here tonight as soon as the coast is clear enough to do so, okay?" "Well, okay then…!" the russet hobgoblin grumbled under his breath as his associate soon quickly departed from the scene without warning, leaving the former alone again naturally.

Nevertheless, Boomer could take the time to better appreciate his good fortune for that no one else was here to witness this at all; then again, such things in question are rather very ephemeral: the domestic tranquility and the like were amongst them but only by a slight margin of time.

Carrying onward, the fine flowers in the valley were beginning to take up themselves from the terra firma below, freed from winter's hibernal plague as the warmth enveloped their many folds. The meager river within the midst of it all had also showed some signs of seasonal progress, sizeable flowing waves sparkling throughout like myriad troves upon a planet of treasure islands. All that had remained were the chirruping of avian beings soaring across the skylines as a silly symphony of nature became the anthem recital of their rather mobile homes upon the planet.

In spite of all this and that, the only inhabitants whom are treading about upon the brilliant green were none other than the family of ogres from long ago as they became out in the open world. Roger Junior had started to take in a small breath of fresh air rather slowly as the golden sun was found blasting its bright rays against his hardened skin and softened clothing altogether at once. His taller father was also there alongside, his large ligneous club currently in tow as it was found swinging right above over the bare left shoulder in a vigilant observation of their surroundings. Judi had even followed them towards the terra with daughter Tillman in tow, holding a hand as to prevent wayward traveling feet belonging the latter female from satisfying whatever curiosity. Said youngling just did nothing more but knelt onto the very ground to pick up miniature flower, a rusted silver one with curvilinear edges splattered about with only a touch of classy orange.

Despite this scene in question, the distance was now starting to intermediate between the four of them as the skyward orb of heat and light was now signaling the beginning of a brand new day. With only but little warning, the rather matching uniformity better known as silence was finally broken: the identity of the noise came from the mother herself who was ready to speak already, "Junior, I want you to go on and watch your sister, Tillman for me from now until lunchtime; your father and I will be gathering up some food down by the riverside to cook in the meantime. Understand that we do not have any cell phones or other sorting means of communication to inform us of your whereabouts so please make sure that she doesn't go wandering further off into places she's not supposed to be in at all. You've grown up long enough to learn that your sister is also your responsibility and as such you're to keep her safe and out of harm's way; just because we're in an open field living off the land now doesn't mean that we're free from danger. Considering that experience has served you well on the matter throughout the years, we trust you to keep Tillman occupied until later on when the time's right to settle down for some mealtime. All that we want to know now is do you understand every single thing that I have just told you?"

In a quick moment of clarity, a rather quiet tilting of the adolescent's head was all the work that was done in a flash, an otherwise sudden action alone that can speak for itself on its own terms. "Alright then, son…" his father's voice was heard, a new voice now interjecting alongside with the older female present, "good luck with your sister." "Well, okay then…" was all that Roger Junior could choke out as his sister was nudged over away from their parents with a gentle push. With backs now turned, the two adults began to pace themselves further away from their brood, only Judi herself speaking calmly to her son, "we are holding you to it; please stay safe now…" "We will…" the teenager said soundly but slowly despite the terseness in his dialogue, "bye…" "I wanna grow up toon…" Tillman gurgled as she pulled onto her brother's shirt in distraction.

Now for the time being, they were officially alone with but almost an endless amount of time and energy at all of their fingertips, very more than being worthy of a disposal as the both of them would see fit in some form and fashion whatsoever.

Finally, it was rather perhaps ostensibly enough to quickly address the situation at hand that the very homestead was in ever since the passing snowstorm from days long ago yet so far away. The amber waves of grain that been buried underneath the frozen deluge now shined onward thanks to the rays of sunlight bouncing off and leaving behind sparkles of glory in the process. The encamping fences that had now surrounded them were able to withstand the very test of time itself given out by such inclement weather delivered overnight from the heavenly planes above. An otherwise tall silo stood up proudly in the distance as it had been already filled to the brim with whatever substance to facilitate the fragmentary continuation of its consumers' subsistence. All that had remained out there was the little house not on the lone prairie where Lena and her father had resided, taking shelter from the cold curtain of cruelty hung by the whole wide world.

At that moment in time, a television screen was whirring itself into life once more with feeling: its display had now consisted of two newscasters, F. L. Smelfman and Nancy O. Delfa ready, willing, and able to speak to the audience in front of them within the comfort of their workplace. Suddenly, one of the elves, a male started off slowly, "good morning, Pakavel and this is the Channel 11 News; these are today's top stories: Novi Finis City now gears itself up for a new person among them to take on the task of being the Commissioner of the Special Constabulary." "Yes, indeedy; municipal authorities have confirmed rumors that Officer Paulus Welch will now serve as the successor of fallen Stephen Scotch in the ongoing fight to preserve law and order," the female had then joined alongside her colleague, "the young up and coming individual has just been sworn in on behalf of Lady Flown. On a similar note, the search for little boy blue now continues today as the month of February draws closer on to its very end; the suspect now revealed to be Yangzhou Wong has been wanted for questioning on suspicion of multiple charges ranging from fleeing the scene of the crime to felonious aggravated assault and battery." "It is believed that the young rabbit in question may still be hiding about in Novi Finis City with another accomplice, Joan Melodia du Lafayette, a daughter of King Francis helping him along," he had still continued onward, organizing a rather small stack of paper in the very process. Looking away, she decided to take up where F. L. Smelfman just left off much earlier speaking, "nevertheless, these crucial pieces of information have already reached Welch who'd use this as an opportunity to step up the Special Constabulary's efforts in their manhunt with the newfound cooperation of the Battalion to help them with the search; he had only this to say about it." "Now then, as far as I am to be concerned, I had no time in getting to know Scotch personally," the cicada announced as the screen now focused away from the two newscasters from before, "nevertheless, it doesn't change the fact that this city is in dire need for law and order to be restored and more than ever during these trying times! Mark my words: we will do everything in our power and see to it that this maniac will be found, captured, and punished according for his deeds!"

At that moment, the canine cub had walked into the room where the television was at, dressed in her standard garb from long ago as she picked up the remote and pressed a button towards it; consequentially, the moving picture soon shrunken into a white beady dot against the black. "Geez, I can't stand the news at this hour…" Lena groaned as she brushed her lilac tresses over with her free hand before throwing the remote on her bedside. In little time whatsoever, the canine cub started reclining over the comforter, aligning her weary head against the pillows without a shred of resistance whatsoever. All she could stare at was the ceiling but even such a simple task alone it was proving to be anything but in that case: the colors of various shades on the wall were started to fall out of place. Lena's matching irises watched as the paint began to swirl out of place, the many ripples and wrinkles in time running amok upon the scenery as they began to unfold upon their singular audience. The canine cub could barely take in the sights of them all as she started to lean over to the other side of her bed and then it happened: although her eyes were shielded by the lids, she could feel her throat become warm and bitter as a great discharge was now in the making, gurgling and plopping with utter litheness between intervals.

After what had been half a minute, she slowly opened her very eyes back up and couldn't believe what she had seen: an assortment of lukewarm hues splattered into a wayward cluster found out as they were all contained within a nearby trashcan by the side of her own bedroom in question. As bad enough that Lena had already knew and learned what it was, even the mere sight of it all quickly caused her to avert her own iris away from the ghastly convergence with one another. Although that the spots on the canine cub's face were now gone away, this display convinced herself that it was a whole different story from the inside out, something not worthy of any form amounting to some constant attention. The piercing sound of heavy footsteps were now making themselves aware: they were belonging to her father who found that her door was open; upon entry, he gasped abruptly, "what happened here; are you okay, pumpkin?! Just stay right where you are, I'm going to get you something to drink; don't you go fretting about anything else 'til I get back here, understand?!" A rather weary nod from Lena served as a solitary response as he began to head out the door from whence he came.

Needless to say on the matter, the canine cub now sees this as the start of a bad day for herself, one in which she would be left alone in the comforts of the house once again rather than venture out into the open world amongst many other denizens of other various demographics whatsoever.

Back at the bayside, the white van had pulled up in front of a pair of tall metal gates from a castle within the distance; it too also looked a lot like a privy from where Yang had been before albeit differently. It was shooting up a heavily concentrated mist which was filled with a musky and offensive redolence due to its many contents under pressure: a thin greenish combination of gunge, acid, and raw sewage filling the air. There were perhaps large amounts of flora and topiary, great and small but the constraining atmosphere had prevented any of their growth or vivacity from flourishing about with reckless abandon. Resting at the top were three towers standing up very high on the rear battlement with four equiangular cylinder tubes sticking outward, each of them separated by few mere yards, nothing more or less. A long pathway consisted of dirty stained concrete served as a guide to the main entrance; while there was no sign of a moat in between them, a small series of sentinels stood out on both sides of the streets. In contrast to the whole thing, the entirety of the premises were amongst an open field devoid of any establishment whatsoever responsible for creating a city within various sizes and density.

Within moments, the doors of the automobile flew openly in an instant at a constrained angle, revealing the very occupants inside to be the party of five who'd left the airport much earlier ago. "Alrighty then, your collective fare for this trip will be seventy kachings…" a male voice was heard as the sequence of clinks and clangs followed alongside, "thank you and I hope that you have a nice day; goodbye." "Ohh, pee-you; this smells awful…!" Suzie squealed sharply, holding her hands over her own snout as the air became potent the moment she walked out of the van. Seeing a glower appear on Melodia's countenance all too quickly, Yin had decided to comment on it, "please forgive her for it; this is Suzie's first time visiting the stink aardvarks' home." "We all know that, sis; you remember the first time we met her, right?" the blue rabbit soon interjected with impunity, "so much for the price of stubbornness…" "I thought we had agreed to never speak of this escapade ever again!" his twin sister snarled back, such stardust memories of the past threatening to invade the present.

The automobile drifted off without hesitation, a piercing screech cutting throughout the rank air as all stood by at the elongated postern in collective simmering expectations amongst them. Suddenly, the gates started to open wide, a gesture of safe passage being granted towards the party of five in question now much explicit before their very eyes as the sentinels soon walked away from their positions. Joining together at once, the very inhabitants gathered in front of them, each with a uniformity worn over their faces, all were adorned with long range stares. These people were so swept abruptly in attendance without any warning whatsoever, only the young girl amongst the visitors had shuddered about, finding retreat behind the lanky woman. The rest of them however stood their ground and remained firm: Yin and Yang held each other's hands together, their lanky friend stared back at the sentinels in return, and Hortensia just held Suzie tightly even without taking eyes out of the front. For a moment, it had seemed that the golden silence would only serve as the saving grace to atone on behalf of the otherwise tense environment the party of five soon found themselves in.

Then, out of the blue, something had been spoken but it did not come from either the visitors or even the people responsible for such a bizarre welcoming ceremony: it went into a loud, "FIRMES!" The source of the voice revealed itself to be one amongst the sentinels: an aardvark at the height of differentiated fashion that had set the speaker apart from the others who had raised their right hands in acknowledgement. A scrap of leather was adorned over the left eye, leaving the other free observers to find some hazel dyed in the wool; it was an anomaly that began to scratch the surface. Also, with a much open mask being worn, such space had allowed a conical pipe to escape from its user's mouth, shooting fumes from directly underneath the elongated snout. Even so, a curvilinear hook was seen in place of a real right hand, making the speaker stand out more than ever. Other than these very attributes in question, the individual did a remarkable job blending in with the many sentinels who have allowed such safe passage earlier.

The speaker in question started to take a good look at the party of five, starting with the timid bunny behind the woman, then the equally aged females, and finally the young boy himself. "Um... ave at there sir; I'm Yang…" the eponymous greeter choked out hesitantly as he extended his right hand, "what a pleasure it is to meet you." "Cut the formalities already; we know who you are anyway: you're that cursed hijo who caused our king a lot of grief over the weekend…!" the mysterious individual growled, smacking Yang's right hand away in disgust with the left hand. Hortensia paid attention to the animosity the adult had shown to the blue hare in question and started to speak up, "please relax, sir; we have not come here to cause any further harm to you, mister…" "Santana… Julio Ramon Santana…" was the response that the young woman had earned as he answered plainly, "I am the head Capitan de los Guardia who serve King Morgan." "Right…" the blue rabbit droned onward as he retained his focus on Santana very carefully. Quickly, the guard captain turned his attention towards Melodia and then started to speak, "Lafayette, hmm; Francis' pride and joy must have gone all the way here for refugio, correct?" "Qui, senor… it is moi…" the stout traveler answered without any distress whatsoever, "all of us understand that what had happened earlier; for his sake, please excuse mi amigo from the situation." "Fair enough, but you must see the regente and her advisors first; seeing that our king is now incapacitated back at Novi Finis, she will decided whether or not you will all stay here for the time being," Santana said as started walking away from the party of five with the underlings in tow all at one.

Within mere seconds, these visitors had started to join in with the sizeable crowd and followed along throughout the premise toward the stronghold in front of them all; it wasn't long until they approached the very doors opening at once, directing every one of its observers inside quickly. The very atmosphere in question was divided into two separate categories: one consisting only of concentrated opaque lavender surroundings yet interspersed with but small bits of industrial grayscale whereas the other filled to the brim with the bitter and sour aromas staining the oxygen; either way, even Yang himself quickly thought that they had smelled bad on the outside.

Many others within the party of five found other things that had contributed to the environment: overflowing wastebaskets, rotten foodstuff, even the outside air had poured in from right behind. In front, there stood a large stairway dressed up in a ragged carpeting of such dulled drab pearl over the stony lonesome where the large crowd spotty had walked upon entering the very castle. Additionally, there were large rolls of flexible quilted paper sheets towering over the inhabitants to new heights from different sides of direction; out of all of them, two were colored in lime yet were joined together to make a large banner hanging underneath the triangular glass windows. Beneath the luxuriant banner, there had sat two porcelain thrones, one of which was smaller than the other but nevertheless acted as chairs; judging from their presence, the scenery fitted greatly.

Speaking of which though, one of the thrones was used by an individual in front of them, another rotund light avocado aardvark sharing the comparisons with King Morgan in appearances and Melodia herself. There was an emerald glittery beret that rested on her brunette tresses which although braided were in the shape of a fishtail. The aardvark had a gaze that matched the clothing on her, lighter than very apparel but also darker than her skin and even the lentigines on it. A jade blouse was adorned upon herself with puffy sleeves on each shoulders and a button in the middle of it that was over the heart. The surprised stare that guided these irises at the people on the floor with intrigue revealed to have been free of braces but nevertheless yellow already. The aardvark's shoes matched the skirt as well, but rather than being roundly circular they had pointed edges away from the wearer herself.

The large assembly of people upfront had converged on the location, stopping all at once with the visitors in tow amongst the very crowd as soon as a distant trumpet was heard in an instant. Still holding onto Hortensia's hand, Suzie had slowly looked upon the former's gaze and began to squeak out quietly, "who is this girl; is she Melodia's sister?" "No, I believe not at all…" the young woman responded to the girl only quickly but calmly in the process, "however, I think we are about to get our answer soon enough." "Su Alteza, we like to extend ourselves mil apologies for such an arrival met with the likes of complete forasteros from Novi Finis City," the guard captain declared as he quickly knelt in front of the girl with his underlings following suit. Although that the party of five remained standing upward, only one person had quickly caught the princess' attention: the blue hare waving his left hand flinched as she started to glare at the latter; still, the former focused back on Santana and said, "then what reason did you have at all to bring along the choro who hurt my papa here, anyway?!" "That's what had bothered me too, Alteza; even he had the cojones to reach out his right hand…" the older male had answered as he was aware that Yang was directly behind him, "nevertheless, these people here are seeking refuge and have expressed the deseo to stay here." "I see then; however, given the problemas that have befallen upon him, what can convince me that the choro will be on his best behavior on the way?" she had spoken as the blue rabbit gulped soundlessly aside from the other four visitors.

Soon, all eyes in the large room were now trained on Yang, especially Santana's open one as well, causing the teenager to remove his hat and shake the debris off of it very nervously; then, he started to speak clearly, "ma'am, I–I–I don't know how to say this. To be honest, I had no intention of putting the hurt on your old man and I–I–I didn't even do any of that at all whatsoever. You see, there was this guy Roark who wanted to kill off the Triple Crown Alliance so he can run for Parliament unopposed; his son had given me the task to leave him at the side of King Francis' castle after they had all beaten him up. Yes, I will understand the pain that I–I–I have caused you all by helping them into this was uncalled for and I should be ashamed of myself nonetheless, but it wasn't much of a choice that I–I–I had anyway. I too had been hurt long before this had happened but only because I–I–I overheard them about they having my sister and his sister hostage; as a matter of fact, these bastards threatened to kill us all if I had gone out of line with their diabolical plans so I–I–I did what they have told me so far. I figured that by going along with their schemes their freedom would have been secured, I–I–I wouldn't have to worry about what Roark attempted to do but now we cannot go back home because of all the trouble that's been caused, especially after what had happened with his son. Despite this, I am glad that we are alive anyway and far away from those bastards who have caused us such pain; after all, I–I–I think that you would say the same thing about it. Even so, I have barely apologized for the actions I–I–I did commit on my behalf throughout my very life but if this means that I must see to it that they must be protected from further harm and retribution whatever, then I–I–I want to say that I'm sorry for King Morgan and for the trouble that I–I–I; just please, make sure that no matter what happens, don't let them suffer at all for my mistakes, Your Highness. I'm begging you; it is all that I–I–I am asking…"

At that very moment in time, all eyes were now focused on the blue bunny whom now knelt down onto the very ground where the people had walked upon earlier, a golden wavy aura of silence now flooding throughout the entire room for the princess to witness every bit of it unfold. "Fair enough, then… on behalf of this castle, I, Cornelia Sotomayor de Galvez, daughter of King Morgan and Princess of the Stink Aardvarks have now reached a decisión…" the female began to speak slowly as she stood up from her seat, "the refugiadas will be granted asylum under the condition that must leave eastwardly upon my papa's safe return." Gently, the party of five's faces became adorned with a molar crescent; every one of them now pointed upward concave within their uniform parabola. "So what now, Your Highness; what happens then?" the young boy now asked with little hesitation in his voice. Wiping the sweat off her visage, Cornelia then answered calmly, "simple… Senor Santana will show you all to your room for the time being; feel free to get acquainted." Soon, the guard captain faced them all and gathered up the men underneath his command ready and awaiting their collective responses.

Meanwhile, back at Novi Finis City, a prodigious ambivalence had now flooded the entirety of the very hospital where the people from earlier visited upon last night for although that the golden sun was out and about in the big blue sky, this bright day had nonetheless just started for everyone a scant too early for those within the vast and magnificent conurbation to say the least. In fact, there were some who'd found themselves asleep in the comfort of their own beds: at best, recovery from the various injuries and illnesses given out from the cruel hands called Fate; at worst, those same hands were marking time waiting for death to claim its own all at once. Nevertheless, this was where the events are now taking place, picking up where it had been left off hours earlier.

Anyways, Henry was already in his room, still asleep because of what had happened with the pain from long ago; unfortunately, this sensation was just only the beginning. Sleeping in the gurney, there was absolutely nothing bothering the indigo hare with the taboo noise of outsiders even as the complaint had already taken form; after all, it was the least that could be done for the time being. However, he was starting to winced and struggle in weary as his eyes tightly loosened, grasping the faint strands of light that had emanated from the outside world that was called home. Starting to see the sunlight in the standard room that Henry had rested upon from before combined with the electricity from the ceiling, it was clearly obvious that this nightmare was over already for the most part. Soon, the indigo rabbit felt the manacles restraining his arms into place, heralding back to the fateful Sunday morning from earlier ago even to this very moment in question. The last he could remember so far was that of an angry Rinchei and Jaarin confronting him at large for all the trouble that had been cause over the very weekend but nothing more

Surely enough, Henry's nose then just begun to cringe and contort instantaneously, now basking in the presence of an aroma so rancid and foul it had snuffed out the fresh air in the very room. "Rise and shine, Henry, rise and shine," a voice was heard in a gruff sneer so suddenly the indigo bunny quickly recoiled in shock; in a flash, he found the identity of speaker directly nearby: it was Horace himself who continued on, "relax, I didn't come here to chide you for sleeping on the job, not that you have one anymore that is." "What the hell are you talking about; visiting hours aren't until another hour, how did you even get inside my room?" was all that Henry could muster up glaring at the swine. Seeing pass that, Horace then answered the indigo hare in an instant, "well, let's just say that your hour has come once more: I already have taken that you've heard of Scotch's death already but not of his successor taking up the helm; nevertheless, that's part of the reason why I am here. To be honest, all the crazy stuff that has been happening since Saturday occurred because of what your brother did and everyone is starting to think that you've trained him to do all these horrid things: the shooting, the stabbing, all this constant chaos that plagued Novi Finis City to no end until now." "You're lying; Yang doesn't even have the strength or reason whatsoever to take on the entire city and you know that!" Henry spat defiantly despite being held in place, "what makes you say such a vile thing in the first thing, you bastard?!" "Simple: all I have is this to prove it to you…" the swine countered freely as he started to unveil something from underneath his rather large jacket for the indigo rabbit to see: a terracotta soldier.

Slowly, Henry's anger seemed to have subsided and in its place daze and confusion wormed their ways into the observer's weary eyes, a key fact that Horace quickly took advantage of. Without even a warning whatsoever, the indigo bunny started to ask the smug swine slowly, "why exactly have you decided to bring a little stone statue at a time like this just to taunt me?" "Oh, this tiny thing…?" Horace gasped lightly at first with the artifact in question, "I'm afraid that was how this all started: you see here, one of our good neighbors found this in the boy's possession and discovered that it was stolen from the Jared der Schwarzschild museum." "And what does this have anything to do with me at all?!" a burst of anger now reemerged from Henry's tone with a vicious snarl overtaxing his chin. Ignoring this, the swine suddenly answered, "well then, it seemed to be clear that the statue was filled with all sorts of contraband, the same of which was discovered in the basement just hours after the entire district was sealed off upon your arrival no less." "Yes, I did show up here but only to stop the violence that was unfolding at the time, nothing more…" the indigo hare responded calmly but still seething at Horace nevertheless, "if you're implying that Yang's presence has caused all this, then surely you are mistaken." "Maybe not, but I would rather focus on the future rather than on the past if I were you; as a matter of fact, I'm going to prepare myself for my son's funeral soon enough so if you're lucky, then you might be welcome to join us but until then, I have only this to say and nothing more: we will meet again soon enough," the swine stated before starting to walk away from the occupant.

A resounding slam shook the entire room, knocking down some small objects and creating cracks into the looking glass for Henry watch almost helplessly as he laid on that gurney; afterwards, order and stability returned to the silent room all for the sake of giving him much to think about, including his own family: out of many, Suzie took over from hereon out.

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