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Another Winter Day ~Sad Memories~

(Yin's Point of view)

Every time I look out into the window, I see lots of things: presidential posters littering the telephone pole, a tank or two passing by down the street every hour or two, and snow falling onto the already whiten ground. I ask myself many questions about what happened ago including that time I avoided death twice, my master and twin brother, and where our friends have gone; so, to pass the time, I gather my old diary and a pencil to write with to express my thoughts. I lay down across the bottom mattress of the bunk bed we shared and opened the diary great, big, and wide open. I flipped around a lot of pages that I have written in the past until I found a blank page to do so and as my pencil touched it I started off with the first usual two words: Dear Diary, how long has it been for me? To me, it has been forever but it's actually shorter than that to all the other. This is February 0012 of the Postmodern Millennium.

It's been nearly two years since our last battle against Eradicus, the original Night Master changed everything in the town that we still lived in and I have been feeling nothing but sorrow and anger from the people that passed by down the streets ever since the destruction that was left behind; I too even felt those feelings for a long time and so did my brother. Our army that we raised was dropped short when the parents objected to the plan of letting our friends fight and as a result we were on our own again like always; but, that never kept us from fighting. Unfortunately, when Eradicus tried to destroy Yang with the Woo Foo Aura Drain, I jumped in the way just to save Yang even though that we thought I was going die. Luckily, Yang's sword got a strong sensation telling us where our relatives may be since we needed to find them fast so I can undergo a Woo Foo Aura Transfusion with them to avoid death since it's the only cure for taking the hit from the Aura Drain; however, the minute we followed the aroma it was picking up it lead us to one of our enemies named Ultimoose who we found dressed up in my brother's fur as a large bunny. We had to set off again the minute the sword picked up again and along the way I became more of a monkey than a bunny; that was one of the side effects of that deadly attack I was suffering from which made it sound astoundingly ironic from the way I feel it. By the time we followed the sword again, it led us into a dark cave where we attacked by two of Eradicus' minions, Rubber Chucky and Indestructi-Bob, who knocked us both out and threw us in a dungeon with Master Yo who turned out to be a father who managed to save me by getting Yang to come over there to his side with his hand out so he can undergo a Aura Transfusion with my brother so Master Yo can do the same for me.

Speaking of family, things have been going very differently ever since Eradicus was defeated because we woke up in a hospital room somewhere in another town with a terrible headache and we were told that we fell into a coma for over a year because we were in battle against him. At first, when I asked the doctors and/or nurses present if either Master Yo or Yang are still alive, they told me that even though that the two survived me and my brother will be placed into foster care; regrettably somehow, that meant that we'll be taken away from Master Yo. Although that Master Yo wasn't much of a parent to us both, we had a fair share of foster parents who weren't even treating us like family at all just right before we even met him; even so, I also still wondered who our own real mom was. The minute Yang and I walked out of the medical ward we saw a police officer at the main exit whom turned out to be waiting for us both; by the way, his name is Henry and he was a blue bunny just like my brother only older, handsomer, and at least more responsible than him plus his fur is darker. He also had a younger sister named Suzie who had reminded me of myself because she had a purple coat of fleece and she was a lot playful than me; therefore, they looked somehow a lot like us and reminded us of what family is like because I felt like that we had been family all along despite the fact that we lived with Master Yo instead for all that time. Unfortunately, a few weeks after we familiarized in our new hometown Yang developed a habit of cutting himself when he was all alone; at that time, the Woo Foo Dojo was destroyed and there been no reports on the repairs even though the town affected by the shockwave undergoing reconstruction. I guess he felt upset about a lot of things going on in the past and how it turned out even though Eradicus has been defeated; then again, though, we, along with Master Yo, had no other choice but to do it alone twice since Lena's father crushed the hopes and dreams that were built up by our influence. As a result, Henry and I have been watching him ever since just to make sure he doesn't do anything that he might regret later on.

Onto the 'friends' subject, I haven't been able to see any of them that much like I used to ever since that day. I only managed to see Lena a few times a month on the weekends but she barely spoke back to me at all; one afternoon, I encountered her on the beach line shore and when I approached her she ran away from me crying. I also got letters from Coop who was telling me how he lives with a foster father named Steve Scotch; to be honest, he was a police commissioner who was acting more or less of it because of him having a family he tried to keep together, especially through uneasy methods. I haven't heard from Dave or Roger Jr. at all lately especially since they along with their families were exiled from the community ever since. I also miss Jobeaux because he barely wrote me back the letters I sent to him since he had a family to look after because his wife, Annie bore a daughter and that his uncle Lyon had to visit his ailing father so he can nurse him back to health. Too bad about Boogeyman and his parents though since that shockwave, his parents have been grieving about him being vaporized in the blast; in fact, I even heard that they died a month long after.

Well, that was a mouthful since Yang ate his cereal like a cow one morning but other than that, I think that so far things have gone more or less okay, though I hope. Sincerely Yours, Yin… I then closed my diary as my nose just picked up the smell of lunch from the kitchen downstairs. I noticed my brother awakening to the aroma and said to him, "Yang, you can go downstairs if you want any lunch." He responded with a no so I shrugged off and went downstairs. All I hope is that he doesn't read my diary.

(Yang's Point of View)

I looked far and back from the window with angst and disgust at the sightseeing I briefly engaged in as I spotted the things my sister saw earlier before she reached into her diary. On my arms were the scars I inflicted on myself each month that passed by. I then looked by watching as Yin wrote many things down in her diary; although they weren't about me, I looked away again with disgust. I thought to myself about that terrible day when we, even Master Yo, were forced to fight Eradicus alone and that we almost died for it just to stop him. This was also done by ourselves without even the help from the friends we raised them to become Woo Foo Warriors, especially one whose dreams have been shattered in public; better yet, that someone was my girlfriend Lena. As I laid my head down in wonder I start to think about the three people that I cared about the most: my sister, my master, and my girlfriend.

Yin was a lot of things that somehow emulated me. Even though I was the lucky one who chopped and smashed and break stuff before asking questions, I actually considered my sister the true lucky one for I was but a fool. I had no idea what gone on as Eradicus tried to destroy me; in fact, when Yin what about to say that she was going to die, I interrupted her and said she was going to dance. I should have been more caring the minute that occurred but stuff like that barely meant horse radish to me when it comes to death. I was mentally compelled to help her find the relatives who could give my sister a Woo Foo Aura Transfusion, anyway; besides, I only do hitting stuff and not girl stuff! After all, I viewed it as nothing more than just a mere short journey we took all the way. The way I look at it, I have gotten so lucky in a long period of time I haven't fully realized how my sister meant to me until it was almost too late.

Then, when we found someone who could help her, there was Master Yo. To me I know a lot of things about him; for example, during battle or when we train, he was a lot more laid back like any other old man. Even though he was fat, crude, and lazy he was still my master, nonetheless just trying to teach us how to fight against evil. Apparently though, I never thought that he was actually our father; I mean, if he was, how come he went vacationing while we were training, especially when we needed his help the most the minute Eradicus and his minions had us demoralized he drops by dead in front of us and teleports himself to a spa resort without even us knowing the full story? If this was supposed to teach us leadership when we raised our own friends hastily to become Woo Foo Knights, then the only thing it taught me was how he ditched us. I guess that it now means that he played dead in front of us from the start just to get away from us and in the end he became dead…to me, and Yin, and a deadbeat!

But most of all there was Lena, she meant the entire world to me the minute I met her at love at first sight. Ever since three years ago when we stopped that giant metal beetle I tried to get close to her plenty of times; one time, I even sacrificed my love of violence and masculinity became more like Yin, all peaceful and girly, just to do that. But that barely lasted long when Fastidious tried to drown my sister by giving her a bubble bath of oblivion; at least Lena understood what I had to do. We even went on a double date along with Yin and Coop just to keep his evil side in check for that we know that he has the Night Master's energy even though it went out a lot worse than planned because I acted more of a jerk to my sister. Plus, we went out to go spend time with ourselves but Zarnot, my toy robot I threw away when I became eleven, screwed it all up thanks to his scrap yard excuse for a 'girlfriend' he built just to destroy me once he made me drove Lena away with all my antics. In the end, though, she noticed that I was doing these just to keep her safe and we kissed, which unfortunately made me respond negatively because of what I have been through on that day. I still feel bad about Lena, though, ever since her father acted like a jerk to her in front of us and our other friends; people like him just make me want to attack him, crushing the hopes and dreams of many kids, especially my beautiful girlfriend. In fact, I now only worry about when I'll be able to see her again someday; I just hope maybe it should be soon for I would give anything just so I can see her, even if it's just only for one day.

I then woke up to the smell of lunch that came from upstairs unexpectedly as I raised my head up high. My sister noticed me and said, "Yang, you can go downstairs if you want any lunch." I'm not even sure if I want any lunch at all now so I said no. Yin didn't even mind my response as she went downstairs to eat some. I didn't even about it either so I went to the bottom bunk that my sister departure from early and jumped inside the covers. Not even caring about the diary she placed on the bed after she was done writing before I jumped in the bed now on the floor with only the cover open I rested my head on the pillow and closed my worrying eyes as I went to sleep.

Dearest Yin,

Oh, how I, buck buck, miss you greatly. Even though, buck buck, you are not with me, buck buck, I feel that you are still alive despite the, buck buck, outlook. I even, buck buck, wonder about how things are going as I, buck buck, now live with a foster family.

First, I wonder about, buck buck, you, Yin the most as usual: your smile, your, buck buck, lovely pink fur and blue, buck buck, eyes that shine like, buck buck, sapphire earrings I, buck buck, wish to, buck buck, buy you someday. Even though you were, buck buck, mean to me, I, buck buck, still longed for you; why you might ask? Simple, you saved me from the, buck buck, Night Master even though I, buck buck, tried to destroy you; and, I, buck buck, owe you for it. But, ever since I, buck buck, almost corrupted you with my, buck buck, evil since my, buck buck, sortie against him that almost costed, buck buck, both your and my lives, I, buck buck, had to seek wisdom on how to, buck buck, better control my powers. I did it all just to, buck buck, get back with, buck buck, you, Yin, especially when your other, buck buck, friends were joining an army you and your, buck buck, brother Yang, were raising just so they can fight off Eradicus. That also meant I, buck buck, gotten to stand up to Yang; even so, I also, buck buck, gotten too carried away the minute we, buck buck, embraced each other in front of many of your, buck buck, friends. Too bad we couldn't, buck buck, fight alongside you the minute my, buck buck, mom pulled me down to the ground. I'm also, buck buck, sorry that Master Yo ditched you Yin and, buck buck, brother Yang just to go on, buck buck, vacation just to get away from you; thanks to him, I got, buck buck, taken away from, buck buck, mom.

Secondly of all, I, buck buck, muse about my new, buck buck, foster family; in fact, they are all, buck buck, antelopes. First, I have a, buck buck, brother whose name is, buck buck, Burton who is younger than me but I feel like that we are real, buck buck, brothers even though we came from, buck buck, different places. The reason why is because he, buck buck, stutters like me minus the "buck buck" impediment I, buck buck, possess. I also live with a, buck buck, foster mother named Lan who, buck buck, surprisingly acts more like a, buck buck, mother to me more than my, buck buck, real mom. Even though she was a little, buck buck, mentally unstable, she is still sweet and, buck buck, kind. Then, there's my dad who I am, buck buck, really awkward around considering I never, buck buck, had one, buck buck, before at all; in fact, he was a, buck buck, police commissioner of a, buck buck, law enforcement agency called the, buck buck, SC (which was short for, buck buck, Special Constabulary). Apparently, his, buck buck, demeanor expressed over there at his, buck buck, job has caused me to feel, buck buck, far from being, buck buck, complacent; in other words, he's very, buck buck, strict.

Lastly, I, buck buck, been wondering about things that buck buck, been going on. Everyone at school still held a, buck buck, grudge against me for what, buck buck, happened a long, buck buck, time ago; however, the, buck buck, abuse I have been, buck buck, enduring over, buck buck, there has shift to a little more of a, buck buck, silent treatment-type. Even though I, buck buck, held the reputation of, buck buck, being the son of a, buck buck, disgraced publicist, I, buck buck, held onto a new, buck buck, one as the foster son of the, buck buck, police commissioner; conversely, though, I, buck buck, feared him as well as the, buck buck, other people did. One time, I, buck buck, woke up screaming in the, buck buck, middle of the night after, buck buck, having one of those, buck buck, nightmares about that, buck buck, battle you, Yang, and, buck buck, Master Yo engaged against the, buck buck, Night Master, Eradicus where I, buck buck, dreamt that you, buck buck, died and that Eradicus, buck buck, won and dad came in my, buck buck, brother's room where I, buck buck slept telling me to go, buck buck, back to sleep. Nonetheless, those thought made me, buck buck, think about you, Yin, buck buck, again for that I, buck buck, don't even know whether you're, buck buck, dead or alive. I also, buck buck, wondered about my, buck buck, real mother; even though she, buck buck, made the entire situation go from, buck buck, bad to worse by, buck buck, preventing me to fight alongside with you I, buck buck, still feel her, buck buck, presence as well as if she was, buck buck, still alive. I even, buck buck, ask myself the, buck buck, question, "are the rest of our, buck buck, friends are still alive?"

I think that should, buck buck, be all I should, buck buck, be writing for now because my, buck buck, my dad needs his, buck buck, pencil back so he can finish completing his, buck buck, police reports. I, buck buck, better do so soon or I'll be, buck buck, grounded. Well, buck buck, goodbye for now, Yin… BUCKAW!

Coop Scotch

I looked with only a swollen and painful gaze at the environment around me for that I was in a large open porcelain tub of lukewarm water in the center of a dark secluded room filled with lit up wax herbal candles. My face was riddled with scars and thin holes flooded with the same liquid that flourished my life and body, a tang-like ooze my own kind had dubbed tree sap, an (un)known life-force inside every one of us just like the red blood compared to others. The orange baseball cap I wore everyday was not on my head as it always was but instead were mysterious juices that flooded the wounds on my head that gave out a stinging feeling like that you have been stung by jellyfishes by their electric tentacles. I also heard my mother's serene humming as it soothed the sharp sensation caused by the reaction of the fluids submerging the gashes for she was right behind me, nursing and caressing me as mom cleaned the wounds as I bathed while sitting cross-legged; in fact, she was inside the water with me wearing only but a blue towel that matched the makeup on mom's upper eyelids even though I could barely see her at all. I ask myself many questions for that I was a whiny tree stump boy like "why is she there?" or "what happened?"; despite having the feelings of amnesia, I, Davenport Greenwald or better yet known to some as Dave, asks myself, why?

For as long as I can possibly remember I wondered about my species. I, along with the other tree stumps in and out of my family, was nothing but delicate and firm because we were tall magical and botanical beings of nature made of wood that walk, talk, and stuff. Unfortunately for us, we were seen as indestructible and devoid of emotion by many people for that we aren't animalistic creature but sturdy trees cut to size that have no vital organs. Does it even mean that we are indestructible? Apparently, while we look like we can withstand anything, we, just like the people who view us as indestructible, have been known to experience the feeling called pain, physically and emotionally; after all, I even believe that the strongest of warriors can need help sometimes. Sadly though, only a few people know and understand about this anatomy we tree stumps hold; therefore, our suffering is ignored. I guess that might explain why they call it a tough world out there.

I then felt scrubbing on top of my deeply scarred head as mom managed her efforts in cleaning my wounds off me with a sterile sponge as I resumed wondering. Back then when I was merely nine years old, I had been feeling like that everyone was out to get me; even so, I was subjected to the pain and suffering along with humiliation I been through with all these cruel sick jokes I was subjected to, day in and day out, at school despite the action that my parents taken just to insure my own safety over there just to insure that I learn in a safe environment. One of the cruel sick jokes had me sent back home in bandages so quickly my father had engaged in a heated outburst over the telephone with the school administration as he threaten to file a lawsuit against the school if the perpetrators aren't properly disciplined. When the students who did that joke to me got only a week's suspension my dad started to shout very bad words over the phone; even I myself wanted to exact my revenge against them just to show how I felt when they did that sick joke towards me just so they can seek excitement at my expense. Mom felt the anger I silently expressed at the injustice I suffered from and talked to me about it as she said that there are people like that in this world and that sometimes we had to put up with it silently so that we can forgive them later on; in other words, she was talking about two simple things to me: poetic justice and forgiveness. After all, every time I saw Yin and/or Yang I always wanted to be their friend but they scorn, ridicule, and even ignore me whenever I try to prove my worth; however, as I remember what my mother taught me about forgiveness, I didn't even have a care in the world at all no matter whatever they did to me. I put up with all this stuff they did in the past because they were a little nicer than the people who played that joke on me when I was younger.

But I was now older yet still short and had to face reality as it was for that I had to give up my naivety as I was confronting nothing but a string of bad luck around every corner that appeared right behind me while mom started to lower the sponge from my head to my back and started scrubbing off the bloodstained wounds. Ever since the disaster at the city, many of the other people who survived the shockwave besides us and my friends held nothing but enmity towards me and my parents despite their order I reluctantly but obediently followed; one time, we were caught in the middle of a forest fire that killed many of my fellow relatives, including my grandmother, Faye, who saved our very lives at the cost of her own. This forced us remaining survivors out of our smoldering woodland home and into an abandoned village near the river called Sweetwater. There was also my girlfriend, Willow, who left me because of all the infamy my family accumulated for the actions my mom and dad took just to keep me from risking my life too much even though it was just what is best for me. Because of that, even my own brother, Chip, verbally abused me by calling me a coward and a wimp in my face; sometimes, he even punched and kicked me in front of mom and dad and they had to give us separate room to disperse us from one another. But the worst part was when I had been stung by honeybees just nearly an hour ago; the other neighbors over there saw me getting pricked by them and came over there and had saved me but I was stung from all over and had to be treated back to physical health.

Soon, I felt the water splashing onto the top of my scratched head as it washed away all the scented foam from my scarred wooden body. Mom now grasped a hold of my hand gently as she lead me out of the tub and onto a soft rug as she stepped out of it; even though mom's bath towel was already soaked with water from wearing it inside the bathtub, she scrambled quickly to get me a fresh one for me as I sat on the warm violet rug, all cold, wet, and naked. Finally, a clean dry white one was successfully found and mom wrapped it around my body just to dry me off and keep me nice and warm. She then wrapped her arms around me tightly as I stared blankly at the floor and mom whispered to me very quietly, "Don't worry, my sweet little angel; whatever happens, I will protect you, no matter what." After that, mom kissed me on the back of my head not just to show me love but to speed up the healing process of the scars she cleaned and left me alone so she can dry herself off. This made me feel very warm inside my heart and made me smile a little.

Dear Miss Yin,

I freshly became aware of that you have been writing me correspondences just to distinguish if I'm okay. Truthfully, I am alright; it's just that it has been so long since our last encounter on the battlefield against our adversary, Eradicus, attacked our homes just to defeat us all. Alas, since then my family has been seeing the face of trouble other than myself.

First, our formerly benevolent neighborly allies from the township you, Miss Yin have pioneer me to have turned against us. Ever since the disaster, every survivor started to blame the Town President, Muffin (that was in all probability his forename at that time), for all the failures he coordinated that led to the destruction of their town and the deaths of their friends and family members; after all, he was a narcissistic beneficiary and incompetent president to begin with. Soon, he was thrown out of the office along with his consort and the townspeople inaugurated, without authorization I should presage you, Miss Yin, an innovative senator named Gabriel Zweig whom achieved recognition for the speech he bestowed at one of your friend's and comrade's funeral held at the memorial where the other two thousand were buried. Over there, he condemned us all and our parents as sheer cowards for our failure to assist you, Miss Yin, and your kindred, included your brother, Sir Yang and Father Yo against the feral Eradicus; even so, President Gabriel furthermore censured my pa, the king of Redneckistan and my ma for these transgressions. To underwrite that this would signify the ties the town had once held on which he cut down, President Gabriel inculcated his denizens to ascertain a large partition near our borders completed with tangible limestone and sandstone and it was christened the "Stone Shutters of Separation." This was now intended that we, the populace of Redneckistan, are no longer welcomed here at that municipality to reside in or voyage to; not even, I, myself, can visit you. The gravel boundary was guarded from within therefore making infiltration nearly impossible.

Next, my pa grew sick for an illness had struck him; this was known as Angina tonsillitis. The ailment was notorious for creating an inflammation inside the tonsils rendering him unable to articulate very much. Although, that he is still active and in a fighting fit he needed some medicine badly so he can treat his throat; unfortunately, the Stone Shutters stood up to us as an obstacle that was metaphorically mocking us so our subjects had been sent to smuggle for us so that my daddy can live on. The word about his malady sparked two of our relative to visit us: Grandpa Lester and Uncle Boomer whose real name was Lyon Arthur Boone. Grandpa Lester was a patriarchal minister that married my two sisters to a pair of handsomely fine men who stopped by to see us in person and my Uncle Boomer was a brown hobgoblin pharmacist with a degree in medics who made sure his brother, Paris, or in my case, Pa, was in excellent health once more. At least, his infirmity didn't cause the subjects to rebel which I was relieved.

Lastly, I reminiscence about my sweet gal Annabelle, or as I like to called her Annie. After the shockwave, she stopped speaking and listening to me for that my own gal viewed me and even my father as a couple of cowards, too despite the truth that was told to my dear Annie by my ma. Even though she was fairly abusive to a sarcastically verbal extent I didn't impede my gal at all since I still held on to my honor and devotion sweet Annie for nearly a year; this honor and devotion was better known as the art of chivalry. Sometimes, I even saw Annie sneak out of the castle grounds at nighttime to who knows where; one night, I followed her vigilantly out of sight 'til I found her sitting on the shoreline near the banks of the Redneckistan River under the beautiful silver moonlight and she was crying softly. I approached my gal quietly while avoiding the stuff that could start a din up without warning 'til I reached out my hand and started broadening out one of my fingers as it touched my sweet Annie's face below her tearful eyes and wiped them off. My gal realized this and wondered why I did it so we decided to talk for a brief but meaningful period of time; after we had that wonderful conversation, Annie started to kick her shoes off her dainty feet and started to edge towards me seductively where she grabbed onto and kissed me. When I felt Annie's lovely lips, my face turned red for that I realized what my gal was doing and I kissed her back so passionately we fell onto the soft white sand and made love. Afterwards, Annie became expectant for nine months and with the help of Uncle Boomer she gave birth to our lovely daughter, a purple goblin, whom we named Lucille Joanna Beauregard.

Now that you know things have gone a little smoothly for us now that I have some things attached to me that I can now live for peacefully. My lovely daughter Lucille is still two months old and my family has been helping me and Annie raise her. I hope this has touched your aching heart Miss Yin for I must go.

With best hopes of seeing you again,

Your friend and student, Jobeaux

[Roger (Jr.) point of view]

I stood atop the reflective hillside with shame and regret that even surpassed my normal shame and regret under the overcast skies. I held on to two things in my possession: a wooden crate over my right shoulder grasped and supported by my respective hand and the hand of my sister, Tillman in my left. I walked down the hill slowly as I can while holding on to the two things in possession while we were maintaining our distance downward for that we heard thunder roll by. The minute me and Tillman strode down and heard it we then ran quickly in hopes of reaching our mom and dad back home before it starts raining. Unfortunately, the clouds started to pour and we didn't even get over halfway through the thin forest so me and Tillman had no other choice but to find the nearest place for temporary shelter 'til the rain subsided; luckily, there was a large cave nearby and not wanting to risk getting sick from the passing rainfall or having any time at all to check to see any wild beings dwelling here we entered the dark cave. Afterwards, I along with Tillman looked at the rain with wonder and nostalgia because it's been awhile since we watched it together eagerly. I then noticed that she sneezed soundly signifying the cold getting to her quickly so I tore off the top of the wooden crate and broken it into smaller broken planks; soon, I quickly started a campfire to lighten up the cold temperatures in hopes she wouldn't get sick. At that moment, I wondered about the past and how I wished to go back to the good old days.

Ever since that day, we were chased out of town by a raving mob of survivors, many of them whom approached us with eyes of shock and outrage as they held up pictures of their sons, daughters, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncle, grand-kids, parents, grandparents, and even friends in their hands screaming and crying the words fiends at us. The people who did so shouted at us as they demanded why we couldn't destroy the Night Master Eradicus when we could have stopped him; in fact, they were sticking together so quickly I thought that we were not going to beat them all. Even though my parents were fearsome enough to beat up many people, they didn't think that this many people would be having us surrounded…not that much lately; however, one of the members of the newly engaged angry mob (a well-dressed one, I think) told them to be quiet and he started to walk towards to my parents and gave us a warning to leave the remains of the town by sundown. That would have given us an hour or two (or maybe even three) 'til then to pack up and leave; unfortunately, one of the other people in the angry mob from before was hungry for vengeance and impatient hastily threw a torch through the kitchen window that soon started a fire while dad attempted to pack lunch for us inside. Mom heard my sister's cries for her parents from the nearest room and I went in after her to get her out of there quickly; soon, the whole house was up in flames and we had to evacuate. Fearing trouble from the vengeful mob we sped off in a SUV the minute dad turned on the engine only to break down the minute we entered the outskirts of town; as a result, we had no choice but to continue on foot with the stuff on our back. Luckily, we saw a set of old houses by the river and even though they were built over hundreds of years ago we settled there anyway for shelter.

Tillman then tugged onto my rain soaked shirt begging me for something to eat so I dug inside the wooden crate and pulled out a loaf of bread; then, I broke it in half as a way to share it with and offer it to my sister while I looked on about my family as I ate my share of the bread. After we were kicked out of town, hard times fell on us because dad lost his job as a legalized pillager of the town not to mention the falling reputation he had before and after he got married and had us, me and my sister. In fact, Tillman can't start school yet since they were wanted; therefore, we had no choice but to live off the land just to get food. For starters, our mom and dad had to go off and hunt for food so I was placed in charge of Tillman while they are away. Sometimes, when it's not raining, we even went fishing with makeshift rods that we created from bundles of sticks we picked up for firewood; other times, if we're lucky, we go out into the woods and pick berries. Even though this sound kind of fun, I still felt loneliness and shame creeping up into my soul; this even worsened when the woods we went to get berries was wiped out by a forest fire that took place a few months ago. Because of that, only one thing etched in my mind: stealing food; once every week at night, I would dress in my parents' dark clothing, walk into the city docks, make off with a crate of groceries without paying, and return back before anyone found me. Of course, I got caught by my dad one night when he went to get some water from the river and saw me wearing his top hat from his wedding day; although he got angry that I was wearing it, he realized that I was justified so he didn't say a thing at all and we kept a secret so mom wouldn't know about it being stolen.

Soon, thunder boomed and lightning crashed without warning as they startled me and woke Tillman up with a cry, compelling me to hold onto her and rock Tillman back to sleep while I worried once more this time about my friends. Yang was the only thing that made me feel like more than a rival every time we fought against each other; in other words, he was more like a friend to me instead of an enemy, my enemy. Even his sister, Yin, made me feel more than just a friend to me. Lena even took out on a date once even though she was actually Yang's girlfriend. And Dave and Coop were fine comrades to fight alongside with even though they were dorks before; but, then again, they became cool. Too bad I can't see Boogieman again, now that he's dead. The others I used to be friends with before I even met them all now turned against me and swore death on myself and my family.

I then saw the fire burn out but I also heard birds chirping for they have returned back outside signaling the sunshine's return. I even heard my dad's voice that was looking all over the open field for us both so we came out the cave to get our attention. My dad came straight to us the minute we waved at him and he exclaimed, "kids, where have you been? We have been out looking for you since the rain had started pouring!" "Sorry…," I gulped as I rubbed the back of my head in concern and guilt. He soon relented and sighed as he then said, "Let's go, you two…we can't keep mom around waiting, you know?" Dad carried the crate of food ahead of me while I followed him behind as I held on to my sister as we headed on our way back with mom.

(Lena's point of view)

Day 598

I stared into the ceiling with an awfully warm and dizzy feeling above my head as like I was sweaty; in fact, I am sweating! A bag of ice was above my forehead to douse the heat I have been feeling along with a thermometer in my mouth and a bedspread soaked in my ailing sweat and littered with used tissues. A tall glass of cold orange juice was next to me along with a remote that both sat over a wooden drawer close to a lamp even though I could barely pay attention to any of the objects in the dark room so I simply just laid there in bed. Even though the TV was in my room, the only programs that were on were filled with nothing but lies and deceit that can even be found in newspapers my dad read while I rested in bed. I only wore white underwear in bed in order to contemplate for the sweat I been inducing; better yet over time, every time I got sick my dad had to wash the sheets every week to prevent me from getting pneumonia. Back when I used to go to where the school used to be, kids like me were taught that illnesses were usually caused by bacteria and viruses that invade our bodies to attack our immune system, the defense mechanism that attempts to destroy the germs inside of us; sometimes they can occur when we get thrown into a cycle of grieving and anger so what could I be grieving about? I grieve for being sick and tired of being sick and tired, I grieve for my friends I couldn't seek for, and most importantly I grieve for my mentor and best friend Yin and my boyfriend Yang; so much for sickness unto death.

It seems that I'm no longer the me that I used to be, ever since that day of the attack. I sleep too much once a while because I feel that the world now hates me and I stay in my room to isolate myself from the society that swore to kill me and my dad as a way I can dream of a world where none of this ever happened. My father could barely find work now since we lived in the farm with our disgraced name; I could even refrain myself from looking him in the eye or at his face because it reminded me of the person in my life that crushed the hopes and dreams I carried with to be a Woo Foo Knight. Sometimes, I even go to beach when no one is around but not to go swimming in the ocean but to look at myself for that the fur reminded me of the sadness I expressed when my dad lost hope in triumphing over evil. Hope is like a mirror a best friend forever holds on next to you when she does your hair and it's made from a type of special sand called dreams; to be honest, the ocean is like a mirror to me. The entire world that's filled with all kinds of people is also an ocean and if there are a few bad people bad in there we should never lose hope because there are also good people in the ocean as well with the bad and they even outnumber them in strength and numbers so why do I feel like thinking the opposite? It because I lost something that I cared for the most that keeps my hopes and dreams high: my friends.

I then coughed a sickly and rough cough through my throat into my fist so as I removed the thermometer from my mouth I reached for a wastebasket nearby and spat into the plastic bag inside of it; there I saw it containing a patch of blood so I looked away from the spittle-ridden trashcan and sat it back down onto the floor while I stared at the window in thought of my friends. For me, each of those friends of mine are like other planets besides Earth that I visit to and regardless of the shape, size, and/or species we all speak the same language; unfortunately, I'm now far away for them. Kathy and Paige are still alive but they rarely visit me in bed because of the new town president's propaganda he directs about the art of Woo Foo; one time, he even declared war on Hah-Woo-Foo-Chris-Nakamas for every dumb thing that was orchestrated on that holiday especially leprechauns exiting the outhouse with baskets filled with all meat that came from who knows where. Dave, Roger, and Coop were all cool and nice to me even though they were kind of awkward judging from their characteristics. Back when Boogeyman was still alive we were talking to each other like we were really sister and brother together just like Yin and Yang even though that he spoke out words that I rarely understood. There was also Vincent van Growl who was very kind and generous who made feel like I was a bear too; I guess with all the people assuming about my species, I think of it as confusing since everyone thought of me as such…but I digress.

Now my arm was stretched out to grab a hold of the orange juice my dad left for me to drink so I held it up in the air, brought it to my lips, and started to taste the fruit as it when into my throat, drowning the germs that hidden inside while I savored the flavor gleefully; afterwards, I returned the glass back to the drawer I picked it up from and laid back down face up again as I stared back into the ceiling thinking about Yin and Yang. Unlike Kathy and Paige, Yin was the first person whom I met who just wanted to know me and spend time with me like she wanted to be my best friend forever which she was. Even though she was shallow I barely even cared about it because sometimes she sees the light through whenever she makes a mistake that almost costs her greatly but she lives through it; I mean after all, even an expert or even a professional can make mistakes. That is where I start to think about Yang, the bunny who always finds a way just to do the same thing Yin does to me when she's around only that he loves me. In fact, I do love him back and the reason why I think so is because I think he's cute and devoted to protecting me, his sister, and all of our friends from those that do us harm even though they started with them first. You know what I think, anyway? I loved them both so much I wanted to be with them and train alongside them like we're family or couples and that may shock you but hey…it's my thought alone anyway.

I now coughed again this time it was very thick and raspy. I then spat into the wastebasket once more and still saw a patch of blood only this time it was smaller than the last. I then heard the door unlocked as dad came home back from work to check up on me to see if anything changed. My arm reached out towards the orange juice glass that was now nearly empty and emptied the last of it. I then went back to sleep just as he came inside the room. Dad went towards my bed and even though I felt his palm over my tepid forehead I was already sound asleep.

Dominique: Wow, now that's a mouthful... Oh and I noticed that there are some allusions I want to share with you all before we leave. First off, Henry and Suzie were based off from the brother-sister duo from Digimon Tamers only that we have made them both into rabbits (duh). Secondly, the emo Yang thing idea actually belongs to GriffinsMustFly; it's just that we took it to make Yang's point of view more angsty than his costume (please don't sue us both!) Coop's last name is not Scotch; we though it up after watching South Park but we modified it for YYY readers to make it fit the story for Coop's point of view since he's now adopted. Muffin, no longer president, will now watch Gabriel Ziegler do business in town now as the new president; besides, he's also based after Gihren Zabi from Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 because he rocked in the original series and in Andrew W.K.'s soundtrack, Gundam Rock. Also, Grandpa Lester is based after Lester from "The Cleveland Show" but not into his abrasive characterization because he is so old and Uncle Boomer is based off of Boomhauer from King of the Hill whom he made into a hobgoblin after watching a mockumentary about the Civil War (but we aren't telling you the name at all).

Sanzo (sprouts from his cage): And if you're wondering about Lena coughing blood, don't worry, we are not going to kill her in the story at all. Besides, while I was writing it I got sick so I thought that Poor Lena would fit the bill. Coughing up blood isn't always a bad thing and you know why? It's because I went to the school nurse to check up on thing and she told me that it's the enviroment that causes me to do so.

Dominique: You know, speaking of blood...I'M GOING TO BEAT YOU! (takes out a whip)

Sanzo (scared): PLEASE READ AND REVIEW-AHHHHH! (Dominique cracks a whip at Sanzo and beats him)