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Another Gray Reminder ~"If…"~

(Master Yo's Point of view)

I can't believe that things I saw have now changed before my eyes. I walked down the streets of town with the collar of the blue winter coat I bought recently and wore over where my ears were as I concealed my face to keep the other pedestrians from seeing my face already tarnished with guilt and sorrow. The descending blizzard was rushing towards my visibility each time I took a step over the streets I crossed over quickly but carefully before the traveling cars started to drive by when the traffic lights changed from red to green. My feet even felt the cold snow that I walked upon it; even though I always felt it before every time I stepped over it for every winter day that I witness, this time the coldness ran up to my spine despite the follicles I had on my body that gave me the warmth to defend myself from whatever that winter threw at me. Then, I realized the chill up the back of it wasn't filled with my fear of something great but the sadness of the innocent people, both active and deceased, in the form of tears already shed, occupying the frozen concrete I strolled through since when it was approximately over a year ago. Soon, the feeling went up to my head like I had a brain freeze and it made me go into deep thought.

The truth is I was always different when I grew up, being a panda and all. Unfortunately, many of the people I met, before Yin and Yang, looked at me and saw me as a stupid, fat, slow, and lazy animal; I even got upset if they relate me to a raccoon. In fact, the stereotypical portrayal of Woo Foo pandas also infuriated me once ago when I saw the commercial of the movie, "Woo Foo Panda" and the sequel, "Woo Foo Panda 2: The Rabbit Years," which my kids participated in getting a starring role in, despite the responsibilities of being Woo Foo Knights; however, I soon realized that the movie was a evil plot concocted by Eradicus and his minions to destroy us which we quickly thwarted. Anyways, I was taken in by Ti and Chai when my biological parents were killed in a civil war since when I was two; back then, I had strong aura coursing throughout the insides of my body, mind, spirit, and even my soul all in one channel. Even though they weren't always the best foster parents around, I think they trained me very well when I finally grew up and understood what they were doing. Unfortunately, because I spent most of my youth in training I had no time to have friends since they view it as an obstacle, especially back then when evil ran rampant.

Soon, I felt something hit me in the back that was equally cold as the concrete I previously stepped on for it was thrown by a bunch of playful children whom I ran from as far as possible; afterwards, that moment I encountered with reminded me of someone I loved and cared about before. She was an ocean blue rabbit named Luna Eclipse who had patches of pink on her ears leaning against a tree all pale and cold while sitting down; at first, I was shocked, but as I saw her I somehow felt happy and warm as I stared into Luna's sparkling purple pupils that shone me the way through the blistering cold. She had lost everything for that it was taken away from her and had nowhere to go for the snowstorm had led us both astray and forced us to wait; before then, I had to go outside to get firewood. Soon, I realized that Luna was still staring at me as she felt warm and protected and I felt so weird and new but it didn't take me long to find out that it was love at first sight so I showed her charity and kindness by going back to the dojo with me the minute the blizzard gotten weaker; while it was doing so, Luna and I talked about our pasts and about ourselves. When we reached the dojo, Ti and Chai got a little mad at me for forgetting the firewood but my masters gotten interested with her because they thought I brought her over there as a new student; honestly, it wasn't my idea, but we both liked it so we started training and studying together. One special evening, Luna and I went out together and even though that it wasn't a date it turned out to be one and at that evening we admitted our true feelings for each other and as a result we got married. After a year passed, Luna got pregnant and gave birth to our kids, which, you guess it, turned out to be my own two students, Yin and Yang who were also bunnies.

Speaking of which, I then start reminiscing about my son and daughter students who were now taken away from me the minute the coast was clear as I starting walking again still holding onto the cloak against my face. After Yin and Yang were born, Ti and Chai brought them to me so I can meet them myself and boy, was I surprised that they both didn`t look like me at all, but I was still happy, especially when I held Yin and Yang the first time in my arms; in fact, I got amazed when my son went to the bathroom while being wrapped around in his own blue cloth. But then Ti and Chi thought that I wouldn't train those children properly since they turned out to be my kids so they took away my memory of Yin and Yang being born along with the memories of my dear Luna; because of this, I was completely alone and became bitter and grumpy for that I had no one to love. Then, one fateful day, I found them on the way back to me when I was pursued by the spirits of my masters that Yin and Yang would be coming here to me and even though I didn't remembered that they were my kids, believe it or not, I became less grumpy now that I had someone to care for; I also stopped yelling at kids to get off my lawn and I even started to laugh and smile again for that I found joy again. Unfortunately, like my old masters Ti and Chai, I had no parenting skills either, so I pretty much let them both down; the least I could hope for now is that they found kind parents that would show the same kind of love I could have shown if I only I hadn't been too irresponsible.

Soon, I saw something that made my mind run faster than when I ran outside of the outhouse the minute I cleaned the toilet free of wolverines and lost my fur in the process. I swore I saw something pink and/or blue by the window so I carefully walked closed to the window 'til I had a perfect viewing angle to watch as I put the side of my hand across my forehead to shut out the rushing snowstorm that was invading my visibility. It was when I saw my son, Yang walking towards the bunk bed for that he was very tired and sleepy for that I felt that he stopped caring anymore. Even though that he didn't see me or noticed me in anyway whatsoever but I was assured that as long as he is around with his sister Yin they would be fine.

[The mother of Coop's point of view]

Damn…I haven't felt this woozy feeling in my head since that New Year's Eve over ten years ago when I had two or three glasses of champagne at a party I went. And, yes, I was now at already home getting smashed over alcohol because I was drinking red wine; in fact, this was my third drink and I was starting to become very cold as if nothing ever mattered to me anymore. But it has been always like this for me since almost two years ago for my reputation was blackened with my prideful and hankered transgressions. My precious Coop was snatched away from me from child services for that sometimes I felt that he was resting with the dead in the cemetery for all eternity to pay for the sins of falsehood and lust I committed or taken away to work in the diamond mines to pay the taxes the community needed as it fuelled the greed of big corporations and the banks for the money I earned. I had almost nothing but a tall work of stemware in one hand, a large bottle of half-empty wine in the other hand, a table underneath the objects I held in them both, a chair I sat on with even my resting legs below the table, and a nearly empty house with a roof over my head. Up 'til the day I told my son not to fight the Night Master at all, I used my talents to improve his reputation by destroying the ones who did him great wrong, especially the rabbits who put him in harm's way no matter how much they try to deny it. I guess would be best to better remind myself of how I got Coop into my life in the first place.

It all started approximately fifteen years ago back on a unusually lukewarm January somewhere in the late years of the Twentieth Circle Era; to jog my memory briefly, that was the timeline our society had used three years before the Postmodern Millennium for even though there were cars, cell phones, and entertainment system that were high tech it was actually a dangerous time. It was known as the Warring States Period for that we were in the middle of one terrible war battle after another against an opposing army called the Crucibles led by a charismatic and mysterious leader named Lao who was better yet known as the man who despised the world and its problems that were caused by it. Truthfully, before he declared war on the whole entire planet we lived in, the people were acting prejudiced and bigoted towards other people of all species who came from other war torn lands and moved here to start new lives in our community; even though our old town president, Routan Volkswagen encourage kindness towards outsiders of all races, we openly refusedto show it. The citizens also held envy and contempt for their own neighbors from every species including the tree stumps, the zombies, and the people who had fangs, claws, sharp teeth, or were somehow monster-like; even so, they had the media lying about the war going on down there as they spread propaganda to the people that were watching it on the daily news. I was around my early to mid twenties and was working for one of the news team as a journalist for the war trying to get the truth out as much as possible even though I would get in trouble; one fateful day, the infection of war spread to our town we lived in and the army was called in to push them back to the outskirts. The explosions of battle were so powerful I nearly got caught in one trying to run away from the chaos and had a suffered a deadly concussion were I my mind faded away like the time I once watched a show called "The Countertenors" when it suddenly cut to black at mid-sentence to the credits against my wishes. When I woke up in a medical tent, the doctors told me that the battle is over and that I lost part of my memory in the middle of the military sortie when an unknown soldier found me stranded and unconscious in the rubble of a worn down building. He revealed himself to be a cadet in his mid to late twenties, a humble yet brave male black Teal named Sir Kyle D. Sollapur who saved me and as a result I did some things for him to pay him back to the point of dating him.

I then noticed that the glass I had that was nearly seconds from consumption was spilled over onto my hand causing me but great annoyance so I got a sheet of a paper towel from across the table to dry my wine stained hand; afterwards, I resumed drinking as I poured myself another one to make up for what I spilled. When the wars subsided for awhile, I used the stalemate as a limited time opportunity to get to know Kyle a little better while the town was repairing itself from the damages it took from all these battles the occupants had seen and experienced. Every time we had the chances to see each other we get to exchange our inner thoughts and deepest secrets with each other; also, we went out for dinner once or twice a month. We had been on that same blind date for over two long years while our town was rebuilding for at least until one night when we were walking through the open field and that Kyle admitted his true feelings and proposed to me so I accept his proposal to marry him; still, the story wasn't over yet by a long shot. A month after our marriage, I baked Kyle a nice heart shaped strawberry cream pie while doing so in my frilly hot pink apron with nothing else on but a white chef's hat during our Feast of Lupercalia just for him; soon, Kyle was so aroused by the sight of my nudity we had quickly started to make love to each other on top the table. Another nine months had passed after we had made love, where we spent those months caring for one another until the egg was laid; since then, Kyle and I had been taking care of it by keeping it warm like most birds do when they lay their eggs. Three weeks later our son was finally hatched miraculously despite the wintry temperatures of November that held us down; unfortunately, an air raid brought the war back into action and he was then called back into battle again while during the last days of the month before we went to December. Before long, my house was under attack by falling bombs from the enemy's planes above that rattled the ground viciously 'til my home was finally reduced to rubble the minute the roof collapsed inside.

Now as I started to drink my fifth glass of wine I then felt my hand shaking voluptuously, spilling the red drink all over the wooden table as if my own body was trying to telling me something extremely important so I sat up and decided to walk to the living room to sleep the feeling away; however, as I did so, I finally started to think about my son Coop. Ever since the air raid, I was forced to accept the fact that my husband was now no longer with me to help take care my newly hatched son as we hid in the rubble to avoid being captured by the conquerors that captured the destroyed town; while doing so, I witnessed the unspeakable atrocities committed as my Coop was being drowned in blindness and the breast milk I fed him. I wrote down a diary of events that occurred every single day for over a month while feeding off of the food that I smuggled without being spotted 'til one day on Christmas Eve, a bright miracle happened when the army from another town came and retook the town from those bloodthirsty bastards who ransacked and blew up those neighbors out from all our homes. Once I realized that the war was before long over, I then published the diary to the open public a few months later for the whole entire world to see what I have seen and experienced after I lost my husband to the war torn battles that were fought and had to keep my son alive while I hid in the rubble from the enemy army. My autobiography became a sleeper hit in just two weeks while I still nursed and used the money from the book to buy myself a house away the town I now once lived in before to start a new life for the both of us for it had too many nightmares for me to bear; although Coop barely remembers the war, I'm still worried about what could have happen to him when he was about to fight the giant griffon. I'm not even sure what to do with him being sociallyawkwardaround the people he encountered in his life for so long; I guess I have done enough interfering too much. If I truly cared about my son, maybe I should have let all the water pass under the bridge and not use my talents to get what I want just to make sure he grows up happy; now it seems too late for me to even do that.

I staggered on inside the narrow hallway not even caring that I dropped both the wine bottle and the stemware onto the floor that broken into glass shards laden with the dark red liquid I drank for now. Soon, I then lay on the jade couch to rest my head for what tomorrow may await for me now that I'm losing my way in life that once applauded me for the articles I written and published with the people who read and review them even though they bought them just to see me. I had the trashcan right next to me ready to vomit the alcohol back out of the same mouth I used to drink it and the television was right in front of me yet I left it off for the program where now absolutely crap thanks to our new town president's propaganda spreading about over the airwaves. Suddenly, my eyes got watery as tears started to form in them both while I cried myself to sleep about the things I lost during my life: my husband, my job, and now my son Coop…

Every second I spent looking out of the open window while lying down on the bed face up in the empty room I slept in, I stared at the bluish purple nighttime sky that reminded me of some things I just can't put my finger on. Even though that by doing so I let the draft in, I didn't mind at all for the door was closed to keep it from going throughout the house; however, I was all alone for my beloved wife, Eileen (or Ai as I call her), slept next to Dave, one of my two sons, whom was recovering from the honeybee stings that had been endured. I then looked at the twinkling little stars with hindsight and forethought all-in-one together like my beloved sons, Chip and Dave, as if they were born twin sons instead of the boys born few years apart. Now I was thirsty for water so I decided to climb out of bed and walked out the room and inside the great outdoors; because my remaining family and benevolent brethren now live in a ghost town made up of pueblos, adobe houses made up of mixtures of rock and clay, we barely had any contact with the rest of the entire world. I got downstairs very carefully to avoid making any noises so everyone else can get some slumber to prepare them for what the morning after may await us now that we have been driven out of our home by the nightmarish fire that was set on that fateful day. Finally, I reached the nearby lake where I kneeled, drew out my hands, cupped them both together, dug into the water, raised them back up again towards my mouth closely but carefully to avoid spilling it, drank the refreshing liquid, and swallowed it whole into my stomach; apparently, the taste of the stream was just like honey, I realized why the town was called Sweetwater. Looking for a place to sit, I found a flat cylinder-shaped stone close to me by a few seconds apart and took a seat on it; then, I stared at what used to be the forest we once lived in that was a mile away as I pondered on about the things I worry about greatly.

The first of my thoughts plaguing my dear mind were the women I once had encountered in my life that I once knew and cared about. Back then when I was younger and before I ever met my precious perennial Ai at all, I once had a family, two people to be precise: my first wife, Amandine, and my real daughter, Ava; surprisingly, both of them had blue leaves instead of the standard green that most of us tree stumps had on their heads. Abnormal leaf colors, such as blue for instance, in our point of view represented that they had special powers and heightened awareness and intuition; nevertheless, I loved the both of them with all my heart and soul like we were truly a family. Unfortunately, when Ava was four years old Amandine contracted an advanced case of anthracnose where she withered brutally and died; because of her death, it made us both very sad. After a year had passed, I dedicated the rest of my life to make sure that Ava grows up as a healthy and intelligent young woman; however this didn't come to pass though when she turned six. That was when the war struck our homes and I was separated from my daughter while in the midst of the grueling chaos we tried to escape from as enemy soldiers armed with flamethrowers burned down our quiet neighborhood. After the war finally ended on New Years' Eve 1500 of the Twentieth Circle Era, I gotten word that over tens of thousands of people were reported missing making me feel hopeful for I felt that Ava was among them; sadly, my daughter was never found at all and they had to call off the search within months.

I then stare at the three bright full moons high up into the sky and my mind started to play a lovely trick on me as I thought that I was seeing them as puzzle pieces that I pretended to put together only to find that Ai's face was in the pretend puzzle, looking straight towards me and smiling graciously; soon, I start remembering how I met her. It was a stormy August afternoon of the year 0001 of the Postmodern Millennium which was over a year after the Twentieth Circle Era ended yet some people called the calendar the Twenty-First Circle Era; nevertheless, I lost hope in the future itself for the last war maliciously snatched away my wife and daughter so I wanted to erase myself from existence forever. Although the town I lived in had still been in a fierce debate about a forbidden topic, I felt that there was nothing I could live for now on the one hand so I sat onto the cliff of a waterfall, sled off and started drowning; but, fate on the other hand seemed to have had other plans in store for me for the things yet to come. That's when I finally saw her the minute I woke up and found myself spitting and coughing up water out of my mouth on the shore as those divine lips above mine's kept on partaking in a technique known as the kiss of life so I can be brought back to life slowly until my body was filled with air again once more; each time Ai did that, it felt so passionate even though I didn't know if she was married or not...that is until Ai told me that she was widowed when her husband got killed in service. Afterwards, I decided to invite her over to dinner every fortnight as a way to repay Ai for her kind act, each date we went on quickly turned into playful nights for the two of us; soon, we got engaged to each other and got married. I finally realized what has saved me from my eternal hereafter of grief: it was her smile, kiss, and love that spared me from my own death; henceforth, I called my wife Eileen, Ai because to me it meant love.

Now my head tilted to the fertile soil where I stretched my hand out along with the fingers attached to it and started to draw a face of someone I knew since I married her: it was my stepson, Dave. Every time I look at him in the face, I couldn't help myself but worry about his safety; sometimes, I shouldn't because I know that Dave's willing to prove himself no matter how many times he gets himself hurt in the face of those who wronged him. But I'm Dave's stepfather so I can't help but worry because that's what both fathers and stepfathers do, even when he travels along with the people that do him harm on a near daily basis; come to think of it, though, the twin rabbits Dave call them friends did had a nasty habit of taking advantage of him when he just wants to be their friend. Sometimes I tell myself I'm a terrible one for not being around for Dave every time he sees them both, especially the blue one; even if I could follow my stepson around, it could barely help so what could I do? Well, part of me, or in some cases, half of me wants to reach out and grab Dave, lock him up at home so he can help around the domicile with his mother just to keep Dave from getting into more trouble; but, I couldn't do so because it wouldn't be fair for him to hold Dave back from the exploits he shared with them, even if they take all the credit. So the only thing I can do is pretend that I don't see for I knew that his high spirits, his bravery, and his luck that keeps himself from feeling any fear at all; everyday, he comes home from hanging out with his friends, talks about his day with us starting with the positive things that happen to him, eats his food, does his homework and/or his chores (whichever comes first), obeys our every word, bathes himself, brushes his teeth, and goes to bed. And therefore I realized that by the end of each day that passes by, I ended up nurturing and letting him grow up to be a happy and healthy man; after all, whenever I look him in the eye, I see my own daughter smiling at me and as a result, I feel that it's all worth it.

Now, I stood up off the flat immobile boulder and prepared myself to go back to the home I left from only to be approached by the familiar face I saw in the moon for Ai was there; apparently, I realized that she noticed that I went out to counter the sleepless nights I had on a nearly nightly basis and she was worried so my wife started to ask me what was wrong. I told her that I was asking myself about whether or not what we did for Dave the minute he was about to fight that horrid beast was the right thing we did; I even asked her if he still resents us for making the same decision that one of his friends' father have made for her. She then told me, "Hal, you know and I know that there was nothing we could do for him based on the tribulations he had been through; all we want is what's best for him." I then responded to the answer my wife gave me by asking her another question, "was it worth it for Dave; better yet, was it a mistake for me to be impulsive the moment I saw you eleven years ago that my cheerful smile toward David and Chip the day they both grew up was nothing but a façade I wore and grew accustomed to?" Ai, unfazed at the tone I had spoken in even though I wasn't actually angry, then said, "Truthfully, despite everything that happened, it was better off that he should be able to outlive the both of us; besides, Hal, it wasn't a mistake at all for you to be like that but, if it was, please look me in the eye and tell me the truth!" I realize what she was trying to say to me so I walked up to her closely and slowly, looked her straight in the eye, and slowly spoke, "Ai…, the reason I marrying you…and asked those questions…and answered them wasn't because I'm upset at you or what we both did…it's because I…I…I…I LOVE YOU!" When my wife heard what I had just said she grasped me very tightly with both arms as if she held onto me for her dear life and sobbed, "OH, HALLIBURTON…I LOVE YOU TOO…I…I JUST DON'T WANT OUR BOYS…TO DIE…BECAUSE OF WHAT WE DID…; THEY'RE THE ONLY ONES…WE HAVE LEFT TO LIVE FOR…AND I DON'T WANT TO…LOSE THEM…TO THE WORLD THAT…JUDGED US BOTH…!" I then wrapped my arms around her tightly at the same time as my head rested on her leaves with my eyes too becoming watery while I comforted my wailing wife and whispered, "That's okay, my sweet Ai…that's okay 'cause I'll…I'll…I'll standby you…to the bitter end…even if it means…my life." Even though it felt like we kissed each other, we didn't; but, since we had been holding on to each other for so long we were at standstill from embracing and shedding tears with one another all because we could barely let go of each other, fearing for something unknown that maybe watching us.

(The mother of Jobeaux's Point of view)

I sighed quietly as I knitted and sewn with the needles in my hands clad in mittens a set of clothing for my granddaughter as she slept in heavenly peace and tranquility in a makeshift crib we made. I looked at the success I have made on the light blue shirt I made through my weary eyes where I have noticed that my glasses were starting to slip off my nose so I readjusted the pair back to my face with my fingers. As I sat in the rocking chair I started to ponder on what to make for Lucille next thus I stared at the wonderful spools of the colorful yarn rolled up neatly; I even saw a rainbow yarn among them as well. However, I decided to rest my tired hands for a while so I put the materials down on the table quickly and carefully; afterwards, I laid my palms down across the armrest as I became frail from the task I undertook. I looked out at the window and saw wonderful birds flying in the sky freely, far away from the cages that they were almost or once trapped in. As I watched them fly by, I started to imagine that a clock flew by along with the flock even though it was impossible for it to happen; then, I reminisce about the time I had spent back in my younger days.

Before Redneckistan was even formed, the people, including my family were living in a dangerous time; in fact, we were merely the first generation, the founding fathers and mothers to be precise. About over ten (or twenty) years ago, the kingdom of Americana was conquered by enemy soldiers from another kingdom known as the Britannica Empire after they stormed the capital of Wollaston and burned down the White Castle, the president's home. I was running for my life in the midst of the chaos along with my two young daughters, Elaine and Eloise, whom were both still young (probably around five years old) at the time; before the war, I had nothing at all to begin with and I wasn't even married. To compensate my poverty, I worked nights in the red light districts to help support my daughters so they can grow up healthy…in others words, I became a harlot; even though that sometimes I would enjoy doing these things, I also gotten a hold of my urges just to do it for the sake of my girls alone. Anyways, we fled from the disarray taking place at our homeland we were being driven out of as we finally reached the border; after crossing it, we had no choice but to look forward ahead of what awaits us in our journey. Needless to say, despite everything that occurred over there, I stood by outside to shed a tear for the mortifying defeat my hometown and native soil of Wollaston, Americana had endured at the hands of that contemptible Britannica.

I then saw my husband, Paris in his standard brown house robe, walking towards the kitchen to get orange juice and judging by the moment he got from point A to B and then straight back, point C (being the obstruction) was that he made no eye contact or started a conversation with me at all; compassionately, I then thought about how I met him. After those bloody Brit soldiers destroyed our home, my daughters and I went into the southwestern direction in hopes of finding an unconquered territory to settle in; luckily a month before the attack, a small regional area known as the Kansas Republic seceded from the kingdom of Amerigold as an act of neutrality when they sent their ambassador, Benjamin St. Jude to negotiate with Britannica. During that time, we were forced to live off the land meaning that we traveled to and camped in many places we settled into, someplace there were lush forests, other places there were barren deserts and they were also places called cities that had the scent of concrete and tar. After traveling for nearly a month on foot we have managed to stumble upon the Kansas Republic territory; unluckily, though, because of the increased vagrancy I had engaged in I then collapsed onto the hot grass and fell unconscious. My legs were so worn out from traveling westward I could barely even crawl on my knees; I even thought that I was going to finally die if it hadn't been for the man I had married that took me into his own home as an act of hospitality towards me so I could rest. Me and my daughters managed to settle in Kansas for a while when I managed to grow closer to my husband-to-be Paris 'til we were finally engaged; unfortunately, before we were lawfully wedded, the Britannica Empire decided to expand beyond Wollaston and broke through the borders. Because of this, the townspeople were rushed to battle the invading soldiers as they poured inside the town and they fought to the bitter end with all their might; in the end, however, my husband got reduced to a mere husk of a brave man he used to be which I stood by nonetheless throughout the rest of my life knowing that his bravery is still inside him, waiting for the right moment to come back again.

Now, Lucille woke up and started to crawl around the crib as it was prattled a few words out that although didn't make sense was a way of telling me that my granddaughter wanted something so guessing that she wanted milk, I decided to fix Little Lucy some for her; while I decided to do so, I started to ponder about it feels to be young and in love. My son, Joseph, was merely eleven years of age when he met Annie; in fact, she was merely thirteen at the time as well and that makes him two years younger. But, that didn't matter to my son at all because I knew he would try to impress Annie; after all, since it was merely true love, who are we to judge it by lovers' age and height. The tides almost turned on both of them when the new king of Redneckistan, Indestructi-Bob usurped me and Paris out of the throne of royalty and to be honest, from the moment he came back to the time he reclaimed our good honorable name, we only cared about how Joseph was going to go get us back on the throne. Although he would have done it the so-called "Woo Foo" way Joseph had managed to save our homeland the old-fashioned way out of patriotism and love. However, the events that caused the unspeakable tragedy from two years ago almost gotten us torn away from each other and the domain's subjects demoralized had he and her girlfriend not split apart. Now because of the bond they shared it made the two of us adults wondered what it would be like if we had met earlier as in if we were younger than we ourselves are now.

At last, the baby bottle that was once empty like a box Lucille could play in when she gets older now filled with the white liquid of calcium ready to be consumed. I splashed a few droplets onto my hand just to check if it was okay to be drunk out of and only five of them came out. Nonchalantly, I then went back to the room where her crib and the clothes I sewn just for my granddaughter are in and picked her up with two hands while one of them still held on to the baby bottle I was going to put in her mouth with. Finally, my other arm managed to form itself into a cradle that I held my Lucille in as the baby bottle was planted between her lips and she was now suckling the milk out of it. This moment of silence was so quiet all I could do is look at her with thankfulness and serenity as if she was one of my daughters so I sat back down on the same chair I rested my bottom in working with these threading spools of yarn. I hope that she would grow up to be the best there is; let's just wish that our former allies don't charged into town and plunder everything we have in possession that meant value to us all.

[Roger (Sr.)'s Point of view]

Ahhh…I don't where I can start myself off at; I don't know what I can and/or want to say. I don't even know what should talk about; I mean, does anyone even cares about it at all…? Anyways, I digress as I wiped my forehead because I realized that nobody is around at all and even if there was that somebody would be none too happy to see me; in fact, instead of the usual screaming from my could-be victims I end up doing the screaming instead. Irony is such a frustrating pain that fate gave birth to as a way of making other people's lives get interesting whether or not it goes their way. The way I look at myself and my entire life so far it's like that when one person searches the net for the definition of it, the result starts to forward itself to a portrait my face being split down in the middle with only half of me angry and the other happy. But I think it would be wise that I start from the beginning lest I will become berserk with uncontrollable rage that would compel me to just randomly find someone to take it out on.

My wife, Judi was the one thing that's usually starting to pop inside my head whenever I thought about something; to be honest, I think that just to put it kindly for argument's sake, that she wasn't always that angry or controlling. Back before my marriage, I didn't have any children or a wife at all; in fact, I never even went out on dates with younger women. All it mattered to me was…oh, who am I kidding? The day I met her was actually the day we got married on the account that it was an arranged marriage; apparently at first, we didn't want go through with this at all which, unfortunately for us, it was actually normal for people to go through this sort of thing. However, we realized that this was for the best since we had no heirs of our own; besides, since Judi's mother had little time to live we came through. Although the unity was awkward, I was willing to stand by her as she did the same for me; however, the relationship that we both shared together was a definition of ambivalence.

I then sighed with emptiness and doubt as I pretended to stare at a portrait of the four of us, me, my wife Judi, my son Junior, and my daughter Tillman, spending real family time with each other back in the old days. Almost a year after our marriage, Judi started to give birth to a baby boy; surprisingly, when I looked at him closely he looked back at me and giggled shyly. Because he reminded me of myself alone, I named that boy after me because I knew that one day he'll grow up to be big and strong just like me. Junior did grew up to be the son I dreamed of but, when he turned six my beloved Judi gave birth to another child; this time, the infant was but a baby girl and she looked gentle because she barely resembled any of us when it comes to her face and complexion. I wanted to call her Tillie, short for Matilda, but my wife insisted that she should be named Tillman instead which was kind of a weird name for such a little girl but I digressed anyway. While I focused my attention on my daughter, Judi focused hers on Junior so that we couldn't miss out the misadventures of the lives they both had; but, now all that matters is that they should be able to outlive us both.

Now, I grasped onto my trusty wooden club in the palm of my tight blue hand and looked at the spikes that dug inside it; by doing so, I then reminisce about my job as a scary monster before the marriage. Most of the people like me that pillage cities and destroy towns are doing this job illegally because of the fun and joy it brings; but, my way was actually considered the lawful way because the only thing that counted when it comes to being a scary monster was that I find someone to challenge another male to fight me in battle. I never challenged any female of any age whatsoever at all, just men and men alone; frankly though, most of the people I challenged or been challenged by were mostly the two rabbits that my son hangs out with. Even though they were just little kids that I was tremendously power never got to beat them or any of the people I encountered at all because my wife would always be there to make sure that we wouldn't miss out on what our kids are doing. Now that I lost my job and license I am hunted down by the vigilantes that were hired by the same town that drove the four of us out of here; what used to be being big business is now the survival of the fittest because by the end of the day one person, or a group of people in some cases, wants the other dead. I don't want my family or myself to be the other but we also don't want to be that person or people at all either…all I just want now is peace and quiet. If it becomes too much to ask for, I will see to it that the offender will be taught a strong lesson for disturbing my wishes that s/he'll never forget…permanently.

Now, I saw my wife walked by with a yawn but she barely spoke to me at all for that she was tired and not in the mood for discussing this with me as she got inside of the covers of bed. Normally, Judi would just tell me to go to sleep like a kindergarten teacher in the afternoon but now all she did was grunted and murmured a few words to me as she attempt to sleep away the pain inside our minds, well mostly hers because only Judi herself controls her mind but no one else. Not wanting to wait for an argument to brew, I did the same and closed my eyes slowly as we attempted to get some sleep ourselves even though we did not face each other.

(The father of Lena's Point of view)

I looked at myself in the mirror not for anything wrong with my flesh and skin but for anything troubling my spirit and soul. What I have said to my daughter was the crucial thing that led to what we're facing on about the world now as I saw my drying and dying crops being victim to a disgruntled neighbor setting parts of them on fire. Whenever it happens, I had to get out the garden hose and put out the fires myself; my cries for help from the brave firefighters were being ignored as they arrogantly assumed that I should handle it myself. There was also my flower child, Lena, who now looked at me with a sickening glare as I stretched out my hand and laid my hand down on her sweltering forehead to check her body temperature. The doctors would even do their jobs as such every time she got sick but also swindle me in a dryly humorous sense of vengeance whatsoever; some even had little regard for the Hippocratic Oath they were supposed to uphold every time they did their job and there were even a few who were quacks. Even my house suffered from the recent vandalism that took place each night that passed by as broken glass, graffiti, egg yolks, and even rotten fruits and vegetables alike littered the wooden structure outside our humble home. Plus, the cops barely did a darn thing at all when it came to this especially the new ones who just tie themselves up in other important things, intentionally or otherwise. Because of this, I was now on my own two feet more than ever in my once usual lifestyle ethically forced into defending our household from the very people that would potentially posed a threat to my possessions, my house, myself, or, heaven forbid, my daughter. By doing so, I then start to remember things in the past that made us both the dysfunctional father-daughter duo we are now in this time and age.

Back in days of the old times, probably back in the late years of the Twentieth Circle Era it was actually a dangerous time to live in or to begin with; that was even before that disaster that shocked the entire kingdom to (what's left of) its knees and even more worse than the event itself. A war broke out between the Latin kingdom of Pakavel and the opposing Republic of Condovel over the resources in the territory being discovered; the twist to it was that I was serving in war as a foot soldier of my homeland which was my choice to do so to seek out for the answers to the questions I brought up it my mind. Each mission that me and my squadron were given had been completed with unexpected effort as if we were immune to death; no matter how many times we gotten injured or how hard the mission was, we managed to gain the respect from our fellow superiors. Unfortunately, everything changed all on Pascha when my squadron was given a mission to attack the city of Tyrone and capture it to hold off the enemy troops; little did I know this mission would greatly impact the rest of my life as I knew it… forever. When my squadron managed to do so, my ears started to hear an infant, probably at around two years crying so I sent my squadron to secure the capital; soon, that certain someone was the source of crying I heard. It was a baby puppy with the fur of turquoise that had light shining against it brightly and it was female with the hair and pupils dyed with the color of a tender set of grapes that had been squished gently to make wine so that the people who drank would enjoy it while basking under the shade of the palm tree. I also saw two bodies aside her soaked in blood and buried in large piles of debris which by realizing them both these two people were actually her parents whom my comrades and I inadvertently killed. Not wanting to have her get involved with this and gravely disgusted for I had done I fled from the area quickly as I can while holding on to the child I rescued as a explosion blew up the area my men had to secure; although this consequence to my actions led my fellow comrades to their deaths, it also saved me and the child I left with.

Soon, I heard rustling in the bushes and jumped out of my chair to investigate it only to realize that it was a freak wind blowing itself soothingly against the corn cobs; because of my overreaction, I then stared at the nighttime and watched the stars where I hallucinated that they were arranging themselves to form a picture of the daughter I adopted and thought about. After the war, I decided to spend the rest of my life as a father to her to pay for actions I committed in the very war I fought in that had taken away her real parents by death itself; her appearance made me think of a name to call her and Lena popped into my head like a red firecracker bursting in midair on the Fifth of Foo-ly. It was a long and grueling process I put myself up to as she grew and grew like many children should and I was proud of it as I waited each year patiently as Lena started to turn older with Easter coming and going as the spirit of it guided by fate washed each layer of me cleaning me of the transgression before and during my fatherhood. However, each year she grew so did my fears, fears of her being judged by her appearance, fears of her being taken away from me, fears of her discovering the truth. When she asked me why her mother wasn't around on Mother's Day I was worried that if I told her about the war, she would think about her real parents that had I taken away so to do this I concocted a lie; this lie was about her birth under the circumstances that had her mother die during childbirth. Although that this was a blatant lie I told her it was also logical enough for her to believe; after all, I was a bear but Lena was dog whom we nevertheless love each other as father and daughter respectively. Unfortunately, like all lies the truth had to be exposed someday so I decide that when she becomes older, probably when she is sixteen, I will tell the truth about her real parents with the hope that she'll grow to understand; sadly though, that day may never come at all for me to do so.

But now it seems that those days are now over as she laid in bed while recovering from the waves of sicknesses that came and gone each week or so like it was a rainstorm of bewilderment that she had endured. Sometimes, the things that I had said to my daughter when that big bird attack our fair city, most of the words that I had no control of, was a story back in the early Eighteenth Circle Era involving a nail being traded in exchange for a shoe. Back then it was known as an important proverb about how even the smallest of actions leading up to the largest of consequences and these consequences where usually negative because when people were young and learned about that word it was considered a bad thing for that if they did something their parents didn't like, the rod wasn't spared. In that case I put this proverb into interpretation: because of my sudden outburst, Lena burst into tears; because I didn't care, the other parents reconsidered again; because of that reconsideration, those rabbits and their father nearly failed; because of their near failure, the town changed; because of change, my neighbors hate me; because of their hatred, my daughter hates me, too; and because of her hatred, Lena is now sick. All because of this, the illnesses struck my daughter fiercely and without prejudice like a hurricane that struck in the middle of autumn; soon, I realized that the source of it was the sadness of the things called friends that she grew near and dear to that have went away and the anger towards the decisions I made two years ago. I even saw her coughing up blood and spitting it into the trashcan once in awhile; one time when that new town president of ours made his first state of the address speech he said this, "To all the parents responsible for this calamity: because of you, the blood of the innocent your children were entrusted with is now on your hands!" When I heard those words he spoke about on television, I looked at them and also pretended to see the blood of her parents I had taken away a decade ago and with the last of my mental stability I turned the TV off as if I felt that he was addressing it about my Lena to me and me alone…

Now it was getting late so I decided to turn in and call it a night like I have been doing since that very day I told her no fighting, twice in a row that is. I stopped by at my sleeping daughter's bedroom and stretched my palm out onto her forehead and felt the warm sweating droplets developing under it as she rested it on top the white cloud nine pillows. My body too had sweat on it as well but it was different from hers for it was forming under my armpits so I reeled my hand back to me and wished her goodnight as I left her room. Soon, I found myself in the bathroom and decide to start up a warm bath since we had no shower head to begin with thanks the past rampant voyeurism going on in the past few years not wanting Lena to become victim to a peeping tom. While the water was rising, I took this as an opportunity to sort out my pajamas I can wear to bed once that bath time is over; now, the water level was adjusted to my view of the meniscus and with my clothing stripped off of me I got inside the bathtub. Normally, when it occurs it was best to start out with both the washrag and the bar of soap in possession rubbing against each other to create a foamy friction between the two; but, tonight was different because I had none to begin with. As I thought about the things I worried about, I started to cry, fearing that she'll be taken away from me forever after everything I did for my dear daughter Lena, I felt that it was all for naught to me.

Author's Note: Now that's a mouthful... I guess I should rest for now; but, before I do so, I want to thank the authors Afalstein, Futuredream3000, GriffinsMustFly, and blueflower1594 for helping me for what to say for some of the characters in the story. I read your stories anyway and they were very great; also, I like to give my thanks to a SanrioAnimaniacs13 from DeviantArt for the Luna idea and I got to say the picture looks freaking beautiful!

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