As stated in the summary, this will be a LV/HP story with a female Harry. So don't complain that I didn't leave enough warnings.

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"Avada Kedavra!"

A sickly green light struck Kalista Raven Potter right on the forehead. And time stopped.

Part of a weakening seal shattered, and an ancient being's memories and powers finally woke after centuries of forced slumber. Her power lazily reached out much like a stretching cat. In that moment between time, she took in the situation. Her human body was caught somewhere in the middle of life and death.

That would not do. Much of her power was still sealed, so this mortal body could die. And she refused to wait to be reincarnated again. Gathering what power she had access to, she threw it at the cloaked figure.

Time started again.

And Lord Voldemort was met with the green light of the killing curse reflected back at him. The last thing he saw was a pair of tri-colored eyes. A ring of true emerald green, a ring the color of bright new leaves and surrounding the pupil was a ring of molten gold. Those inhuman eyes gleamed with an ancient rage and unquenched bloodlust in the face of a toddler. Then his own curse struck him and his body disintegrated.

Lord Voldemort's spirit escaped but those eyes would haunt his thoughts for years to come.

Once her attacker's spirit was gone, her tri-colored eyes faded back to the former human green. She wondered why that cloaked human didn't fully die but then decided that the thought could wait for another day. For now, she was tired. Closing her eyes, she slept. She would deal with things when she woke.

She did not wake when a half giant picked her up and awkwardly cradled her tiny body. Nor did she realize when an old man placed her upon the doorsteps of her new family. She did not hear the old wizard utter her new title.

The Girl-Who-Lived slept on unaware.


I know it is kind of confusing, but well…aren't most prologues.

The tri-colored eyes come from the Meredith Gentry novels by Laurell K. Hamilton. I don't own that idea either.