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Chapter 2

Kalista felt distinctly uncomfortable standing in the middle of a crowd of eleven year old humans. The group was currently positioned before large double doors, waiting for the stern looking witch, who smelled an awful lot like a feline, to return from wherever she went.

"I hear Kalista Potter has come to Hogwarts."

A boy moved to stand in front of her. Kalista turned her attention to the speaker, whose haughty tone grated on her nerves more than what was actually said. His white blond hair and gray eyes sparked a memory, but this one was too young to be the man in Knockturn Alley. A progeny perhaps?

She kept her expression neutral, unsure if she could keep the sneer off her face. The boy's arrogance did not bode well for his future. "So?"

Obviously, her response was not the expected one judging by the slightly disgruntled look on his face. The boy shook it off though and continued proudly. "I'm Draco Malfoy." He motioned behind him. "And this is Crabbe and Goyle."

"I did not ask for your names."

Draco shrugged. "You'll quickly learn that some people would make better friends than others." His eyes flicked over to the redhead boy she snapped at on the train.

Ah, so the boy wanted to play politics with her. A pity, really, that she despised the games most politicians were so fond of playing. It wasn't to say that she couldn't manipulate people if she so chose to; she just preferred a more…direct solution. Hopefully one that resulted in bloodshed and corpses. Humans tended to disagree with her mindset on that matter.

Kalista merely found it hilarious that humans could be so squeamish nowadays.

Thankfully, the stern witch chose that time to return. Kalista was already tired of dealing with children.

A croak caught her attention as well as interrupted the professor.


Kalista stared at the boy who gently scooped up the toad. His appearance was average enough to be of little notice, but there was something about him that called to her. Something familiar but she couldn't place a finger on it.

The procession of children entered the Great Hall without further ado.

Glancing upward, she briefly considered disrupting the spell that kept the many candles afloat. The mass panic would no doubt be spectacular.

The professor began calling names, and Kalista put the tiring thoughts aside for another time. She watched the sorting with interest. The redhead boy went to Gryffindor. The arrogant blond went to Slytherin. A bushy haired girl went to Ravenclaw. The average boy went to Hufflepuff.

"Kalista Potter."

She ignored the whispering that broke out almost immediately after her name was called. Calmly settling onto the stool, she felt the professor drop the hat onto her head.

What's this? An ancient one? Well, this is a surprise.

I trust this information will stay between us?

Of course, of course. A confidentiality spell is in effect. Not even the Headmaster will learn your secrets from me. Now, where shall I place you?

I did not realize students had a choice in the matter.

Normally, they don't but you are different. You would not fit into any of these Houses. You have the ambition and cunning for the Serpent's House, but their instincts of self-preservation would not sit well with you, a goddess of war and strife. You have the courage for the Lion's House, but not their narrow-mindedness. The Badger's House does not fit you in any way. And the Eagle's House cares more for books and studies than you would. So, I am at a loss of where to place you.

Well, if that is the case…Ravenclaw then. They sound capable of leaving me alone.

Are you sure?

Yes, yes. Just hurry up. I am tired of sitting here.

Very well. I shall place you in "RAVENCLAW!"

Kalista handed the hat to the professor and turned to the cheering blue and bronze House. When she sat down, her eyes drifted to the staff table. Almost immediately, her eyes locked on to the old wizard sitting at the center of the long table. For a moment, she saw not the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry but another old wizard with a wooden staff who lived lifetimes ago. One who put her in this situation in the first place.

His name escaped her lips in a whisper. "Merlin."

Kalista struggled to keep her face blank as white-hot fury burned through her. She bit back a snarl when the old man raised his goblet to her.

Could it be possible that the Headmaster was a descendent of Merlin? If he was…

She quickly looked away to glare at her plate, sure that her eyes were no longer human green but the glowing tri-colored irises of the goddess she had once been and will be again. If the old man was truly a descendent of Merlin, she would kill him. She would have no mercy because she was a goddess of war and death. And neither had ever had any mercy to offer.


Kalista settled into a seat in the Potions classroom with Hermoine Granger doing the same next to her. The bushy haired witch gave off the same air as the boy with the toad, Neville Longbottom. It annoyed her that she still didn't know why they stood out to her.

So, she struck up a friendship with the witch, hoping to find some insight to the problem. Being roommates, befriending the other girl had been a simple task.

The door slammed open and the professor dramatically swept in, effectively silencing the classroom without a word. "There will be no foolish wand waving or silly incantations in this class…I don't expect many of you to appreciated the subtle and exact art that is potion making."

He cast a cold look around the room. "I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. I can tell you how to bottle fame, brew glory and even put a stopper in death."

Kalista arched a brow at the last phrase. Stop death? She sniffed in disdain, sure that even a Potions Master couldn't stop death when she foretold it.

Snape's head whipped around to glare at her. "Miss Potter. Our new celebrity." He paused to sneer at her. "Tell me, what would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?"

Hermoine's hand shot up immediately but Snape blatantly ignored her.

Kalista smiled sweetly and tried not to laugh at his attempt to demean her. "Draught of Living Death, Professor."

His eyes narrowed. "Where would you find a bezoar?"

Yet again, Hermoine could barely stay in her seat.

"Stomach of a goat." Kalista wrinkled her nose. "Messy business though. It seems rather cruel to cut open a goat just to take something from its stomach."

Snape scowled. "What is the difference between monkswood and wolfsbane?"

"It would be the same difference between wolfsbane and aconite. Despite what you think, Professor, I did read through my books before coming to class."

Looking rather sour, Snape snapped out at the class. "Well? Why aren't any of you writing this down?"

Snape did not speak another word to her for the remainder of the class, but Kalista was sure that he would not get any friendlier than that. It seemed she had made an enemy, though she had no idea how.


The next morning dawned far too early for her taste. Silently cursing the sun, she readied herself for the day. Hermoine had been impatiently waiting for her in the common room, much to Kalista's chagrin. It was disgusting that anyone could be so chipper in the morning.

She somehow found herself sitting in the Great Hall without any idea of how she got there. Kalista absently continued putting food in her mouth at the breakfast table, not paying any attention to what she was consuming and wondered about the mysteries of the world. She really hated mornings. Kalista glanced up at the sound of wings just in time to see the owls arrive.

Macha dropped a rolled up newspaper in front of her mistress, then proceeded to make herself comfortable on said mistress's shoulder.

Kalista affectionately stroked the mock owl's head. "Hello, Macha. How are you?"

After hearing a pleased hoot, she opened the paper. The headline jumped out at her.


She frowned at the vault number. 713. That was the vault Hagrid stopped by after bringing her to her trust fund. Shaking her head, Kalista decided it had nothing to do with her. Though, she suppressed a grin at the thought of what the goblins would do to the idiot who dared to break in if they caught him. There probably wouldn't be much left to even identify the poor bastard. The fact that the thief didn't even take anything would not matter to the goblins.

"That's horrible. Who would want to break into Gringotts?"

Kalista raised a brow at Hermoine's question. "No idea."

The bushy haired girl continued frowning.

Kalista just shrugged and finished her toast. "It has nothing to do with us, Hermoine. We should go before we are late for class."

Seeing that her new friend was following, Kalista set off to Charms class. A stray thought stopped her in her tracks, and Hermoine nearly ran into her.

"What's wrong, Kalista?"

She plastered a false smile onto her face. "Oh, nothing. I was just wondering if I forgot anything before we go to class."

Accepting the answer, Hermoine nodded and they continued on their way. Thankfully, the bushy haired girl didn't notice how her friend's green eyes darkened with anger.

Kalista gritted her teeth. The break in would take up most of the goblins' time, which meant there would be even more of a delay concerning the information about the old deities. Narrowing her eyes, she forcefully tamped down her volatile temper. For now, she would let things be and allow the goblins to take care of their own business. But, if this proved to be too much of a delay, she had nothing against getting involved.


Sighing, Kalista rolled out of bed and pulled on her robe and shoes. Despite keeping noises to a minimum, she noticed that Hermoine shifted and woke.

"What's wrong, Kalista?"

"Can't sleep. I'm going to wander around for a while."

Hermoine sat up. "What time is it?"

Kalista absently cast the Tempus charm. "A few minutes after midnight."

"It's after curfew. If anyone catches you…"

Seeing her friend absently shrug, Hermoine huffed out a breath. "Do you always go wandering around at night?"

Kalista grinned. "Not always, but I am more of a night person."

"No wonder you're always dead in the mornings."

"If you're so worried, Hermoine, why don't you come with me and help keep me out of trouble."

After a short silence, Hermoine sighed. "Oh, alright. If we get in trouble though…"

Kalista solemnly nodded. "I will take full responsibility for any points taken or detentions issued."

Despite actually contemplating the fact that she was about to go around breaking school rules, Hermoine's lips twitched upwards. "You better." She crawled out of bed. "I think you're a bad influence on me, Kalista. Wandering around after curfew, I can't believe I'm going to do this."

"You do not have to come."

"And let you get into trouble by yourself? I should, shouldn't I?"

Sharing smiles, the two girls crept out of the Ravenclaw tower. They wandered aimlessly, pointing out interesting pictures and tapestries. They were climbing some stairs when a cat found them. All three parties froze.

Hermoine finally whispered, "It's Filch's cat."

Kalista nodded. "Looks like it." She waved a hand at the cat. "Go away before I throw you into a fireplace."

Scandalized, Hermoine gasped. "Kalista! Don't say that!"

Whether the cat understood the words or not, it yowled rather loudly.

Kalista frowned and turned up her nose. "When I get my hands on you…"

Hermoine gave her an incredulous look, whether for threatening a cat or wasting time was unknown. The sound of running footsteps caught both girls' attentions.

"Oh, no. It's Filch." Hermoine grabbed Kalista's arm and dragged her to the closest corridor. The back haired girl followed but made sure to cast a dirty look back at the smug cat. Hearing Filch's voice, they ran faster.

They stopped when they came upon the door at the end of the corridor. Hermoine growled when she found it locked. Jerkily pulling out her wand, the brunette cast the unlocking charm and they both hurriedly slipped in and slammed the door shut. They breathed a sigh of relief.

Hermoine pressed her forehead against the door. "I can't believe we almost go caught."

While the brunette mumbled to herself, Kalista wrinkled her nose at the scents in the room. It smelled like fur and rotten meat. Hearing shuffling noises, she spun around and came face to face with a dog. A big dog. With three heads. Instead of reacting like any human would, Kalista studied the canine with an amazed look. "A Cerberus. How rare."

Hermoine frowned at her comments. "Cerberus? What does that have to do with anything?"

"Oh, just turn around. This is fascinating. They were once rumored to guard the path to the Underworld. I wonder if this one is fully grown."

Hermoine slowly turned around and promptly stared with growing horror at the huge animal.

"Judging by the smell and its size, it eats a lot of raw meat. Someone is taking very good care of it. Look at the shine of its coat, Hermoine."

The three-headed dog snarled. Hermoine screamed and pulled Kalista out of the room just as the dog barked and leapt at them. Both girls slammed the door shut.

"Its teeth look very healthy as well."

Hermoine ran her fingers through her hair, looking rather frazzled at the near death experience. "I wasn't looking at how healthy its teeth were!"

Kalista nodded. "That is understandable."

They trudged their way back to their dorm.

Just before falling into bed, Kalista turned to Hermoine. "The dog did its job well though."


"You were so distracted by the dog that you failed to notice what it was standing on."

Half regretting her curiosity, Hermoine asked, "What was it standing on?"

Kalista smiled, looking far more amused that she should in such circumstances. "A trapdoor, of course."


Halloween eventually rolled around without much fuss.

Kalista stared blankly at the large white feather sitting on the desk in front of her. She was brought out of her stupor when Hermoine elbowed her. "Huh?"

The brunette rolled her eyes. "Wake up. We're practicing the levitation charm."

"Oh." Pulling out her wand, Kalista resisted the urge to just set the thing on fire. She really hated mornings. Next to her, Ronald Weasley attempted the charm without success.

Looking annoyed at his pathetic attempts, Hermoine finally snapped. "Stop before you poke someone's eye out. You're saying it wrong. It's Wingardium Levi-O-sa, not 'leviosar.'"

The redhead gave her a dirty look. "Why don't you try it then, know-it-all."

Kalista tightened her grip on her wand. She disliked the boy immensely. He was forever trying to impress her all the while looking down on Hermoine.

Hermoine ignored the jab and performed the charm with little effort. The feather floated up much to Professor Flitwick's delight.

Kalista laughed lightly and congratulated her friend, though she did not miss the dark look on the redhead's face. Hermoine grinned proudly, oblivious to anything else, and Kalista preferred it that way.

After class, they walked behind a group of boys on their way to their next class when they overheard a conversation.

"Did you hear her? It's Levi-O-sa not levio-sar. Honestly, I can't believe anyone can stand someone like her. Potter's probably only her friend out of pity."

Kalista bit back a snarl when she recognized the bright red hair. Before she could do anything though, Hermoine rushed past her, leaving behind the faint scent of tears lingering in the air.

Fury burned in her chest. Hermoine was brilliant. A little worshipful of books, but there was something special about Hermoine, even if she didn't know what. The brunette may have been human, but she was a friend. Her friend. And being a once worshipped ancient goddess, Kalista was very possessive about what she considered hers.

Quickening her pace, Kalista stopped to face the redhead. "I am not Hermoine's friend out of pity, Weasley. You are just jealous that I befriended her and not you. Get it through your thick head that I want nothing to do with you."

With that, she spun around and followed Hermoine's fading scent. Being more than human was exceedingly helpful at times. Her senses led her to the girls' bathroom, where Hermoine wept in one of the stalls. Kalista sneered at the horrid green color.

Tentatively knocking on the door, she didn't receive an answer.

Kalista sighed and sat down. She had a feeling they would be there for a while. "Really, Hermoine. Do not listen to that idiot. He is merely being an arse because a girl can do better than him. Males tend to be like that for some unfathomable reason. We should be glad that we are females."

Hermoine reluctantly giggled a little. After a while, her sobs ceased and they sat in companionable silence. "I've been wondering, Kalista. Why don't you use contractions when you speak?"

Kalista blinked at the sudden question. "What?"

"You always say 'I am' not 'I'm,' and 'do not' instead of 'don't.' I haven't heard any contractions from you yet."

Thinking quickly, Kalista made a joke of it. "Contractions are so…informal."

Hermoine laughed. "Only you would complain that contractions are too informal for your impeccable tastes."

Kalista turned up her nose and spoke in a rather snotty tone. "Of course. Only peons would speak so crudely."

There was silence for roughly three seconds before both girls broke out laughing.

Pulling herself back together, Hermoine left the stall and sat down on the floor next to Kalista.

"Ignore the prat. He is jealous because you are so much better than he can ever be, pureblood or not. You are actually better than most purebloods, Hermoine. They somehow attained the idea in their heads that constant inbreeding is worth the blood purity."


"Of course." Casting a quick Tempus charm, Kalista grinned. "Classes are over."

Smiling, Hermoine nodded. "Should we go to the feast?"

Kalista shook her head. "I do not feel like moving."


Within half an hour, both girls were asleep leaning against each other.


Odd sounds woke her. Thuds echoed in the corridors, as though something heavy was being dropped over and over again. The sound was getting closer, too. Kalista ignored the ominous noises. Annoyed, she gently shook Hermoine awake.

"What is it?"

Kalista frowned slightly. "I have no idea. Probably just someone's joke. We should go to bed. Sleeping on the floor is not very comfortable."

"You're the one who didn't want to move."

"Yes, yes. Drop all the blame on poor little me."

Hermoine laughed as they gathered all their things. Turning to leave, both girls froze at the sight of a troll standing stupidly just in the entrance.

Hermoine gaped for a moment. "Oh…"

Kalista conceded to herself that ignoring those sounds had not been a good idea. Then, she turned her full attention to the unwelcome intruder. "It is rather ugly, no?"

The brunette's voice was shrill when she regained use of her vocal cords. "I don't think now is a good time to be distracted by that!"

The troll tired of staring at them and shuffled closer, all the while raising its club to strike. Hermoine screamed and scrambled into a stall, staying close to the ground.

Kalista swore and ducked when the troll swung. Half of the stalls exploded into splinters by the force of the attack. She covered her eyes to prevent any wood from getting into the sensitive tissue. Unfazed by the imminent danger, she quickly grabbed Hermoine's foot and dragged the terrified girl towards the back wall. The troll blocked the only escape route.

Kalista hurriedly searched for her wand but couldn't find it on her person. She swore when she remembered it was in her bag.

The troll roared and swung again. A sink exploded. Hermoine scrambled back as far as she could. Kalista could smell the tears overlaying the brunette's usual scent. Distracted by Hermoine, she didn't see the troll swing again until the brunette screamed at her to move. Kalista jumped to the side.

While the club just barely missed her, she was separated from Hermoine who was closer to the damned creature. The weapon was swung again, this time straight at the brunette.

Reacting instinctively, Kalista threw up her hand towards the troll. "Die!"

Her magic, her power rushed to obey the command.

Long ago when she ruled the battlefield, Morrigan had been able to kill without laying a hand on her victim. She merely needed to want her opponent to be dead and he died. That had been her most powerful ability. It was what she had been most feared for.

Now though, with nearly half of her powers still sealed, she could not utilize her most potent ability to its full potential. Instead of dying, the troll lost consciousness. Although, whether it would ever wake or not was up for debate.

Thankfully, Hermoine, who had been clutching her wand the entire time, had desperately cast the levitation charm at the last moment. The unconscious troll had lost its grip on the club, so the weapon hung midair.

The two girls slowly breathed a sigh of relief just as the professors rushed in. McGonagall nearly had a heart attack at the sight of the troll. She probably nearly suffered another one when she saw the two wide-eyed students covered with little cuts and bruises.

"What happened here?"

Kalista glanced at Hermoine who was still in shock. "We were about to go to our dorm when the troll came in. It swung its club around a few times before Hermoine used the levitation charm to bash it with the club until it was knocked out."

"Students were told to go straight to their dorms!"

"Ron Weasley said some things about Hermoine earlier, and she ran here. I followed her to calm her down. We have been here since then, so we did not hear anything about that."

At a loss of anything else to say, the Gryffindor Head of House nodded jerkily. "Very well. Both of you should go to the Hospital Wing to get those cuts looked at."

Kalista nodded and helped Hermoine to her feet. After gathering their things once again, they made their way out of the bathroom.

"And…" McGonagall pinned them with a stern look. "Not many first years can face a full grown mountain troll and live to tell the tale. Ten points to each for sheer dumb luck."

Forcing her lips to curve upwards, Kalista pulled Hermoine to the Hospital Wing. They passed Snape on the way. Kalista absently noticed the scent of fresh blood clinging to the Potions Master.


After Madame Pomfrey finally stopped fussing and left them to sleep, Hermoine pinned the black haired girl with a sharp look. "What was that earlier?"

Kalista attempted an innocent look but knew she failed horribly when Hermoine's glare only darkened. She sighed and refused to meet the brunette's gaze. "It was nothing."

Despite her temper, Hermoine kept her voice to a whisper. "That was not nothing and you know it. I did not bash the troll until it lost consciousness. I barely did more than scream."

"You cast the levitation charm."

It was a weak defense and both knew it.

"Yes, but that was all. I did nothing to the troll. You, on the other hand, screamed at it to die and it collapsed immediately. Explain that, Kalista Raven Potter."

Silence permeated the otherwise empty wing. Something in Kalista wanted to tell the brunette everything, but wariness held her tongue in a tight grip. "It is…" She trailed off.


"A secret. A very important secret, so do not try to guilt me into telling."

Hermoine pouted then sighed. "Alright…"

"Think about it, Hermoine. The credit goes to you for defeating the troll with a levitation charm. You can rub it into Weasley's face."

The brunette rolled her eyes in exasperation. "Alright! I won't ask about your secret."

"Maybe one day I can tell you."

Unspoken words hung in the air between them. I will tell you when I know that I can absolutely trust you.

"I wouldn't break your trust. Whatever you tell me will stay with me unless you say otherwise."

Kalista did not respond.

A thick silence settled over them. There were no other words to say, so they fell asleep with far too many things left unsaid.


"Hagrid is the gamekeeper."

Hermoine's toast stopped halfway to her mouth. "What?"

Kalista systematically mutilated a strip of bacon with her fork. "Rubeus Hagrid."

"Yes, I know who he is. What about him?"

"He is the gamekeeper."


"So, he should know something about the big three-headed dog in the third floor corridor. He is probably the one feeding it."

Hermoine put her toast down. "Okay."

"Say, Hermoine."


"Would your parents mind if I followed you home for Christmas?"

The brunette tried to follow the sudden change of subject. "I'll owl them about it. Why?"

"I need to visit Diagon Alley, and I cannot do that while stuck here over the break. So? Would you like some company for the holiday?"

Hermoine rolled her eyes. "Only if I can come with you to Diagon Alley."

Kalista grinned. "Deal."


Kalista dragged Hermoine out for a stroll by the lake. The brunette had a feeling that running across the gamekeeper had not been mere coincidence, no matter how much Kalista denied planning anything.

"Hello, Hagrid."

Hermoine grimaced at the chirpy tone, but Hagrid seemed oblivious to the warning signs.

The half giant grinned. "Kalista! How's school going for you?"

"Oh, not bad at all. Say, Hagrid."

Hermoine rolled her eyes.

"I was looking through a book about magical creatures the other day and I saw a passage about three headed dogs. I was wondering if you ever came across one before."

Hagrid nodded. "Oh, yeah. Beautiful creature it is."

"They are pretty rare."

"Yes, they are. It was only by luck that I got him."

"Was he easy to tame?"

"Training Fluffy was a right breeze."

Kalista tilted her head to the side. "Fluffy?" She suddenly clapped her hands. "Oh, Hermoine. I think Fluffy is a wonderful name for it."

Hermoine shuddered a little. The dog had tried to eat them and Kalista actually thought Fluffy was a great name?

Hagrid meanwhile realized he made a mistake. "I shouldn't have said that."

Kalista grinned. "So, Hagrid what is Fluffy guarding?"

The half giant gave them a stern look. "Now, look here. Whatever Fluffy's guarding is between Albus Dumbledore and Nicholas Flamel." He stopped and groaned. "I should not have said that."

Hagrid hurried away after that, though Kalista did not seem to notice. "Nicholas Flamel?"

Hermoine frowned. "The name sounds familiar." She turned her attention back to her friend. "That was downright sneaky, Kalista. Why aren't you in Slytherin?"

"And deny you my wondrous presence? I would never!"


Kalista grinned impishly. "Have you no faith in me, Hermoine? I just pieced together part of the puzzle. Everything is connected, from the Gringotts break-in to Fluffy."

"Wait, what does Gringotts have to do with anything?"

"Oh, when Hagrid brought me to Diagon Alley to buy my school supplies, we stopped by Gringotts. After visiting my trust fund, we stopped at vault 713. Hagrid told me it was top-secret Hogwarts business. Later on, someone broke into that vault. Being the genius I am, I figured that Fluffy is probably guarding whatever Hagrid took from 713. So, lowly peon, any questions about my brilliant conclusion?"

"I suppose not, oh bright one. We need to figure out who Nicholas Flamel is though."

"That is what research is for."

"Right. Did you, by any chance, cast a cheering charm on yourself?"


"Drink any potions?"


"Hit your head?"


"Get possessed?"


"Why are you so cheerful today?"

Kalista considered the question. "I do not know."

Hermoine sighed and mentally scratched her head about the mystery that was Kalista Potter. She supposed that some mysteries were just not meant to be solved.


"Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on whosi." Kalista mouthed the words several more times before it clicked in her head. "I show not your face but your heart's desire. Interesting."

She had been wandering the halls again when she stumbled across this room. It had intrigued her that only a mirror occupied the space. She had yet to look into the reflective surface, and now was unsure if she wanted to. What would she see? What would an old goddess desire most?

Kalista took a deep breath and looked.

For a moment, she saw only herself. Then slowly, like an unfurling tapestry, the picture took form. Rolling green hills beneath a younger sun. Countless figures appeared. Her immortal family. Her human worshippers. All laughing, crying, waving, soundlessly calling for attention. Images of a past she could never have in the here and now.

Feeling her chest tighten, Kalista slowly sank to the ground. She pressed her hand to her mouth to silence the screams building in her throat. She never should have looked. It was not in her nature to long for what she could not have, but how could she not?

"Damn you, Merlin. Damn you."

The broken whisper filled with despair melted into the silence of the stone room.

And so, for the first and last time, Morrigan of the Tuatha De Danaan, now known as Kalista Potter, shed her tears for the past. For everything she had lost. And she once more cursed the wizard who cursed her.

Minutes. Hours. Kalista stared at what she desired most. Then, with grim determination, she turned and walked away. There was no reason to look back because the past was the past, and she needed to live for the future.

A future that she would have a hand in creating.


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