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FANG: Archangel in Disguise


Fang's POV

"Guys! U and A! NOW!" Max yelled to the rest of the flock. 'Wait, the flock?' you ask, 'what are you birds?' Actually, yeah. Yeah, we are. Well, we're 2% birds, and for those who are mathematically challenged, that does mean we are 98% human. The short story: Scientists kidnap 6 babies from parents. Said babies are mutated to be part bird, have wings, fly, you know, etc. Kids are freed. One kid discovers she must save the world. Said kids are now on run from scientists who now wish to kill them. Sooo, yeah our life, my life, in a nut shell. (AN: You want full explanation? Then read the damn Books!!)

What are we running from? Ohhh, 'bout 17 mutated dogs that smell worse than rotten cheese and a dumpster. The specific term is 'Eraser' but then again I'm sixteen and I don't give a flying fu-'FANG!! There are children listening to your monologue ya know.' 'Whoops. Sorry, Angel.' Yes, I did have a conversation in my head with an eig-'NINE!' 'Well, excuuuse me!' Nine-year-old girl.

I should probably introduce us beacu—Whoa. One Sec. *Smack* *clobber* "Mommy!"*kick* and *crunch*.I won't go into detail, but I whupped that eraser's ass big time. (And between you and me, I don't think he'll be having kids anytime soon, ouch.)

Like I was saying, I'm Fang. I am sixteen, 6' 1", 116 lbs of muscle, (no I am not underweight, I'm part bird, Dumbasses), my favorite color is black, my hair is naturally black and is styled like a teen celebrities hair (you know, long but not to long, covering half my face, get the picture?), my eyes are a dark brown, so they are almost black, my skin has an olive tone to it, and my wings are midnight black. (that's just badass) I'm gonna say it once. I. Am. Not. Emo! I just like black, is it a crime? I am a master at hiding my emotions, my nickname: Mr. Emotionless Rock.

There are two other sixteen-year-olds in my Flock. Max is one of them. Remember the bird girl that has to save the world? Yeah, that's her. Maximum Ride. She's about 5' 11", has medium-length brown hair with (for some reason) natural blonde streaks going through it, and has a light tan skin tone. Her wings are brown with white tips. No, I don't know her weight and I am quite attached to having my balls, thank you very much. She also leads me and the flock through thick and thin. And I love her. Yeah you read right, I am in love with Maximum Ride, my best friend. But I don think she'll ever love me like I love her…dramatic sigh. Not.

Anyway, moving on to Iggy. He, like Max and I, is sixteen. He's the tallest of us at 6' 3". His wings are a light brown. He weighs less than me, that's all I know about his weight. (For your safety and mine I will stop saying the others' weight). He has strawberry blonde hair and foggy blue eyes. His skin is white but not pale. He is also our resident bomb expert and cook. Did I mention he's blind? Yeah he's blind and he cooks for us. He could be a freakin' pro chef if he wanted to.

"Hey Fang! Why did you knee that eraser in the jewels? I think you shouldn't have kneed him there. I mean how would you fell if you were kneed in the jewels? Hey speaking of jewels…" 'Oh, no' "We should go shopping! Huh, Max can we Huh? Please can we Please? Please? Please? Pleeeaase!?!" 'NO! Oh God, if you exist please let Max say no. Please God?' "NO!!" Max shouted over the wind. 'thank you, god' 'why Fang, don't you like shopping? For max at least?' 'Angel' 'yes?' She had the gull to act innocent! 'Out of my head' 'but-' 'Now' I thought in my clam cool and angry voice.

"But Maaaaax," Nudge whined, "why not, I mean come on—" Finally, I tuned out of the Nudge Channel. Nudge is our resident valley girl who, unlike Max and Iggy and I, loves shopping. Ugh, shopping, insert shudder here. Nudge is 14 and is about 5' 6" tall. She is without a doubt African-American, her skin tone is like Chris Rock's. No, not being racist, just saying she isn't as dark as can be alright? Her wings are brown, like a hawks, she has long black hair, brown eyes, and a un–shutting mouth. She is natu—

"GAZZY!" The flock, including myself shouted. Ugh, god why was his gift so deadly? While The Gasman is being chewed out I might as well tell you what he looks like and what his gift is. Gazzy is about 11yrs old. He's easily 5' 3", with short blonde spiked hair and blue eyes; his wings are white with brown specs in various places. Now There is a reason we named him The Gasman. I know what your thinking and you're absolutely right. That is just crewel. His farts have got to be the deadliest weapon we've got. Aside from his and Iggy's bombs. That's ride above it all, he's a mini-Pyro, or a mini-Iggy if you will.

'-FAAAAANNNG-' Ah, yes then there is our resident mind reading, adorable (let it be known that if you tell anyone I said that, you'll wake up tomorrow dead), nine-year-old girl, Angel. 'Thank you, Fang' 'Angel, two things.' 'Shoot' '1. how long were you listening and why' 'Through the whole thing and 'cause I think it's funny' 'O-Kay? 2. get out of my Head.' 'Fine' she replied sadly. 'But that's three things' Then she was gone. *sigh* Angel is Gazzy's biological sister and the youngest of the group. She's like, five foot easy. She has long curly blond hair and blue eyes. Yes she can read, speak to, and control minds. The last one is last resort only. Too bad she didn't get the memo. 'Hey!'

Whatever. Well now we're flying away from our fallen Eraser enemies. Man, I think that Itex (the evil scientists organization) just gave up on the Eraser project. You know sometimes I am happy I can let my mind wander during flight. No ground, just Flock, No problems, to mock Kenny Chesney. (AN: I like that song, that was just the moment talking.) Too bad my luck is for shit. Because the next thing I know is my neck hurts like Hell, Max just called my name, and—hey was the ground rising? Nope. See that's just my luck.