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Flaky stared up in horror as the bear held the knife in the air above her head. She was pinned to the ground, and even if she wasn't in pain from her leg, she wouldn't get far from the murderous bear. Tears began to fall from her eyes as the green bear laughed wickedly, any second and he would bring the knife down onto her, possibly killing her instantly, or perhaps he'd choose to make her suffer. The porcupine shook the horrid thoughts out of her head as she tightly closed her eyes, waiting for the inevitable. But then she realised something.

'Why aren't I dead yet?' she thought to herself curiously. She slowly opened her eyes to see the bear clenching his teeth together and looking as though he were having some kind of mental struggle. The bear began to squirm violently, his hands clenched into tight fists, and his eyes slowly changing back to their normal pacman shape and his teeth dulling. Flaky looked around for something to help her escape from him, but to no avail. Anything useful was out of her reach, until she noticed his squirming caused him to lower his defenses, especially to a certain 'sensitive' area. Flaky gathered all her courage as she planted a hard kick right to the crazed bear's groin. The bear shouted loudly as he doubled over in pain. As he laid on the ground in pain, he shot one furious glare at her, his eyes reverted to their angry green shine and his teeth sharpened to a point once more. Flaky shrieked as he weakly swung his knife towards her, unable to correctly strike because of his pain. She turned around and began to crawl away from him as fast as she could, unable to believe what she had just done. 'I-I did it!' she thought to herself, surprised to be alive, 'I can't believe it, I'm alive!'

She had finally managed to pull herself into a deeper part of the tall grass, her arms starting ache from the strain. In the distance, she could hear the angry shouts of the bear, as he loudly cursed her name in pain.

"You fucking bitch!" he shouted, his voice was harsh and deep, somehow different than it was at the airport, "I'm gonna make you suffer for this! You think you've stopped me?! I'll rip your fucking heart out!" the bear then let out one last angry shout before becoming quiet. Flaky began to shiver in fear as she thought over the bear's threats.

'Why, of people, did Cuddles invite HIM?' she thought to herself solemnly. Suddenly, she felt a jolt of fear as her eyes widened and she remembered about her friends. 'Where are they?' she thought to herself worriedly, 'Could he of killed them too?' terrible thoughts entered her mind as she thought of her friends, killed by the insane war veteran. Then, as she lay bleeding, she heard footsteps approaching her. She tried to turn herself around, but all the blood she had lost from the deep cut in her leg had made her weak. The footsteps got closer and closer, until finally they were right behind her.

"Flaky? Are you alright?!" a high voice asked her from behind. She was too weak, and tired to hear it clearly, and she was starting to lose conscienceness. She felt herself being slowly rolled onto her back by the unknown Tree Friend, and as she slowly lost conscienceness, she found herself face to face, once again, with the green bear.

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