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POV Ziva David

Saleem Ulmen's camp in North Africa

The door clanged open as Saleem led two of his men into Ziva's dungeon that consisted of one chair and no windows. It was dark and damp and left Ziva wishing for her first room, which at least had one grimy window that allowed light to touch her withering body.

Barely flinching, Ziva looked up at terrorist, Saleem Ulmen expecting him to roughly grab her hair or beat her face demanding more information that she refused to give.

Remaining calm outwardly, she stared at him with emotionless eyes despite her quickening heart dreading the beating she was positive that would follow.

After the first few days following her abduction, Ziva had held onto the hope that her father would take mercy on his daughter and send a rescue team. But soon the reality of her father sending her on a death mission became clear and she quit hoping.

Occasionally, Ziva would allow herself the luxury of daydreaming for her NCIS family to swoop in and rescue her, but the dream remained an impossible hope that just gave her moments of relief. The mere thought of her team in DC kept Ziva fighting for survival.

Ziva had readied her mind for death, but her heart still raced with the thought of leaving her life unfinished. She longed to be back in DC with the people that loved her.

So much had gone unsaid, but she convinced herself she was willing to die young for her country. The months of countless interrogations and beatings had left her weak and beaten, at times she found herself more dead than alive. Her physical pain paled in comparison to the ache that had settled deep inside her heart.

Instead of feeling fresh pain from the terrorists, the bonds on her ankles were cut and one of Saleem's men yanked her to her feet. Since she had not been moved in days, her legs shook and she stumbled nearly falling completely. The man held her up as Saleem yanked a gunny sank over her head.

They dragged her through the cavernous halls and Ziva allowed her mind to run free too tired and weak to think of anything deep. Her mind strayed to the itchy sack over her head that reminded her of Robin Hood and Friar Tuck.

Remembering the night in which Tony had insisted she come over to watch the movie, she thought about Tony. Countless times Ziva had longed for one last chance to see him and the team. She had regretted the way she had treated him at their last time together.

Tears welled in her eyes, but she refused herself the luxury of sorrow and tears. She heard a door open and was forced into yet another uncomfortable chair.

Saleem's cold voice sounded in the new room, "You can decide who will live." Before he left, he pulled the bag from her head revealing her companion.

Looking up at her fellow prisoner, Ziva's heart lurched seeing the familiar green eyes of her partner staring back at her. His face was beaten and dirty, but something like relief flashed across his eyes. He was both the man she had least wanted to face and the one she had longed for.

Anthony DiNozzo, the man who had been her best friend that she had betrayed, threatened, and ruined her relationship with, had found her. Shock at seeing him was replaced by panic. Her heart burned, Tony would now die because of her.

"So how was your summer?" Tony grinned despite the pain he must be feeling. Ziva had to inhale how did he always manage to be so positive and funny. It had always helped the team relax and she thought it must be as much for them as for him.

Ziva chose to ignore that question, "What are you doing here?" Emotions constricted and restricted her heart.

"McGee and I were in the neighborhood and decided we'd check up on Saleem." Tony still teased despite the situation. McGee groaned and added, "We're just glad you're alive, Ziva."

Blinking in surprise Ziva asked, "You thought I was dead?"

Tony's laugh lacked humor, "Well yeah. I didn't figure you'd call me, but when you didn't get in touch with Abby, I started digging. We heard about the Damocles and Gibbs announced no survivors."

Ziva frowned wincing at Tony's assumption that she wouldn't have called him and she probably wouldn't have, "So why are you here, McGee?"

Taking a deep breath, McGee spoke, "I'm here because Tony volunteered us to confirm Saleem's active camp. Within minutes of getting to the suspected camp, we were captured and I was knocked out. I woke up to Saleem interrogating Tony….and uh…hitting him."

Ziva's gaze flitted back to Tony assessing his health. Of course, she had noticed his physical condition when she had first seen him. He was sweating more than a normal amount and his face was bruised and lip bleeding, "Why Tony?"

Grimacing at the blood roaring in his ears, he muttered, "I hate truth serum." He met and held her gaze, "I couldn't live without you. And since we thought you were dead, the only logical step was to avenge your death."

Ziva felt both touched and guilty at the lengths they went to for her, but she ignored her feelings to be logical, "Well, I am alive and you found me. You tell Saleem what he needs to know and I will die. I have had enough time to prepare myself."

"Get over yourself, Ziva. I can tell you are not ready and I'm not ready to let you either. Plus, you don't think we'd come all this way without a plan do you?"

She tried to refuse the glimmer of hope that bubbled in her, "You have a plan." Ziva's heart clenched at the sympathy and caring in Tony's eyes.

Tony spoke in an excited tone of voice, "Of course, did the gang in Scooby Doo ever catch the bad guy without a plan."

A smile tugged at her lips, the first smile since she had chosen to stay in Israel probably before, but instead of giving in she said, "So do I get to know the plan?"

Tony smiled smugly, "Nah, just follow my lead."

At that exact moment, the door burst open to reveal Saleem and one of his men. Saleem snickered, "Have a good reunion? Sorry to interrupt."

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