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Resting her head against the side of the plane, Ziva could not believe she was saved. She was so exhausted, but knew she would not be able to sleep. Not with all the thoughts bouncing around in her head.

McGee's words echoed through her brain, "Tony slowly fell apart while you were gone." What did that mean? Did it mean that even after she had treated him like dirt and blamed him for Michael's death, he still cared about her and even missed her?

Tony DiNozzo was not the type to fall apart. He had been hiding his true feelings with jokes for as long as she had known him and getting away with it. He did not fall apart. Although most did not see it, Ziva knew he was a strong man, who was smart. He only let people see what they wanted so for him to fall apart and have it be noticeable to others, impossible.

Ziva thought about what else McGee had said. "He would have come no matter what even if we didn't and even if he didn't have consent from the government. He would have come." Even though Tony knew she was mad at him. Even though he had thought she was dead, he would have come to avenge her death.

Ziva sighed Tony was also not the type to controlled by revenge and yet here he was sitting next to her because he had forced a search in the desert for his old partner's killer. She was deeply touched. She did not deserve to have him rescue her. The last time she had spoken to him, she had accused him and then pointed a gun at him.

Since she had so much time to think over the past months, Ziva had already realized she had been wrong for blaming Tony for Michael's death. At the time she had thought that she loved Michael and Tony had been jealous. But tied to a chair in her dungeon, she had discovered her mistake. She did not love Michael. Every time she had been with him, she could not stop from thinking about a certain NCIS agent.

Instead of facing what was really going on, Ziva had been hoping that maybe Michael really did love her. However it was quite obvious later that he was using her under he father's orders and somehow aiding a terrorist cell. Tony really did go to her apartment to confront her and Michael had attacked him.

Tony had fought for his life to protect her. He had jeopardized his career for her. Just as it was her training to shoot to kill, it was also his so he had shot Michael in the chest. He was protecting her and she had knocked him down, yelled at him, and left him. Ziva bit back tears. In a sense he had saved her then, but she had stubbornly refused to see the truth and instead ran back to her dad. Who had sent her on a suicide mission. And who comes to save her again, Tony, her partner.

How could she have been so wrong? How could she face him? He saved her from certain death despite the fact that she had completely turned her back on him.

I guess that was true friendship. She could not ask for a better partner, but how was she going to make things right between them?

Feeling Tony stir next to her, Ziva closed her eyes trying to force sleep upon herself. She was not ready to face him. She needed to decide how was best to both show him she had forgiven him and how to thank him for rescuing her from torture and death.