Dulce shot up from her bed, tearing her phone from its charger. It was 9:45AM...she had 15 minutes to trek across campus for her American Lit class. Once again, she had stayed up until three AM talking to Tom, flirting a storm, trying to figure out if he liked her or not. She kicked her blanket off her, cursing Tom's mixed signals. She tried to wake up and gather what she needed for her American Lit class. Every now and then she questioned why she actually was an English major. After all, she didn't really like assigned readings or writing papers...but she was good at it. Laziness quickly took over her and she cemented that she wouldn't make the much too early class. Her eyes scanned her room and focused on the several posters that adorned her walls. Among these posters was a signed laminated poster of Jared Padalecki, a gift her friend Rebeca had gotten Dulce for her birthday. Dulce let out a dreamy sigh when she looked at the poster. She knew that her and Rebeca had a standing Supernatural date that night at 8pm. Thank God for Thursdays, she thought. She shook her head and wished she would not wonder what Tom was doing at that moment.

"Tom's got nothin' on you, Jared," she said to her poster.

Dulce dragged her feet out of her room and walked through her bare apartment kitchen. She cringed at seeing that her roommate had actually gone to class like a good college student. For some reason, whenever Dulce skipped classes, she didn't like to do it alone. She felt less guilty if one of her friends played hookie with her. She poured herself some cereal and plopped down on her couch. Getting comfortable, she began to channel surf. Staying in during weekday mornings meant re-runs of One Tree Hill, aka a drool fest over Chad Michael Murray. Though she preferred Supernatural to One Tree Hill, she did feel strongly about One Tree Hill's characters and story lines.

"What are you doing with Peyton, Lucas? You clearly belong with Brooke," she said to the TV. As she drowned in the over dramatic high school show, there was a knock at her door.

"Open up! I hear One Tree Hill in there! I know you ditched class!" Rebeca said from the other side of the door.

Dulce sprung from the couch and swung open the door, a sly grin across her face. "You missed class too!?"

"Jensen's engaged!" Rebeca yelled. Dulce snapped her head back at her friend's overreaction. She didn't even know Jensen was dating anyone. To be honest, she knew very little about Jared and Jensen...just that they were handsome and entertaining. Rebeca tended to always fill her in with aspects of their personal lives. While most of her wanted to roll her eyes at her friend's supposed heartbreak, Dulce knew to be more sensitive.

"Uhhh...are you ok?" Dulce asked.

Rebeca looked down, her eyes sad, and shrugged. She took a few steps into Dulce's apartment and then saw the television screen. Her eyes squinted with anger. "That's who he's marrying," she said.

Dulce turned her attention to the television and laughed. "He's marrying Rachel?! Huh...she's hot. I approve."

"It's bull crap," Rebeca stated. After a sigh, she suddenly perked up and said, "I have to drop off some books at the Classics library. Wanna come?"

"Not like I'm really doing anything else," Dulce answered. She didn't really understand why her friend was a Classics major...after all, every language Rebeca was learning was...dead...so what was the point?

The two walked out of their apartment complex and were shocked by the pouring rain. The wind kicked up their jackets and lighting illuminated the sky, giving away heavy bursts of thunder. Dulce looked at Rebeca and asked, "Do you absolutely need to go to the library today?"

Rebeca nodded her head. "These books are due today."

"On three then." Dulce said.

The two counted out loud and ran to the nearest bus stop. Luckily, the bus that they needed was only a block away. As the two tried to maintain their balance while standing in the crowded bus, Rebeca looked down at her books. "Damn, I have to talk to someone about getting more books for this research paper. These books had little to no information."

Dulce nodded her head, not really listening to her friend as her thoughts had already traveled to Tom. "I hate Tom," she let out.

"No you don't," Rebeca quickly said. "What happened this time? I thought things were pretty clear after you guys danced all night last weekend. Didn't he keep putting your arms around his neck? I mean, isn't that pretty obvious? You played it cool—he was pretty forward. Plus he's a super hot Brazilian."

Dulce hung her head low. "I know! It's just...what if he's just really nice? What if what I take as flirting is actually him just being a nice guy!? He's so hard to read! Last night, he invited me to catch the game and I got excited, but then he said that his other friends were coming too. Sooooo what does that mean? Does that mean that I was just another friend to invite, or does he want me to meet all of his friends? I hate this!"

Rebeca laughed. "Why don't you just go and play it by ear? Don't be desperate. He's hot and super sweet, he must have desperate girls falling at his feet. You have to stand out from the rest of them."

"Why do I have to be the one doing everything? For once, I just want a guy to fall at my feet—I want them to do stuff for me. I mean...should getting his attention really be this hard?" Dulce asked for her own benefit more than for Rebeca's opinion.

The bus reached the stop in front of the university library and the two friends made a run for the building. Dulce looked around at the bustling library. It seemed everyone had to study or had a project to complete. She kind of felt bad for not going to the only class she had that day. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy American Literature, the class was just at an inconvenient/early hour for her. She figured she would just catch up with whatever she missed by looking at the class syllabus.

She followed Rebeca up a staircase and through a long hallway that surprisingly, no one else was in. "You can wait here," Rebeca said, "I'll only be a few minutes." With that, Rebeca entered a door that read Classics Library.

Dulce looked up and down the abandoned hallway. She grabbed her ipod touch from her bag and began to listen Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal." She mindlessly walked down the hallway, turning a corner when she saw endless rows of old books. "Whoa," she whispered. She slowly stalked through the rows, reading titles of dusty books along the way. She would have continued aimlessly but her music began to skip like a broken record: It was your doom, Annie—It was your doom, Annie, It was your doom, Annie—It was your doom, Annie. It was your doom, Annie—It was your doom, Annie.

Dulce looked down at her ipod as she walked, pressing buttons, hitting it so that it would stop repeating the semi-creepy lyrics. She failed to notice a guy walking backwards toward her. The two of them crashed into one another, each alarming the other. Dulce's ipod began to work after she had collided into the stranger: Annie are you ok? Will you tell us that you're ok...

"I'm sorry," she whispered right away. She felt her eyes grow wide at seeing that the guy looked awfully like the actor, Jensen Ackles.

"Oh jeez," he let out. "You good?" The guy hid whatever he was holding behind his back...an attempt to be slick that failed.

Dulce laughed nervously as she had never met anyone famous. She tried to piece together why Jensen Ackles would be at her college and figured that perhaps he was there for a talk. It was not uncommon for famous people to frequent the university and encourage students to go after their dreams. Maybe the theatre department had snagged Ackles? She looked him over and noticed he was wearing a rather nice black suit—she smiled noting that he looked like the way Dean did when he pretended to be FBI. "I'm a big fan," she said, finally. She extended her hand for him to shake.

He smiled and gave her hand a good firm shake. "Uhh...thanks," he answered.

"You have to meet my friend, she's in love with--" Dulce's voice instantly died down the minute she saw Jared Padalecki round the corner. He too wore a suit similar to Jensen's. His eye brows were furrowed until they landed on his Jensen. When he saw that Jensen was not alone, Jared smiled uneasily.

"Everything ok?" Jared asked.

"Perfect," Jensen answered.

"Oh wow..." Dulce sighed, taking note of how tall Jared actually was in real life. "Not to be a crazy fan or anything, but do you think I could get a picture? My friend, Rebeca and I are huge fans."

Jared shot a confused look to Jensen. Jensen, however, winked at Jared and calmly smiled at Dulce. "I don't see why not," Jensen said. "It's not every day you get to meet guys like us."

"Awesome!" Dulce yelled. She quickly covered her mouth, suddenly aware that they were all in a library. She motioned them to follow her to the spot where Rebeca was.

Rebeca saw Dulce and stomped her foot. "Dude, I told you to wait right here. Where did you go?"

Dulce could hardly contain her excitement as she approached her friend. "Oh I don't know...maybe I was just bumping into Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki!" She waited for Rebeca's scream, but instead, Rebeca looked at the two men and waited for an explanation. Jensen and Jared smiled politely and then looked to Dulce for further instructions. Dulce nudged her friend, convinced that she was just in utter shock.

"Um...I'm Rebeca. Are you guys Dulce's professors or something?" Rebeca asked.

Dulce let out a nervous laugh. "Ha ha...very funny Rebeca. Seriously, let's all get a picture."

Jared politely interceded and shook Rebeca's hand. "No, no, nothing like that. We just bumped into your friend. I'm Agent Geddy, this is Agent Lee. We were just looking into a few things around campus, making sure things are safe for you kids."

Rebeca nodded her head and listened to the two men. Dulce laughed again, certain that Jared and Jensen were hamming up the moment to get the best out of Rebeca. Rebeca nodded a few times and then said, "Well, it was nice meeting you guys. I unfortunately have to get to class. I'll see you back at the apartment, Dul."

Dulce watched in shock as Rebeca began to walk away. "Wait!" she yelled and ran to where Rebeca was standing. Dulce looked back to see that the two actors had stayed put. "What are you doing?" she hissed.

Rebeca stared at her. "What do you mean?"

"This is fucking Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, and you're just gonna waltz on over to your class?!" Dulce yelled.

"Dulce, calm down. Who are they? Why are they so important and why should I care?" Rebeca asked.

Dulce blinked. This was not happening—it was unreal that her friend would suddenly disown their semi-obsession. "Are you kidding me right now? You're telling me that you don't want a picture with Jensen Ackles before he gets married?"

"Um...they're hot, Dulce. No doubt, they really are hot. But honestly, you're creeping me out. I really need to get to class," Rebeca insisted. She began to walk away, but Dulce tugged on her arm.

"No way!" Dulce shouted. She didn't care that they were in a library anymore. She quickly yelled, "Supernatural? The Impala? Dean and Sam? Bitch? Jerk? The Apocalypse?!"

Her final statements caught the attention of Jensen and Jared. Dulce saw that Rebeca was having no reaction to her words. Her shoulders slumped and she felt the sting of rejection. "Fine, I'll just get a photo with them myself," she said, almost heartbroken.

"Ok...I really have to get to class now. I'll see you later tonight for the show," Rebeca said.

Dulce looked at Rebeca and then at the two men who were now suddenly interested in Dulce. "What show, Rebeca?" Dulce asked, certain that she was making her friend own up to their obsession.

Rebeca laughed and said, "The Natural Brothers, you dumb ass. I gotta run." With that, Rebeca exited the hallway, leaving Dulce with Jensen and Jared.

Dulce turned around, prepared to ask for a picture one last time, but saw that the actors were gone. A strange sense of panic overwhelmed her as she went searching for the two men. She turned the same corner where she had first bumped into Jensen, but saw no one. Defeated, she decided to just go home. Just as she was turning around, she felt someone grab her wrist and yank her back through a door. Her heart raced as she felt a hand cover her mouth. Someone flipped a switch, and the light revealed that Jensen, Jared, and Dulce were in a janitor room. Jared slowly released his hand from her mouth.

"Who are you?" Dean asked sternly.

Dulce blinked. "I'm Dulce. Look, I'm really sorry if I offended you. I'll just be on my way if--"

"How do you know us?" Sam quickly asked.

Dulce paused as everything began to click into place. "Dean?" she asked. The man she thought was Jensen Ackles nodded his head. "Sam?" she asked, now more afraid then ever. Sam also nodded his head. Dulce swallowed hard. "Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no. What is it? Is it a demon? Is it a ghost? IS IT A KILLER CLOWN!? I don't want to be here. I don't want to know you. I don't want you guys here!" she yelled frantically, trying to flee the small room.

Dean and Sam kept a firm grip on her arms so that she had no chance of escaping. Sam gave her shoulder a reassuring squeeze and said, "We're not going to hurt you. We just want to know what you know."

As if Dulce could not control her own words, she instantly spewed, "You're hunters. John, your dad got you into it. Sam's got a bit of demon blood in him—Dean killed Yellow Eyes. Dean went to hell—broke the first seal, it's ok I hold nothing against you. Sam fucked around with Ruby, killed Lilith and now you're trying not give into your destinies of being vessels and the world is gonna end. Again, I don't hold it against you guys...buuuuut that was when all this was just a tv show...soooo come to think of it, I kind of do hold everything against you fools unless you're going to fix it! I don't want to die!"

"So you've read the Supernatural series?" Dean snapped.

"Dean, those books don't have the bit about the Apocalypse in there yet," Sam reminded.

"Yyyyyyeah...you're a tv show. The only reason I'm so calm right now is because I'm a firm believer of the paranormal...that, and time travel. I always say that if future me comes back to warn present me of anything, I won't need any convincing. I'll just do what I tell myself to do," Dulce stated, trying to control her breathing.

"A tv show?" Sam asked, carefully.

Dulce nodded her head slowly. "I have all of the seasons back at home if you guys want to follow me there."

"Seasons? There's more than one season?" Sam asked. He gave Dean a concerned look and asked, "Trickster?"

Dean shrugged his shoulders, "Maybe but I thought we had set that Angel straight...unless he's still messing with us. How do we know that this brod isn't the demon we're looking for?"

"Cristo! Cristo! Cristo!" Dulce quickly yelled and crossed herself many times.

Sam couldn't help but laugh at her antics. Dean, however, was unamused. "Fine, let's see these seasons then," Dean said, opening the janitor closet. The Winchester brothers surprisingly led Dulce out of her own campus library.

She was about to walk to the bus stop when she saw where they were head. It was ever more bad ass in real life. The Impala was a slicker black, bigger than how it appeared on television. Sam opened the back door and climbed in, leaving Dulce the front passenger seat. She tried not to turn red at his polite gesture, and kept reminding herself that both Dean and Sam were fictional. She was certain she was just trapped in some sort of Twilight Zone loop, something that she would wake up from if she completed all the parts of the puzzle.

The door creaked shut and the Impala roared to life, causing strong vibrations throughout the entire car. Dulce directed Dean to her campus apartment and hurriedly opened the door. Everything was just as she had left it, including the bowl of half eaten cereal by the couch. She scrammed to open her bedroom door, cringed at the mess, but bolted to where all four seasons of Supernatural were. She confidently showed both guys all four boxes.

Dean and Sam looked at them and then exchanged disappointed looks. Dean cleared his throat and asked, "The Natural Brothers?"

"What?" Dulce asked, ripping a box from Dean's hands. She looked at the cover of the season and instead of having Sam and Dean, there were two unfamiliar faces by a boat.

"Audiences have come together in the riveting journey of two brothers as they battle the beauties and dangers of nature. Travel along side Steve and Darren as they brave the wonders of the Sahara Desert in search of their father," Sam read the back of season one.

"This is bull crap! I've never seen this in my life!" Dulce assured. She looked to Dean because in all honesty, he intimidated the crap out of her. She knew how rash and protective he was. She knew that she could very well appear to be a demon right now. She quickly searched around her room for more proof. She looked to the wall where she expected to see her poster of Jared Padaleki, but instead, the guy who played Steve from The Natural Brothers adorned her wall, complete with an autograph.

Dulce sighed heavily, feeling defeated once again. "Ok...uhhhh...wellll....I don't really need you guys to believe me. I promise you I'm not evil or anything. You guys can continue on your merry way—kicking whatever's ass. I just enjoy watching the show because I know that it can't come true. Clearly, you are proving that theory wrong, but I'm kind of a pansy. So, in other words, I don't want to know why you guys are here. You do what you gotta do. It was a pleasure meeting you and I appreciate all that you do."

Sam chuckled before saying, "We believe you." He shot Dean a stern look before Dean could protest. "I don't know that it's wise to just leave you--" Just as Sam was about to finish his sentence, all three of them were overcome by a cold wave. Their breathing became visible and an eerie feeling washed over all of them.

"No, no, no, no," Dulce whispered, frantically looking around.

Dean and Sam quickly took out their shotguns and surrounded Dulce protectively. Out of nowhere appeared the ghost they had been tracking. She was disfigured, had burn marks all over her body, and carried a book close to her chest as she approached them.

"Sammy? Do you have that book?" Dean asked.

Sam was searching his pockets all over. "I thought I did," he answered.

Dulce held her breath at witnessing everything. She noticed that the same book the deformed figure clutched was the same one that was on the floor behind Sam's feet. The show had given her the tools to deduce that the book was probably supposed to be burned. Without any hesitation, Dulce snatched the book from the floor and took her lighter out of her pocket. Just as the ghost had approached Dean, the entire book went up into flames and the deformed girl vanished.

"How did you know?" Dean asked.

"I watch Supernatural." Dulce answered simply.