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Dulce shot up from her bed, tearing her phone from its charger. It was 9:45AM...she had 15 minutes to trek across campus for her American Lit class. Once again, she had stayed up until three AM talking to Tom, flirting a storm, trying to figure out if he liked her or not. She kicked her blanket off her, cursing Tom's mixed signals. She tried to wake up and gather what she needed for her American Lit class. Every now and then she questioned why she actually was an English major. After all, she didn't really like assigned readings or writing papers...but she was good at it. She quickly dragged herself out of her room, grabbed her book bag and did not bother to change out of her pajamas for class.

The day was beautiful, not a cloud was in the sky, the sun was beaming, and the birds seemed to have popped right out of a Disney fairytale. Students paraded the large campustown, everyone with a slight kick in their step. Dulce wondered why she was in such a good mood. As she waited to cross the street, a familiar figure approached her.

"Good morning," Tom greeted, handing her a cup of coffee.

She smiled and accepted the coffee. "Why do we always run late for our classes?"

Tom shrugged and answered, "Maybe we like to live on the edge."

Dulce tossed her hair back with her laugh, a signature flirtation she always did around Tom. As the two crossed the street, she looked down at her coffee and wondered if they were ever really going to date. She hated playing cat and mouse, she just wanted to solidify their relationship. After all, he had been there to comfort her throughout her sister's death—he flew hundreds of miles just to be by her side. Surely, that had to be some sort of sign that he wanted to be more than friends.

"Let's go out tonight," Tom said.

Dulce wanted to be excited that Tom was finally asking her out, but something ached. For some reason, she felt like something was missing. "Sure," she said quietly.

* * *

Dean tried to grab Dulce away from Luz but the bright light pushed him away. In a matter of seconds, she and Luz were gone—he was alone in an alley. "Dammit!" he yelled. Dulce had made the decision to go back to her world too quickly—it was stupid. He was sure they would have been able to save Sam without her rash decision making. He ran out of the alley and collided right into his brother.


"Oh Sammy is it good to see you," Dean said, taking his brother into a hug.

"Yeah, well don't try to stop me, I have to save Dulce," Sam said, pushing Dean out of his way.

"Sammy, she's gone."

Sam stopped dead in his tracks and faced Dean. "What?"

"Her sister, God, I don't know, they gave her an ultimatum. She left to save you," Dean explained.

"She went back to her world?" Sam asked, his heart breaking at each word he spoke.

Dean nodded his head. "I'm sorry, I tried to stop her."

"Fuck this," Sam said, walking towards his brother. "Let's go get her."

Dean smiled, elated that his brother wasn't walking into the arms of lucifer anymore. The two walked to where Dean had left the Impala. On the way, Dean filled Sam in with all of the details surrounding Dulce's disappearance.

"We have to find God, then. I messed this up, we have to find God," Sam said, determined.

"Easier said than done."

Sam pulled out his phone and began to dial Bobby's number. Had he known that his finding lucifer would send Dulce back to her world, he would have never done it to begin with. Maybe if he crashed into her world, he would be able to forget about everything and be happy for once.

* * *

Dulce straightened the last of her black curls and looked herself over in the mirror. It was 6PM, Tom would be there in an hour to pick her up for their date. She had to admit that she looked great. She looked down at her purple fitting dress and her black heels. She knew they would be killing her before the night ended. Her makeup was perfect, but there was an unsettling feeling in her stomach—a feeling that had persisted throughout the day. She was missing something and it wasn't just Luz, this feeling was different. As she lost herself in her thoughts, there was a knock at her door.

"Yeah," Dulce called out.

Rebeca strolled in with a camera. "Dayum you's a sexy bitch."

Dulce let out a small laugh and sighed. "Guess he finally asked me out, huh?"

"What's wrong?" Rebeca asked, putting her camera down.

Dulce shrugged her shoulders. "Do you ever feel like some thing's missing?"

"Oh stop it, just have a great time with Tom tonight," Rebeca said, taking a photo of her friend. "Why did you straighten your hair? It looks great curly."

"I umm...I thought maybe he would like it? I actually have no idea why I did it. I don't feel so good right now, maybe I should cancel."

"No," Rebeca said sternly.

* * *

Sam rubbed his eyes, he was tired of looking at his computer screen. "Hey Dean," he said, looking to his older brother who had not stopped driving for hours. "Thanks for helping me find her."

"Hey Sammy, had I grabbed her we wouldn't be in this mess," Dean retorted.

"We should at least stop to get some food, Dean. There's no use searching for God on an empty stomach," Sam said with half a smile.

Dean quickly pulled over to a small diner. The place was a standard diner and the boys quickly sat at the counter to receive faster service. They placed in mindless orders of food with a waitress and sipped their coffees quietly. The tension in the air was hard to ignore. A guy about their age who was sitting next to them, turned toward them.

"Who died?" the guy asked.

Sam and Dean starred at the guy blankly. Sam cleared his throat, "Uh, we're just trying to have some dinner here."

The guy laughed mockingly. "Looks like your on a mission, you two."

"What's it to you," Dean said, feeling his irritation rise.

The guy shrugged his shoulders and continued to laugh. "Just saying...looks like you guys maybe lost something? Maybe you need to find something or someone to get that thing you lost?"

Sam and Dean's eyes widened. Sam looked around to make sure no one was listening and whispered, "God?"

The guy laughed and took another sip of his coffee. "I think Kevin would be a less formal name. Don't wanna call toooo much attention to me."

"We need her back," Sam said quickly. "I need her back."

"And we need you to help us with this whole Apocalypse thing, where have you been?!" Dean asked.

Kevin laughed again. "Relax. Let's fix one thing at a time. You guys have been doing a great job. I haven't really gone anywhere," he said, taking another sip of his coffee. "I can't just swoop in and fix things, guys. I needed humanity to show me there was some sense to saving this world and you guys have certainly showed me that. Sam, I'm sorry about Dulce but you need to learn to stand up for what you want. Lucifer doesn't have everything—only when you give in does he have it all."

Sam swallowed hard and nodded his head. "What should we do?"

"You'll figure it out, you guys always do. Besides, I'm not going anywhere," Kevin said, standing up from his chair. He walked between Sam and Dean and rested his hands on their shoulders. A bright light took hold of everything around them, the ground shook, and before Sam and Dean knew what was happening, they found themselves in the same library they had first met Dulce in. The library was dark, clearly they were there long after it had closed.

"Do you remember how to get to Dulce's?" Sam asked. Dean nodded his head and the two made their way out of the dark library. As they prepared to walk, their eyes landed on the Impala, perfectly parked across the street under a light.

"God rocks!" Dean said, "C'mon Sammy, let's go get your girl."

The two drove to Dulce's apartment by memory and Sam frantically pounded on her door. Rebeca poked her head out of the door across the hall. "Who are you looking for?" she asked.

Sam recognized her face instantly and knew she must have been aware of who he was. "Hey, is Dulce home?"

Rebeca shook her head and slowly took in his good looks. "No, she's on a date. Can I leave her a message?"

Sam walked to Rebeca and placed his arms on her shoulders. "My name is Sam Winchester."

"Sam Winchester, got it, I'll let her know," she said, taking a step back from his reach.

"Don't you know who I am?" he asked.

"Should I?"

"Supernatural?" Sam asked.

Rebeca blinked and shot him a blank stare. "What's supernatural?"

"Ah, never mind, do you know where she went on her date? This is kind of important," Sam pleaded.

"I think Tom took her dancing to Knight's Bar,"

"Thanks," Sam said before leaving. He reentered the Impala and saw Dean's expectant face. "We may have a huge problem. There's no Supernatural show here. She's at the Knight's Bar, it can't be that far—it's a campustown."

* * *

Dulce smiled as Tom suavely set his hands on her hips. The song was catchy and she loved the way Tom moved on the dance floor. She held her margarita in one hand, trying not to spill, and her eyes scanned the rest of the crowded bar. She noticed a rather attractive tall guy who seemed to be searching for someone in the bar. She looked the other way when his eyes had met hers.

Tom looked down at her and asked, "Do you want a refill?"

Just as Dulce was about to respond, Sam approached her on the dance floor. "Dulce," he said relieved.

She starred at him with a confused look. "Yes? Do I know you?"

"We need to talk," Sam said, taking her hand.

Dulce took her hand back and stared at him. "I'm sorry?"

Sam tried to take her hand again, but Tom interceded. "Whoa there, buddy, she's with me," said Tom.

Sam was slowly becoming infuriated. He never thought he would come face to face with Tom, and even less, that Tom would really present himself as a threat between himself and Dulce. "We uhh, we have English together. I just need to discuss some power point notes with her," lied Sam.

Dulce tried to figure out who he was since his face seemed so familiar. She knew that he wasn't in any of her English classes, but knew he was earnest in wanting to talk to her about something. She nodded her head and looked at Tom. "Right, power point. It'll only take a sec. I'll be right back."

Dulce followed the stranger outside of the bar and watched him walk toward a black car. "Uhh, I'm not getting in that car with you," she said.

"Dulce, please, we need to talk," Sam pleaded.

"We can talk out here, I'm not getting in that car. Who are you?" she asked. She watched as Dean got out of the car. "Oh God, is this a gang rape?"

"No!" Sam and Dean both yelled.

"Listen, Dulce, you don't belong here," Sam began. "You know us—Sam and Dean Winchester. We started out as a show called Supernatural—our worlds intersected because Luz wanted to reward you. You were supposed to help us find God for the Apocalypse?"

"How do you know my sister's name? Find God!?" Dulce exclaimed.

Dean approached her, "Dulce, you have to calm down and listen to us. You love Sam and that's pretty much the most important thing you need to remember."

Dulce looked at Sam who was staring at the ground pensively. His face seemed so familiar to her, almost dreamlike. She didn't know why his look of concern brought such pain to her. She took in a deep breath and realized that the missing feeling that haunted her all day had escaped her the minute she saw Sam.

"Dulce, you always said that if future you came back to warn you of something, you wouldn't need any convincing, you would just listen," Sam said, "this is pretty damn similar to that idea."

She swallowed hard, knowing that she had never told that to anyone. "I...ummm--" before she could say anything, Sam cupped her face into his hands and brought his lips to hers. He tasted better than she could ever imagine—a feeling of yearning, a sense of sudden hunger for his lips took over her. She drowned in his apparent passion and wrapped her arms around him as everything fell back into place. She took a step back from Sam, looked him in the eye and hit him across the chest. "Why did you go to lucifer and leave me like that!?"

Sam smiled and took her into a hug. "I'm so sorry, Dulce."

"Everything ok out here?" a policeman said, approaching the car. "You do realize that you're parked illegally in front of a hydrant."

"Sorry about that," Dean said, entering the Impala once more. "No need for a ticket, I'll just move it."

The policeman smiled at them and said, "Glad everything is in order. Maybe you guys can go back to saving the world?"

The three of them stared at the policeman. Dulce stepped up and asked, "How?"

"With my help of course." The policeman winked. "But first, why don't you guys take a break. Go hang out with Bobby for a bit. I'll check in with you guys soon." With that, the policeman strolled away whistling.

Sam held on tight to Dulce as they watched him walk away. He sighed knowing that there was hope for the Apocalypse, hope for him.

The End.