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Summary: Edward's only aspiration has been to get into the school of his dreams, and in the process he has found himself perpetually marked as 'Geeky Geekerson' at Forks High. One day, a sudden fall changes his life forever. How will a nerd like Edward deal with a force like Bella? AH, M for Lemons.

This story was originally a O/s for the GeekWard Shuffle Contest & won the Best First Kiss Award. It has since been revised to fit the story line. The deleted parts of the O/s will be added at the appropriate chp. in the timeline. Enjoy!

Impervious. That my dear friends, is one of many descriptions I have about the jovial Alice Brandon-Cullen, my perky adopted cousin. Sorry, where are my manners? I am Edward Anthony Masen, and currently it is the summer before my final school year at the dreaded hell hole I devoted my entire life to. Today is my eighteenth birthday, so I was coerced by the little sprite that a picnic with my life-long friends, and family should go to the beach since it would be a radiantly sunny day, and I need to stop obsessing over my 'technological crap.' Her words, not mine.

The beach is the last place that I want to be. I would much rather spend my time catching up on some light reading of Carlisle's medical dictionaries. I was currently going back and forth between being a doctor, like him, or an independent businessman; like my biological sperm donor, as I have come to refer to my 'real' dad as. You see, my mother Esme, was a mother at such a young age, when she was having a rendezvous with an older man. Little did she know that he was engaged to be married, and never planned to keep her around, other than the couple of months they spent together. Once he found out she was pregnant he must have moved or something because she never found him, and he gave her a false name. Ladies and gentleman I give you my dead beat dad. Luckily, my mom met Carlisle when he was still in his resident years at the hospital, and he had just started rounds in the labor and delivery unit the day I was born. From then on he treated me as if I were his own son, and never kept the truth from me.

Getting back to the present, I roll over onto my stomach to make sure I don't have to endure the treacherous thing that is a skin irritation caused by the UV rays in the sun from too much exposure, and continue with my crossword puzzle as the rest of the family revels in the brief change in atmosphere here in Forks, and jumps in the frigid waters of the Pacific Ocean.

I have always functioned in life for the sole purpose of making something of myself. It's simply the way things were. I've had an internship at the hospital filling papers, and running errands since I was old enough to get my workers permit. Also, I have volunteered in numerous different events, as well as been on the road to being the valedictorian since I don't know when. I only know that when it came time to start filling out college applications, I would be applying to Dartmouth. The establishment of knowledge that I have idolized since I was a baby practically. I have forgone almost all rites of passage in order to be ahead in one way or another. When I'm not studying or working or volunteering, I usually read or play with my 'technological crap.' My favorite would be spending some private time by myself playing different computer games, or various different game systems to provide me amusement.

I have always been a very private person. It's not that I don't like anyone; it's just that I simply prefer some solitary time to allow myself to think and be whoever I want to be. My entire life I have endured 'suggestions' from practically everyone I know; whether it be my wardrobe, to who I choose to hang around, to the way I interact with others.

I've been asked time and again why I don't just make friends, or go out on dates. My answer is simple; there's no one that I can relate to in this town. Everyone is too busy with their social life to worry about doing the absolute best that they can in order to make it out of this vapid place. My sole mission is to avoid the judgmental stares of my peers, coworkers, and neighbors, and venture forth to make something of myself.

I have tolerated the laughs, the pranks and the nicknames; my favorite being 'geeky geekerson'. The thing is that I'm just your average teenage guy; however, I have a brain to accompany it. My entire school career I was outcast from practically every social group. That being said, the only group that would put up with my presence was the geeks. I have socialized with the same group for many years, and let me tell you; I am probably the coolest geek you will ever meet. Not once have I snorted while laughing, I wear contacts now so that when a prank is pulled my glasses won't end up with tape holding the frames together, my braces were finally removed, I don't really watch television so I am not into the shows they are constantly badgering me to watch (Star Trek, Battlestar Gallactica, etc.), and I don't have acne. I do however wear pocket protectors, watch 'geeky movies' (Star Wars; every episode, Xmen, Terminator, Monty Python, etc.), am very neatly presentable every day unlike the disheveled mess of my fellow classmates, idolize Yoda, and talk with such an extensive vocabulary many people have needed to make a pit stop to look in a dictionary many a time.

All of these qualities were apparently enough to put me in the recluse section. Just once I wish that everything could be different. I mean, I understand that with my track record I am going to be going places, and making something of myself; however, just once I would like to have a typical experience before I start making it on my own.

After finishing my crossword puzzle in record time I rolled over again sitting up, to take in everything that was going on around me. There were children making sand castles, parent's barbequing, and teenagers splashing each other in the frigid ocean. Hearing some humming coming closer to me from the most angelic voice I have ever heard, I look to my left and I declare the girl dancing around to the headphones in her petite ears is the most extraordinary being to ever walk the face of this planet we call earth.

She stopped to look out at the ocean, and to see her beautiful profile, with her divine brown hair falling out of the braid and blowing around her face in the breeze, and the sun enhancing the different tones with reds, gold's, and light browns… she was perfect. Not wanting to get caught ogling this Aphrodite I lay back down and close my eyes. Next thing I know someone is tripping over my legs, and lying right on top of me. Immediately my eyes fly open and were met with the most deep and resounding shade of brown I have ever seen before, or even knew existed. Taking a deep breath to control myself and my body's reactions, I take a closer inspection of the person lying across my body and discover her to be my Aphrodite.

"Frick, I swear… always happens to me... geeze," she muttered to herself before meeting my eyes. "Ok, I swear I'm not some creepy chick who goes around falling all over hot guys all the time… actually, I fall about ninety percent of the time, however, not usually on top of someone." She smiled sheepishly after she concluded with her rambling, looking around awkwardly.

"Not a problem. Really… are you alright…?" I inquired; concerned that she may have injured herself, while still wanting to know her name.

"Bella and I might have injured my wrist...but I'm alright otherwise," She admitted quietly, while nodding her head in the affirmative. Suddenly she jumped back (more like rolled off) while blushing madly once she realized she was still lying on top of me. "Sorry," she said embarrassed, as I honestly was tempted to hold her there, but it seems my body was just a little too stirred up to allow that to happen. I really hope she didn't notice that little tidbit. I wanted to wrap my body around hers, and keep Bella where she fit the best… firmly against my side.

Taking a deep breath in hopes to calm my raging hard on, all to no avail, I shifted so I could get a better look at her wrist. I suppose all of my knowledge was finally coming to use. She continued to blush like mad, and look around as if she was too embarrassed to meet my eyes. It seemed as if her arm was ok, maybe a sprain. I would have my dad look at it when he gets back, but I used the opportunity to continue caressing her skin; wanting desperately to place kisses there and help stop any pain she may have.

The amount of skin that was exposed to the elements was rendering me speechless. She was simply in a bikini top and some really tiny jean shorts. She was absolutely stunning. I had to repeat in my head like a mantra that a girl like her would never go for a guy like me. She would want someone who was confident and suave, not quirky and dull… perhaps a jock with lots of muscles. I mean, I work out since my cousin Emmett Cullen practically started forcing it on my scrawny form, however, I'm not ripped or anything.

"I think that it's just a minor sprain, however, my dad is a doctor, and if you'd like he could take a look at it when he gets back," I offered anxiously, desperately wanting to spend more time with the creature that happened to be gracing me with her presence for the time being.

"You're really sweet, but seriously, I've done the whole injury thing way too many times to count, so I wouldn't want to bother him on his day off," She responded, as a feeling of defeat surrounded me. She probably wants to get as far away from me as she possibly can. Wouldn't want to ruin her reputation. I could settle for observing from afar.

As she walked away, I couldn't help but smile at how perfect this birthday ended up being. That night I couldn't get the gorgeous brunette with the contagious smile out of my head; every time I closed my eyes I was met with her beauty.


When school started back up again, I was intrigued to hear about having a new student at our school, and was hoping beyond reason that it would be the breathtaking figure that had been haunting my dreams since my birthday.

When I was walking into homeroom, I was seated next to none other than the Beautiful Bella herself.

"Dude, I never got your name by the way, but how awesome is it that we get to sit next to each other?" She asked so excitedly, that I couldn't help but smile at her stupidly.

"My name is Edward Masen… I'm pleased to make your acquaintance," I chuckled slightly, nervously, as my heart raced faster due to her close proximity. I have always wished for a better name... but I was stuck with one that only old men ever have nowadays.

"I love your name… not many people go by that nowadays," she mumbled quietly since the room was filling up, obviously trying to make small talk. I swear my brain froze up at the very possibility of her wanting to talk to me.

"So, how is your wrist?" I asked, wanting to delve into the harmonious undertones of her voice.

Before she could answer none other than Mike fucking Newton himself came sauntering up to my girl wanting to save her from my nerd cooties. Wait did I just say MY girl? I thought to myself frantically. I focused back on what was happening just in time to hear her refuse his offer.

"You're insane," he said while leering at her like she was mental.

"Really, I thought I was a Pisces," she quickly retorted, while I just about had a heart attack. Could it be this beautiful girl just quoted Batman? No, it could be a coincidence; however this all made me curious about when her birthday was. I wanted to know every detail, and every thought that Bella has.

As the days went on Bella and myself became increasingly closer, and I was enjoying every minute of it. She and I happened to have a lot in common believe it or not. Apparently her and I were in the running for being valedictorian together. She was my polar opposite in many ways, though. Where I was easily stressed and a micro manager, she was extremely laid back and more of a go with the flow type. She's one of the most brilliant people I know. She sees the world in a way that no one else ever could.

"I just don't see the point in worrying my life away, ya know?" She told me one time during one of our many conversations.

I wasn't sure how much more I could take; every little thing about her drew me in. I was falling more and more in love with her by each passing moment we spent together; but she would never go for someone like me.

She was also insanely funny. When asked if she ever took things as seriously as she should, she responded with; "Haven't you ever heard of the healing power of laughter?"

She even questioned everything that I have ever lived for; the same question I have asked myself... what is the point of making it to the top if you're alone when you get there? When she started sticking up for me she still managed to fit humor in…

"So, like, let me get this straight," Jessica was saying with a sour look on her face, and acting as if it was taking everything in her to make sense of everything. "You'd rather hang out with this loser than go to a party with Demitri?"

You see Bella was apparently asked to go on a date to Jessica's party, but Bella turned him down stating that she had already made plans with me. Which was technically true; only I wouldn't have minded (as her platonic friend, not the guy who is in love with her) if she wanted to reschedule. Not hearing what made Jessica start to stomp away, I did hear her grumbling under her breath quoting Monty Python and the Holy Grail; "Fine I don't want to talk to you any way, you empty headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!" Yea, I just about fell off my chair from laughing so hard at that one.

Apparently Demitri didn't exactly approve of her turning him down, because next thing I know while I'm standing at my locker, minding my own business I was hit square in the jaw with his fist.

"Edward," I heard my love shriek, causing the teachers to see what was going on, to which Demitri was asked to go to the office with him, and I was told to pay a visit the nurse to receive some ice.

Turning my head, I noticed that Bella had unshed tears in her beautiful orbs, and her lower lip was trembling.

"Are you okay?" she asked with a shaky voice, after clearing her throat.

"I undoubtedly, will be sweet girl," I had taken to calling her that when I accidentally let that slip one time. "We seem to be made to suffer. It's our lot in life," I quoted C-3PO. Suddenly the look in her eyes changed, and I was curious as to the reason.

"I bet I know how to make it better," she whispered cryptically.

Leaning in so I could hear her properly I asked her what she had in mind. Suddenly I felt her fragile hand delicately touching my cheek, as she leaned in and softly pressed her soft pillow- like lips on the bruise that was surely forming by now.

"Is that better, at all?" She questioned.

"That-That's m-much better," I stammered out, becoming increasingly more nervous as my heart sped up. I haven't stuttered in years, it was just something she seemed to do to my body, and I couldn't deny how perfect she felt with her body being closer than ever before.

Without anymore words she leaned into me again and kissed the entire area, before making her way to my mouth and stopping just short while looking uncertainly into my eyes. Finding what sliver of confidence I had, I leaned in to softly touch my lips to hers. Our lips caressed one another in an intimate embrace that soothed my frazzled nerves, and eliminated the ache in my chest that was constantly present since the day I first saw her.

Pulling away to catch her breath, I continued to place small chaste pecks first on her top lip, before showing the bottom one the same reverence. I was tender, and soft, and it was the most delightful thing I have experienced thus far. Quickly Bella attacked my mouth with fervor; moving her lips frantically with my own. It was feverish, desperate, passionate; we kissed with the wanton longing that lovers do when they realize forever is a possibility. When her fingers wound themselves in my hair I felt a gentle tug and gasped, allowing her to slip her tiny pink tongue in my mouth and massage my tongue with her own.

Slowing down, I opened my eyes to see her gazing at me with so much love and adoration, which I knew was reflected in my own eyes, and said the words I had been longing to hear; "Love you forever, Lover Boy."

Repeating the sentiment, I was smiling like an idiot, and had never been more grateful to be punched in the face my whole life.

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