The events which occurred in the final months I had with my husband were a complete surprise to me.

Hardly anything was different from our previous years of marriage. I was still a caring and attentive wife, John was still a gentleman to me, and Sherlock Holmes was still a complete ass. With those basic facts our current situation should have worked out perfectly. I would care for my husband, providing him with everything he needed. He would be the good husband he was and follow my wishes without complaint, and Holmes being so self involved would move on with his life without missing a beat.

However this was not what happened. Not at all. My husband fell into a sort of depression. He ate less, lost motivation, and just seemed overall unhappy. However, as expected, he said nothing. He really didn't blame me for this which I was grateful for, but I really hoped that the person he did blame was someone, anyone, other than himself.

My husband did nothing to help himself, at first I believed he agreed to stay away from Holmes because he knew it was best for him, but now that we've both become aware that it obviously is not the best thing for him he still says nothing. I fear he has given up. I, however, have not. I believe that if I am there for my husband the hole in his heart can be repaired.

With my husband's passivity and my determination there was nothing threatening to upset the fragile balance of our marriage. That is what I had believed. However, my predictions about Mr. Holmes were much less accurate than the ones I made about my husband and I. For it was only two weeks before he showed up at our door.

John was supposed to be working, but was feeling ill and needed to stay home. In the past this sort of illness was not one which would hold my husband back, however, with his spirits down he was unable (or perhaps unwilling) to fight it. When I let Mr. Holmes in, I assumed he was unaware that my husband was home, and if I could help it I was going to make sure my husband was unaware that Mr. Holmes was present also.

Despite my rudeness to him in the past, I treated him very kindly, I knew I would get a chance to treat him as I wanted later on, but I needed to have reason for it. It would only be a matter of time before Holmes insulted me in some way.

Before I could even pour the tea he began.
"I want Watson back." he said abruptly. I nearly spilt the cream which I was setting on the table.

"Oh?" I questioned. I was unsure of what he meant. Did he want my husband back as a friend or lover?

"Yes, please understand that although I may appear to be this perfect independent brilliant detective, ...I do have my flaws" I rolled my eyes. "I know it is difficult to believe." he told me as if I were rolling my eyes at the suggestion of him being flawed. "What I'm saying is Watson is my better half, and I'm afraid I can not go on like this …without him"

He seemed very sincere and was behaving rather maturely, I was impressed. I almost agreed to allow him to have his friend back until it occurred to me that the only thing about Sherlock Holmes which causes an impression is his outrageous behavior. He looked up at me expectantly; he almost looked like a sad puppy. I wasn't about to fall for it though.

"Interesting, but…" I began. His sad expression faltered. "I'm afraid it is difficult for me to believe you."

"I must assure you I am being completely honest." he said, then continued. However instead of looking at me he was looking past me towards the room my husband was resting in. He knew he was home. "I fear all the years I've spent with him have spoiled me. I am no longer capable of functioning happily when I am completely on my own." His expression softened. "Watson is my dearest friend, and my only trusted companion."

I picked up our cups and carried them into the kitchen, Holmes turned around to face me, awaiting my reply. "You're in love with him." I stated. He looked baffled (I don't suppose he actually was, but he was rather good at pretending.)

"I am not." He said defensively. "I am incapable of that emotion. …and if I were -capable of that emotion- it would be directed towards a member of the fairer sex." My husband appeared at the doorway of our bedroom.

"What about you're history with my husband Mr. Holmes?" I said wanting him to continue. My husband didn't need to hear this, but it might allow him to finally see Mr. Holmes in a new light.

"That was… merely for educational purposes, it was intriguing in a way… but the excitement died down into…" His expression became melancholy "…into something else." but he quickly snapped out of it. "So I began finding our entire situation …no longer desirable. I never loved your husband, I do not now, and I never will." I saw my husband tense, as much as he was trying to conceal it (From me or from himself I do not know) I could tell everything Holmes said was killing him inside. "So could I please have my friend back Mrs. Watson?" Holmes concluded.

"Well, you've convinced me, you're relationship is entirely platonic. Of course you and John may continue seeing each other." I said a bit over cheerfully. I looked at my heart broken husband "Did you hear that honey?" I said innocently. Barely able to conceal the sinister joy I was getting out of this.

Mr. Holmes turned around quickly to face my husband. For a moment he looked shocked, and afraid, and sad all at the same time. But he quickly composed himself and walked over to John smiling he shook his hand firmly once. My husband faked a smile back.

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