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Marie walked into the bedroom and closed the door. She looked at the familiar surroundings and felt the stress of the day melt from her bones. Everyone was so happy, Jean and Scott, Bobby and Kitty, everyone. It almost made her sick, almost. It reminded her of exactly what she didn't have, what she couldn't have.

Today had been way too long. Too many classes. Too many people. Too many reminders. Scott decided to fire up his new motorcycle today. She found herself reaching for a beer in the kitchen. A growl climbed up her throat over a stupid comment Jubilee made. It was just too much.

Sometimes she couldn't take it. The distance. The pain. It made her want to scream. It made her want to cry. Having him in her head during moments like this was the worst. He was so close, but so far away. It cut so deep to hear his voice but not see his snarl. Too hear the snappy comments he would make to Scott, but not see his hand beckoning Scott to bring it. She couldn't take it.

It was times like this that she ended up in his room. The room he hadn't been in for months. It still smelled like him, cigars and forest. All she would usually do is climb up on his bed and curl up with his pillow, but tonight called for desperate measures. She walked over to his dresser and pulled open the drawer she knew contained his t-shirts. She pulled one out and laid it on the bed. She stared at it for a couple of seconds before pulling her own shirt off and her shorts soon followed. She quickly pulled his t-shirt on and took a deep breath. His scent filled her nose and calmed her down, just a little. She crawled into his bed and pulled the covers up around her. She fell asleep with his scent wrapped around her and his dog tags in her hand, the small comforts.

Logan entered the school quietly. He didn't want to wake anyone up before he was ready to face them, especially in the middle of the night. It had been a long few months with nothing to show for it. He silently walked up the stairs heading towards the room he had before he left. Before everything happened. According to the Professor they hadn't given anyone his room, but as he opened the door he smelled someone and his eyes quickly made out the small form in the center of his bed.

He almost left then, but he recognized the scent filling his nose after a couple of seconds. He had never been able to forget the fragrance. Soft. Floral. Innocent. It was Marie, not Rogue, Marie. Logan inhaled more deeply, enjoying the scent. He looked closely at the bump under the covers, and a grin grew on his face. He knew that shape.

Making as little noise as possible he set his duffle bag down and moved towards the bed. As he reached the bed he noticed the pajamas lying next to the bed, pajamas that he distinctly recalled Marie wearing. He wondered what that meant as he slowly drew down the covers, and was faced with the sight of her with nothing but his t-shirt on. His breath caught. Before he was able to completely process what he saw Marie started to shift and grumble about the loss of heat. Logan smiled and leaned closer to her; his face in her hair he breathed in deeply, once again relishing in her scent. He exhaled on her ear, making her shift in confusion. Logan lowered himself onto the bed as Marie blinked her eyes open.

"What?" She mumbled sleepily, causing Logan to smile as he watched her rub her eyes.

"Hello," He whispered, "I'm back."

"What," She started again, her tired brain not comprehending his words. Then she registered who she was staring at and her mouth fell open. She gaped at him for a few seconds while Logan chuckled at her. "Logan?"

"Hello darlin', Did you miss me?"

"Logan!" Marie threw herself at him, and he caught her on instinct. He brought her closer to his body and the t-shirt crept up her legs.

"I'll take that as a yes." Her arms gripped him tightly and he felt her smile from where her face was buried against his neck. "I missed you too," he whispered, his arms tightening around her waist.

They stayed like that for a while before Logan registered the feel of skin on skin. He pulled back to look at Marie closely.

"Since when have you been able to touch people?" Marie shrugged.

"Just the last couple of weeks. I haven't had anything else to do other than focus on controlling my powers. When Professor Xavier assured me I could control them after practicing I just worked really hard," she buried her face in his neck again, "I wanted to surprise you," she muttered. Logan grinned.

"So if I really wanted to…" he began. Marie drew back and looked at his face.

"What? No Logan, no!" She squealed as he began to tickle her. She fell back against the bed and Logan straddled her to keep her from moving. She tried to buck against his hips to dislodge him but he was too heavy. Logan kept tickling her and she kept squealing.

After a few seconds he noticed their compromising position and stopped tickling her. As Marie caught her breath Logan stared down at her.

"What?" Marie asked catching the heavy look.

"I just really missed you. I missed this," Logan answered leaning down.

"I missed you too," Marie whispered right before his lips caught hers. After a couple of breath-taking seconds Logan pulled away. They stared at each other, both of them processing what had just happened.

Marie lunged toward Logan as he moved down towards her. They met in the middle. As their lips clung together Marie clutched her hands in Logan's hair keeping him close, as if she was afraid he might move away. Logan drew his lips from hers', trailing kisses along her face towards her neck. Marie moaned and her hands released their grip in his hair. One moved to grip his shoulder through his t-shirt and the other fell to the side, knocking over a lamp.

The lamp shattered and they froze. Muffled voices started shouting from the rooms surrounding them. Logan heard footsteps pound on the floor before the bedroom door was thrown open. The lights flew on, and the two caught in the act threw their hands up to block the sudden flood of light.

When their eyes had finally adjusted they found themselves faced with Jean, Storm, and Scott.

"Hey," Logan said, "I'm back."

Silence reigned.

"Is that Rogue?" Scott asked.

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