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The Next Morning

"This is ridiculous!" Scott yelled in the privacy of Professor Xavier's office, "She's a teenager! And you're-"

"Of undeterminable age," The Professor interrupted, giving Scott a stern look. Scott and Logan glared at each other. The actions of the night before had bubbled and boiled into this. A literal stand off with neither side giving an inch. Marie's eyes darted between the two men, this was getting ridiculous.

"How many times do I have to tell you? Nothing happened!" she asked, a frown on her face. Jean and Ororo looked at each other, the same exasperated expression on Marie's face was reflected on their's.

"It's not that we are worried about something happening, per say, it's that-" Ororo stopped when a growl sounded from Logan and Scott's hand crept up to his glasses. "Really you two? Just take them out, lay them on the table, and measure them!"

Everyone froze. After several minutes had gone by Scott cleared his throat.

"I beg your pardon?"

"Oh you heard me," Ororo hissed, "This 'mine is bigger than your's' shtick is getting ridiculous. Either grow up and get over it or measure them." No one spoke for a few seconds.

"Umm…I'm clearly the only one who needs to ask this, but, what are you talking about?" Marie asked.

"Oh…she was just-"

"A wrench-"

"Their tempers-"

"I only meant-"

"Now darlin'-"

Marie listened to their jumbled answer, but couldn't see what a wrench with a temper that stole a motorcycle had anything to do with "take them out and measure them."

"Alright, I think I understand," Marie said so the others would stop the convoluted explanation. Everyone gave a sigh of relief while Marie frowned. As she looked at Scott's red cheeks Marie knew it had to be something dirty and filed the comment away in her mind to repeat to Jubilee. She would definitely know what they were talking about.

"Well, perhaps we should get back to the topic at hand," the Professor began.

"You're too old for her," Scott said bluntly.


"Logan, you are much too old for Rogue," Jean stated. "Rogue is not developed enough mentally to handle a relationship with an older man." Scott and Ororo nodded as Logan's expression grew thunderous and Marie's insulted.

"The hell you-"

"I am old enough to-"

Xavier held up his hand to stop their angry remarks, "Now I know neither one of you agrees with this statement. While I agree Rogue may not be mentally prepared to handle a relationship with someone of Logan's," the Professor paused, searching for the right word, "Dominate and aggressive personality, she is of age. Her eighteenth birthday was last week, Tuesday to be exact. So legally she is able to make this decision on her own." Scott and Jean began to protest.

"But Professor-"

"How can you okay a relationship between Logan and anyone?" Logan grabbed Scott before anyone could move.

"And what does that mean?" He growled.

"Exactly what I said you overgrown-"

"If you two would restrain yourselves from acting like the children you teach," Xavier interrupted, "Then I could finish my statement." Logan and Scott fell silent, though neither one of them looked the least bit repentant, and Professor Xavier continued, "However, this is a school, and you are both examples to the young minds we seek to mold. Therefore, I cannot allow this relationship to continue-"

"Exactly!" Scott yelled, glaring at Logan.

"-While Rogue is still enrolled as a student-"

"Get over yourself you pansy ass!" Logan growled back.

"-It would be a blatant disregard of the trust parents have shown us by placing their children in our hands," Xavier ignored the interruptions, "I ask that you refrain from expressing a relationship other than friendship for the remainder of the year until Rogue graduates." When Xavier finished, no one spoke.

Marie glanced at Logan out of the corner of her eye, and saw he had a frown on his face. He glanced over at her and winked. She smiled at him, and returned her focus to the other adults. Jean was shaking her head.

"I just don't understand the logic," She said with a sigh. Everyone looked at her.

"What?" Logan growled, sensing something he wouldn't like was coming.

"Why are you interested in a teenager anyways? You show a high sex drive, one a teenage girl is unlikely able to keep up with. In the past you gravitate towards older women," Jean paused before she continued, "Women my age. You have not shown a preference for younger women as some men have. So you see, your attraction to Rogue is illogical," she ended with a higher pitch, as if pleased with this conclusion. Logan stared at her.

"That is the most insulting-"

"What bullshit are you trying to feed-"

"Jean it is not your place to dissect-"

"What are you talking-"

"That was rather uncalled-"

Once again, Xavier held up his hand to end the interruptions. "Jean," He waited until she looked at him, "That was an unnecessary statement. It is not your place to dissect relationships, and Logan has proved on multiple occasions that he is unpredictable," He turned to the others and when his back was toward her Jean rolled her eyes, "This meeting is dismissed. Please refrain from discussing this outside my office. I would prefer to keep it under wraps until Rogue graduates. Logan and Rogue, please keep your relationship purely platonic." They both nodded, Logan with a harsh look on his face.

As they exited Logan pulled Marie away from the group for a quick kiss and asked, "How long till you graduate?"

Marie smiled, "Only a month and a half." Logan groaned and pulled her in for a longer, harder kiss.

"Hey!" Scott yelled, "The Professor said to cool it!" Logan stepped away from Marie and face Scott with a growl.

"You listen to me you pansy assed little whiner. Why don't we take care of this right here right now!"

"Who are you calling-" Scott began.

"Seriously boys, pull them out and measure them," Ororo interrupted with a laugh as she and Jean walked away.

"Ororo said what!" Jubilee yelled before breaking down in laughter.

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