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Chapter 1: Ugly Stick!

Bella's POV

It all started in grade eight, during elementary school I had friends. I enjoyed school and people in it.

On the summer after my last year of elementary school my Mom ever so softly told me she was shipping me off to my Dad's in Forks. She told me it was her turn to get freedom, her turn to shine… whatever the fuck that meant. So I packed up my belongings and boarded a plane.

I wasn't upset to live with Charlie, my dad, because we were so much alike. We were both quiet and didn't need to fill in the quiet space with ridiculous banter, like my mother, but I was upset that I had to leave my friends behind.

I barely had any clothes for Forks cold wet weather, since I lived in Florida before, so on my first day of school I looked ridiculous. I was wearing Capri's with boots and a oversized sweater that made me look like I had absolutely no form at all. I wore my hair down trying to just fade into the walls. But it did the complete opposite.

There was a guy walking towards me, actually a whole group of people, but the guy was the only one I could focus on. He locked his eyes with me and was walking right to me, one side of his mouth turned up into a handsome grin, and I couldn't help but smile back. I felt my face flush as he got closer and I just stood there in the middle of the hall staring and smiling at him. He had bronze hair, bright green eyes, he was tall and thin. When he got closer I noticed his grin didn't look that friendly and then he spoke.

"My my look at you, who the fuck beat you with the ugly stick?" Now I will start off with saying that yes he did have a smooth velvety voice, but the words he spoke were harsh, and I stung with rejection. I blinked furiously and looked down biting my lip. Everyone in the halls turned and laughed at my ridiculous outfit. The people the god like boy was with were sneering and laughing at me. I felt sick. I walked past them and ran to my locker. Thankful that I had gotten all of my info and locker the week before.

After the first week I knew the name of the bronze haired boy, his name was Edward, his friends were James, Rosalie, and Jasper, and Emmet and Alice was his siblings. James was very attractive too, he was more built and had long hair pulled back. After the first comment they didn't do much but snicker and point. A month into it, I finally broke and asked Charlie for some money so I could go shopping, he allowed it and drove me to Port Angeles he went to the food court while I walked around the mall.

I picked out some nice jeans and shirts, even a new pair of shoes and a nice rain jacket. The next day at school I thought people would realize I'm not that bad, but instead it was the opposite effect. Everyone laughed harder, calling me a wannabe.

That was my first year of hell. I tolerated it. No one would speak to me, some would fear that they would be called down too, others just didn't want to give me the time of day. So I kept my head down, and my grades up.

Grade nine was pretty much the same, a little bit worse. Edward was a little more built and so was James. They were always the ones to bug me the most. I seemed to be there outlet. Sometimes they would call me ugly duckling, other times they would shove by me. I just ignored them. At home I would cook and clean for Charlie and the minute I was behind closed doors I would cry into my pillow. Then start all over again.

By the end of grade eleven I was a depressed teenager and felt like I couldn't take anymore. Not only would Edward and James pick on me, but now so were there whores. Jessica, Tanya, Lauren, Victoria. The guys were mean but the girls well they were brutal. Calling me horrible names. Tripping me, pulling my hair as they walk by. I was so ready for summer. I got a job at a store in Port Angeles, I was working 6 am to 2pm it was a little shoe store and I loved it.

"Oh great, what the fuck are you doing here." I looked up to see non other than James and Edward. It was Edward who spoke. I looked over at my supervisor Marie. Her eyes narrowed at them. When they noticed they were being watched they changed there tune. I looked at my watch thankful that my break could start now.

I looked over at Marie. "I'm due for a break, and I need some air." Marie's eyes softened when she looked at me and nodded. The thing about not having friends at school, you get close to people you work with. Marie knew all about my trouble at school.

After that day, my work became my hell. They told all of there friends and whores where I worked, so I was always seeing them, listening to there horrid comments, telling me how the customer service sucks here. I quit two weeks before school started not being able to take anymore. Marie felt awful, but I told her it was no biggie, I was used to it.

I went to school early, driving my decrepit truck. It was old, it was rusty, it was slow, it was perfect… for me. Charlie had bought it off a friend of his during the summer, so I had wheels for work.

So when I pulled up and seen the shiny silver fucking Volvo right behind me, my heart started to race. I knew this would be a bad day, I knew this would be a bad year. I could feel it in the pit of my stomach.

I parked and turned off my truck. Edward pulled up beside me and a black mustang parked on the other side. I looked over and sure enough it was James.

I grabbed my bag and opened my truck stepping out and closing the door behind me. I ran past the Volvo and towards the school, before Either of them could step in my way. When I got to my locker I felt like maybe I was safe for a couple hours. Till I heard them behind me.

"That is one ugly fuckin truck." Said Edward.

"It goes with one ugly fuckin chick." Said James.

I shook my head and opened my locker. I emptied my bag, putting all my new folders and binders in it. Along with the laptop I bought with one of my checks. I grabbed my art folder and headed towards the class. "Hey Swan, why do you keep running away from us?" Yelled Edward. I put my head down and kept walking. Once in class I relaxed and waited for the teacher to start.

By the time my day was over I was exhausted. I had three classes with Edward and one of those classes also included James. I was tired and I walked to my locker putting my homework and laptop into my bag. I ran out, and raced to my truck.

When I got home I felt like I was suffocating, I walked to the bathroom and took a shower, chanting over and over, its only one more year, I can handle one more year.

When I got out I made lasagna, and waited for Charlie. He came in around seven and told me he was working on a hard case. He ate quick and went to bed. "I will be gone before you go to school Bells, I have to leave at 4 in the morning so make sure to lock up."

"Okay Dad, sleep well, and be safe." He nodded and said a quiet 'I always am.' before walking up the stairs.

I cleaned up Charlie's mess and went to bed myself.

The next day I was walking to my art class, and someone kicked my leg hard making me scream out and topple over. Laughter filled the halls. My leg was throbbing. When I looked up Lauren, was there. "Oops did I do that, Must've slipped." She smirked at me and turned on her high heels.

I tried to get up but fell again, my ankle was throbbing, it felt tight and strange. I hobbled to class leaving very little pressure on it.

I walked out of my third class, holding onto my laptop, and trying not to fall. James walked by me and shoved me hard. I put pressure on my swollen ankle and cried out, I fell over and my laptop flew out of my hands. James snickered and walked away. I looked over and my computer was smashed. Several chunks lay around it. Tears started to fall out of my eyes. "Fuck." I screamed loudly, it echoed down the halls, since I was the only one there. I grabbed what was left of it and threw it in my locker. Grabbing my Biology text book. I wiped my eyes quickly before entering the class room. Edward sat in front of my seat, smirking at me.

I sat down in my seat. Too pissed and upset about my ruined laptop to even think about biology. I rested my head in my hands and fought back the tears. "Only one more year." I whisper out quietly. There was a knock at the door and two police officers appeared. One was someone I knew as Jack, he worked with my Dad a lot. The other officer had a out of town uniform.

"Is Isabella Swan in here." I stood up and looked at them. "Can we speak with you?" I nodded and started packing up my stuff.

In front of me Edward spoke up "Maybe your dear sweet Daddy finally got killed in the line of duty." He snickered and I panicked. He looked up at me and seen my panic and rolled his eyes. "Take a fucking joke Swan."

I turned and limped out to the hallway. "What's wrong?" I asked immediately.

Jack looked at me with sad eyes. "Lets go somewhere more private."

"No no just tell me right now, what is going on, where is Charlie." I was on the brink of panic. I could feel it, I knew right then that it was bad, very bad.

"I'm so sorry Bella, Charlie was shot earlier today. We were in the middle of a drug bust, and your Father was killed."

I covered my mouth, and started to whimper. My body shook and I fell to the floor. "No no no no no this cant be happening. I just saw him last night, I JUST FUCKING SAW HIM." I screamed loudly.

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