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Chapter 22: Reveal! LAST CHAPTER PPL!

James POV

I smiled widely at the single most beautiful word, I could feel Bella vibrating with anticipation... I almost wanted to tease her, but I didn't want to tick her off. "You want me to tell you, or do you want to read it yourself?" I asked seriously.

Bella rolled her eyes at me. "tell me right now James!"

I smiled again and leaned foreward, kissing hier lightly on the nose. "We my beautiful Bella, are having a girl." Bella's eyes lit up and she threw her arms around me tightly, we both started to laugh, and then cry. The emotion that ran though me at that moment, was like nothing I had ever felt before. We were going to have a little girl, I pictured a little girl with her mothers hair, and my eyes running around happily, her tinkling laughter a constant thing in our household.

"This is so amazing." Bella sobbed into my neck, I nodded into hers, unable to use my voice.


Later that evening, as Bella and I relaxed on the couch, embracing each other, our gazes on the television screen but our brains far away, both of us most likely thinking of the same thing... our beautiful future. "What do you think she will look like?" Bella murmured, confirming my thoughts.

"Brown hair, like you, blue eyes, like me... i think she is going to have the same cute nose you have..." Bella giggled and turned towards me, her swollen stomache cocooned between us once more.

"I hope she has your eyes... you have amazing eyes." She told me, as she softly run her hand over my brow bone.

5 months later (okay I know some of you may not like this... but they are happy, and I really don't want to put anymore hurtles in there way during pregnancy! sorry!)

"Push Baby, you have to push." I said firmly to my Bella. She was beyond sweaty, and looking pissed off, her glare, and grip were almost enough to send me to my knees, but I was gritting my teeth and holding on, because I knew it was nothing compared to what she was going through.

"What the Fuck, do you think I'm doing..." she trailed off as a scream erupted from her throat. Carlisle was at the other end, between Bella's legs, monitoring her and the progress. I could see the distress in his eyes, and at that moment I wished I didn't know Carlisle so well, because I wanted to be oblivious.

"Bella, I know this hurts more than anything else in the world right now, and if I could stop the pain I would, but the honest truth is that I need you to push through the pain, your Daughter is struggling right now, and in order to get her safetly into this world, you are going to have to hurt yourself." Carlisle told her grimly. "Can you do that?" Bella's anger melted away, and in it's place came horrible, stark, fear. I could feel it set into myself too.

"I can, and I will." She said confident, and determined.

Carlisle nodded. "Okay, another contraction will be hitting in seconds, and when I say push, you push Bella." Bella took a deep breath and nodded, "PUSH" he yelled, his voice was so loud it rattled the walls.

Bella was completely silent, her breath was held, she was pushing violently, and hard, then Carlisle breathed, relief washed over his face, Bella finally breathed again, and then, a cry erupted in the silent room. My head whipped back towards Carlisle, and there in his hands was my baby girl, she was covered in blood and fluid, but still, she was the most precious beautiful thing. Carlisle looked like a proud Grandpa, and he damn well was in my books, and I knew in Bella's too. "Congrats to you both, you have a beautiful, and healthy baby girl."

I walked over and took the scissors from a nurse, who then directed me to cut the umbilical cord. Bella was smiling dazedly as I brought our daughter over. She smiled up at me, and opened her mouth to speak... but then a machine started to go crazy, and a nurse hastely but carefully pulled me away,I turned back and Bella's eyes were closed, and she was motionless as Carlisle stood over her. I placed my girl down in a plastic looking bassinet, then stepped closer to my Life. "Tell me she is going to be fine." I choked out to the roomfull of people.

Carlisle didn't look up, he just worked quickly, there was a nurse working between Bella's legs, and I could only imagine the mess that they had to stitch up... I was more worried about Bella's pale skin, her blue tinted lips... and just as I was about to lose it, the monitor stopped, and Carlisle sagged. "She's fine, she's fine." He murmured, I think more for his own benifit, than mine.

"What happened." I asked, wide eyed and scared shitless, a couple minutes later.

"Bella lost alot of blood, and it slowed her heart down... too much, but we have her hooked up to a bag, and she is already getting color back, the nurse is done stitching her up... which by the way she is going to be horribly uncomfortable, and not be able to move well for awhile, which means you will be doing alot of baby duty for the first month James, can you do that?"

I nodded like crazy. "Of course I can."


Carlisle was so not kidding when he said I would be doing most for the first month, Bella was in alot of pain, and she was frustrated because of it, she hated to be helpless, but it was hard to be pissy for long in our house, our baby girl was always making us smile.

"Where's Angel." Bella asked half asleep.

"She is in her kick ass bedroom, fast asleep baby, so don't worry." Bella smiled and rolled over. Her discomfort was slowly getting better it had been three weeks since Angel was born. When Bella and I had come home, and opened Angel's bedroom door, we damn near fell over... it had everything, crib, rocking chair, change table, monitor, a full closet of clothing, diapers in 4 different sizes, formula stored... and a whole lot of frilly pink things, and stuffed animals. So our Daughter was in style. Her Gramma did her good... and we let Carlisle and Esme know just that... that they were her Grandparents, and we were so thankful that they were there for us. We put a picture of Charlie in her room, so that she would know her Papa too.

So we are doing amazing, our lives had gone from scared, sad, alone, and troubled... to happiness, love, hope, and peace. I dont think I could ask for anything better, nor would I want to change a thing.

Edward had not come back, and I was thankful for that, some people... you just have to let go, even though it may hurt a little.

Okay there you go guys... THE END

I hope you liked it, I know it was short, but like I had written in there last chapter, I was done, the main reason I wrote this story was to see them through the hurtles... and I think I succeeded in that! I hope you liked, please review!