Me: Hey guys! I'm writing a new fanfic! Yay!

Natsume: Hopefully you finish it this time.

Mikan: Natsume! Stop being such a meanie!

Me: Yeah Natsu-chi! It hurts! *sobb*

Natsume: What the fuck?

Me: Anyway!

Mikan: First Chapter of the fanfic! Enjoy!

Me: Thank you Mikan!

Ruka: Don't mention it.

Me: …

Mikan: …

Natsume: …

Ruka: NatsumesSoulmatedoes not own Gakuen Alice. No matter how much she wants to. *smile*

Chapter 1: The typical me.

"Sakura was taken over by car number 13, Natsume Hyuuga!" The announcer mentioned my name that she sounded like such a lustful slut. It got on my nerves. Another thing? Damn that Hyuuga.

I'm Mikan Sakura, 19, a racecar Formula 1 driver. I was brought up by my grandfather, teaching me about the racetrack even before division. Until he passed a way when I was 16. Since then, I learned to live life alone. I was able to move on, but I never forgot about the fact that I was missing something.

Time healed much of that wound when I met Hotaru. I met her in the train station then, I was 17. She was crying over a breakup, and I directly told her she sounded stupid. Since then, we became the best of friends, and she's currently my manager for 2 years now.

BFF's right? Haha.

I started my racing career a few months after I met Hotaru. Here's the pitch: People don't know my gender.

Crazy, I know.

Well, what do you expect from your fans if you never took off your helmet? You never spoke? Only Hotaru know everything. Heck, not even those guys who help me during the race.

Speaking of which, I gotta get more gas for the last lap. Heh, Time to kick Hyuuga's ass.

I slowed down to my station and let my group do the refilling.

"Hey Mikan, last lap. You ready?" I heard Hotaru say through the speaker on my helmet.

These are the one of the things that I love about racing. You can get all your helmets customized for free. Currently, I have around 18. All with built-in Ipod speakers, microphone connected to all the racers, including Hotaru. Not that I needed mikes for the racers. I don't interact with other people except for Hotaru. Boring life? Not really. I have enough things to keep me occupied already. I reply to Hotaru through my mike.

"No biggie. Haha. Treat me afterwards, kay?"

"Deal." She said.

"Hey Sakura, last lap to get past me." Hyuuga said.

I took my fist out and raised my middle finger. I heard him groan. Haha. He'll get the message even without the words.

"We're ready!" The guys shouted as they sealed the container of gas.

I gave them a nod in reply, and I got my Lamborghini Murcielago back on the road.

Time to play with these guys.

I drove off at 100 kph, increased to 120 at the next minute. I see Hyuuga's car trying to beat my initial speed. Fat chance Hyuuga. I'm not letting this title go.

"Mikan, chill. You're too hyper. D'ya drink too much coffee and ate too much cakes. Again?" Hotaru liked to joke with me when she knew that I'd get 1st no matter what.

"Hmm…. Maybe…. Haha. Let me play with my food first kay?"

"Hyuuga? Got it. Take your time."

And I did. Guessing from the distance, Hyuuga's speed was a hundred and eighty. Mine was 205. I smirked to myself. It didn't take me a minute to cover the remaining 70 meters remaining. As I passed through the finish line, I watch Hyuuga's face as he saw that I won. Again. He slammed his palms in the steering wheel.

"So, where do we go tonight?" Hotaru said as she appeared outside my window.

"Haha. Let's get drunk."