Me: Why… am I alone?

Ruka: No you're not.

Me: Oh God. Where on earth did you come from?

Ruka: My French mother. It was a long process. Would you like me to tell you? That cold night…-

Me: …No thank you. I'd rather not.

Ruka: Okay. And by the way, Natsume and Mikan are on a date.

Me: Oh? Then where's Hotaru?

Ruka: Trying to create a new aphrodisiac.

Me: Ah… that's… good to, um, hear.

Ruka smiles gently.

Me: I... uh, gotta go… Somewhere, not h-here.

Ruka: Bye! Oh! And you don't own Gakuen Alice!

I ran as fast as I could and hid under my bed. Seriously.

Chapter 8: Date?

I woke up the next morning at around 6 because the light from the window was killing me. I opened my other eye and noted that I was beside Natsume. Remembering the night we just had, I smirked a little. Just… a little.

I heard the door from the bathroom open and saw Natsume come out with only a deep blue pj on.

"Hey sexy." He said when he noticed me awake and staring at him.

"Good morning…"

I rubbed my eye as he kissed me gently on the lips.

"Put this on. Let's eat breakfast." He showed me a white night gown with pink laces on the hem.

"Natsume, I've been really curious. Where do you get these clothes?" I asked as I grabbed the dress.

"Well, my mom is a fashion designer, so she has this closet full of clothes. Now come on, I'm starving. You took my energy out of me last night." He laughed and I giggled with him.

After brushing my teeth, getting scolded by Natsume, combing my hair, getting scolded by Natsume, looking for slippers (until Natsume gave me a pair), and getting scolded, we got out of the room.

While we were both going down the sunlit staircase, which was too huge in my opinion, some maids, around 4, were waiting below. I thought, what the hell are they doing standing there..?

Beside me, Natsume held my hand and led me to the dining area with the maids following us very, very silently from behind. It was scary.

We were met by a set of white double doors, and after the maids pushed them open it revealed a very, very white room. A white table that could fit around 18 people, white chairs, white chandeliers, white curtains. I swear, I thought for a split moment I was in heaven.

"Woah." Was all I tried to utter, but ended up stupidly screaming it. The maids thought I was deluded and Natsume laughed.

"You guys have this thing for chandeliers, huh?" I asked.

"Uh, yeah. You see my sister, who happens to be my architect, which was honestly very stupid of me to agree on, likes them. My mother's fault for allowing her to use my house as a personal project." He answered while the maid pulled him a white chair in the end part of the table. I sat down in front of him.

After a few seconds, more maids came into the area with our breakfast. God, they serve more than buffet tables, and we were only two. What, the fuck.

Several platters of scrambled egg and toast was served first, followed by German sausages and potato salad. Some more maids brought fruits and last was 5 selections of beverages: fresh milk, orange juice, Earl Grey tea, lemoned water and normal water. The scent of everything was divine, but the taste was even better.

Me and Natsume continued our conversation throughout our breakfast. He was talking about his mother and sister, while I babbled on about Jii-chan and Hotaru.

"Hotaru? Imai Hotaru? Your brother's manager?" he asked when I mentioned her and his reaction took me aback.

"Um, y-yeah. She's, my… best friend." I stuttered.

He just nodded, while slicing the toast, and we continued talking.

"Are you going home already?" He asked after our meal.

Honestly, I don't have any plan on going home. So much has happened and I don't think Hotaru's done playing peek-a-boo with Ruka…

"Hmm, not really. Maybe I'll go shopping or something." I answered.

"Oh, then, do you mind going on a date with me?" he asked nonchalantly.


What the hell?

"Yeah. I'll accompany you to the mall and we can have lunch and dinner out. Ruka hasn't contacted me yet you see…" wondering, he took out his phone and checked if he had any messages. None.

You should've seen my face.

"Ah, alright."

Before long, we were back in Natsume's Lamborghini.

"Where do you want to eat?" he asked with his eyes fixated on the road.

"I dunno. Hm… what about fiore rosso?"

"Italian? Okay."

We stopped in the parking lot and the trip was a bit faster than I expected, but I guess time really goes by fast…

From 10 o'clock until 4, we were walking around Prada and Chanel, the usual.

The funny part was that every time I would fit clothes, Natsume would say that it looks great, next thing you know he was already taking off the clothes off.

Geez, no manners at all.

It was then 5:20, and we decided to eat dinner. We went to Fiore Rosso which was on the 3rd floor of the mall, and once we were seated, the waitress approached us.

"Here's the menu, sir~" specifically for Natsume, yet he was not paying any attention to her, but God. That waitress was eyeing him like a lion about to prey on a deer. A very sexy deer.

"Thanks." Natsume answered.

As the waitress would occasionally, and I mean, every-3-minutes occasionally, end up in our table again offering a dish or two for Natsume to try. He once asked me, and the waitress frowned, her blonde hair making her twice as ugly.

I think I overdid the order: Half cooked Tavolara, served with side dish of smoked salmon and a medium rare anugnus pork-cut steak with mashed potato.

…I did, didn't I?

Anyway, after some time, the food arrived. I was halfway through the story of my past idiotic boyfriends, I know weird topic, when someone entered the restaurant who looked incredibly familiar.

No, make that two people.

The girl, who had bob-cut hair, was wearing a beautiful Chanel semi-cocktail white dress, which very much complimented her purple eyes. The male, wearing a Louis Vuitton buttoned up polo, made his blonde hair stand out.

They were a strikingly beautiful couple.

You moron.

I looked closer, squinting my eyes a little, just in time for the girl to glance at my direction. Her eyes moved from me, to Natsume, then back to me. Her eyes were really wide.

I wanted to excuse myself to the little ladies room.

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