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The third task: The Womanizer's Test

"Thought of anything yet, Lavi?" Allen asked, flipping a page of his book. Both of them were in the library, huddled together on the sofa, each reading a book.

"Nope. Still thinking." Lavi shifted a bit, allowing Allen to lean on his chest.

"You'd better think quickly. It's almost noon." Allen sighed as he flipped another page. He had already come up with a list of things for Lavi to do #when he had won.

"Is General Cross around?" Lavi asked, looking down at Allen.

"Yea, he is. Why?" Lavi noticed that Allen had shivered slightly upon hearing the name.

"Cross dressing." Lavi said, trying very hard not to laugh. "We dress up as girls, and the one who Cross is more attracted to, wins."

Allen twisted his head up to stare at Lavi, his mouth hanging open in shock and horror. Lavi place a finger on his chin and closed his mouth with a snap.

"You can't be serious." Allen muttered under his breath. "Oh, but I am, my love. If you want to forfeit this round… Then I guess-"

"I'll do it." Allen interrupted with a heavy sigh.

Allen waited outside the dreaded room anxiously and nervously. Finders and science members that passed by stared at Allen in bewilderment. But, luckily for him, they did not recognize him under all the makeup.

He stared down at his attire. He had ran into town to get a #bra with Lavi, and stuffed it with tissue. He was wearing a black tight-fitting dress that reached just above the knees, with red stiletto heels. It would take him a month to earn back the money used to buy the clothes. Better yet, Lavi had stuttured out a "S-Strike?!" when he had emerged from the toilet cubicle, gaining him a hit on the head from Allen. After that, they proceeded to put on makeup. Allen's face was thick with powder, eyeliner, eye shadow and lipstick.

A shout from inside the room brought Allen back to reality.

He heard the door open slowly and watched with questioning eyes as Lavi stepped out. Fully clothed. Lavi pulled Allen into a corner, before telling him what had happened.

"Okay, so I went in. And Cross didn't even ask who the hell I was. 'You're late.' That's what he said. Imagine that. And then he started groping me." Allen made a disgusted face. "And -curse my stupid reflexes- I kicked him in the shin when he grabbed my ass. So he yelled at me to get out. But, don't worry, I've already told him that there was one more after me, so you don't need to explain anything." Lavi gave him a thumbs up.

Allen smoothed down his dress and sighed. Just as he was placing his hand on the doorknob, Lavi spun him around to face him again, before placing a chaste kiss on his lips.

"What was that for, Lavi?" Allen asked after they had pulled away, tilting his head slightly to the side.

"Couldn't help it." Lavi explained, caressing Allen's cheek. "You look too hot." Allen blushed a deep scarlet before aiming a punch at Lavi's abdomen. Lavi buckled over, groaning.

"Go on, now." Lavi breathed, pushing Allen towards the door. "If you lose this one, then we'll have another task." Taking a deep breath, Allen turned the doorknob and stepped into the dark room, closing the door behind him.

"You'd better be more professional than your friend." A low, husky voice growled from somewhere in the room. Allen shivered as he took small, unsure steps towards the voice. As Allen's eyes adjusted to the darkness, he could make out Cross's silhouette lounging on a sofa, a cigarette in between his lips. Allen saw Cross's eyes widen as he stepped closer. The cigarette fell from his mouth and landed on the ashtray sitting on his lap.

Allen stumbled out of the door, closing it behind him silently, before running at breakneck speed towards his room. He flung open his door and slammed it behind him, locking it shut. Spinning around, he saw Lavi lying down on his bed, looking up at him in surprise. Allen raised an eyebrow.

"What're you doing on my bed, Lavi?" Allen asked, walking over and slipping in beside him.

"I got tired of waiting after ten minutes. So I came here." Lavi's eyes narrowed as he took in Allen's disheveled appearance. His dress was unzipped halfway, and his strap was hanging down on his arm. "Don't tell me…"

"I'll explain everything. After I change."

"… And then he took his ashtray off his lap and proceeded to undress me, all the while whispering stuff like 'You have one hot bod there, babe.'" Lavi exploded into a fit of laughter, clutching at his stomach. Allen crossed his arms and stared up at Lavi in annoyance. Lavi stopped laughing, before urging Allen to continue, stroking his silky white hair.

"Of course I couldn't let him undress me. So I quickly asked him if he would like me to pour him some wine. Which was easier said than done. I couldn't even see a thing in the dark. I finally got the bottle after groping around for at least five minutes. And when I finally got it, I accidentally spilled the wine all over his jacket.

"But he didn't get angry or anything. He just laughed like some possessed drunkard and proceeded to undress me again. So I…" Allen fiddled with his thumbs nervously.

"What did you do?" Lavi propped his chin on top of Allen's head.

"I took the wine bottle and hit him on the head."

Lavi froze in shock. "You knocked him out?"

"Yeah. He didn't bleed much."

"Oh God."

Allen smirked. "But this means that #I win, Lavi." He laughed evilly.

Lavi tilted Allen's head up and kissed him fully.

"So…" Lavi murmured into Allen's neck.

"Yeah… Eat with me in the canteen till midnight."

Lavi pulled away abruptly and pouted. "Damn it, Allen!" Allen tapped his chin thoughtfully. "Or maybe we could…" Allen snaked his arms around Lavi's neck and kissed him with vigour, before proceeding to get rid of his clothes, all the while thinking that it was going to be the best Valentine's Day ever.


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