A/N: Okay just to let you know that this is an Blackwater story, with an Nessie twist. Meaning that anything goes in this story with who Jacob ends up wit, but it's obvious. I really love Nessie's character and wanted to throw her in this story. Since I always wanted her as one of my main characters. So I hope you enjoy it, and please tell me what you think of it so far. Happy New Year to everyone. 2010!

"Babe you ready to go?" I screamed. I've been waiting down stairs for at least 30 minutes, I was gonna be late for work. I'm employed with Chambers' Industries, I worked as an Accountant, but I was also still in training. It was a good paying job, instead of doing nothing all day waiting for life to happen or just sit back and wait for the outcome. I went to UW and got my bachelor's in Business in Accounting. While Leah was still in school finishing up her senior year. She decided to go to school a year later after I graduated. She was studying to be an nurse. Which kinda surprised everyone in our pack, but she was doing really well and earning straight A's. Can't be mad at that she was going to be an fantastic nurse. Leah's reply back broke me out of my ravine.

"Don't be rushing me Jake! I'll be ready in a minute! Damn!" I heard her dropping things all over the floor upstairs in our bedroom. Leah and I have been together for about 5 years going strong. I loved her with all of my heart, she's my rock, my best friend. I couldn't do any of this without her. She's the one to encouraged me to get my G.E.D and go to college. She waited since she was working an full-time job.

Leah ran down the stairs in her tight black jeans and red camisole, with her messenger bag on her left shoulder. She wrapped her arms across her chest and raised her eyebrow at me.

"Okay I'm ready to go. I don't want to be late." She said sarcastically and pulled a cute smile. I walked over to her and placed my arms around her waist and pressed her body tight to mine.

"You late? Your class doesn't start until 10:15 and I gotta be at work at 9:20." I glanced at my watch and it was 8:45.

"Well, you need to get a move on, if you don't wanna lose that job." She put her arms around my neck and licked her lips.

"Alright. I'll just leave you to take the bus and I will get to work so I won't lose my job." I pulled her closer in my arms.

"You wouldn't dare leave me here to take the bus to school. Cause all those bumps on the bus are just gonna ask me for money and just creep me the hell out. You won't anyone to discover our secret now will you Jake?" She playfully glared at me.

"Yes I would. If you ever pissed me off." I grinned and kissed her full on the lips. I ran my tongue over her bottom lips and she opened her mouth and let me explored her delicious mouth. I always enjoyed kissing Leah, she was one hell of an kisser too. I kissed her chastely for a second before moving my lips to her jaw and leaving a heated trial of kisses back to her ear. She giggled and lightly pulled herself from me.

"Are you the one who yelled at me for taking too long. Come on Jake let's go. " She grabbed my hand and we both hopped in my rabbit and took off. I dropped her off at school first and headed to work. Today was the official day for training I was so excited to be working in this field. More curious to see what kinds of people I'm gonna be working with. I walked into the building checking my phone to make sure I had the ringer turned off, and it was on silent and I had a text from Leah.

Hey baby! You made it to work okay? :) I smiled at the screen, she was so sweet to be worried about me. She knew I was kinda nervous about this whole thing.

Yeah babe, I'm in the building. What u doing now? I pressed send and headed to the elevator.

In the library, doing some extra homework. Quil's wit me. He's trying to get these girls #'s, but they all turning the idiot down. LOL. I laughed knowing exactly what Quil was trying to do to get their attention. Talk about his so called 'hard life' which is complete bullshit.

Is it working?

Weird. It is he's waving the # in my face. The ass. I noticed that the elevator was now on my level.

Babe I'll see you later. I'm almost there. I love you. :) I send the message and looked up for a second to see which floor I'm actually close on. The doors open and I stepped out and ran straight into someone. My phone fell on some girl with reddish bronze curly hair and papers were flying all over the space she fell on.

"I'm so so sorry." I said immediately and I knelled down to help her pick up her papers.

"Don't be. I was on my phone texting while trying to balance three full file folders." I got a better look at her and she was hot, I mean really hot. Not as hot as my baby Leah, but she was definitely there. She finally looked in my eyes and she gave me a smile and blushed really hard. She had an familiar look about her, whatever.

"So was I. That's why it isn't safe to walk while texting huh?" She laughed and it sounded like bells, she continued to collect all the papers and just placed them into the folder. I wanted to be polite since it was an working environment and I needed help to get to the room where the training was being held.

"Well since we're down here. I'm Jacob Black." She gave me a smile and held out her hand.

"I'm Renesmee Masen." I shook her hand with an confused look on my face. What the hell kind of name is Renezmee?

"Come again. I'm sorry can you repeat your name." I said with embarrassment and felt kinda bad. So much for first impressions. She giggled softly and shook her head.

"Renesmee, but call me Nessie it's what I really go by. Don't feel bad everyone who has been known me or anyone has had a problem with my name" She smiled at me. Her deep brown eyes were so familiar to me, but as I got a better look at her I know that I'm just seeing things.

Once all the papers were off the floor, I rose up off the ground and helped her up along the way.

"So Jacob? Where are you headed? You must be as lost as I am. " I looked at her as she places the folders under arm and glanced back up at me.

"I'm headed to training for the accounting position I got last week." Her eyes shot opened and she bounced up and down, it really caught me off guard.

"Really? So am I. I got all my information in these here folders since I forgot it during the second interview. This job is my dream. At least it won't be so boring during training since we've both been acquainted." She flashed a smile and walked to a bulletin board.

"Yeah it's good to find new associates. Especially around the workplace." I said as I saw what room we were supposed to be in for our training.

"Well it seems that it's room 785 and it's just down that hall." I said pointed to the direction, while she jumped into a completely different conversation.

"So you got a girlfriend?" She asked as she walked down the hall where I pointed at.

"Yeah I do. She's the love of my life and I love her very much. Why do you ask?" I was suddenly curious about why she asked if I had a girlfriend just like that.

"Um no reason. Why can't a girl ask a simple question. Someone as hot as you can get hurt by single women in a workplace." She smirked. "So the love of your life. You sure?" What kind of questions is she asking.

"Yeah I'm sure. She always been there for me through thick and thin, as I have for her. There's no other woman." I stated hoping she could get the picture.

"Oh Okay. No need to get hostile, I was just asking a question. It's good that you're all set on one woman. She must be wonderful." We were getting closer to the room, when we made it to the front of the door, she turned around to face me.

"Sorry for the getting in all in your business. I really don't know how to strike up a conversation with new people. I tend to say silly things." She sure wasn't kidding. "I hope we could be friendly to each other." She smiled and held out her hand. "Cool?"

I took her hand and shook it. As I let go her hand, it seemed like she was trying to keep the handshake longer than it needed. I walked into the room and took my seat, while I caught Nessie staring at me and she gave me a wink, just before the supervisor walked in and did his introduction. I quietly took my phone out and read the last message, before my full attention was on this training.

I love you too! Have a good day. ;)