"It's easier when things are polite," Paul said with a wide grin. Aaron tried to say something but it came out as a gargled mumble as he was slowly losing consciousness. "Mr. Sorrel, you should really save your energy. You're gonna need ti."

"What are you playing at?" Amanda couldn't hide the disgust in her voice as she held the cloth to her husband's head.

"Playing at, Amanda? Oh, we're not playing yet. Ah," he said as Peter followed Alexis into the room. "Did you find anything good?"

"No." Peter replied bitterly. "They don't have anything to eat, and the stupid kid spilled juice on my hand." Alexis sat next to her mother as Peter flopped down next to Paul.

"All right, now that everyone's here, let's play a game. Let's call it..." and at this he exchanged knowing looks with Peter, " 'Where are Daddy's toys?' I assume you're the hunting type, right?" He nodded at Aaron. "Don't answer. Like I said, save your energy. But I'm sure Mommy knows where he keeps his tools. So, Lexi, you're gonna stay here with Peter and Daddy. Amanda, give Lexi the cloth. You have to hold that on Daddy's head, all right. Tubby, don't lose your temper. Everybody play nice, while Mommy shows me where Daddy's toys are, okay?" When no one replied, he smiled and exclaimed "Great. After you Amanda."

She stared at him in disbelief, till he pulled her off the couch and said again, "After you." Amanda led him out of the living room, and into the entrance hall. "Well? Where do we go now?"

"If you think I'm going to willingly give you the weapons to kill my husband and my little girl, you're crazier than I thought."

"I never said anything about 'willing,' Mrs. Sorrel. You're forgetting who holds all the cards. If you want me to play my hand, I will. But don't forget what you're betting." As he said this, he looked purposefully at Alexis. "Amanda, you three will die. Its rather inevitable. How you die is entirely up to you. Play nice, and you'll die nice. Play mean..." he left the thought hanging for Amanda to finish.

When Amanda didn't move, Paul sighed. "Fine, I'll find it myself. Let's start upstairs." Ignoring the sudden look of horror on her face, he pushed her ahead of him and started up the stairs.

Amanda followed behind as Paul opened various doors, starting with the master bedroom. "So, does Aaron keep a gun in here. A lot of people do. Like under the pillow." He looked. Nothing. "Perhaps in the closet." Again. Nothing. "No matter. I'm looking for the hunting equipment, not the self-defense pistol. Let's try another room, shall we?" Amanda held her breath as he opened another door. "Ah, this must be Lexi's room." On the bed was a pink comforter with green and purple flowers. The room was adorned with other various items you would expect in a little girl's room. "I like it. It's very....pink. Its also very child friendly, so I won't find anything in here. How about...across the hall. What's in here?"

"No! I, mean, um..." She fumbled to cover when Paul turned to look at her. "Um, I'll take you to them. The weapons, I mean. I'll show you."

He smiled. "Well I'm glad you're playing nice now. But now I'm intrigued as to what's in this room. So, let's have a look!" And he threw open the door.

Along the walls were a dresser and a desk. The walls were covered in various posters of bands and movies. There was a shelf with some books, movies, cds, and games. Nothing special. But what drew the attention of both Amanda's and Paul's eyes was the bed in the middle of the room, and the unconscious body lying wrapped in the covers on it.

Paul cocked his head to the side. "Well then, who's this?" he asked himself quietly. He moved to the bed. Amanda just cried. Paul gently brushed the girl's hair aside.

Andi's eyes flittered open. She yawned. "Who are you?"

At this he smiled. "I'm the man that's going to kill your family."

In her feverish state this statement barely registered. She just turned over and mumbled, "Close the door, you're letting the light in."

Paul quietly got up and pushed Amanda into the hall, locking the door behind him. "So, who was that?"

Knowing she had no choice, she softly replied, "My eldest daughter, Andrea"

"And why was Andi not around for our games?"

"She's sick. Had a fever."

"That explains why she didn't hear what I said. All right then, where are the weapons?"

Amanda didn't have the energy to resist anymore. All she wanted to do was sit down. "Fine. They're in the basement, locked in a cabinet. The key in under the stairs."

He smiled again, that sickening smile. "Very good. You look tired Amanda. Why don't you go sit with Peter in the living room." He followed her downstairs then continued on to the basement as Amanda sat down next to her husband and took the towel from Lexi.

Moments later, Paul returned with a shotgun and several bullets. "Hey Tubby. They give you any trouble?"

"No trouble. They're quite quiet actually."

"You will not believe what I found upstairs. Lexi's big sister, Andi."

"And what was she doing upstairs?"

"Sleeping off a fever. I locked her door and left her there." He said as he loaded the shotgun.

"Shouldn't we bring her down?"

"That wouldn't be fair. After all the bet was that these three would be dead. We never said a thing about her. I think we can decide what to do with her later. And speaking of the bet, what time is it?"

Peter looked at his watch. "1:26."

"All right. Let's see about winning the bet shall we. I have an idea. Let's guess how old Andi is. I'm guessing.....16. Maybe 17. Let's say 17. Tubby, who should we start with?"

"Why are we using Andi?"

"Because it's more fun that way. Now I say we start with little sister. All right? Great! Start counting Tubby."

"I'm not Tubby."

"Whatever. Start counting."

Peter started at Lexi who was sitting on the right end of the couch, then went on to Amanda, who was sitting at the left end, and then Aaron was in the middle. "One, two, three, four..."