Hi there, this is RosaEldi. I am the artist for the Break Myself comic and, as it happens, Colt's sister. There have been some less-than-pleasant remarks regarding the extended hiatus for this story. Everything ranging from insults and cries for attention to full out verbal assault. This is unwelcome in the extreme. (Just fyi: this does not include the "please write more, you are killing me" vein.)

First off, no author, regardless of fame or fandom is required to write for your enjoyment. They write because they want to. They graciously choose to share their words with us. Don't make it a job.

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Author's Note: My sister is awesome. And chemotherapy is a bitch.

Thank you to all the reviewers and people who private messaged me encouragement and honest pleas for continuation. I have heard them, and felt horrible I couldn't write more. Yes, Break Myself will be finished when I find the inspiration and energy to write it again. There are multiple drafts on my computer, I'm trying to figure out how I want it to end now.

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She watched, heart clenching in her chest, as the black flag fluttered in the flames. Some campers had gathered, their orange shirts washed out in the bright fire. Some faces were unexpected and surprising, but one was missing.

She blinked back to herself, away from the flames. Back to dry and droll conversation, to the unfinished woven branches in her lap. Did they even notice? Did they even care?

She stood so swiftly, she almost overturned her chair. Her mother pulled from the conversation and looked to her, astonished. "Persephone, where are you going?" she demanded.

Persephone didn't bother to answer, just summoned her traveling cloak to her with a practiced ease. Demeter snatched it out of the air, her face glowering with rage.

"It is summer," she snapped, her voice low so as not to disturb their guests' droning words. Did they even notice her leaving, or were they ignoring her actions again? Repeating the lies spread about her 'predicament' and lamenting her 'fate'.

"I don't care, he needs me." Persephone seized the cloak woven from shadowy corners and hidden darkness, locking eyes with her mother. Yet again she finds herself cursing the thought of her mother ever being tormented by her loss and spitting out half the seeds. She flung the cloak around her shoulders. In it, she sheds the gentle guise of a goddess' simple daughter, and becomes a queen.

Her mother's face contorted in fury, and somewhere Persephone is sure the mortals will experience a horrible dry spell or furious hot winds, but she can't find it in her to care for them. As she dropped through the shadows, gliding back to her place in her throne, she only thinks of her husband.

When she pushed back the hood, she finds the matching throne vacant.


She knew where to go, although it pained her a little to admit it to herself. She hoped she would find him watching the fire as well, but knew he wouldn't be able to face it. And indeed, instead he was watching the dark haired girl as she spoke of some video game to her red-headed friend.

Persephone watched for a moment, sadness wrestling with roiling jealousy. She had told Nico the truth – sort of, a version of the truth anyways – but she still didn't have to like it. "Will you go to her again?"

Hades turned with a start, surprised. His face softened when he saw her, as it always did when they were alone. "Your mother will be furious," he commented as if there was no reason for the heart-rending grief she felt rolling off him in waves.

"Oh, she is," Persephone smiled a little maliciously, a trait learned from him, "But right now, I don't particularly care."

She took her place, wrapping his arm around her shoulders as it should be always. "Will you?" she pressed.

"No," his reply was firm. "I already killed her once. Let her have a happy life."

"Nico would have been proud to hear that."

"He will be," Hades replied firmly. Persephone frowned.

"My lord, let others live in denial."

Hades only squeezed her shoulders a bit, but didn't bother to hide a half smirk. "Oh, I expect I'll have some very annoying company drop by soon enough to make an ancient deal."