Come back to me

Chapter One: Tears, Confessions, and Ancient Holograms

On the way home Téa was able to keep it together, but once the plane landed she grabbed her bags as fast as she could and made a quick excuse about being tired before running off. When she made it home she fell to the ground in tears.

"It's not fair!" she sobbed aloud, "He wasn't supposed to leave. Not without me." She wrapped her arms around herself as she let out more sobs trying to convince herself it was all for the best, but it didn't work. In fact it only made her cry even more. Finally, she noticed the time, 11:00 PM.

"Oh my god, what time did I arrive home?" She thought back and remembered the clock in the airport saying it was 8:00 PM. She got up of the floor with tears still pooling in her eyes and slowly made her way upstairs. That night she cried herself to sleep.

In the spirit world Atem sat on his throne, deep in thought. All he could think about was Téa, and this scared him.

"Pharaoh," Atem looked up to see Seto and the rest of the high priests, "Sorry to disturb your thoughts, but I couldn't help but notice that you have been acting distant ever since you arrived. Please, if there is a problem, tell us, and we will do everything in our power to fix it."

"I appreciate your concern, but not even you can help me," with that Atem descended from the throne and walked to his royal chambers.

"Do you think he misses the outside world?" Shimon asked.

"Yes," Isis said, "I have watched our pharaoh in the world of the living and if I had to guess, he misses his friends there."

"This isn't good," Seto said, "Our pharaoh shouldn't be thinking about all his friends in the future, or present, or where ever they are, it'll get in the way of his responsibilities."

"Well, what are we going to do?" Malik asked.

"We're going to bring them here," Seto said with determination.

"Sorry to burst your bubble, Seto, but we're not allowed to summon humans to the spirit world," Mana reminded him. She wasn't officially a high priest, but she did most of Mahad's old responsibilities.

"That is true," Seto said, "but if the pharaoh needs their help he can summon them here, and it turns out that the pharaoh needs to find a bride. And I think he'll need a little advice from his friends."

"The only problem is that we are not to start finding a bride for his majesty for another 3 months," Isis said.

"I don't think that's going to be a problem," Mana smiled, "It's not like he can die of loneliness." The other priests rolled their eyes and went on to doing their jobs.

Téa woke up with a sigh and looked at her alarm clock, 10:00 AM. She lifted the blanket off of herself and headed to the bathroom. She took a short shower and brushed her teeth and put on a cute, green and white sun dress. She went to the kitchen to make herself breakfast while she thought about her latest adventure with the gang. As the eggs cooked her eyes pooled with tears as she remembered Atem was gone forever. These were the moments she was glad her parents were in Europe on an archeological dig for new Cro-Magnon faciles. The fact that she was so torn over Atem leaving was scaring her. She always liked Atem, but she never thought that she would be crying over him. She needed to talk to someone, and she knew who it was.

"Thanks for meeting me here Yugi," Téa smiled faintly as she looked around the café they were in.

"Sure thing," Yugi said, "You said you had something you wanted to talk about?"

"It's about Atem," she looked down for a second, "I miss him so much!" she cried and let a few tears slide down her cheeks.

"Téa it's going to be okay," Yugi said reassuringly as he whiped a tear of her face, "I promise."

"Thanks Yugi, but I'm afraid I might be in love with him," she said.

"I know," he admitted.

"What?" Téa had stopped crying and now her eyes were wide in disbelief.

"Well, it wasn't that hard to figure out I mean you're super easy to read," Yugi admitted.

"What about Atem? Did he know?" Téa was leaning forward on her seat.

"I don't know, but he usually thought about you when we shared a body," Yugi said, "You see, Téa, as much as I tried to keep it from him, he probably knew."

"When did you find out I liked him?" she asked nervously.

"After the date you two had, I kind of watched the entire thing, sorry about that, I couldn't resist," He blushed, "It's just, I kind of felt bad that Atem didn't have anyone to talk to, besides me, but you could've given him a hug, something he deserved. At least that's what I was aiming for."

"You did all that just for him?" Téa asked in disbelief.

"Well, not just for him. When I saw you that day you looked so lonely and sad, and that's when I realized maybe you two could use someone special in your lives. And that's the other half of the reason I set you guys up on a date," Yugi admitted. Téa said nothing and stared at Yugi for what seemed like forever. Suddenly, Téa stud up and gave Yugi a huge hug.

"Thank you, Yugi, you're a true friend," Téa said, "I just wish I had more time with him."

"Don't worry Téa everything's going to be alright," Yugi hugged her back. Truthfully he didn't know how to help Téa, but he was going to try everything he could to help.

Atem leaned on the balcony. He missed his friends especially Téa. She was the one person that made an effort to make him smile when Yugi couldn't. She was the most wonderful person he knew and now he could never see her again. He hit the balcony in anger, it wasn't fair. Just then his millennium necklace started to glow and a hologram was shot from the eye in front of the pharaoh. It showed Tea and Yugi sitting in a café talking.

"Do you think he'll ever come back?" Téa asked, her eyes showed signs that she had been crying.

"I don't know Téa, maybe one day we can join him in the spirit world," Yugi said.

"I don't think I can wait that long," Téa looked down.

"Don't say that Téa you're frightening me," Yugi said, "I promise I'll help you through this, and Joey and Tristan are always there for you, too."

"Thanks Yugi," Téa smiled. And the image disappeared.

"Téa, Yugi!" The king of Egypt dropped to his knees, "Come back."

A/N: this is my first fanfiction. Hope ou like it. If you didn't notice I don't know the name's of the pharaoh's royal court if you could tell me that would be great.