"Riku….is it wrong for boys to kiss other boys?" asked Sora in a soft murmur as he sat beside his friend on the bed of Sora's room.

"Hmm?" replied Riku, a blush coming to his face as he turned his head to look at the boy beside him, his heartbeat picking up its pace a bit

The brunette turned and looked up at Riku with big blue eyes and a cute little face, his hand touching Riku's thigh.

"Is it wrong if I want to kiss you?" asked Sora again and he leaned closer, the hand he had on Riku's thigh moving up slowly and it was beginning to turn Riku on.

"I…I don't know…" stuttered Riku nervously, his eyes looking down at the hand and then turning back to Sora whose face was right in front of his and it caused the teen to stop breathing.

It felt like his pounding heart would jump right out of his chest.

"Can I kiss you Riku?" whispered Sora softly, his little lips moving so sensually that Riku was drawn to them.

"….yes…" breathed Riku, the sound almost unheard despite his excitement and eagerness.

Why was he feeling this way about Sora: his best friend in the whole world? But right now…he didn't care. Didn't care at all because what he really cared about was Sora.

The little teen moved closer, his lips just brushing up against Riku's. They felt so soft and warm…

"I love you, Riku," stated Sora softly, his hands resting on Riku's chest as he kissed Riku again.

It surprised him to hear Sora say that, making him feel like air. Suddenly he pressed his hand to the back of Sora's neck and kissed him. A full-on-all-mouth-kiss as if he was starving for it. The raging beast that dwelled deep within Riku's teenage desires known as his hormones was raging up to the surface to eat the little bunny named Sora.

He pushed him down onto the bed, his hands touching every part of Sora's body as he kissed him with surprising skill. It was hot and soft all at once. Sora moaned, the sound so wanting and…sexy.

"Oh, Riku," the boy moaned when Riku started kissing Sora's neck furiously, hand slipping under the boy's shirt and it was making the silver haired teen go crazy, his body on fire and just ready to take over Sora's.

But then suddenly it all vanished. It all went cold and Riku was left in darkness with his body still wanting. He woke with a gasp and a cold sweat all over himself, the sheets burning up around him. He sat up with a start, breathing heavy and looking around his empty dark room. Nothing. He was alone.

Was it all…a dream?

Taking large gulps of air; Riku ran his fingers through his hair and wiped the sweat from his brow and temples, also muttering a soft, "Damn," under his breath. That was intense and so…real. It was like he could almost feel Sora. He blushed, recalling what had happened in the dream: kissing…touching…wanting….

All so real….yet….not….

He couldn't calm down, his body was still wanting, still hungry to have Sora again only fully next time and that's what scared him. This was all so complicating! Looking down, he noticed a slight rise in his blanket on his lap and he blushed harder. It seemed that he wasn't the only one that was excited, the muscle he carried in his boxers starting to become at attention.

Maybe he could….

No way! That would be gross! But…he's done it before. Because of Sora though? This was way too complicated.

Resting his head back down, Riku looked up at his ceiling, thinking to himself and weighing his options at the moment.

*'Why me? Why Sora? Why now? WHY?'

He asked those questions to himself and to his brain over and over again, trying to find the answer even though he knew he wouldn't get it.

Slowly and tentatively, his hand slipped under the sheets, sliding down his abdomen and under the elastic band of his boxers. He couldn't believe he was about to do this….


Damn! It was Riku's phone.

Panting and being coated in a cold sweat, Riku reached for his phone, feeling really worn out now.

"Hello?" he groaned into the phone, not in the mood for talking to whoever this was.

"Hi Riku…" murmured Sora softly from the other side of the line and something in his tone worried Riku.

"Sora, what's wrong?" he asked quickly as he sat up quickly and threw off the covers and reaching for his jeans on the floor, thinking that Sora was in trouble.

"I…I had a bad dream," he mumbled softly which made Riku stop and give a heavy sigh of relief. "I'm sorry if I woke you up."

"Heh, don't worry about it, I was…already awake," said Riku nervously as he sat back down on the bed and remembered what he himself dreamt about. "What is it?"

"Well…you and me are walking along the beach," explained Sora, sounding quite sleepy and Riku wondered if Sora had the same dream he did.

For some reason he started thinking about him and Sora embracing on the sand, letting the waves wash over their naked flesh and entangled limbs.

"But then a big wave came up and took you away and…all the sand turned black and the water went away and all the plants were dead," continued Sora, snapping Riku out of his daydream. "I was…all by myself…then the sand started pulling me down and I thought I was going to drown in it and…and…I woke up..."

Sora's breathing was shaky and Riku just knew he was crying.

"It's ok, Sora," murmured Riku softly and gently to calm the other down. "It was only a little nightmare; no wave is going to take me away."

"Thanks, Riku," replied Sora and Riku could hear the smile Sora had.

"No problem."

"Riku…?" asked Sora after a short pause.

"Yeah, Sora?" Riku asked back a little too eagerly, wondering what his friend wanted.

"Could you stay up with me for awhile?"

"Sure, Sora, no problem," replied Riku with a smile as he rested back down on the bed, placing his cell phone on the pillow next to him as if it were Sora.

"Riku…why were awake when I called you? It's three in the morning."

"Well…I ugh…had a dream too," said Riku nervously as he smiled to himself a little.

"Was it a good dream?" questioned Sora softly and curiously. "Or did you have a nightmare too?"

"No, no it was a good dream," Riku hastily said, blushing when he remembered it.

"What was it about?"

"Oh…it was about…videogames…" Riku lied, feeling like an idiot and didn't want Sora knowing about the dirty dream he had and what he had to do after he woke up from it.

Sora giggled.

"It must have been a fun dream," he sighed softly, sounding tired.

"Yeah…it was…" murmured Riku, grinning to himself again.

"I'm….going to go to bed now," Sora yawned. "Good night Riku."