AN: Just a random thing I came up with. The things that come to me at 3 in the morning. :D This is when Rachel tells Finn that the father is actually Puck. Just insert it in that 2 second break between Rachel going all serious and Puck being sucker punched. Enjoy!

Finn stared at Rachel for a long time.

"What?" He was still in shock of what he was hearing.

"Finn, I am so sorry. I hate the fact that I am the one that has to tell you, but it was obvious no one else was going to. You deserve to know."

Finn felt like he had been punched in the face. "So, she lied to me. And my best friend got my girlfriend knocked up. And he cheated on you!"

Rachel's mouth moved, but nothing came out. She stopped, and finally got a word out. "Yeah."

"I cannot believe him. Or her. Or them. I just-" He stopped, and hit his locker loudly. Several heads turned, but kept moving on. He pressed his back against the spot he hit and held his head. "God dammit."

Rachel pursed her lips and watched Finn, she felt terrible seeing him in such a vulnerable state. She thought to comfort him, but wasn't sure how. For one, he was a guy. For two, he was too freakishly tall for her.

Finn calmed down. His eyes still closed, he stood strait. "I'll see you around, Rachel. I've got business to settle."

Rachel watched him walk away, know what he was going to do. She almost stopped him, but couldn't bring herself to it. She sighed, and followed him quietly.

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