Hello everyone…

This is not a chapter, just an Authors note and apology.

When I first started writing my stories, I promised myself that I would never put up an Authors note as a chapter because I hate it when other people do that with the stories I read because it gets my hopes up and then they are crushed again.

The only reason I am putting this up is to explain why I am not putting up the chapter today, I have been really sick lately, and not the sickness pansies get but a proper sickness.

The sort of sickness where you can barely lift your head up or you'll throw up sort of sickness.

I am starting to recover now but I will have to work on my school work that I missed before I even think of starting this chapter.

I'm really sorry that I got all your hopes up and now they're crushed, I just really felt that you should hear why I wasn't sticking to my once a month, every month rule of updating.

On a happier note, I will be updating Wife Swap, because I had this chapter written ages ago, I'm further ahead in wife swap than you guys are so I could stay on top of it, and so far that plans working.

I'm really sorry once again, I'll update ASAP