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Hatake Kakashi was not a man to be depended on when it came to trivial things. The first time Sakura had asked him to water her plants and check her apartment when she was on a mission (because by god she was not going to give Naruto a key to her place) she had returned a week later to find her plants dead and a filmy layer of dust left over her apartment. Sakura had grumbled and steamed and huffed about it for weeks, and when confronted Kakashi had just scratched his head and said, "Sorry, Sakura, I thought you were leaving next week."


When Sakura turned nineteen she was allowed to drink, and she wanted a party. Whoever wanted to come was invited, but she especially wanted her team there, as they were her important people. Naruto showed up five minutes early, and Sai followed quickly after. Friends filtered in and out of their chosen bar that night and Sakura flushed under the haze of whisky and weak vodka.

At about two in the morning Kakashi showed up at her door with a bottle of rum and a sheepish look on his face. Sakura blinked at him groggily (and drunkenly) until he said, "Sorry, Sakura, I thought your party was tomorrow night."

She could kill him. Really, she could.

When Kakashi turned thirty-six Sakura decided to hold a small party for him. She had even went out of her way to get a signed copy of the new Icha Icha book he had been wanting (but was too cheap to buy). It had been quite a bit of work, considering she had to dress up in a bikini and wear high heels to get Jiraiya to even consider signing it. She hoped Kakashi was damn happy with the book, because if he wasn't she was going to damn well take his head off.

Naruto and Sai showed up at her apartment (on time. Ish.) and they sat around and tapped their fingers until two hours later Naruto said, "Screw it," and broke out the booz. They all ended up drunk and crashed on her floor next to a broken lamp and muddy footprints (because Naruto never took his stupid shoes off).

The next morning, around seven AM, much earlier than anyone should be awake after a night of binge drinking, Kakashi shook her awake. She ran to the bathroom, threw up, brushed her teeth, and came back out while he sat restlessly at her dining table, ignoring a snoring Naruto and a drooling Sai. Sakura gave Kakashi one long stare before he apologized. "Sorry, Sakura, but I swore I was supposed to show up in the morning."

She didn't talk to him for a week. (Though Naruto relayed everything they needed to say to each other anyway, so Kakashi didn't seem that punished when she actually did go back to talking to him.)

On their first S-class mission Sakura was separated from the group when they were attacked. She was up against three men who had scratches across their forehead protectors and leers across their faces. She delivered a swift kick to one in the abdomen, bones cracking beneath her chakra enhance foot. The second one she caught in a genjutsu, and the third came at her with a sword about to pierce her belly with her defenses wide open. Sakura opened her mouth to yell when the man was torn away from her and smashed against a tree, chest half torn away by a well aimed chidori.

Kakashi smiled at her sheepishly, blood spattered across his face, hunched over as she trembled and tried not to cry (because being left alone was that damn terrifying to her). He gripped her shoulder and she let out a deep breath. "Sorry, Sakura, I won't be late next time."

When they got back to Konoha, Sakura shyly asked if Kakashi would join her for dinner, and Kakashi diffidently accepted. Of course the night was spend with him reading porn and her trying to glimpse his face, but that's not what it was about, and they both knew it.