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Sakura staggered as the man leaning against almost pitched over. She groaned and tightened her grip on the arm over her shoulder.

"You are such a pain in the ass."

Kakashi snickered. Sakura scrunched her nose as his breath overwhelmed her sense of smell. Kakashi was very, very drunk.

Sakura muttered something quietly as she lugged him down the street. She was tired, and it was late, and she really shouldn't be dragging her ex-teacher to his apartment after he binged on vodka and cheap sake. Seriously. Kakashi didn't seem to notice her ire, though, as he kept smiling at her.

"Sakuraaaa," he slurred, "you're amaaazing."

Sakura rolled her eyes.

"No, really." He nodded with conviction. "You always take care of me."

"Well, who else would do it? You dolt," She replied.

Kakashi sniggered, as though this were hilarious, and then decided to nuzzle her neck. Sakura stretched her neck away. "Watch it." She warned. He didn't listen.

"Also, also..." he said, trailing off for a moment, before remembering his thoughts, "you have nice hair. Smells nice." Sakura frowned as he sniffed her head. She hadn't washed her hair in, like, two days.

"Aaand," he continued, "You have nice...." His eyes drifted down to her chest. Sakura shot him a warning glance.

"...clothes." He finished.

Sakura grunted and started to walk faster. This was seriously a pain in the butt. Having her teacher fail at making blatant, drunken passes at her was not her idea of a nice night. It was quite the opposite.

Sakura suddenly froze as she felt a large, masculine hand grip her right breast. Her face turned mechanically to look at Kakashi, who was grinning at her.

The next morning Kakashi woke up to a pounding headache, a black eye, and memory loss. When meeting Sakura later that afternoon, he was curious as to why she kept blushing and avoiding his gaze. When questioned, she glared at him and muttered under her breath. Kakashi decided he was probably better off not knowing after she threw Naruto through a wall for saying Good Morning.