Title: 'Death is Impatient'
Author: RHHP Freak
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, and I don't think I'll ever will.
A poem in Harry's POV. Takes place just after the chapter 'The Prince's Tale'

Death is Impatient

My heart is still pounding
As I'm lying here, on the floor
My mind is still thinking
But for how long?
Death is impatient
He's been waiting for me
Too many times have I escaped
But no more running, no more hiding
It's time to join my family
A darkness filled with nothing
But the emptiness of death
Never again will I kiss the girl I love
Never be with my friends again
I will join the people I love
My parents, Sirius and all the others
I will now say goodbye
Goodbye to the world of the living
But hello to the world of death
So come on Death, take me
In moments I'll be yours
Take me away from here
Let me leave this place behind
I will die for what is good
And I know how impatient you are
Let's not waste more time, let it happen
I am going to die

The End