Previously, in this Fan Fiction...

"Tony," it was her whispered voice, heavy and teasing, that almost pushed him over the edge. He felt his penis begin to harden and he closed his eyes against the heat seeping through his veins. Not now, anytime but now.

Ziva laughed throatily at his pained expression before tapping him on the cheek with the tips of her fingers.

Tony couldn't help himself any longer, he released his grip on her behind and let her slide until her heated body came in to contact with his burgeoning shaft. This time he did groan, and she gasped; her eyes widening in surprise.

"Tony!" her voice was a mixture of admonishment and pleasure, as though she was unsure which emotion was stronger.

Even through his lust induced stupor, he knew that what he was doing was wrong.

"Sorry, Ziva," he groaned huskily, "I haven't... for a long time."

"I know, shut up," she moaned, raking her fingernails down his spine as she rubbed herself against him.

"Oh god," he sighed, blissfully happy at her uncharacteristic compliance.

Tony's hands trailed a heated path up her body until he reached her head, where he weaved his fingers through her hair and brought her lips to his in tepefying kiss. The entwining of their bodies and the coalescing of their lips seemed to ignite every one of their nerve endings and enflame each of their senses, sending a sensory explosion reverberating through their bodies.

Ziva moaned headily as Tony's lips worked against hers. She placed her palms on his cheeks and allowed her tongue to sliver in to his mouth.

She couldn't believe that this was actually happening. After four years of teasing and merely alluding to the idea of sex, they were finally making a move. In some far-off, distant corner of her mind Ziva knew they shouldn't be doing this. She knew that this, the act they were partaking in, would ultimately change their relationship forever. Not to mention rule 12.

But the thing was; she couldn't actually bring herself to care. Not one little bit. The empyrean feelings that were surging through her body left little room for thought. It was like attempting to swim against a current, after your initial attempt to fight against it you decide it's simply much easier to go with the flow.

But Ziva did anything but go with the flow as she worked her tongue against Tony's and rubbed herself against him, feeling him continue to swell against her.

Tony turned around and slammed her down on the counter, between the two sinks; his lips didn't diffuse from hers once.

Ziva forced herself to tear her lips away from his, cursing her humane need for oxygen. She pressed her forehead against his as they both drew in gasping breaths of air.

They shared a look, conversing with their eyes everything they felt.

Ziva unwound her legs from around his waist and let them fall as she sat on the edge of the counter, allowing him to stand between them. After a couple of moments, she brought her lips to his again, unable to resist the smouldering taste of euphoria that clung to his tongue.

"Tony," she murmured, grinding herself against him as she began to trail kisses along his jaw and down his throat. She slowly began to unbutton his shirt, kissing the newly exposed flesh after each one.

Tony groaned throatily, "Ziva," he sighed, "Sweet Cheeks," he murmured, having full intentions of confirming what they were doing with her. That was until she began to run her tongue from the centre of his chest and up his throat, leaving a seared path in her wake. She skimmed her teeth over his chin before bringing her lips back to his in a passionate kiss.

"This is," Tony breathed out, placing a lingering kiss behind Ziva's ear as he spoke, "- absolutely crazy." He continued to trail a deviating line of kisses along her jaw. "We," he flicked his tongue over her earlobe, earning a sigh from Ziva before he continued to speak, "should not," he ran his tongue across the shell of her ear, making her shiver, "be doing this."

Ziva could barely even understand what he was saying, all she noticed was how good his tongue felt against her skin and how unbelievably sexy his voice was when he dropped it those few octaves.

Tony brought his hands up from where they rested on her thighs to the bottom of her shirt, tugging on the fabric gently.

Ziva made an impatient noise in the back of her throat as Tony continued to tease her by lightly skimming his fingertips across her abdomen. It took only a few moments for Ziva's patience to reach its limit. She ran her hands down his bare chest before wrapping them around his wrists when she pulled his hands away from her skin and placed them on the hem of her shirt, encouraging him to remove it.

Tony felt compelled to do as she wished, so he slowly inched the shirt higher as he sucked on the skin of her jaw. Once her shirt was off, he threw it to the ground and took a moment to appreciate her body. Although she was barely half naked, Tony felt like all of his Christmases and birthday's had come at once; she was gorgeous. It took only a moment before his desperation to touch her became too much to handle. He swooped back in, running his hands up her sides, across the expanse of her back and over the soft skin of her stomach.

He only paused momentarily as Ziva pushed his shirt off his shoulders before his hands were on her again. The heat radiating from their bodies seemed to only intensify as the seconds passed.

"Tony," Ziva gasped, "I want you to...," the rest of her sentence was lost in a purr of pleasure as he unhooked her bra and ran his tongue over her nipple.

"Hmm?" Tony's voice vibrated against her skin, causing rapturous feelings to seep through her body.

Tony lips curved into a smile as she hummed in pleasure. He had made always-in-control Ziva lose control, and it was one of the best feelings in the world.

The sting of her fingernails biting into his shoulders did nothing but intensify his insatiable need for her. After he finished lathering her breasts and collarbone with fiery, open-mouthed kisses, he began to trail his lips down her stomach delighted with the way her muscles clenched as he got lower.

She squirmed slightly as he paused with his head between her open legs, looking up at her with a smirk on his face. An impatient noise sounded in the back of her throat as she squeezed the flesh of his shoulders in frustration.

He laughed, shifting his knees on the tile as he began to run his hands up her legs. He pulled off her shoes and socks before dipping his fingers beneath the material of her pants. He rubbed his fingers over the silky skin of her ankle before skimming them up her outer thigh and bringing them around to play with the button of her cargo pants.

She thrust her hips forward into his hand, encouraging him to undo the button and rid her of another barrier. But Tony had other ideas; he absentmindedly ran his fingers over the zip and attached his lips to her abdomen, peppering kisses around her navel. He sometimes brought his teeth and tongue in to play as he nipped and licked her salty skin, causing her to whine impatiently.

"Tony, if you do not stop right now..." she murmured, seeming to uphold a dominating tone even when she was almost reduced to a puddle on the floor.

He looked up at her; his provocative smile did nothing to aid the unquenchable burning that was making her hazy with desire. "What will happen, Ziva?" his voice was a delicate whisper, barely audible as his tongue darted out to moisten his kiss-bruised lips.

Ziva couldn't draw her eyes away from his face; swollen lips, flushed cheeks and oceanic eyes. Her eyes locked with his and she felt her stomach flutter as she spoke, "I'll lose control," her voice was soft and sincere, sounding as though she was only just coming to terms with this fact herself.

Tony felt his stomach lurch as she continued to stare at him with her simmering gaze. He couldn't deny her any longer. Besides the fact that her explosively hot look was causing a raging inferno to enflame his body, he – they – had both wanted this for a long while and he was sick of drawing it out longer than it needed to be.

So, without breaking eye contact with her, he got to his feet and unfastened her pants before pulling them down her legs, baring her smooth, tan legs to him. He swallowed hard, forcing himself out of his stupefied state.

Ziva gasped when her bare skin met the cold counter, just as Tony began to trail his fingers up and down her thighs.

Tony bit his lip as he took in her near-naked form, clad only in her deep purple panties.

Ziva trailed her fingertips down his chest before meeting the zip of his pants. She continued lower and began to rub him teasingly through the thin material. He groaned throatily, burying his face in the crook of her neck as she continued to rub and squeeze his still growing erection.

It only took her a fraction of a second to have his pants undone and around his ankles. He began to regain some of his bearings when she stopped her ministrations on his burgeoning shaft, so he allowed his tongue to dart out of his mouth and taste the skin of her collarbone; Ziva gasped.

He pulled his face away from her neck when she trailed her fingers lightly over his hips, before gripping them tightly and pulling his clothed member toward her panty clad form.

She moaned, tracing circles on his cheek with her fingertips as they ground themselves against each other.

"I need to feel you," Ziva whispered huskily in his ear, leaning over to draw haphazard circles on his jaw with her tongue.

Tony squeezed his eyes shut against the cataclysm of emotion and feeling surging through his wound-up body. He swore Ziva David would be his reason for admittance to the psychiatric ward.

Tony ran his fingers up her thighs to play with the lace of her panties; he pulled the band down slowly, smiling softly as she raised her hips to allow him to pull them off entirely.

When her panties were discarded on the floor along with the rest of their clothing, he brought his hands back up to her hips where he began to trace a feather-light pattern across her skin. His fingers danced elusively close to where she needed them the most.

Just as she was considering touching herself, his fingers slipped between her folds and began to stimulate her swollen clitoris.

A moan ripped from her throat, vibrating deep in her chest as Tony slid a finger inside of her, continuing to caress her clit with his thumb.

After a minute, she began to tire of his slow, soft pace. So she brought her hand down to cover his, speeding up his hand movements with her own.

Her breathing was coming out in short, sharp gasps; she was almost panting due to the satisfaction.

Tony leant down toward her ear, whispering fervid words, "You make me so hard, Ziva." He pressed his erection against her inner thigh as to prove his point. "How much do you like it, Ziva?" He whispered, biting her earlobe as he continued to plunge his fingers inside of her and roll his thumb over her clit. Her hand only rested on his now, as he sped up his motions, leaning back to watch her as she threw her head back and moaned blissfully.

"Good," she moaned, in no way capable of speech requiring more than one syllable. "But – ah – stop," she sighed, reluctantly halting his actions with her hand.

Tony gave her an inquisitive look; his fingers sat idle inside of her.

"I need more than this," she pleaded, her eyes locking with his.

Tony nodded understandingly and removed his fingers, hastily removing his underwear, the final barrier between their aching bodies; gone.

Ziva nodded in affirmation, biting her lip as he watched her.

He stepped toward her as she lifted her hips, resting her elbows against the cool counter for leverage. Tony positioned himself at her entrance as their eyes locked in a stare, the passion and need evident in both of their eyes.

Tony placed his hands on her hips before surging his forward, allowing Ziva to revel in the feeling of him filling her to the brink with his enrapturing hardness.

She had to stifle her scream of ecstasy as he finally filled her. He sat unmoving inside of her as she got used to the feel of him; so hard for her.

Tony couldn't believe what was happening; he could barely form intelligible thoughts. All he could concentrate on was the way Ziva's velvety walls grasped his shaft, burning his skin as her inner muscles held him inside of her.

The breath Tony had been holding gushed out as he slowly began to move inside of her.

Ziva's head fell back against the mirror behind her as the speed of his thrusts increased. She curled her fingers around the faucets on either side of her and began to meet his hips with her own, thrusting upward as he leant over her.

"Oh," she moaned, attempting desperately to stop the scream that was bubbling dangerously in her throat.

Tony ran his hands up and down her sides in time with their movements, hissing as she jutted her chest outward, putting her breasts on perfect display for him.

Tony's hands cupped her breasts as he rubbed and tweaked her nipples, stimulating her further as his thrusts picked up pace.

Ziva could barely tolerate the torrents of pleasure that were shooting down her spine and making her thoughts hazy. She now held the faucets in a white-knuckled grip as she moaned out hushed expletives; her voice tight as she fought with her resolve to keep quiet.

"Ken sham!" Ziva moaned in Hebrew just as he hit a spot inside of her that nearly had her tipping over the edge.

Tony knew his release was building up quickly, and if the fluttering of her internal muscles were any indication, so was she.

He opened his eyes, watching her as she panted and writhed on the counter. Seeing her in such a primal state nearly made him lose control.

Her head was thrown back in pleasure and her mouth was opened slightly, allowing her to draw in gasping breaths of oxygen between her now barely coherent mumbling.

The light that hung overhead shone down on her, making her skin glow beautifully as her hips continued to surge forward and back rhythmically.

"Tony," her voice was probably a little louder than deemed appropriate for work bathroom sex as she squeezed her eyes shut tight.

Tony relinquished his hold on Ziva's breasts and brought his fingers down to rub her clitoris in time with their thrusts, determined to have them release at the same time.

Ziva couldn't help the short scream that escaped her throat as her orgasm came crashing down around her, causing her whole body to quiver. Her muscles clenched and her toes curled as she released her grip on the faucets and she brought her arms up to wrap around his neck, holding him close as she rode out her orgasm.

Barely a second after Ziva had gone spiralling out of control; Tony too felt the liquid heat in his belly come to bubble at the surface. He dropped his head to her breasts, nestling his face in her heaving bosom as his entire world shattered in to a million Ziva-esque fragments.

Tony couldn't even think of words good enough to describe what he felt; he doubted they even existed.

Whereas Ziva didn't even think about thinking, she just sat, hugging Tony to her chest as her heart rate slowly began to return to normal and her breathing began to even somewhat.

Tony smiled against her skin, kissing it softly as he felt her smooth down his hair with her hands.

Once they had regained the majority of their normal bodily functions, Tony stood up, looking Ziva in the eye.

He didn't know whether to describe the silence as uncomfortable or not. But he suddenly began to fear what she was going to say. Was it just heat of the moment? Was she just going to walk out of here and pretend none of this happened? He ran multiple scenarios through his head in the few moments that they locked eyes.

But the next thing she said was nothing he had thought of, and it completely threw him.

"It is McGee's," she smiled, her eyes twinkling amusedly, "The book, with the sex. He leant it to me," she clarified.

Tony beamed at her, lending her a hand to get off the counter as he muttered gleefully, "Oh goody." They both began to shake with laughter, holding each other close as they gasped for breath.

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