So, I know that I should really be working on my other stories right now, but then I started reading Fred and George stories (not twincest!), and I decided that I wanted to take a whack at it. Read, review, and enjoy!

He sat staring at the point where his twin had been standing just moments before, then his eyes moved downward to the floor, where his twin now lay.

A jet of red light flew past his missing ear. He spun and shot curse after curse toward any death eater he saw.

When the fighting broke apart for a time and the Order began rounding up the dead, George looked around. Remus and Tonks were among the dead. He scanned the room, and then he saw it. His family was crowded around a body identical to his own. "No," he murmured in shock. "No!" He yelled.

They rest of the Weasleys turned at his screams. Ginny had tears streaking down her face. "George," she said, holding her arms out to him.

"No, please." He said, his voice cracking with the force of his sadness. Ginny's small arms engulfed him, followed by the rest of his family. They were all murmuring to him. Telling him that everything would be okay. He felt crushed. There were too many arms, and the only set that could comfort him was the set that was missing.

"Let go of me," he whispered. When no one made a move, he screamed, "Let go of me!"

Molly looked at him, "George," she said, "I know how you're feeling right now, but - "

"No you don't!" George yelled at her.

"He was my son!"

"He was my twin!" George retorted, his tears falling freely in rivulets down his cheeks now.

Ginny started towards him. "Look," she started before George interrupted her.

"No!" He yelled. "I'm leaving!" And with that he stalked off towards the upper levels of the school, firing jinxes at any death eaters still in the school's walls.

Peeves saluted him as he stormed by the poltergeist, and all George could think of was when Fred and himself had ordered that Peeves gave Umbridge hell.

The rest of the battle was a blur of flying colors for George. He knew when Harry defeated Voldemort, and he knew when his family had helped him apparate home, and started making preparations for his brother's funeral.

Hmmm, so this kind of sucks, I think, but I'm going to continue the story, anyhow. I've got a few more chapters written already, since I'm at my gram's house that has minimum things to do. Review, please!