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The week before Fred's funeral consisted of the same thing everyday for George. He would wake up in the morning, Molly would force him to eat at least a piece of buttered toast. Ginny would ask him to fly with her, or to do something, he would shake his head no, and then he would retreat back up to his and Fred's room, and would only come out when Molly sent someone to make him come and nibble at the food.

George sat looking at himself in the mirror in their - his - room. He couldn't stand the sight of his face anymore. It reminded him only of Fred. Everything about his family, about his room, about his life, reminded him of Fred.

He took his wand out, and took a deep breath. When Fred and himself were younger, they had promised each other that they would do everything together.

"Forever and ever, Forge," Fred had told George. They were only seven at the time, but the twins had always honored that promise. They had started school together, broken out of school together, started Weasley's Wizard Wheezes together, and had gone into battle at Hogwarts together, but Fred had broken their promise. He had died without George. Now George would make their pact stay true. He took out his wand, and with tears in his eyes pointed it at his head.

"Ava - " He began, but was interrupted when Hermione opened the door.

She took in the scene before her, and did the most practical thing that she could think of.

"Expelliarmus." George's wand flew from his hand and into Hermione's. She closed the door quickly behind her.

"George," she said quietly, sadness saturating her voice. "What were you thinking?"

He just shook his head, tears rolling down his cheeks for the first time since he had seen Fred's body at Hogwarts.

Hermione knelt on the floor next to him and held his quaking form.

"I was trying to keep the promise," he told her brokenly.

"What?" Hermione asked him.

"Our - our promise," he told her. "We were supposed to do everything together. For - forever."

She brushed his hair gently. "Fred wouldn't want that," she told him quietly.

"You don't know what Fred would want! You don't know how I'm feeling right now!" He yelled at her.

"You're right," she told him. "I don't know how you're feeling right now." George looked up at her in shock, and Hermione smiled back sadly. "Fred was like a brother to me, but he was your twin. That's a lot different than losing a brother."

George looked at her with wondering melancholy in his eyes. "Why do you understand that?" He whispered.

She gave a little half-shrug of her shoulders. "Maybe it's because I'm not really related to this family. As much as I am a part of it, I also am not. Maybe I'm more objective than your siblings and parents."

George sniffled, standing. "We should get ready for the funeral. Can I have my wand back?"

Hermione shook her head. "No, I don't think so, George. I'll side-along apparate you to the funeral and back, but I need to be sure that you can't do anything rash. Come down to lunch."

"I'm not hungry," George told her. "I'll see you later, Hermione."

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