This is the prologue to a long FMA story. You can understand the story with or without this, but you'll eventually want to refer to it for a future scene in the story. ^_^

This is definitely RoyxEd, which I've discovered a weakness for. I don't usually write non-canon pairings (which they are, sadly enough), but I made an exception for these guys. ^_^ I also love Roy as a father figure to Ed, so maybe I'll write one like that later on. I think that's a bit more canon too.

Anyway, I've been working on this to avoid brain-fry at work, so I have to type in the chapters. I'll be trying to update this every few days to a week, so it won't die like my other stories. I'm also working on other original writing projects, so I might take longer to update. Just a warning to anyone who actually likes the story. Also, no beta, so hopefully my own edits will suffice.

So I hope you enjoy! And as usual, constructive criticism is always welcome!

Of course, FMA and all its charas do not belong to me. Sad, but true.

--Story Start--


I have never been able to say this to you. I know you don't feel the same way, and I could never endanger our friendship that way.

Soon you will be married, and you look happier with every day that brings you closer to the moment you become a married man. Your eyes glow and your smile shines with a light that seems to shine from your very soul.

I could never mar such happiness, your happiness, with something like this. So I will never tell you. Not in this life.

If you ever read this, then I am dead, never to return either to my post or to you. For my final wish, I ask only that you do two things for me:

Be happy.

Remember I love you.

Yours forever,